Bound for Pleasure


As you feel the fourth cuff being pulled tight against your ankle and secured to the corner of the bed you wonder how you arrived at this situation so quickly and unexpectedly. You lay on the bed on your back with your arms pulled straight above your head and strapped to the headboard. Your knees bend over the foot of the bed and your legs are spread out tied to the corners. You feel exposed, since you are totally naked. You were surprised when I had, rather suddenly and forcefully said, “Take off your clothes, NOW.” The demanding tone hit some chord in your stomach and you found yourself simply obeying. Now, watching me as I walk toward the head of the bed, still wearing the jeans and knit shirt I had arrived in, you feel exposed. You can feel my eyes drinking in your body as I sit on the bed next to you. You can hear the excitement in my voice when I whisper “you look delicious, spread out for me. I’m going to tease you and make you cum so hard. And I’m going use your body for my pleasure.” You could see my jeans straining against the rising bulge.

You watch, as I stand and pull the shirt over my head. My pants drop to the floor and my cock pushes the loose fabric of my boxers into a large tent. The boxers drop next and my cock stands out, slightly throbbing with excitement. I move back onto the bed and straddle your midsection, resting lightly on your hips. My cock bounces tantalizingly out of your reach. And then my fingers find your breasts. My gentle strokes begin on the sensitive sides of your breasts, following the curves around to the bottom, then back. You feel your nipples begin to tighten as the teasing light strokes continue. Slowly, oh so slowly, you can feel my fingers circling and dancing along your skin, circling closer to your nipples, but not quite ever reaching them. And then they stop. You see the grin on my face and moan “no, don’t stop.” I laugh “oh, I’ll do whatever I want, you are not really in any position to argue.” I move back off you and sitting beside you, turn to look down your legs. My fingers start at your knee and slowly graze up the inside of your thighs. As they reach your crotch they slide along the crease yalova escort where your leg meats your torso, tantalizingly close but not quite touching your lips, and then up across your hip. Again, on the other leg, my fingers slide along, not quite tickling, rising slowly to again just slide past your most sensitive parts. This time though, they continue, sliding across your stomach, until they caress and circle your breasts.

My other hand joins in and the circles are smaller, tantalizingly close to your nipples. Again and again my fingers dance around, until finally, to your relief and excitement they slide lightly across both nipples. You moan and watch as I take each one gently between my finger and thumb, tugging, squeezing, almost pinching. And then my head leans forward and my mouth closes around your nipple. My tongue swirling around and my lips sucking your breast. My other hand continues to pinch and pull at your nipple, the sensations coursing through your body. I lean over and switch, taking your other nipple between my lips, pinching it and sucking it as my tongue darts across it. You feel more than hear my deep moan as vibration stimulating your nipple.

As my mouth explores your breasts, my hand wanders back down your torso and begins to gently caress the smooth skin alongside your slit. Not yet sliding in, my fingers and hand pet your pussy, gently caressing and touching. You feel one finger dip slightly into your moist slit, your lips swelling and opening with your arousal. With each stroke the finger pushes just slightly deeper, and slides up, teasing your hardening clit. Your orgasm begins to build as my finger finally settles into a circling rhythm around your clit. My mouth, still teasing your breasts adds to the sensations until your hips begin to buck against the restraints. Your legs strain against the straps as the convulsions grip you. My finger slides deep into your tunnel, stroking the folds as you try vainly to thrust against it.

As your orgasm subsides, my mouth and fingers leave your body. You open your eyes as you feel me move closer to your head. edirne escort My hand is wrapped around my shaft and I position myself so that the head begins to gently push at your mouth. You open your luscious lips and suck me into you. You can feel the slight throbbing of my pounding pulse as your mouth closes over the head. You swirl your tongue around the tip, licking the slit and the fold of skin on the underside. A low moan escapes and you can sense my increasing arousal as I thrust slightly at your mouth. You can feel the throbbing increase in temp and I gasp as my cum begins to shoot into your mouth. The warm salty cum shoots into your mouth and although you try to swallow, the awkward means that much of it dribbles out and you feel the warm liquid pooling on your chest.

My cock slides back out of your mouth and you can see the flush of orgasm in my cheeks and chest. My breath is still ragged as my fingers find the little pool of cum under your chin and begin to finger paint your chest in the creamy liquid. My fingers caress your breast and nipples and your arousal begins to build again. After a moment, I move down to stand between your legs at the foot of the bed. My hands slide up your inner thighs, as I kneel . My face comes down and my tongue dips into your slit as my fingers run along the edges. Slowly I lick, up and down your slit, pausing to circle your clit at the top of each stroke. After a few long strokes, my mouth closes over your clit and my tongue begins to swirl as I suck gently. One finger slides into your pussy and begins a gentle stroking. You are wet and your juices begin to flow down. You feel the finger from my other hand begin to slide up and down the crack of your ass. It finds your little anus and begins to circle, your own juices providing lubricant. My tongue and mouth still kissing and sucking on your clit, my finger still deep in your pussy, you feel a little pressure and then my other finger slides slightly into your ass. You can feel it sliding deeper and deeper. The feeling of so much attention is nearly overwhelming and you begin to reach the point of no return. erzurum escort You long to thrust against the intruding fingers, but your bound arms and legs force you to simply lie there and lose yourself in the sensation. Your orgasm is deep and forceful, the full feeling of having both holes penetrated is amazing. You explode and all but the sensations of stimulation and orgasm cease to exist for that moment.

As you lay there, regaining your breath and slowly becoming aware of more than your sex, you feel me untying your leg from the bed. “Wait, is it over?” you pant. I grin at you as I push your leg up and bend it at the knee. I then move and tie the strap to the headboard. Turning to the other leg, I do the same. You find that you can straighten your legs, up into the air, or leave them bent at the knee. Your pussy and ass are pulled up and exposed. You can see me, hard and aroused as I kneel on the bed between your legs. You can see, sort of, that I have also gathered a few things. I take the lube and put a little on the tip and sides of my cock. My hand slowly spreads it around. You watch as I take another dollop of lube on my fingers and then you feel it as I slowly, gently begin to work it into your anus. My finger gently slides in, and then is joined by a second. Slowly my fingers slide in and out, a little deeper and wider with each stroke. It is gentle, yet firm.

My fingers slide back out and close around my cock, as I guide it to your ass. You feel the head pushing against the opening, it is wider than the fingers and it takes a moment for you to relax and let it enter. You feel more pressure as it reaches the inner ring and then you open and it pops past. I slide, almost too quickly deep inside you then. I pause and your body begins to adjust to the invasion. You see me reach out and I pick up a small vibrator. Turning it to the lowest setting, I begin to slide it around your slit, dipping it into your whole and teasing your clit with the strong vibrations. And then you begin to feel my cock sliding slowly back out of your ass until only the head remains. I pause for a moment and then slide slowly back in. The vibrator dips into your tunnel at the same time and you feel so full. The vibrations stimulating both of us, my thrusting gains pace as you adjust to the sensations. This time your orgasm builds quickly and surprises you. Because you are less restrained you buck against me and I grab your hips as I thrust deep into your ass and explode.

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