There are butterflies in my stomach as I light candles and incense to perfume the room. I look at the picture of your smiling face on my shelf, and feel my heart open.

My phone rings and I know it means you’re on your way. I pull the headband out of my hair and shake it down – I know you like it that way. I smooth down the purple satin gown I’m wearing – I know purple is your favorite color, and go to the kitchen to pour us some coffee.

As I’m in the kitchen, I feel you at the door, and I go to open it. You smile at me with those lovely blue eyes and I invite you in. When I close the door, you turn to me and slide your hands around my waist. I bury my face in your neck and inhale the scent of your skin.

“Would you like some coffee?” I ask.

“Of course, thank you,” you reply and relax gracefully onto the sofa.

We sit and talk for a while about how our day has gone and what our plans are for the week. But in the back of my mind, and lower in my body, I can feel the energy curling up, building simply because I’m near you and your energy connects with mine.

“What?” you ask me, with a small smile playing on your lips.

You look at me with desire in your eyes. You can feel me. You can see right through me. The knowledge of that makes me sigh deeply and close my eyes. I lie back on the sofa with you, curling my head into your chest. You kiss the top of my head, run your hand through my hair and your nails down my neck. I feel my skin heat up with the contact. I slide my hand under your shirt, feeling the softness of your skin on my fingertips. You relax into me and sigh.

“Would you like to meditate for a while,” I ask you, motioning to the pallet I’ve made on the floor.

You nod and rise, taking my hand and leading me to stand next to you. You take my face in your hands and gently lay your forehead to mine – connecting with me, and we both open our energy. I put my arms around your waist and relax into the moment. You stand back and look at me, complimenting the color of my gown. I smile – because you know I chose it for you.

I reach over and pull your shirt up over your head and drop it to the floor. Sliding down to my knees, I open your belt and slide your pants off your legs. You’re wearing silk boxer shorts. I rub my cheeks against the fabric, and then remove those as well. Tracing the line of your body with small bursa escort kisses, I rise again to look into your eyes.

You pull my hair to the side and kiss my neck and shoulder, sliding one of the straps of my gown down my arm. You pull the other one down and let the gown drop to my feet. We both go down to our knees, and you glide your hands over my body, lightly running your nails down my skin. With our arms around each other, looking into one another’s eyes, we greet each other with “Namaste.”

Lying next to each other, I feel you reach for my hand. As our fingers interlace, I feel the intense connection of melting into you. I can feel our energy mingling. You’re inside me…I’m inside you…and we both breathe deeply. Slow, deep breaths. And being with you, breathing into you, just like this, is ecstatic.

I close my eyes, and breathe into my heart center. Opening to you, knowing that everything I am, I share with you. I let that energy move over you, sliding through your chakras, one by one, letting you feel the breeze of my energy inside of you. You hold my hand more tightly, and I feel the ripples of your energy go through me, like water under my skin. Floating in a sea of energy. I lose my ‘self’ – I exist only in this moment.

We turn and look into each other’s eyes. We can both see the love without condition expressed to one another. Feel it like a feathery light around us. We embrace, and I can feel your love and desire – inside of me and out.

I’m already wet – I want you inside of me, outside of me, through me. I kiss your mouth gently, and you put your hands in my hair, pulling me to you. You kiss me, on my mouth, my cheeks, my eyes, my neck, and I wrap my arms around you, opening my energy to run over your skin as my nails glide down your back.

“I want you,” you breathe into my mouth.

“You have me,” I whisper back.

You kiss me hard, and I feel your tongue in my mouth. My energy body opens, lightens, and escalates. I use my hands to lay you back and run my hands over your body – chest, arms, face, stomach, thighs, calves, feet…and back up again. I kiss your mouth and press my lips to your heart. Laying my face on your chest and letting my hair tickle across your skin. You sigh and touch my hip. I rub my body all over you – letting my skin and yours touch, heat up and mingle.

