A Futa Mom’s punishment

Double Penetration

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Hi everyone, this story contains intense futanari on male domination and incest between a futa mother and son. If this is not for you then please go no further! All characters are over 18 years old.


Mum’s voice echoed up the stairs.

Honestly, can’t she just leave me alone?

Jon keeps his eyes fixed on the enemy he’s smashing over the head with his enchanted axe, and the monster keels over with a decapitating swing. *SWISH*. Another hits the deck as he charges through the gates of the sheer, spiky castle, crashing through hordes of brutish figures with haphazard armour and shuffling gates. A taller figure emerges from the darkness, carrying a blade the length of a person, and a deep, booming laugh filters through the rusted grill of its helmet.


Damn, a decayed knight. Jon charges headlong into him and the blade hits his character full in the torso. There is a moment of frustration as his health bar plunges down, and he tries to aim for the warrior’s head in a desperate open blow. The knight side-steps and runs him through with his blade, and his character groans as he falls to the floor, blood spewing over the grey cobblestones as he dies.


Jon lets out a grunt. Guess he’d have to show that knight who’s boss. His mouth hangs open in a gormless expression as he punches in the cheat code for invincibility, snickering as he relaunches the game before barrelling through the hordes of enemies to get to his prize.

Footsteps on the stairs.

Once more, the knight. The laughter emerges again, but this time Jonathon knows the outcome will be different. He barrels in and begins hacking away at the knight as the knight slashes at his head and neck, decapitating Jonathon multiple times with little to no effect whatsoever. Jonathon grins as the enemy’s health bar rapidly diminishes whilst his remains fully green.


The door shot open and Jonathon nearly peed himself as his Mum burst into the room, her Hazel eyes ringed with dark fury as she jabbed the power button to his Xbox and turned to face him.

“MOOOOM!” Jonathon screamed.

Her round cheeks and long, autumn-brown hair made her beautiful in an earthy way, but today her luscious lips were clamped together in statuesque lines, and her smooth temple had the edge of a vein outlined against her light freckled skin.

“How many damn times do I need to take this thing away from you before you DO YOUR CHORES!?”

She towered over him, and her huge breasts were barely covered by a white, low cut top which was being tortured under the strain of containing her wonderful assets.

“Shit Mom, just let me finish this fucking level!” said Jon indignantly, whilst locking eyes with her breasts as he often did.

Matilda’s cheeks went red as she watched him openly ogling her body, but she contained herself. “I told you not to use that language in this house.” Jon watched sulkily as she grabbed the wires and roughly unplugged the console, hooking it under her arm.

“Fuck Mom, you’re such a bitch.”

Matilda paused at the door as she was about to walk out.

“What did you say to me?” Her voice had gone deadly quiet but Jon didn’t notice the warning signs.

“I said you’re a bitch,” he said, folding his arms and turning his sleek red and black gamer’s chair in her direction.

“Oh really.”

She turned and placed the Xbox delicately back in its place, and Jonathon peeled his eyes in victory.

“Yeah Mom, just let me know when dinner’s ready,” he said in a light, smug voice.

Matilda padded softly to the door and turned the key, locking the door. Jon watched in confusion as she took the key in her hand and strode past him, resting her large, curvy ass, two ripe melons contained within the constrictive blue of her jeans, onto his bed. This was not usually the way these arguments went. Usually she stormed out with his Xbox and he had to actually DO his stupid fucking chores.

“Uh Mom… You can go now,” he said, as if it was obvious that she had made a mistake and left herself on the wrong side of his bedroom door. He watched in even more confusion as she reached over to the window next to his bed and locked that as well. What was she going to do, spank him like he was twelve years old? He chuckled at the thought.

She gestured to the bed and patted it, smiling now. Jonathon rolled his eyes, but he guessed it was worth having to listen to another bullshit talk again if it made her leave. He’d done it enough times before anyhow.

He slogged over to the bed and rested his bubble butt on it. He wasn’t fat, and definitely wasn’t athletic in the slightest, and his diet mostly consisted of Mum’s healthy food, despite the chocolate bars and crisps he tried to sneak in whenever he could.

He looked up into her eyes (their height difference manisa escort was considerable) and noted that her face was quite close, plus she seemed to be pushing her chest out so that her huge tits were tantalisingly within reach. Jonathon’s breathing became a little deeper.

