Emaline Ch. 02


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“Sam, why you in my kitchen?” Mimi tossed a dish towel over her shoulder and a tiny cloud of flour puffed up.

“I smelled me some cake baking in here, and I want some” he grinned. Sam’s face stayed pleasant but his eyes looked weary. He sat down on a stool near the back door. Heat from the big wood burning stove distorted the air with waves of heat. The sweet aroma of butter and vanilla filled the house with silent comfort.

“Well if it ain’t your birthday and your name ain’t Emaline, you might as well move along” was Mimi’s matter of fact reply. But then she saw the weary eyes. “What’s the matter Sam?”

“Well I sees everything that go on ’round here. I hear stuff folks don’t think I hear. I seen Master Edward eyeing little Emmy for a while now. I heard them girls talking about being grown, becoming a woman. And you know you’s the closest thing to a mother Emaline got, don’t ya?” Sam leaned forward and rubbed his palms together.

Mimi pulled the chair back from the table and sat down gingerly. “Lawd, my bones ache.” Rubbing her knees, she caught Sam’s eyes and smiled. “Now listen Sam, you and me ain’t got no nickel in that quarter. We can’t do nothing ’bout what Master Edward fixin’ to do with that child. Hmph…child? She ain’t even a child no more” she chuckled at the thought. “I been talking to her ’bout him. At least she fond of him- ”

“She what?” Sam perked up.

“All I’m sayin’ is she could be a lot worse off than with Master Edward. I done heard some bad stories: Masters and overseers taking girls off in the night and raping them, beating the fear of God into them, and then making them sleep on the floor of their bed chamber- so they can be easy to get to whenever they want to use them again. Master Brickford’s son, William, he is meaner than the devil himself! He used a girl up so bad, she could keep no baby in her belly. Wound up losing three little angels that never got a chance to breathe.” Mimi stood up and offered a cup of water to Sam.

“Yeah, I guess. Still worried ’bout her though.” He gulped the water down and handed Mimi the empty cup. He thought of Emmy like a daughter. Nobody knew about her real parents. She had arrived on the plantation when she was about 5 years old. When Sam first saw her shivering and scared, he had felt sorry for her. Missy Anne had a soft spot for the girl right away too. She kept her close and always seemed to favor her over the other slave girls. Even though Emmy was the color of molasses, she was a house slave right along with the light-skinned ones. Once she hit puberty, all the boys and the men noticed. Edward did too. Emaline noticed the new attention, and that’s when she really started keeping her eyes down, all the time. Master Dawson and his wife Missy Anne thought she was the most humble slave girl they owned. But Sam knew, Emmy didn’t want to see all the lustful stares searing through her body, making her feel hot with shame. She didn’t even understand why she had the feeling of guilt- because she had done no wrong. Her only wrong was being exotically dark and exceptionally beautiful.

Mimi took the empty cup, catching Sam’s hand in the process and held it for a moment. “She’s gonna be alright,” Mimi assured Sam.


Edward was reeling in anticipation. He would finally get to savour the sweet nectar of his Emaline. He had pictured his pale skin hovering over her dark skin like a thick fog hovering in the blackness of night. He would be gentle enough to entice her yearning, but forceful enough to solidify his claim. She would know she was his, and no one else’s. His plentiful length had begun to stiffen and twitch. This would be a long day. As he drew in a long deep breath, his nostrils filled with the glorious scent of Mimi’s cake.

A high-pitched voice was the pin that burst his bubble. “Edward darling? Are you here?”

“Yes mother, I am here.” Missy Anne came into Edward’s room and bored him with her fussing about how expensive stationery had become, how much fabric to order for new clothes, which slaves caused the most trouble, and on and on.


The party raged on with joyful songs swirling up into the night sky. Bellies were full, dancing feet grew tired, and sweaty brows searched for a breeze. Edward strolled leisurely around his property acknowledging the elder slaves with a slight nod. There was almost a mutual respect that remained unspoken between the master and his slaves. The older slaves understood their place, for with age comes experience and with experience, wisdom. They had resolved to their lives of servitude and had long since given up rebelliousness. Tales of woe traveled quickly throughout the south. There were stories of cruel masters, near death whippings, starvation, and punishments that would make the devil cringe. The elder slaves on Dawson plantation Betturkey had the lesser of the evils, that almost didn’t seem evil at all. They counted themselves lucky to have escaped the fate of the slaves from those other plantations, who suffered under the meanest and most brutal masters. And so the nod carried an understanding of this from both parties- master and slave.

