The traffic is light as I head towards Amy’s apartment. It is almost time for our phone date. My cell phone is on the seat next to me. I smile at the thought of hearing Amy’s voice. I expect she will be fresh from the shower and ready for some loving.

Amy is a woman with a large appetite for sex. Her passions inspire me in ways that I have not felt in over a decade. I am no special catch at almost 50 but Amy responds to my willingness to take time to arouse her deepest passions before I seek my release.

I have never seen her in person but the picture she shared has fired my imagination. I just know her sweet treasure will be wet and hot and a perfect fit. Her long blond hair is a veil that will hang over her petite breasts. Amy is well beyond her teens at almost 30 but still looks like she is 16.

My cell phone rings. It is Amy. She tells me her hair is wet and that she has only a towel wrapped around her torso. Her voice is music to my ears. I ask her if she wants to sit in my lap and have me comb and braid her air before I ravish her. Her giggle is throaty and already filled with anticipation. Her slight southern accent only makes her more desirable.

Amy’s reaction is priceless when I tell her that I am turning onto her street. She cannot believe it. At first she is incredulous. I tell her I will turn around if she does not want to see me but that I could not resist. I explain that knowing her phone number, her job, and her name had been more than enough to find her. Caller id had given me her number the first time she called. A business trip in the area had been the last piece to make this day possible.

I tense. Amy is not answering. I tell her that I am parking the car in front of her building. I ask if I should come in. The question hangs in the air. I ask if she is still there? I am worried that she is nervous. I am worried that I have been too resourceful and too taken with her. I am worried that I have read too much into our shared passions; more than she ever intended.

Finally, Amy answers. It turns out that she was just checking Missy’s room, Missy, her roommate, is out. Amy tells me she is ready to feel my cock deep inside her; ready to take all the loving I can dish out. Now I am a little worried; a little performance anxiety.

Taking a small bag, I lock the car and head up. I knock gently on the door. Amy opens the door boldly. The towel is gone. She is everything that her picture implied and more. I can smell the sweet fruity scent of her peaches and cream body gel. Her body glistens with the occasional droplet of water that the towel had not removed. I cannot take in everything that I want to see. I am on sensory overload. Her slit is shaved smooth. I can just see the pink of her nether lips peeking out. Her breasts are erect with full nibbles. Her smile is so welcoming. I know that I made the right choice. Finally, my gaze settles onto her blue eyes. I could gaze into them for a long time. They are so inviting.

Amy breaks the spell and the silence by asking me if I like what I see. I manage to sputter out that I am enthralled. I can feel my cock swelling with anticipation. It is a wonderful feeling as my passion begins to rise. She beckons me in teasing that she is naked for me not for the whole neighborhood.

Stepping almanbahis şikayet in, I kick the door closed and take Amy into my arms. It is a wonderful warm embrace, given without any reservations. Amy giggles when I sweep her off her feet into my arms. She weighs even less than I had imagined. Her skin is softer than I imagined. The peaches and cream is mingled with the raw musty scent of her moistening treasure. Bending my head down, we share a gentle kiss. I kiss her again pressing a little harder parting her lips and thrusting my tongue past her teeth. Amy kisses me back with even more energy and passion.

Looking around this is obviously a girl’s apartment. There are plants hanging in a few corners. It is very neat and tidy with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a sitting room. With Amy in my arms I head towards the bathroom.

The toilet has one of those soft fuzzy covers on the lid where I set Amy down. Without a word, I start to comb her long tresses. Every so often, I bent down and get of taste; sometimes a kiss; sometimes a nibble; sometimes a lick. I begin to count down the strokes as I comb her hair; 300, 299, 298…but Amy has other plans. She reaches up and begins to unbutton my shirt exposing my hair chest. 290, 289, 288…

My free hand begins to caress Amy’s breasts when she unbuckles my belt. Gently I twist and pull. Her breast fits nicely into the palm of my hand. 270, 269, 268….as I press on. Amy interrupts to remove my shirt. She kneels to unfasten my shoes and drop my pants and underwear. I am naked before her. My cock is proudly erect. I continue pushing her back down now. Anticipation is important to pleasing a woman. 250, 249, 248…

I pause and open the bag that I had dropped in the corner. I pull out a little pink vibrator. It is only as big as my finger. With a click, its purrs to life. I press it into her hand with a whisper “Cum for me”. 240, 239, 238…

With no hesitation at all, Amy slips the vibrator into her already moist hole and moans with pleasure. Her legs part a little wider to allow her to slip it all the way in and show me the pink of her nether lips. 220, 219, 218…

I can see from her eyes that Amy is getting fully aroused and is getting impatient. But still I just press on with my plan. 200, 199, 198…Her hair is starting to dry out. The shine is rising. In the slightly red light of the bathroom, it looks like real gold. 180, 179, 178…

Amy’s body trembles when I pull on her breast again as I rub my cock through her hair against her back. 169, 168, 167…When Amy leans back into me I know that she is as passionate as my fantasies. Her back feels so soft against my hardening cock. Patiently I press on. I want Amy to cum before I finish her hair. I want her to cum so many times that we lose count. 150, 149, 148…

I bend down and kiss her again full on the mouth pressing my tongue beyond her teeth. Our tongues dance. Amy’s passion is contagious. However, I remain resolute. A little more patience and I will have it all. 130, 129, 128…

Amy is now slipping the vibrator in and out of her tight little hole. She pauses holding it against her clit. Her breathing is getting irregular. I pause and pull on both of her breasts and kiss her neck. She trembles and her first release rocks through her body. It is almanbahis canlı casino not big but we have a start. 120, 119, 118…She begs me to take her now. She is ready.