“Darling… I think maybe we’ve both been a little tense recently,” she said, and her voice was sultry, smooth like the petal of a rose. “Perhaps we just need to help… relieve each other’s stress a little.” Her words seemed intimate, like they were stroking his cheek with each syllable, and suddenly she was running her hand down his face, lazily sliding a long finger across his smooth lips. Jonathon’s blue eyes had turned into saucers, as all his bedtime fantasies pushed themselves to the forefront of his mind.

“Yeah bitch,” he breathed, and Matilda’s jaw clenched for a moment, but she was back to being smooth as butter in a flash.

“Oooh yes I’m such a… bitch.” She forced the last word out, before quickly placing a hand on the inside of his thigh. Her hand was warm, and hints of her unusual strength showed in the way her fingers clamped down tight, her little finger stroking a hair’s breadth from the tiny bulge forming in his tracksuit bottoms. Jon began panting now, and his confidence was starting to waver as the situation took a turn into uncharted territory. Matilda slowly, delicately, began to push him onto the bed, until he was lying in front of her.

“Mom,” whispered Jonathon, the fear in his voice undermined by the tiny tent raging in his underpants.

“Yes darling?” she asked, a smirk on her face as she hooked her fingers into his boxers and slid everything below the waist off of his body. Jon’s response stuck in his throat as his cock bounced out from the fabric prison, a baby carrot jutting out proudly as if waiting for the ‘world’s smallest cock’ medal. A snort of laughter slipped from Matilda’s lips. Jonathon clutched uncomfortably to the only remaining piece of clothing he still had on, his ironic T-Shirt with SuperMario in the style of Che Guevara.

“What Mom, why are you laughing?” he said in an angry, whiny voice.

“Oh darling,” she said, still trying to hold in her obvious derision at seeing his hard penis. “It’s just… you know, I thought you might be a grower.” She can barely contain herself, a pitying smile on her face as she runs her hands up and down his girly thighs. Jon lets out a snort of indignation that belies the shame coursing through him. “But that’s okay.” Her words turn from vinegar to honey in an instant. “I think it’s sexy.”

Jon squirmed uncomfortably, but her eyes were hungry now. He’d seen her like this occasionally. When he bent over sometimes she would stare, and once she had come home slightly drunk and hugged him for a really long time, his head pressed into her cleavage. He had wanked a lot to that memory.

Matilda rubbed one hand up his thigh and onto his cock, and the touch sent a shiver up his spine. “Get your fucking shirt off,” she breathed, and Jonathon was shocked by the fact she had used a swear word in front of him. His Mom never swore. He scrabbled to remove it from his body, and when he had done so he looked down at his Mom already encircling her hand tight around the shaft, which was so small the head couldn’t be seen from her fist. She adjusted with a smirk so that only two fingers and her thumb were encircled around it, and then she slowly, agonizingly jerked. A wheedling, whining sound emerged from Jonathon as she began to pump at his manhood, barely worthy of the title as it throbbed under the experienced movements of Matilda. A sound like custard being squished became stuck in a loop as she wanked her son’s cock, making his nipples stand on end, goosebumps going up his entire torso.

“Who’s a naughty boy,” said Matilda, bringing her lips teasingly towards his dick.

Jonathon’s heart was going haywire, like it was going to thump so hard it would burst out of his chest. He didn’t respond as she increased the tempo of her judicious, pleasure giving fingers, wrist vibrating up and down so his cock could receive unfettered stimulation.

“Do you think I should give you your punishment, my naughty slut?” she said, her voice acidic, her face so close to his cock that she could feel her warm breath flutter around his pee-hole.

“YES!” begged Jonathon. Her hand became almost a blur of movement, and he could feel that glorious rising sensation inside, like a kettle coming to boiling point. His legs shook and he let out an odd strangled “Ugh,” as he tried to pump his hips into her pleasure-giving hand.

He was so close that he didn’t notice Matilda slipping a finger into her mouth, lathering it in spit. All at once a series of things happened. First, Matilda brought her wet finger underneath Jon and immediately plunged it into his open buttcrack. He whined in anger and fear at her sudden intrusion, but immediately her tongue whipped out and grazed the top kütahya escort of his cock, spit flying all over it as she released a large glob of saliva that poured onto his dick as she jerked, making the sound wet and filthy. This would have sent him immediately over the edge, had the sudden release not also relaxed his tightened anus, and Matilda forced the nasty, wet digit (her middle finger no less), right up inside him.

