Becoming Abby Ch. 01


I knelt beside the chair of my Mistress. Back straight, head tilled down with downcast eyes as was proper. Every now and then while she spoke to her guests, she would reach out and stroke the top of my head, right between the pig tails and a small smile would on appear on my lips. My makeup had been tastefully applied, no street walker or woman of the night in sight. Just light flesh tones with a few darker highlights to change the shape of my cheek bones to a more feminine look. My eye shadow had been done in a light pink that matched the liquid pink of my lipstick. It was about three shades darker then my pink hair. I had used every feminizing trait that I knew tonight.

Being a six foot tall male of average build trying to pull of the look of a sexy woman is not easy. I’m not super athletic, but I’m not completely out of shape either. I have been perfecting my methods for years now. From one use hair color to hide my light brown hair, to the most realistic looking breast forms that money could buy. Makeup, body shapers, colored contacts I used them all to hide who I really was. The only part of this that was not done up or fake were my eye lashes. I know girls who would claw my eyes out to have long beautiful natural lashes like those I was born with.

Tonight I wore the French Maid’s outfit that Mistress had picked for this occasion. I actually have many to choose from but this is one of her favorites for when we have company. It has a classic cut and style, maybe a little shorter than average, with full petticoats making the skirt nice and full. It is also the brightest baby pink and white I have ever seen. Underneath I wore a lacy white C cup corset, which my breast forms filled out quite nicely, matching white lace thong panties, and white stockings with the matching lace garter belt. My feet were covered in basic pale pink flats that matched the color of the dress.

The kneeling position I was in was not the most comfortable. My feet underneath me with my knees spread about a foot a part while my hands clasped together over my lap. In this position it allowed me to react quickly to any of Mistresses needs. It also allowed her guests, who sat directly in front of us, an unblocked view of what was under my skirts. My manhood barely tucked away inside the lace panties. Darting glances at both Chris and Mary showed me that both of them had noticed. They had been shocked to silence when Mistress led them into the living room where I was already kneeling.

“I don’t get it.” Chris stated while pointing in my direction as he sits on the couch. “That’s Andy? That doesn’t even look like Andy.”

Chris and Andy have worked together on a daily basis for the past ten years. They became fast friends working as co-drivers of a heavy load delivery company. When you are stuck together for hours on end in the cab of a truck, it better be with someone you like. His wife Mary had attended school with Andy for nearly her entire life. It made for a very pleasant surprise the first time the two couples got together for drinks and old schoolmates where reunited.

Chris is what most people considered a good looking man. A little over six feet tall with a muscular frame that carried that little bit of extra weight around the middle. He hid it well enough until he took his shirt off. He has sandy blond hair cut in a short manageable style with piercing blue eyes that all the ladies seemed to love.

Mary was about a foot shorter and very athletic. She had run track in high school, and even though that it was several years ago, she still took pride in the fact that she went jogging every day. Her only complaint about it was her bust line. She always said that in high school she had mosquito bites for breasts and then she had her first child and now she bore C cup breasts any stripper would be proud of. Sadly they caused no end of pain when trying to jog in the wrong bra. Still Andy had been jogging with Chris and Mary on several occasions, and she could still leave them both in the dust, gasping for breath.

Mistress shook her head as she stroke my hair gently saying, “No Chris this is Abby. When Abby is here Andy is not. That’s the way this works.”

Missy or Mistress comes in right at the five foot mark. Her long black hair was pulled back into a single tight pony tail that hung down her back without a single hair out of place. Her makeup was lightly applied giving the impression of it not even being needed. Her eyes were this liquid chocolate brown that the un-expecting could find themselves lost in for hours on end. I always told her that she had an hourglass figure that I would kill to have when I was dressed, but she always just laughed it off telling me I was crazy.

Her true pride and self-pronounced greatest flaw was her natural bust line. I have literally seen her break H cup bras. Tonight she wore a light grey top that was not to dressy for the occasion, but had a plunging neck line that reveled more of her ample breasts then was normal in yalova escort polite company. She accompanied it with a flowing knee length black skirt and her favorite heels.

“Then where is Andy?”