I flick my tongue çanakkale escort across your thigh and you catch your breath. I put my hand over your heart, letting my energy mingle with yours even further as I wrap my lips around the head of your beautiful cock. I lick the sweetness from the tip and swirl my tongue around it. Then I take you into my mouth as far as I can, sliding you in and out of me, letting your wetness and mine slide down your skin.

I flick my tongue under the head, letting you feel the hardness of my piercing and the softness of my mouth. Stroking you gently, I gently lick the space where your hips and thighs meet, placing soft kisses down them, and going down to take your balls in my mouth one at a time. You moan and press your hips toward me, and I slide your cock across my lips and into my mouth. Long, slow strokes with my lips, tongue and fingers. I feel you get swollen and harder.

You breathe deeply and twine my hair around your fingers, pulling me up to your mouth and kissing me.

My thighs are slick with wetness from my desire for you, and I balance myself over your body, using my hand to slide your cock between the lips of my pussy. You feel so good to me. Pressing your hips upward, I feel you thrust into me, and I gasp with the sudden pleasure of it. I slide down onto you, grinding my hips into you in small, slow circles. I love feeling you this deeply inside of me. I put my hands on your chest and look at you.

You put your hands over my heart, and I feel you pour energy into my heart, downward, and rising again to my crown. I am completely overcome. The room has become hazy. There is nothing but us in this moment.

We reach for each other’s hands and grasp tightly. I can feel your energy through my hands, in my body, in my heart, in my head. I grind myself into you – holding you as deeply inside of me as I can. You can feel my muscles contracting around your cock – pulling you into me. I feel your mouth on my breast, and you roll the nipple with your tongue and bite it. I feel myself explode and cum into you. I wrap my arms around you and hold you to me – cumming again as I feel the energy circulate between us.

You turn me onto my back and kiss me. Starting with my mouth, you kiss my throat, the sides of my neck, my shoulders, brushing your lips across my breasts, you bite each of my nipples didim escort and I moan with pleasure. You kiss my belly and spread my thighs, letting your mouth hover over me. I have to concentrate to slow my breathing; my desire for you is so intense. You flick your tongue across my clit and I gasp.

You reach up to glide your fingertips down my arms and take my hands – pinning them to the floor as you run your tongue up and down my pussy. Tasting my wetness, making my clit hard and swollen. You can feel my energy building again. Licking me softly, up and down, I grasp your hands tightly, cry out and cum into your mouth as you take my clit between your lips and suck on it gently.

I want you inside of me – I look at you and you kiss my thighs and slide your body up mine, until I feel your hard cock between my legs. You kiss me and thrust into me at once, and I moan and breathe into you, wrapping my legs around your hips. You take my arms and hold them above my head, hands intertwined. Our bodies are completely aligned with one another, as you put your face to mine and look into my eyes. The intensity of love I feel in this moment is complete.

You slide in and out of me, slowly, gently, and my body responds to you. You thrust into me deeply and press your heart to mine, and I feel our energy open, melt into one another. The gentle breeze and peaceful waters are fast becoming a hurricane. We are nothing but energy. Moving together, I can no longer feel separate from my source. My orgasm overtakes me – my body feels as if it’s melting away – and from you, I can hide nothing, nor do I want to.

I wrap my arms and legs around you, and press my body into yours, burying my face into your neck, I smell your scent and taste your skin. I feel your arms go around me as well, and the pace of your thrusts quickens, then slows, as you exhale slowly, letting the energy flow, letting the sensation continue.

I press my hands into your back, working them up the strong curve of your back, slowly, until I take your face in my hands and kiss your mouth, willing all of my energy into you. I cry out, as my orgasm explodes through my body and into you. I feel you tighten, and then explode into me, thrusting deep and hard into my body, and feel our spirits dance together in ecstasy.

You lie next to me and we hold hands, relaxing into the moment, knowing that we have nothing to hide, nothing to fear, and feeling the joy of that.

You look at me and whisper, “Namaste,” and I smile and say the same.

We easily slip into meditation, and we know truly, that ‘the present moment and the human soul meet at the infinite.’

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