“Well, there you are Emmy.” Emaline looked up from her conversation with Celia and Nessa, feeling slightly started, although she didn’t show it. “It is time for you to receive the gift I have for you. Come.” Edward beckoned her with the curling of his fingers from his outstretched palm. Nessa and Celia exchanged a knowing look.

“Oh. Well, yessir Mastah Edward.” She rose from her seat quickly and glanced back at the two girls with a look of trepidation. Celia’s eyes gave unspoken encouragement and Nessa smiled shyly. They all knew what was to come. Emaline was about to about to receive the “gift” of womanhood. Master Edward and Emaline walked off toward the main house. The party had started to slow down and clean up had begun. Sam sat near the fire, resting back on his elbows. When he spotted the pair walking together, he sat up and watched them with a slight sinking feeling in his gut. Although he knew she was aware of the situation, he hoped Mimi had not noticed them. For Sam, it was like watching a sheep being led off for a shearing.

The house was quiet. Missy Anne had already gone off to bed. Edward led Emaline into the parlor. “Did you enjoy the party Emaline?”

“Oh it was real nice, sir.”

“Good. I saw you dancing and laughing. I tell ya Emmy, you’ve got the brightest smile I’ve ever seen. And them boys sure can play, can’t they? I mean that fiddle had me movin’ a bit myself.”

“Yes sir, I seen you,” Emaline chuckled and lowered her gaze.

“Well now wait a minute Emmy! Are you laughing at my dancing?” Edward started a little cakewalk to prove his skills. He circled Emaline with steps and slides, bending at the knees and swinging his elbows. “Let- me- see- you move yo’ feet, to- and- fro, hear- we- go.” Emaline couldn’t help but giggle at the unusual spectacle. She covered her mouth in embarrassment. She had never seen Master Edward being so silly before. He delighted in her innocence and stopped right before her to tip his imaginary hat and take a formal bow. “Come on now.” He grabbed her hand and continued his dance for a few more steps. Keeping the tune of his little song, he made up sounds for forgotten words, “Unh- unh- unh, da- da- do, here- we- go, me and you!” With the last word he swung Emaline around and pulled her body in close, prompting a genuine laugh followed by a surprised gasp.

“Ah, um, Master Edward… I-” He captured her open mouth with a kiss. His lips pressed into her hard and warm, causing a wave of shock to surge through her body. She tensed against him, caught off guard but didn’t try to pull away. She realized she was staring right into his deep green eyes that flickered in the dim candle light of the room. There she saw him searching for her reaction. Then she felt the warmth of his lips radiate across her face. Her eyes drifted closed and her tense body began to slowly relax. This was a familiar feeling, like the kiss near the flowers before. Shock was the wrong reaction- she told her brain. Excitement. You are feeling excitement. Anticipation. She felt that too. Sensing her shift, Edward softened his kiss and pulled back to look at Emaline’s face. And there he saw it. Excitement and anticipation. The rush of heat their bodies had begun to exchange shot down to his loins.

“Your gift,” he smiled. I’m guessing from the look on your face, you’d be wanting it now wouldn’t you?” He knew she wanted more, even if she did not yet realize it. Emaline’s eyes fluttered open. She knew he’d seen them still closed seconds before.

“Yessir.” The words came out in a breathless whisper.

“Well come now, let me not keep you waiting any longer.” He lead her over to the bookcase and pulled out a small book wrapped with twine. “I know Mama’s been teaching you to read over the years, but I guess you never have a chance to do it unless you are with her. So I want you to have this little book that you can keep for yourself.” Emaline looked up, not sure what to think about the gift. Slaves didn’t read. At least not out in the open, they didn’t. This seemed to be a forbidden fruit. When could she sneak away to explore the pages? Edward understood her trepidation. “It’s alright, just find a secret place to read it. After your chores are done of course. Maybe on Sundays.” She wondered how he knew what she was thinking.

“Master Edward, I thank you sir. I ain’t neva got no gift like this before.” Her appreciation was obvious as she trailed her finger down the binding of the book. “Can I look at it now?”