“Elsewhere,” Mistress says. “Abby my pet it looks as if our guests need drinks, perhaps something a little stronger tonight I think. How about a Jack and Coke for both of you? Oh, and I’ll have a glass of white wine Abby.”

“Can I have white wine as well,” asked Mary “I don’t care that much for Jack and Coke.”

“Yes Mistress.” As quickly and gracefully as if I had been doing it all my life I glided to my feet and headed for the kitchen. Never making eye contact or making a single movement that was not exactly necessary to fulfill the task required of me.

“Actually Andy… I mean Abby,” Mary called. I froze in place and waited. “Can I get a red wine instead of white?” she asked while looking me up and down. “I think your right, I’m going to need something little stronger tonight.”

I waited knowing I was not to speak until given permission, yet I could not continue with my task until I answered.

“My pet this is learning experience For Mary and Chris. For tonight if they speak to you first you may speak without waiting my permission.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

I turned to the direction of Mary and Chris but never raised my eyes to look at her. “Miss Mary you need not make any requests of me. I am here to serve. If you wish red wine in place of white your command is all that is needed for me to obey.” I smiled to myself as I could almost see the confusion on her face.

“Oh…okay, red wine then please Abby.”

I waited a moment longer to see if there was anything else and then left for the kitchen. While I was making the drinks I could hear everything that was being said.

Mary looked at Missy with a very confused look on her face. “What in the hell is going on!? I have known Andy for years and that is not the way he acts.

“I have been trying to tell you. Andy is not here. That is Abby, just Abby.” Missy said as she sat forward on the chair. “Look this is the way it works. When Andy puts on those clothes he literally becomes Abby. Andy is still there… somewhere, but Abby is at the forefront.”

“So it’s like a split personality?” Chris asked as I walked back into the room.

I placed a glass of Jack and coke in front of Chris and a glass of red wine in front of Mary and the glass of white in front of mistress. Glancing over I see that Mistress’s glass from earlier is empty so I take it to the kitchen.

“Let’s see, how do I explain this the clearest way possible?” Missy sat back thinking for a moment before continuing. “Everyone has worries. Bills, family, work, things of that nature right?”

Chris and Mary both nodded in agreement.

“Well Abby doesn’t you see. The only thing Abby has to worry about is not displeasing me. She has no bills to worry over, no family causing stress, and no worries about tomorrow at work. Her sole purpose in life is my pleasure.”

I came back in and resumed my place kneeling beside my owner. She reached out and stroked my hair again. There was no need to say thank you, the touch from her was enough to tell me I had done well.

“Andy… Abby, shit this is hard to keep straight,” Chris complained. “Maybe you can help me understand this. Look me in the eye and tell me you are happy dressing like a girl. Not just a girl but a servant, a very strangely and confusingly hot and attractive servant.” Mary slapped him in the arm. “Ouch! Hey! What was that for?”

“You just said your best friend was confusingly hot and strangely attractive! I’m surprised he… she… didn’t hit you first!” Mary exclaimed.

Mistress tapped me on the head with a finger. “Pet you were asked a question and given and order.”

I almost panicked realizing I had made a mistake. A small mistake, but a mistake all the same.

“Forgive me Sir for not answering quickly enough.” I looked Chris in the eye and thought of how to answer. “Control sir. Life is about control. We all think that the more control we have the better your life will be.” I stopped to think of how to phrase the next part while Chris sat back. “Andy has control of many parts of his life. Andy also has lots of stress. Abby has no control over anything.” I smiled brightly “Abby has no stress.”

Chris still looked confused but Mary sat forward a look of understanding on her face. “It’s a form of stress relief!”

Mistress placed her hand on my shoulder and I resumed looking at my hands but kept smiling.

“Exactly Mary, Abby has no stress because she has nothing to stress about. She doesn’t have all the problems that Andy has.”

Chris took a long drink of his jack and coke. “Ok I get that part now, but…” he waved his hand in my direction taking another drink. “Most people just get therapy. How the hell did it come to this?”

