Black Female Submissives


Hello, there. My name is Eileen Bernard. I’m a six-foot-tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I’m filthy rich, and also openly gay. Presently, I’m having some fun with my bitches. Who are my bitches? Sholonda Tate and Tanisha Holloway Brown, two plump, big-bottomed and very dark-skinned black female prostitutes I hired to entertain me for the evening. I wanted to experiment with interracial domination and ebony submission. I paid them three grand each to make my fantasy come true. And they did not disappoint.

I sat on my couch while Sholonda Tate and Tanisha Holloway Brown busied themselves cleaning my house. I live in a mansion along Commonwealth Avenue and it needs constant maintenance. Sholonda and Tanisha were both naked as they busied themselves cleaning the place. I got up, and told them they missed a spot. Then I pulled on the leash and yanked them toward me. For you see, Sholonda and Tanisha both have restricting collars around their necks and I hold them by a leash. Yeah, cause they’re my bitches and I own them for the whole frigging night.

I got up and delivered a solid whack to Tanisha’s huge black butt with my cane. The big black woman gasped in shock and looked at me with venom in her eyes but said nothing. I noticed that Sholonda looked at me a little too long and I whacked her across the face with the back of my hand. She gritted her teeth and said nothing. They called me Mistress and apologized for their foolishness. Satisfied with their submission, I smiled. I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having by dominating these big black women. They’re usually so loud and so full of themselves. Well, they’re not looking so tough now, are they? I smiled. My pussy was getting all wet just looking at them. I love fucking women, especially black women. And I also enjoy humiliating and dominating them in the most vicious way possible. That’s just the way I get down, I guess.

My first sexual experience took place when I was a freshman Pendik Grup Escort at Northeastern University back in 1998. I was nineteen years old. My roommate was a tall, beautiful young black woman named Jessica Wellington. She came from the island nation of Dominica and had transferred to Northeastern University from Bay State University. The first time I laid eyes on her, I felt powerfully drawn to her. She was the first woman I found myself attracted to. An out-and-proud black lesbian who played on the Northeastern University women’s ice hockey team. Jessica was everything I wasn’t. Proud. Confident. Smart. I guess you could say I wanted to be her. In the end, I just wanted her. I professed my love for her, and she turned me down. Jessica said she didn’t go out with lily-white women like myself. Shattered my heart into a billion tiny pieces. I was broken. This filled me with a blazing hatred for black women.

Black folks are always saying they’ve got it tough. And in many ways they do. However, sometimes they can be more prejudiced than they care to admit. Here I was, a young woman in love, baring my heart to the beautiful black woman I loved and she turned me down because of my race. This tall, proud black lesbian didn’t date white women. And she made no apologies for it. If I said anything of the kind, I would be considered the most racist person on the planet. The politically correct crowd would tar and feather me. Yeah, that’s life in politically correct America. A rich young white woman had her heart broken by the black woman she loved because the black woman simply couldn’t see past color, to the aching and wanting person within. See what I mean? Discrimination comes in all forms and from all sides.

Since that day, I’ve hated black bitches. I’ve never stopped being attracted to them, though. I’ve slept with men and women during those years when I considered myself to be a bisexual white woman. Eventually, I discovered that I was a lesbian rather than a bisexual female. Pendik Manken Escort My attraction to black women never waned, though. In spite of all my efforts, it never went away. I developed crushes on black female college basketball and black female college soccer players. Dark-skinned black female athletes from places like Haiti, Jamaica, Africa and Brazil. I couldn’t wish my attraction away. When I closed my eyes at night and fantasized, I dreamed of a beautiful black woman wrapping her arms around me and making powerful and passionate Sapphic love to me. White women didn’t do it for me. Neither did Hispanic women or Asian women. Middle-eastern women puzzled me for a while but my thing for them was only temporary. My attraction to black lesbians and bisexual black women was as permanent as my DNA signature. And most black lesbians and bisexual black women didn’t care to date a straight-laced white female socialite like myself. I am the most down to earth person on the planet. And they all thought I was stuck up. Thus, my unending love for them turned into undying hatred.

That’s why I can’t get off while having sex with a woman unless she’s black. And I can’t get off while having sex with a black woman unless I abase her in the worst way possible. I must demean and dominate her. I call her a bitch, a whore and a slut. I call her a hoe, a loser and a whiner. I can’t get off otherwise. That’s why I raised my whip and beat Sholonda and Tanisha senseless. Two strong and beautiful black women. And I whipped them. I watched my whip bruise their beautiful dark skin. I smacked their pretty black faces with the back of my pale hand. All this they endured without screaming because they were strong and beautiful black women. So I stepped it up a notch. I bound them hand and foot with thick steel chains. Then I fetched my special tools.

My sex slaves were granted a moment of respite as I left to get candles, and my dildos. I told Sholonda and Tanisha to get on all fours. Face Pendik Masöz Escort down and ass up. Then I lit my candles and began dripping hot wax all over their bodies. Still they endured without screaming. So I berated them, calling them useless witches. Then I grabbed my dildos. Time to make my black bitches scream. I spread Sholonda’s plump black butt cheeks and shoved the biggest dildo I had up her ass. Without lube. With a swift thrust, I shoved it inside. Deep down where the sun didn’t shine. At long last the big black woman screamed. She screamed loudly. And I watched as tears flowed from her eyes. Down her beautiful dark face. Smiling, I gently stroked her face. Then I punched her with all of my strength. Sholonda wailed.

Tanisha stared at me, astonished. That’s when she realized that this wasn’t some fantasy being acted out. She and her unlucky friend were really under the control of a domineering and psychotic white female psychopath who had serious issues with black women. Tanisha tried to flee but where could she go? Yanking on the leash, I pulled her back. Then I delivered a swift kick to her big black butt. I’ve always wanted to do that. Lo and behold, her big black butt actually bounced. Wow. I spread her ass cheeks wide open in spite of her feeble attempts to keep them closed. Then I shoved two super-sized dildos inside of her. One up her pussy and one up her ass. Tanisha’s scream could have woken up the dead. It was music to those ears of mine.

Folks, I had myself a blast. I whipped Sholonda and Tanisha until they begged for mercy. They broke down and cried like a couple of pathetic bitches who’ve met their match. I stood over them, completely dominating them and exulting in my victory. Yeah, I am the white mistress who owns you ghetto bitches. Your big black asses belong to me. Grinning, I simply stood there, admiring my handiwork. And you know what? I came without even touching my pussy. The sight of these tough black women looking defeated was the biggest aphrodisiac this kinky white slut had ever experienced. I felt great. I removed their bindings, paid them and told them not to let the door hit their big black butts on the way out. Satisfied with what I’ve done, I moved onto bigger and better things. It was a great night for me. Was it good for you too?

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