“Course ya can, Emmy. Go on, open it.” She carefully untied the twine and peeled the cover back. Betturkey Giriş The stiff pages cracked into the silence of the room. A thin translucent film was inside with a wild flower pressed between its layers.

“Oh my goodness!” The pressed flower slipped onto the floor and Emaline quickly bent down to retrieve it, as though if it hit the floor it would disappear. She examined it closely and realized it was one of the deep burgundy flowers Edward loved so much. He’d said they reminded him of her. “It’s a mum!”

“Yes. My beautiful… dark… flower.” As he spoke each punctuated word, he stroked her temple down to her chin. “I want you to stay with me tonight Emaline.” His words came out almost as a command. When they registered in Emaline’s ears, a sudden pang of fear twisted in her stomach.

“Um, yessir,” she stuttered out “Is there some work you need me ta tend to in the house, sir?”

“What I need is you.” He turned her face so she could see that he meant it. Before she could react, he grabbed her waist with his left hand, and a handful of her thick fluffy hair with his right hand. His lips descended on her again with the same warmth from before, but with added urgency. Emaline clutched the small book into her breast almost as a protective shield as the space closed between them. She could feel his heart beating against the back of her hand. Their tongues now danced about exploring each others rhythm. The cakewalk was now a waltz. They swirled and spun and sauntered. As the candles died down, darkness crept into the parlor. What could not be seen could certainly be felt.

It was getting late now. The distant noises from the last of the night’s festivities had ceased. The quietness became loud. Emaline could hear her own breathing. It was heavy and labored. Edward began to push their embraced bodies across the room. They bumped into a table and the legs scraped across the wooden floor. Their kiss never broke. Edward’s heavy footsteps landed in thumps as he blindly led them into the hallway. The sound of suction smacked, Edward twisted his mouth with a heavy breath and unlocked their mouths “Come up to my room Emmy.” She followed submissively behind him, still clutching the book against her body.

Upstairs, Emaline suddenly felt panic come over her. The bedroom door closed behind them. “Master Edward, I’m scared to stay here with you. I mean I ain’t ready ta do what you want me ta do.”

“Shhh, hush now. I know you’re scared. I ain’t gonna hurt ya. You just do as I tell you and it’ll be fine.” Edward walked slowly toward Emaline, his intentions unaffected by her apprehension. Emaline began to back away from him, her natural flight instinct kicking in. “Where are you gonna go, girl? ” She looked around for an escape. The window was to her left, the bed was behind her, and the bedroom door behind Edward. Where indeed? She couldn’t very well jump from the second floor. Hiding under the bed would only delay the inevitable. She could feel her heart pounding. “I will have you Emaline. Now come here.”

The back of her legs hit the low solid wood footboard. Just as she began to step toward the window, Edward reached forward and grabbed her by the arm- freezing her in her tracks. He took the book from her stiff grip, and lay it on the corner of the bed. Their eyes met- hers pleading, his warning. It was going to happen. So any fight at this point would be futile. Emaline could not process the conflicting thoughts in her mind. She felt butterflies in her stomach when Edward was close. He towered over her with his strong muscular frame, but his handsome face made him less threatening. She couldn’t look into his eyes without feeling that her legs would give way beneath her. Her body leaned into his grip as he kissed her once again.

“You still fear me, Emaline? Have I not been gentle and kind with you?” He released his hold on her arm and stood squarely in front of her.


“We have had this conversation before.” He began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Yessir.” Her eyes watched his movements nervously. She could see the swell of his pectoral muscles. The butterflies fluttered. “I am not going to hit you or be rough with you. I want to enjoy you.” He pulled the garment off completely and reached for her hand. “And you will enjoy me, he stated confidently while placing her hand on his chest. “Do you feel my heartbeat, Emaline?”

“Yes, Mastah Edward.”

“I am very excited to be with you. I have been waiting for this night for a long time. I watched you grow into a beautiful young woman. But still I waited. You do know that some masters force their slaves? Some even take young girls by force. Hell, it happens all the time, and that’s just the way things are Emmy. Nobody even thinks anything of it. Now you’re old enough to understand that. I know y’all slaves talk amongst yourselves.”

“Yessir.” Emaline lowered her head.

