First Date

Addison Rose

After several emails back and forth we decide to meet at a bar away from our towns. As we are sitting down discussing our lives, I am having trouble keeping my eyes off your tempting cleavage. I notice your naughty little smile and see you are getting a little turned on also. As I feel your foot starting to rub up my leg I recommend we leave and continue in the nearby hotel.

You agree and we head over there and I pay for the room. I come back out of the office and you join me as I head to the room. Once inside and the door closed, I turn around and push you against the door. I reach behind your head and pull your lips toward mine. As our tongues are intertwined, I feel your hands on my chest. I reach around then and pull your shirt over your head.

I briefly admire the lovely lace bra and your heaving breasts popping out the top. I bend over and hungrily kiss the exposed portion of your breast as I hear your first moan escape your lips.

I kiss my way up and take a quick nibble on your neck and whisper in your ear, “I want you now!” As I start to slide your bra-straps down, you push me back a little to pull my shirt off over my head. A return to hugging you and kissing you deeply, our tongues intertwined. I reach behind and unhook you bra and feel it from slowly drop from between our bodies.

You start pushing me back a little from the door, toward the bed. While kissing, I kick off my shoes while we scoot back to the bed. The back of my legs hit the bed and I sit down on the bed. This breaks our kiss and I catch my breath, but not for long. You turn around and say “help me with the skirt”.

My excited fingers finally figure out the hook and zip the skirt down. I pull the skirt down and you step out of it, kicking it to the side. Then to my amazement I notice that you are wearing garter and hose, with the panties over it. You start to turn to face me, but I grab your hips and pull you back to me while I lean forward. Now my nose and mouth are buried between you’re your cloth covered butt checks. I inhale the aroma coming up from your soaked panties. I start to nibble my way down to your wet spot as I hear a moan escape your lips. You spread your legs and lean over a little giving me better access to your wet pussy.

As I start to lick and chew your pussy thru your panties I reach up between your legs and rub your newcratos clit. I hear a sharp intake of your breath. You say, “Wait!”. I lean back to see what you wanted. You are bent over slightly, you twist to the left a little and I see your left breast dangling there. Then you look back into my eyes as you slowly peel your panties down and step out of them saying, “let me take your pants off”. I stand up and hug you from behind and you feel my erection thru my pants against your bottom. I move your hair aside and whisper, “Sit down and do it”

You sit down on the edge of the bed and I turn around to face you and my waist is at your eye level. You reach up and run your hand over my hardening cock thru my pants. You unbuckle my pants, unzip and slide it down. My boxer briefs are now tenting out with me being erect. You look up to me and with a devilish smile you leave forward to wrap your lips over the top of my cloth covered cock. I moan and you pull back while sucking me, and I pop out of your mouth. You pull my underwear down and my dick springs out and slaps you in the forehead.

You grab the top of my penis with your hand and move it up to my belly. You proceed to lick the bottom of my dick. You feel me shiver in pleasure as you bend down further to suck a ball briefly. Then you return to teasing my by licking and kissing the bottom of my penis, then let the tip slide into your mouth. You then look up into my eyes as you swallow my 7 inches into you waiting mouth and throat. A long moan slips from my mouth. You proceed to move your mouth up and down my cock. I look down at you and I see your heaving breasts and I notice one of your hands is down between your legs rubbing your self quickly. Your other hand is on my hip guiding me back and forth. I am enjoying your oral skill and after a few minutes I noticed you rubbed yourself into an orgasm as you briefly stopped sucking me. After a minute you proceeded your sucking and then slip your juice covered fingers between my legs. I feel your fingers rubbing near my puckered asshole. As I feel your finger pressing into my anus I announce, “I’m going to cum!”

As I grunt and shoot off, you keep your lips around me and start sucking the cum down while you look up to me. I stop coming and you open your mouth to show the cum on your tongue. Then you close your mouth and swallow with newcratos giriş a smile.