“WOAH, What the fuck Mom!” he squealed in surprise and pain, even as she plunged her face onto his dick, making him swoon and grimace in equal measure.

“What the fuck?” he breathed as she began to give him his first, and best, ever blowjob, even as her finger wiggled viciously inside him. “Ugh.” He keened as her warm mouth collapsed around his aching dick, the wetness and suction sending his senses haywire, whilst her evil left hand began to work another digit into his screaming butthole.

“Fuck Mom, s…sto…” He couldn’t finish the sentence, because every time he got close to saying ‘stop’, Matilda moaned hard into his dick, causing vibrations to run deep into his body, emanating from the source of pleasure that was his Mother’s mouth. Her free hand snaked up and clasped a nipple, and he mewled as she attacked it, roughly pinching and squeezing. The second finger was already driving into his puckered anus, and he had never felt as helpless as this before. He hated that his Mom was getting inside him and controlling him like he was a woman, but he also didn’t want her to stop making him feel so fucking good.

“fuck, fuck,” he whimpered as her second finger found a home inside him, and she began to use both digits to finger him like guys finger girls in porn, a brutal drilling motion that left his knees waggling in the air, as her whirling hurricane of a mouth laid waste to his cock, sucking up every little bit of pre-cum that was teased from his slit, tongue slathering over his tender skin.

“Mom, Fuck!” he cried out as her fingers hit something which made his back lurch forwards. Then everything stopped. His cock, nipple and butthole were suddenly struck by a complete lack of movement, and he groaned as she pulled her fingers free of his ass, some of her spit sliding out of the ring as they came unstuck with a wet *pop*. Her face came off of his desperate shaft, and she stood up from Jonathon who was almost pleading with his expression for her to continue.

“Mom… Mom come on, I’m so close.”

She bit her lip.

“Oh I know sweetheart, but Mommy is going to get it tonight.” With that she stood up from him and grabbed her shirt, pulling it off in one smooth motion. Jon’s eyes grew wide again as he took in the sight of his mother wearing a huge black bra with frilly lace lining. She smiled at his obvious yearning for her breasts and decided not to waste time, reaching behind her and fiddling with something. Jon watched as she unlatched the bra and it fell to the floor. His Mom’s tits came free in all their arousing glory. Pointed nipples, like eye-catching peaks on a smooth horizon, jutted from the huge white globes, and she brought a finger to one, slowly rubbing the nub.

Jon was captivated by the way her nipples flicked back to their militant salute with each little flick and nudge, the way her tits pressed together with a soft crevasse between them, enticing him in. Matilda continued to play with herself, moaning softly.

“Fuck Mom, just finish me off bitch,” he pleaded, grabbing his own dick and trying to get himself back that place she had found and failing. Matilda narrowed her eyes, and it took a few seconds this time for her expression to sweeten again. “Of course sweetheart… Just close your eyes,” she said moving her hands to her jeans. Jonathon huffed but closed his eyes. He could hear her pulling her trousers down and opened one eye slowly. She had turned away from him, and he spied her bouncing butt as it slipped free of the blue material, huge globes just begging to be squeezed. He moaned and Matilda’s head whipped round. “No peaking,” she said warningly.

“Whatever bitch,” said Jonathon under his breath, and he might have heard a sound like grinding teeth as he closed his eyes, but maybe he just imagined it. He waited, irritated at having to wait even longer to see the pussy that was going to make his dreams come true, when he heard her fiddling with some of the cables of his xbox. He was about to open his eyes but a large hand settled on his face, preventing him from seeing why she was messing with his stuff. The hand was so warm… She was sliding her other hand up his chest… Grabbing an arm… both his arms… And pulling them up to the metal headboard. Holy shit, was she trying to tie his hands? He murmured in protest. He was the man here, she should be the bitch getting tied up, not him! Suddenly the hand covering his face had joined the other hand lashing his wrists tight… really tight, up against the headboard.

