A Night Out Ch. 03


This is part 3 of my first story. Thank you for reading parts 1 & 2. I appreciate all of your voting and feedback. I have tried to build my story up to this point, to leave you wanting more. I hope the wait was not to long. Again if you haven’t read parts one and two you might want to go back and read them first. Enjoy.


When I woke up Saturday morning Neerja was not in bed. I could smell bacon and eggs being cooked so I threw on my boxers and joined her in the kitchen. She had on sexy pair of cut off shorts and tight fitting t-shirt. Her back was to me so she didn’t see me enter the kitchen. I walked up to her and hugged her tight body to mine. She turned into my arms and greeted me back with a fabulous good morning kiss. What a way to start the day.

She told me to sit down while she finished cooking. I hope your hungry I know I am after last night she said. I watched her as she cooked. She swayed her body like she was dancing to some unheard music. She looked happy. I started to think back to last night when she said no had made her feel like this in a long time. And I realized that I hadn’t felt this happy in a long time either.

She finished cooking and brought over two plates of eggs, bacon, toast and jelly. It tasted great and we sat in silence as we both cleaned our plates. That was wonderful; you really are a great cook. She smiled that beautiful smile of hers and I thought about how lucky I was to find a girl like her.

I asked her if she had any plans for today and she said that she hoped I would stick around and we could spend the day together. I told her I would love to. What do you have in mind I said. Well we just ate a little breakfast I was hoping for desert and she climbed onto my lap and kissed me sensuously. I kissed her back with the same passion as she wrapped her legs around by back.

Our kissing became more intense and I started getting harder and harder. She noticed it immediately because I was only wearing my boxers and nothing else. I pulled her even closer to me and caressed her back; she was so sexy it drove me wild. She started moaning softly into my mouth and it turned me on even more. She was so soft and petite, almost fragile. She turned me on like no one has ever before.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I picked her up and started walking towards the bedroom. She niğde escort kept her legs wrapped around mine and her tongue in my mouth. I wanted to please her so much. As we made it back into the bedroom I carefully lowered her onto the bed. She kept herself rapped around me so I couldn’t escape but she didn’t have to worry about that. I wasn’t going anywhere.

Finally she broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. There was fire in those eyes, a real desire. Next she said, I want you, I want you in me. Please, make love to me. Make me your woman. I didn’t have to say anything; I was going to let my actions do the talking. I knew there was nothing I wanted more at this moment than to be inside of Neerja.

I backed up a little so I would have enough room to get her out of her clothes. I wanted our first time together to be special so I took things slow. I pulled her tight t-shirt over her head and exposed her small perky breasts. I lowered my head and started kissing all around her nipple careful not to touch it. I then repeated the same thing on her other breasts. Her moans started filling the air as she started running her fingers through my hair.

I then sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and she gasped as I lightly bit on it and ran my tongue over it flicking it and playing with it. I was massaging her other nipple with my hand as I went back and forth. My dick was so hard and I could start to feel some pre-cum dripping onto my boxers. I started trailing kisses down her belly and playing with her tits as I worked my way down. I rubbed my hand over her dick on top of her shorts. She was moaning yes, yes, yes and raising her hips off of the bed to meet my strokes.

Finally she couldn’t take any more so, she started saying please, please, take me I want you so bad, I need you, make me yours. I knew I had her right were I wanted her. I stared unbuttoning her shorts and she was so excited she reached down and pulled them off the rest of the way herself. Then she pounced on me and pulled my boxers off. She was so turned on she went down and aggressively stated sucking on my cock.

I was really starting to enjoy the blowjob when she suddenly stopped and laid back on the bed. Her dark brown hair framing her angel like face she looked up at me with pleading brown eyes. Take me was all she said.

I ordu escort didn’t have to be told twice. I too was also very turned on. My dick was still very wet from the blowjob but I wasn’t sure we had enough lube to make things enjoyable.

She must have been thinking the same thing as I was because she reached over and pulled some lube out of her night stand drawer. She handed me the lube. Be gentle she said. I squeezed some lube on my hand and stroked my dick a few times until I was sure I had enough. Then I squirted some on the tip of my finger and started rubbing it on and around her hole. She was moaning as I did this and when I looked up at her she had her eyes closed while she played with her nipples and a cute little smile on her face.

I wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt her so I rubbed her ass a few more times and slowly stuck the tip of my finger in her asshole. She jumped a little and then sighed and relaxed as I pushed the rest in slowly. I had my finger in all the way before I pulled it back halfway and pushed again. I finger fucked her for about a minute or so before she got really comfortable. I added a second finger and she screamed out yesssssssss.

I was so turned on! Her dick was rock hard and I reached up with my other hand and started stroking it. Her cries become louder and louder. I couldn’t take it anymore do I pulled my fingers out of her ass and stroked my dick a few more times and placed it at her entrance She opened her eyes and looked up at me then down at my dick. There was no turning back now I thought as I started to push my dick into her ass. I met with a little resistance before she relaxed her ass muscles and let me in.

I eased in slowly enjoying the sensation of her tight ass. We both moaned now as I sank deeper and deeper until I reached rock bottom. I waited a few seconds so we both could get used to the feeling. She was so tight and it felt so good if I wasn’t careful I would blow my load much sooner than I wanted to. I looked up at her and our eyes meet. She was so sexy, so feminine, she was perfect.

I kissed her softly at first as I pulled out just a little. I started off slow, as our kissing became more passionate our pace started to increase. I started to fuck her with fuller strokes, pulling out more and more until just the tip was insider her. She was meeting rize escort me stroke for stroke. We were both on fire. Sweat was dripping off of both our bodies. She wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me closer to her diving me all the way inside her.

She pulled me closer for a hot sensual kiss. Then she looked up at me and said I want to ride you. Who was I to argue so with my dick buried deep inside her I rolled over onto my back. As I looked up it was like looking into the face of an angle. She smiled at me put her hand on my chest and then slowly lifted herself off of me. If felt so good. The sensation of my dick leaving this hot wet hole and feeling the cool bedroom air on it was so erotic. I was in heaven.

She started out just like I did, nice and slow. Its funny, you would think it would look weird to see a beautiful woman riding your dick while her own hard cock was bouncing off your belly but it didn’t, it felt… right. She started to pick up the pace and as she lowered herself down I was slamming my hips up to meet hers. We continued this pace for a while until I felt myself getting close.

She sensed it and encouraged me. She was screaming yes, yes, fuck my ass, fuck it ohhhhh, fuck meeeee, cum in my ass, I want to feel you cumming inside me. I couldn’t take much more. As I looked up at her I grabbed her dick and started stoking her. She really went wild then and started fucking me harder and harder. The room was filled with wet smacking sounds as we raced to the finish. I really wanted her to cum with me so I held on for as long as I could. But it was no use.

I started cumming and cumming and cumming. It felt like I was emptying a gallon of cum deep into her bowels. She kept riding me when she screamed out I’m cumming, I’m cumming don’t stop, ohhhhhhhhhh and she erupted out a huge hot load all over my stomach and all the way up to my chest. I kept on stroking her and she slowly kept riding me until we both grew soft.

She looked down at me as I looked up at her. She had this satisfied little smile on her face and I’m sure I was wearing a similar one as well. She leaned down and laid on my chest. I could feel her cum between our bodies. She kissed me tenderly and I held her there. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. That was fantastic I said. I can’t remember the last time I cummed so hard. She gave me a serious look and told me she had never felt this way with anyone, ever. You don’t know how happy you’ve made me she cried.

I kissed her again this time with more passion and I started to wonder what the future held for us.

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