A Lousy Birthday


Thanks to Dark_Ange26 for editing this story.

I felt pretty bad for you. Here it is your birthday and I am the only one of your friends who could make it out to celebrate with you. I know it is not the type of evening you had in mind, sitting around in a local bar doing shots with just me. But I am glad to share your company. It is almost last call and we are both pretty buzzed. Thinking it is not such a good idea for either of us to drive home, we decide to call my roommate to see if he can give us a lift. He says he will be by in about ten minutes. We order one last shot and then head outside to wait for him. Soon enough we are in his car and on the way to drop you off.

When we get to your place I get out of the car to give you a hug and mention again that I am sorry nobody else made it out to celebrate with you. Just then my roommate speaks up and suggests that he has something that might cheer you up a little. He pulls out a nice fat blunt. I am glad to see your eyes light up a little as you suggest that we head upstairs and enjoy it with a little music and relaxation rather than smoking it in the car.

When we get into your place we all grab a comfortable seat on the couch. He hands you the blunt to start it up. You seem to be at a loss for a lighter and turn to me. I reach in my pocket and pull one out, but before I give it to you I come up with an idea. “I don’t think it would be proper to light that up before getting a birthday spanking.” Rolling your eyes at me, you turn and point your sexy little ass toward me as if to say fine, go ahead, just give me the lighter. Oh no, a proper birthday spanking means you have to be over my knees. You decide to rise to my challenge, draping yourself over my knee. Your ass is pointing toward my roommate and you wonder if he can catch a glimpse of your thong, as your skirt suddenly seems awfully short. You feel my hand gently rubbing against your ass and are surprised at how much you are responding to my touch.

Suddenly you feel cool air on your ass as I lift your skirt up onto your back and expose the smooth skin of your butt. You are about to get up and yell at me, but before you can react you feel my hand land on your left cheek with a resounding smack. You feel a little sting and are again amazed at how this is starting to turn you on. Is it the spanking or the fact that someone, who is almost a complete stranger, is watching? Before you can clear your thoughts, my hand lands on your right cheek. Again your mind begins to race, you know you should not be getting turned on, but you cannot help it.

Obviously, I am enjoying this as well. You can feel my erection pressing against your side as you lay across my lap. A few more slaps and you can feel the dampness gathering in your pussy and beginning to leak out onto the thin material of your thong. You realize that my roommate must be able to see how turned on you are getting. Suddenly you find yourself thinking about how turned on he might be getting. You wonder about his cock, is it long and thin or short and thick? You are realizing are enjoying this a lot more then you thought you would.

Another smack and your thoughts jump back to the present. When my hand lands this time it lingers van escort on your right cheek, we can both feel the heat being generated by your pink skin. My hand slowly works its way around your ass and then slides down against your thong. Tracing my fingers gently along your thin material between your pussy and my hand. I can feel your pussy soaking through the material. I gently rub your clit though the cloth and a long moan sneaks from your mouth. You feel the heat of the spanking on your ass, the flush of embarrassment in your face from being so dirty in front of a stranger and the heat of excitement in your pelvis.

My hands reach up and grab the back of your thong. I tug it gently forward making it pull tight against you, showing the very outline of your lips to my roommate, then I begin to peel them away, sliding them down your thighs. Your pussy is soaking wet and your lips are swollen and the entire world can see it. You strangely find you don’t give a damn.

Again a swift smack shakes you back to the present. This time my hand slides down and rubs your clit gently and then slides in and out of you. Each time your pussy grips harder trying to keep my fingers inside.

Again a smack on your ass, this time my hand catches your swollen pussy lips slightly and they tingle tremendously. But then you do not feel my hand. Instead you feel a tongue.

He is behind you and licking up the juices spilling from your cunt. The feeling begins to make your head swirl with lust. His tongue darts in and out of your pussy, swirls around your clit and back into you. You can feel how incredibly hard I am as my dick pushes against your side. You raise yourself up pushing your pussy and ass right into his face and begin to fondle my dick through my shorts.

As his tongue swirls in and out of your pussy, I lift my hips and slide my shorts down allowing my dick to spring free and stand at attention before you. Propping yourself up with one arm you reach down with your left hand and slowly begin stroking my dick. His tongue slides up to your ass and begins licking around in circles. You hand cups my balls and begins to squeeze them gently. His hands are on your ass spreading it wide so that he can slide his tongue in and out of you. Your grip on my balls tightens. He slides two fingers into your pussy while he continues to lick your ass. His fingers are all the way inside of you and he begins to rotate them and slide them in and out. Precum starts to leak from the head of my dick as you stroke it with a firmer and firmer grip. It feels as though we are both rushing toward an orgasm when you suddenly let go of my dick and stand up straight. Both he and I look at you with a confused look.

You inform us that you need a dick inside of you NOW and you promptly position your swollen pussy over the head of my dick and you sit down. As the head of my dick slides into you, your tight lips slide easily aside, well lubricated from your spanking and his licking. You continue to slide down my pole pressing it deeper and deeper into you. Finally it has filled you up. You begin to slide slowly up and down, savoring every ridge and bump of my dick as you slide it in and out of you. You look to the side to see what yalova escort he is doing and see something amazing.