Her desires are more than I can take. I pull her to her feet and lean her over the edge of the tub with her ass in the air. I slide right up behind and plunge my manhood into her dripping treasure. It feels so good. In and out I pump with abandon. Amy rocks back to meet me with each stroke. Her pussy is silky smooth inside. So warm and hot that I know I will lose control soon.

I am lost in her. In and out, my passions soar. Amy moans as her body is rocked with a second orgasm. I lose control and flood her treasure box with my seed. An after shock rocks my body and I can hardly stand. Amy grinds her pussy back against my hips seeking to prolong the moment. I do not want it too end.

Amy disengages herself and sits on the edge of the tub. With her legs spread wide, I can see our love juices flowing out of her nether lips. It feels so good when she pulls me forward and begins licking my dick, slurping the loving right off. I am in paradise with my own angel.

Soon I begin to regroup and reach for the comb. I am considerable less efficient with Amy’s tongue distracting me but I started something that I need to finish. 100, 99, 98…With each stroke of her hair, Amy deep throats my cock. I am trapped between softening and hardening. It is a delicious afterglow. Amy is just getting started. I am glad that I planned well and that I have some more surprises in my little bag. 78,77,76…

Looking down into Amy’s eyes, I see fiery passion. She is mine. 69, 68, 67… She is ready to move on but I want the anticipation to build again. I moved behind her again so that I can really finish her hair. I tell her it needs to be up for what I have in mind. 50, 49, 48…

Amy gives me that look of what do you have planned. I give her a wicked grin right back. See bubbles on about how she loves surprises in that throaty way I love. I think about the toys in my little bag and the fun I will have.20,19,18…

Finally done, I put Amy’s hair in a single large braid and fold it up and fastens it with a barrette. Her delicious body glows with passion. I gently pull her to her feet, grab my bag and lift her into my arms. Amy melts wonderfully against my chest. Her tongue feels so good on my nibbles. Amy has given herself to me. Her turst is complete.

I head towards the bedrooms and Amy points to the one on the left. The large brass bed is so inviting. It is still open from last night. The sun shines in the window making it warm and cozy.

Gently I lay her on her back. Straddling her body, I begin to rub lavender body oil all over her body paying special attention to her breasts and her secret place. Parting her legs I begin to rub my knee between her legs stimulating her treasure. Amy’s body trembles with another release. She is so passionate. My manhood is rising again. Ready to please this woman again.

I turn her to her stomach and continue to rub her body. I slip the little vibrator back into her pussy to hasten her climb to the heights of passion. Amy moans with pleasure as I continue the message. Ruunig my hands over each leg, then each arm, rubbing her soft ass cheeks. She is so relaxed almanbahis casino and ready. It is time for part two, the ravishing.

Reaching into my bag again I pull out a length of soft cotton rope. We have talked about binding her before. I hope it brings out as much passion in real life as it did in cyber fantasy. I pin her hands together and tie them together with the cotton rope. Amy is not resisting. I tie them to the rail of the bed. Amy purrs and moans out an “oh my”.

I tie her knees forward raising her bottom into the air. I slip the little vibrator out of her pussy. My fingers dip in stroke her clit. She wiggles her bottom back in encouragement. She moans with pleasure. This is just like the images we shared on our first phone date. Amy knows that I am going to alternately fuck her ass and her pussy.

I slip a bigger vibrator into Amy’s pussy. I apply some lubricant to my finger and begin to rub it into her ass, gently relaxing her tight backdoor. I am pleased to see it relaxing. This is not a virgin ass. This is an ass that’s to be filled.

The little vibrator soon slides in her ass. Amy is quivering now as the anticipation builds. Constrained by the rope she can just wiggle her willingness. She urges me to take her hard. She urges me to take her ass with my dick.

I begin pistoning the two vibrators in and out her loving holes. Her back arches as she has another release. My cock is rock hard now. I am ready to take her. I know that I will be able to sustain a long slow fuck, the advantage of having already shot one load. I move up close behind her and pull out both vibrators. I rub the helmet of my manhood first against her vagina and then against her ass, teasing her a little more.

Amy urges me to take her, pulling back against the ropes. I slip my cock into her pussy plunging in all the way to her cervix. A perfect fit. I bottom out with my pubic hair rubbing against her smooth ass. I pump in and out a half dozen times and am rewarded with a guttural cry for more.

I slip out and move to her ass. Amy tells me to fuck her ass hard. I need no more encouragement. I line up and plunge in. I am all the way in one stroke. Amy howls with passion. In and out I work. Six strokes go by too soon.

Then back to her pussy. In and out I work. Ass…pussy…ass … pussy. I am taking my pleasure in her willing body. Amy’s body is rocked with another orgasm and I lose control. I squirt in her pussy and shift to her ass for another leaving a spray of cum across her back. I lean against her soft body with my dick in her ass. I am spent for the moment. I reach up and pull the slipknot from her bonds releasing her. I roll to my back with her still impaled on my cock pulling her back against me.

I hear a strange gasp. There in the doorway is a stunning redhead. Her blouse and bra are hanging open and her skirt and panties are one the floor. Her fingers are strumming her smooth treasure. Her passions are obviously on the rise. Her voyeurism and her rubbing had done their work.

Amy beckons the red head forward and introduces Missy. Missy has a hungry look in her eyes. I can smell her hot pussy. I am beyond words with Amy pressed warmly against my body and another hungry woman in the room.

Maybe someday I will finish this tale. For the moment, let me just say that I came four more times that day, before I parted company with Amy and her roommate. We parted company when the girls left for work taking two well-loved pussies and two well-used asses. I wonder if anyone noticed an extra glow on Amy and Missy.

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