“HEY, Mom what the fuck are you doing you dumb malatya escort bitch!” shouted Jon as she knotted something around his hands, binding them to one of the metal struts at the top of his bed. He looked up and saw one of his xbox cables, twisted out of all recognition, probably broken, and firmly cinched around his wrists so that he could barely move. “What the fuck Mom, you’re breaking MY STUFF!” His vision now free he could see that she was leant on all fours over him, and her facial expression was one of triumphant fury. She said nothing as she knelt in between his legs, casting a large shadow that enveloped him. Her huge tits were inches from his chest, and he was almost rendered speechless by the gorgeous woman on top of him. Almost.

“Wow Mom… take this off me, this is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done,” he muttered. “You can’t even have sex right, just let me off so I can fuck you, dumb bitch.” That would have been the final straw if he hadn’t already pushed her over the edge, and Matilda kept her mouth firmly shut, not answering as the edges of her lips flickering upwards in a demented smile. And that’s when he felt it.

Something big had come into contact with his petite member, something heavy, sliding along it. Jonathon peered down and saw what looked like a pink-headed alien laid against his skin, a giant, fleshy staff. It throbbed, bouncing slightly into the air, and the weight of it slapping back down against his belly made his fingers go numb, and sweat worm its way onto his brow. It had the same skin colour as his Mother.

“M…Mom,” he whispered.

“Yes… bitch?” she uttered, emphasising each syllable like a hammer blow. The two words, and the giant horse cock pressing against him, made Jonathon realise that he had badly misjudged the situation.

“Mom… Mom I’ll… I’ll do the chores,” he whispered, lips quivering.

“Are you sure?” she asked in a mocking, admonishing tone. “Because it seems like we’ve done this dance before.” She swooped down and stuck her tongue in his mouth, and Jon moaned into the deep kiss. His brain was everywhere… and her mouth felt amazing anyway. They kissed deeply and passionately, but Jon was extremely aware of the log digging into his stomach. When Matilda eventually broke the kiss Jon was panting.

“I think I have a new idea for how to train you,” she said smirking. She got on her knees and suddenly her thick weapon was swaying closer and closer to the tip of his nose, with two huge plums hanging menacingly underneath it. He tried to push away in a panic but the huge weight of her body was suddenly pressed down on his torso, sitting him into the mattress. The air left his lungs, and he tried to suck back in as she relented slightly, lifting onto her knees so her full weight wasn’t quite crushing his ribcage.

“Fuck…fuck Mom seriously, just cut it out.”

Matilda’s eyes lit up.

“Of course sweetheart, I’ll cut it out… If you suck my cock.”

Jonathon choked on his planned retort as his eyes zeroed in on the slit of her monstrous pink mushroom swaying like a cobra towards his lips.

“No, NO, I’ll… I’ll fucking bite you!” he screeched, snapping his teeth at the terrifying monster.

“Oh will you?” she said airily. She bounced off of him and with a surprisingly light step for such a tall woman, sashayed over to his desk.

“Hey… hey what are you doing?” He said, quivering as he kept his eye on her massive sausage swinging, bouncing in an almost hypnotic rhythm. His hands tried to twist free but whatever she had done had immobilised him completely. His voice took on a frantic note as he saw her grabbing his PSP, the one he played on whenever she managed to force him out of the house.

“Hey, HEY, LEAVE MY STUFF ALONE,” he screamed, kicking his legs.

Matilda simpered. “Oh what… this?”

The shiny device rotated slowly, carefully within her curious fingers.

“Technically it’s not yours, seeing as I had to pay for it…”

She took it and slammed it into the metal bedpost, and, sturdy as it was, it had no chance surviving the impact between Matilda’s strength and the solid edges of the bed, crunching almost in half as the screen was bent, shattering with an icy *CRACK*.

“MOOOOOOMMM!!” Screeched Jonathon, and he was crying now, tears of defiance as she casually lobbed it over her shoulder and into the wall, thumping it and falling to the carpet, bits of electronics scattered everywhere like a robot slaughterhouse.

Matilda bit her lip. “Woops,” she said with a giggle.

“You… you fucking… you…” Jonathon couldn’t believe it. She had gone insane. He watched in horror as she laid a hand on top of his xbox. No, Fuck no.


Matilda paused as she was caressing the console, and retracted her eager, destructive hands.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” she said lightly, walking slowly back over until she had brought her cock to within an inch of his face.

Jonathon felt like his stomach might fall out, such was the fear he felt at seeing his Mom… or the evil bitch who looked like his Mom… carrying an 11 inch beast up to his nose.

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