I push you down on the bed and I slide next to you. I lean over and gently kiss you and you open your mouth in return. I taste a little of my cum as out tongues intertwine. While we kiss I run my fingers from your neck down to your breast and lazily circle it with my fingers in an ever shrinking circle. As my fingers brush, you heave forward and you exhale quickly into my mouth. I briefly pinch and pull your erect nipple as you moan. Now I return to teasing you by circling your other breast and finish with a pinch and pull.

I continue kissing you while start to trail my fingers down your stomach and between your legs. I run my fingers up and down your soaking wet slit a couple times, wetting my fingers. You let out another gasp as I push back your hood and rub your clit. You jerk your legs up in pleasure and then relax them back on the floor. I slide my fingers back into your pussy and slip them inside you. I hook my fingers forward till I find your g-spot. I am rewarded by your legs jerking back up. I tease your g-spot for a short time and withdraw. I bring my wet fingers back up and run them over both of your erect nipples. I return my fingers to your pussy to get them wet again. I bring my finger up, break our kiss and suck on them some. I say, “mmm, tasty” and slip the fingers into your mouth. You then suck your juices of my fingers. I pull out my fingers and proceed to slide down your body.

I bend over and do with my tongue to your breasts, what I did earlier with my fingers. I finish each breast tease with me sucking each nipple as you pull my head toward your chest. I then stand up and lean over as I kiss my way down to between your legs. I sit down on the ground between your legs and spread them a little for easier access. I start to kiss the inside of one thigh till my nose touches you pussy. I then inhale and proceed to do the same to the other thigh. I then start licking the outside of your pussy lips and sometimes sucking in your lips into my mouth. I then lick your entire length while slipping my tongue between your lips till I bump your clit. I reach up and pull your hood back exposing your clit. I then suck on your clit and watch as you whole body tightens in pleasure. I slip one finger then two into you while I continue sucking your clit. I hook my fingers up and find your g-spot. I rub it and sense your breathing increase and feel your writhing under me. Your whole body then starts jerking as you start squirting into my mouth and you yell incoherently. When you stop shaking, I withdraw my fingers and release your clit. I stand up and look down at you as you are coming down from your orgasm. I slide into bed with you and kiss you on your lips. I lay next you to and watch you catch your breath while I stroke my hard cock. I then tell you to get up on all fours.

You turn over and crawl more up into bed. You pull the bed spread out to expose the softer sheets underneath. I kneel behind your spread legs. I slide my cock between your pussy lips a couple times. You turn around and yell, “just stick it in me, already”. With a smile, I enter you in one stroke. You grunt as you feel my full length in you. I wait one second, before slowly pumping in and out. I pull out slowly till my head starts to leave your body, then I slam it hard back into you. After a few minutes of torturing this way I increase my pace. You reach up grab a pillow and move your hands down while your head and shoulders rest on it with your ass in the air. I reach between your legs and wet my fingers. As I pump into you, I spread your ass checks and see your puckered anus. I rubbed my wet finger around it and hear you groan. I press down into your butthole a little and you moan, “Later”

I then straddle your legs and tell you to squeeze your legs together while I continue pumping inside you. Then I tell you to stretch your legs back straight. Without loosing a stroke I am now driving down onto your g-spot and you start going wild. After a minute you start screaming, “OOOH YEEEESSS, FUUUUCK YEEA” As you start contracting around my dick, I loose control and yell, “Hhhheeerrrreee it cummms!”. When we both come out of our orgasms, I pull out with a wet “Plop!”.

I then collapse next to you. You roll onto your back to catch your breath. I lay on my side as I study your sweaty face. I reach up to lightly trace my fingers around your breast. As we both recover, I say, “Now I think I remember where I have seen you before. Don’t you go to sandwich shop at the west end mall?”

You say, “I go there sometimes, great sandwiches.”

I respond, “Yea, great turkey sandwich, have you tried the veggie?”

You roll to your side to face me and say, “that’s nice, now shut up and kiss me”. You reach behind my head and pull my mouth to your waiting mouth and tongue.

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