You realized you had not thought about his dick since you were being spanked, and now he has it in his right hand and is pumping it in rhythm with you rising and falling on mine. You reach over and take hold of him by his dick. You are truly surprised by how long AND thick it is. You lead him to stand before you with his dick sticking straight out at you. You gently rock back and forth on my humble dick while you admire him. You slowly stroke him, and are amazed as it continues to growth a little thicker and a little longer; the head is nearly the size of your fist. Although you normally save blowjobs for special moments, you have to see if you can fit him in your mouth.

Leaning forward, you push your hips down onto me and pull him toward you. With your hand wrapped around the base, barely able to encircle the whole thing, you lick the large head. He twitches as you run your tongue around the ridge of his head and lick the sensitive underside. You can feel me thrusting harder beneath you as you put the head into your mouth. You feel like you are full of dick, your mouth and pussy are full as you rock back and forth in ecstasy. You can feel both dicks swelling as you move. Precum dripping into your mouth and your pussy juices creating a mess between us as you continue to slide back and forth.

Finally you take his dick out of your mouth and concentrate on riding me as you begin to approach an orgasm. You close your eyes and meet each of my upward thrust with an equal downward thrust. Suddenly you feel his hands between your legs spreading them wide and lifting them off of the floor. At first you are frustrated that you cannot continue riding me, then you feel it. He is licking your clit while I continue to pump in and out of you. My dick is sliding in and out of you and he is sucking on and flicking his tongue across your clit. Your body begins to shake as your orgasm begins to flow through you. For a moment you are out of control as he continues sucking your clit and I bury my dick deep inside of you. My dick begins to twitch and suddenly erupts inside of you, filling you with sticky cum. Your pussy continues to grab at me as the waves of orgasm wash over your body. Spent from your orgasm you lean back against me.

He reaches out for your hands and lifts you from my body. He leans back and lies down on his back. You end up standing directly above his dick, which is sticking up from his body like a pole. He guides you down until your pussy is brushing against his head, spreading your lips before he even enters you. You are a little afraid that you cannot handle him, but you are determined that you are going try.

You press your body down slightly and feel the lips of your pussy stretching to the limit. It is almost painful but it feels incredible. You take a deep breath and press down again, you are thinking about giving up when, suddenly, his head pops into you. Your pussy is stretched further then ever before but you can feel yourself sliding down onto him as if your pussy has taken control of your body. You rise up a little to coat him with your juices and yozgat escort then press down again, filling yourself more and more with his wonderful cock. Again you rise up and begin pushing down; you feel like you might come apart but you are determined to conquer this beautiful massive dick. Finally after thrusting up and down several more times you have him all the way inside of you. You are amazed at how good it feels just to sit on it. Then you begin to rock back and forth feeling your clit graze against him further stimulating your need to fuck. You begin to slide all the way up and down on his dick becoming more comfortable each time. You look down and see a huge grin on his face as he just lays still and watches you enjoying your favorite thing, hard dick.

Lost in the amazing new male toy you have found, you have more or less forgotten I am in the room. You hear me whisper in your ear. “Are you enjoying that thick hard dick? Would you like some more?” You can’t imagine any more dick then this, but I have something more in mind. Gently I lift you up off of his dick until it is just outside of you. I slide two fingers into you, which you barely notice at this point, and get them slick with your juices. And then press them slowly into your ass.

Once you are lubricated sufficiently, I press the head of my dick against your ass, slowly sliding the head into you. Once my head is in your ass, you squat down and begin trying to take him back inside of your pussy. It is surprisingly easier then you thought it would be. As you slide down his dick and your pussy fills, you can feel me sliding deeper into your ass. Your breath gets ragged. You finally have us both inside of you. You are completely filled with dick and feel like you cannot move.

Slowly each of us begins to slide in and out of you. As you lean on his chest, your nails are digging into him, your body is shaking, and you are getting out of control. We both continue thrusting, sometimes together, leaving you a feeling of being empty and then full to the maximum. Sometimes on opposite strokes, your pussy is full, then your ass is full. You are beginning to go over the edge, so you lean forward onto his chest and just lets us fuck you. All three of us are uttering completely nonsense phrases that primarily consist of “Yes”, “Fuck” and “Don’t stop”.

You are sure that your neighbors can hear you, but you just don’t care. Your entire lower body is a soup of sexual pleasure. Your mind is racing in circles. You have always craved dick and now your craving is being satisfied in ways you could only imagine before. I can feel his dick sliding in and out of you. Your ass is squeezing my dick while your pussy is stretched around his enormous cock. You are beginning to come, you cannot tell if it is starting in your clit or your pussy or your ass, and you really don’t care. You let out a scream as your body begins to convulse in the throes of orgasm. You can feel both of us coming inside of you, as you continue to come. We have become one shaking mass of human orgasm, covered in come and sweat, the room reeks of sex. Finally your orgasm subsides and you collapse on his chest as my hands gently stroke your back.

We manage to awkwardly untangle ourselves, and each stretch and take a few deep breaths. You flop back onto the couch and grab the blunt. You look at me and ask, “So can I have that lighter now?” I simply smile and hand it over.

I guess it wasn’t such a bad birthday after all.

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