“I know all about that Brickford gal. Damn shame, really. Betturkey Güncel Giriş Hold your head up and look at me!” He said it sternly to get her attention and her head snapped up. “Emmy I didn’t make things the way they are. You and me, we were just born who we are, nobody can control or decide it. I don’t always like the way things are- you know that. So, I ain’t going to force myself on you while you kick and scream and cry. But you will submit to me. Do you understand?”


“Now I’m going to sit here on the end of the bed. And you are going to come to me and let me unbutton that pretty little dress you’re wearing.” She slowly complied. Edward kept his gaze fixed on Emaline’s face as he methodically unhooked each of the tiny little buttons down the front of her yellow cotton dress. It was a gift from Missy Anne- one of her old ones. Feeling uncomfortable at his close stare, she looked down only to find his powerful chest rising and falling as he breathed deeply and slowly. Her eyes shifted up to his and were pulled into the deep green abyss. The butterflies were oh so restless. An exasperated sigh escaped her mouth, and Edward suppressed a satisfied grin from showing on his face. She was attracted to him and she could not hide it.

Emaline shifted her weight, not knowing what to do with the anxiety building in her body. She felt the cool air of the room on her skin as the dress was slowly dropped from her shoulders and down to the floor. He caressed her arms and planted small kisses on each. The white moonlight shone in through the sheer curtains at the window. It cast a bluish tint onto Emaline’s dark brown skin. What society deemed as ugly, Edward gravitated to- the darkest of complexions. He watched the stark contrast of his pale fingers against her dark flesh, and the exotic look made him hot with lust.

“Get on your knees and unlace my boots.” He wanted to remind her of his command over her.

“Yessir,” she sighed. As she knelt before him she felt small and fragile. Master Edward seemed to glower down at her. But he was not angry. He was aroused. Usurping his power over her fed his masculinity. Her thin shift was her only remaining covering. He could see the hardness of her nipples beneath the light fabric. His cock began to stiffen in his pants. Emaline looked up and noticed the growing bulge. She gulped back her fear of him invading her virgin body. She pulled off his boots and each of them fell heavily against the floor.

“Emaline, you are beautiful.” He took a fistful of her cottony hair in his hand and pulled her head in to rest on his thigh. Gently, he stroked her hair and brushed her cheek with the back of his hand. “Give me your hand.” She reached up. He rested it on his upper thigh and guided it upwards. “I want you to feel my arousal.” When her fingertips grazed the hardness at the meeting of his thighs, an audible gasp broke free from her mouth. He continued to stroke himself using her hand. A low, guttural moan rose up from his chest. Emaline felt both wonder and a bit of pride. She had never touched a man this way before. His head rolled back and his breath hitched. She liked that she could evoke such a reaction from Master Edward. She felt him curl her hand around himself with a firm squeeze. Suddenly he sat up and pulled her up along with him. He swept her onto the bed and flipped her onto her back. The shock of the quick motion showed on her face.

“Oh, Mastah Edward!”

“Yes?” he asked while leaning over her and unbuttoning his pants.

“C-can we just wait, a little bit? I just-”


“But Mastah, I-I needs a little more time to get ready for-” He pulled his pants down around his hips and freed his massive erection. Emaline could feel the stiff rod against her thigh. He leaned in and burrowed into her neck, inhaling a mixture of the outside air that still clung to her and the sweet undeniable nectar of pheromones. Ignoring her pleas, he slid his hand under her shift and found her wet core.

“Oh my sweet baby, you are ready.” Emaline did not realize it until then, but her body was slick with her own arousal and was ready for him. The fear still lingering in her mind began to yield yet again to excitement. He kissed and sucked the sensitive flesh of her neck while she squirmed beneath him. With each of her movements, she felt his hard cock threatening against her smooth thighs. “I am going to take this off now,” he announced as he proceeded to remove the last bit of her clothing. Now fully exposed, she felt vulnerable and scared all over again. She shivered at his lightest touch. “God, you are so fucking beautiful.” He plunged into her mouth with another urgent kiss. Emaline could do nothing but accept his advance. She welcomed it actually. She kissed him back.

Edward pulled away from her, but only for a minute to fully remove his pants. He kicked them off the bed. Emaline took this opportunity to scoot herself back and away from him- further up the bed. As soon as she eyed his body fully naked, she became worried about the pain she would feel when a man- this man in front of her- entered her for the first time. She panicked again looking toward the door wondering if she could just bolt out of the room.

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