“That my friend is a very zonguldak escort long story and not one I think we will be sharing tonight.” Mistress said with a sip of wine. “You where invited here tonight because you wanted to know what the secret was to our happy home life and Andy’s seemingly stress free attitude. I am assuming from the things Andy has told me recently it is because there is more stress in your home lives then normal and you are looking for a way to lessen said stress.” she looked at Mary “When we talked on the phone I offered our help because you guys are our closest friends.” her gaze shifted to them both in ” And I warned you before you came through the door that there would be many shocks tonight.” She waved her hand at me. “This is just one of them.”

“Shit if it’s much more surprising then this I’m going to need another drink” Chris turned up his glass and downed the last of it. Without a word from my owner I glided to my feet again and took the glass to refill.

“Fuck man I can’t get service like that at a bar!” Chris exclaimed as he looked over his shoulder, watching me go. I gave my ass an extra little shake before slipping through the door. He looked back at Missy with a raised eyebrow “Really? An ass shake at me?”

I could almost hear the smile on Mistress’s face “Abby is a little more, shall we say playful, than Andy.”

“Wait a minute… back up… Abby likes men?” Chris sounded astonished.

Mistress laughed “No, no Chris. Abby likes everyone.”

Chris looked sternly as me as I set his refilled glass on the table “Andy would never sleep with another guy.” I wilted away from that look and moved back to my kneeling quickly lowering my eyes.

Mary punched him in the arm “Stop being such a homophobe!”

“Hey I got nothing against it. It’s just… you think you know a guy after ten years.” He took a large drink swallowing down almost half the glass.

Mistress just shook her head. “You really just still don’t understand. Abby really has no choice in whom she likes or doesn’t like. Who I tell her to play with or ignore. Control Chris. Everything is about control. Abby, stand and present.”

I moved to my feet and stood in front of our guests my hands slipped under my skirt and petticoats lifting them as high as I could. Every inch of my body was shaved smooth except for my head. It had become a daily routine of mine for nearly fifteen years now. Chris and Mary could see my stocking clad legs, the garter belt that held them up, and even the white lace panties that left nothing at all of my manhood to the imagination.


Keeping my dress held up I turned my back to the guests presenting them with my bare ass.

“This,” Mistress said, “Is control. Mary needs another drink my pet. Just bring the bottle.”

I dropped my skirts and fluffed them a little as I went to kitchen.

“Missy, what the hell is going on tonight?” Mary asked.

“I don’t know just yet. There are many possibilities before us. We will just have to wait and see how the night progresses. You both wanted to know how we stay so happy and stress free. Buckle up kids; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

I came back from the kitchen with the wine and poured a glass for Mary. As I set the bottle on the table I heard Mistress speak again.

“Do you know that Abby will do almost anything she is told without a second thought in the world? Of course nothing that would go against her natural character or even Andy’s.” She snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor, a sign I knew well. I instantly dropped to my hands and knees and crawled over to Mistress’s feet.

Mary coughed a little at the sight “What…what do you mean she will do anything?”

Mistress looked down at me. “Are you thirsty my dear?” I nodded and she reached over pulling out a small shallow silver dish from under a side table. She set it on the floor and then filled it from the bottle of red wine. “Drink my pet.”

Lowering my head to the bowl I lapped at the wine while Mistress watched the looks of disbelief on both our guests faces. When the bowl was empty I looked up at her with a small smile and wine dripping from my chin. She wiped it way with her thumb then patted her lap. I crawled over and lay my head on her thigh, my ass still pointing right at our guests.

“Of course you can only push so far. The trick is to find the line without crossing it but staying as near as you can. Say I was to tell her to do something awful such as hurt someone physically, or rob a bank, she would say no and the role would be broken, Andy would come back.” Mistress told them as she stroked my hair.

“What if there was and emergency and you needed Andy?” Chris asked

“Then I would tell Abby and Andy would be here.” she waved her hand over me “This is not a fixed state. Andy can actually can and has brought himself back.”

Chris sat forward a little “And have you found, I guess Abby’s line?” zonguldak escort

Mistress laughed. “Found, crossed, extended, and found again. This point of pure surrender was not an overnight thing. It took many weeks of work.” She shifted a little and the split of her skirt fell between her legs exposing one full thigh to me. We had talked over the paths the night could take and it looked like she had chosen. I leaned in and kissed her thigh softly spreading my legs a little wider and rocking my ass back and forth.

“To tell you the truth my pet here caused me several nights of restless sleep worrying over if I had pushed her too far too fast.” Mistress said as she put her hand on my head, yet another predetermined sign. I started kissing my way lower towards the inside of her thigh as she spread her legs a little wider for me. She pulled the edge of her skirt over my head and gasped a little pretending that I had gone farther then was planned. “The mind is a delicate plaything.”

“So your telling me that she will just do basically whatever you want?” Mary asked watching my ass sway back and forth as I started licking the inside of my Mistress’s thigh.

Mistress nods “Mmm yes….she does most of the house work, ah…the cooking and such, ohhh…even mows the back lawn” She closed her eyes and sat back pushing my head away. “That’s quite enough my pet thank you.” I crawled backwards looking up at her as she adjusted herself in the chair. I couldn’t, help but grin as I licked my lips over and over. “Be a good girl and refill Chris’s drink for him.”

I moved to my feet and swayed my hips over to Chris leaning down to pick up his glass. I knew he would be able to see right down the front of my dress. My breast forms may be made of silicon but they were as realistic as could be. I bit my lip watching him take a nice long look down my dress at the swelling form of my breasts. Then I took his glass and headed to the kitchen. When I came back Mistress was standing beside Mary showing her pictures of me in a bikini mowing the lawn outside. I set down Chris’s drink with and with an extra wiggle of my hips smiled at him. Mistress snapped her fingers and pointed to the ground at Mary’s feet. I dropped to all fours and crawled over, stopping with my head at her knees.

“It seems my little Abby likes flirting with your Chris. Would you like to discipline her for it?”

I glanced at mistress and saw her sign for me to look into Mary’s eyes, which I did and gave my best smile as a swayed my hips back and forth a little. Mary patted her thigh and I laid my head down on the bare flesh right below the line of her shorts. “I,…” she swallowed hard her breathing a little faster than it was before saying, “I don’t see any harm in a little flirting between friends.” She touched the top of my head stroking my hair and I kissed her leg. It was just her leg and yet I could feel the shivers run the full length of her body from just that little kiss.

Mistress moved around behind the couch and leaned down between Chris and Mary. “Mary, I would like you to look into Abby’s eyes and tell me what you see.”

I swayed my hips back and forth slowly my skirt making a swishing sound as I looked up into Mary’s eyes and smiled at her.

“I… I see a very beautiful woman.” Mary stammered. My smile got brighter “Her makeup hides almost any trace of my friend Andy. Even her eyes…my god her eyes! They are not blue! Andy has blue eyes.”

“Just contacts,” Mistress whispers into her ear before biting her ear lobe gently. “What else do you see?”

“She is beautiful, she looks happy almost overjoyed to be here.” Mary’s eyes have taken on a new look of understanding.

Mistress nods against Mary’s neck “Yes. Yes she is. Almost bursting with excitement to please anyone I tell her to. Abby, you will stand.”

I quickly got to my feet and stood between Chris and Mary while still looking at Mary’s eyes. They slowly moved down my body taking in the swell of my chest and the nerving of my waist before once again coming to rest on the thin layer of lace that covered my manhood. Her hands moved slowly over her own body without her even realizing it. Her nipples had become hard as little pebbles and were poking up through her shirt.

Mistress kisses her softly on the neck then moves over to Chris running her fingers through his hair. “Chris. What do you see?” she whispered into his ear.

I break eye contact with Mary and lock eyes with Chris. I can see something there I am not used to seeing and it makes me bite my lip playfully as I turn my hips just so.

“Umm… wow… ” he finishes off his drink as Mistress nibbles his ear

“Tell me Chris. Tell me what you see.”

“I see a very hot very attractive woman.”

Mistress nods and kisses him on top of the head. “You do indeed. Would you like to see more of her?” He gulps and looks at Mary who is still watching me, her fingers lightly rubbing over her nipples, her head nodding yes slowly. Chris hesitates unsure what to say. Mistress looks at me and points to the floor at Chris’s feet. I instantly fall to my knees at his feet and lean my head down laying it on his leg. Now was the real test. Would it be fight, flight, or acceptance?

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