Good Morning Squirt


I wake to the sounds of the shower. I look at the clock and notice that it is about 30 minutes before your alarm usually goes off. I guess you woke up a little early and hopped in. Then a little smile crosses my face.

I slide out of our king bed and grab some of your favorite candles from the bedroom and living room, and your iPhone. I quietly creep into the bathroom, place the candles around the room, and light them. Then I turn on some gentle morning music. Then I turn off the lights, leaving the glow of candles.

“Uh, hello?” I hear you ask. I take off my t-shirt and underwear, and climb in the shower with you. You’re facing the water, so I get right behind you, put my arms around your waist, and give you a big hug – the water running down my arms and your chest. You lean your head back on my shoulder and whisper, “Good morning.”

Your hair is wet, so I get the shampoo and lather up your hair. I hear your soft purrs, and I can tell you have your eyes closed and have a big smile. I rub your scalp for a couple minutes, while you simply stand still. I use the shampoo on my hands to wash your neck and back. Again, you just stand still – I take this as my cue to continue.

I take some of your sweet-smelling body wash and rub it over your shoulders and back, then down to your hips, and then over your gentle, round ass. I continue down you body, washing the back and sides of your upper legs. I bend down, and washed your lower legs. When I get to your feet you lean forward and lift one foot, then the other, so I can wash them. I can tell you are really enjoying this.

As I stand up, you lean your head forward, and, looking down, let the water run over your head to rinse the shampoo off. Using my fingers, I messaged your scalp again, rinsing all the shampoo out. I gently rub your shoulders and your neck, as you simply stand still, with your head hanging down. While my hands moved down your arms, massaging them, I kiss, lick, and nibble the back of your neck and your shoulders. “Oh, honey,” I hear you say quietly.

I pull you close, you raise up your head, and lean it back on my shoulder – I kiss your cheek. I take some more of your body wash, and gently clean your arms. I lift up one arm, then the other, washing the under sides of your arms and along the sides of your chest. I reach around and very gently rubbed my hands over your large, firm breasts. I feel their excitement at my touch. I pull you back a little, so the water isn’t running over you. I take some more body wash, and very gently clean your chest from behind – first reaching over your shoulders to clean you neck and chest, then reaching under your arms to your breasts. I clean each of them, raising them to get under neither. My hands feel your gentle warmth, and your deepening breathes. I continue gently caressing your breasts, and start kissing your neck again. I feel you gently and subtly fixbet push your hips back against me – just enough for me to feel – while I rinse you.

I begin kissing my way down your shoulders – moving slowly from side to side. Down to the middle of your back. Over to your left hip, then to the right hip. Then, down to your firm, round ass. With my hands on your hips, I kiss, lick, and gently nibble your beautiful round ass. As I do this I can feel you bend slightly at the waist, pushing your ass out a little, while you put one hand on the shower wall below the shower head and you let your head hang down – the water running over your head, down your back, and over your hips and ass. The hot water feels wonderful on my lips as I kiss you. I get a little more body wash and start rubbing it over your lower back, your beautiful ass, your hips, and your legs. I get on my knees. I let the water gently rinse the soap off rubbing you the whole time.

I lift one foot up on the edge of the tub. I rub more body wash all over that leg, and gently massaging your inner thigh and brushing gently your ass hole, cleaning it ever so gently. I kiss all along your leg – the thigh, the knee, the calf, down to your feet. You reach one hand down to my head, and run your fingers through my hair. I guide your foot back to the bottom of the tub, and raise the other one to the other side of the tub. Again, I clean your leg, massaging it the whole time. This time I get a little extra wash and gently, but thoroughly, clean your tight, beautiful ass hole. Covered with soap, my fingers gently slide up and down over your ass hole. I can feel the intense heat your little hole gives off, while cleaning you most private parts. I let the water run down your back, rinsing off all the soap. I wash and rinse my hands, while I kiss and lick your hips, legs, and ass. With a little more wash, I reach my hand between your legs and rub your inner thigh, then slowly move toward your smooth, beautiful pussy. I rub the soap on either side of your vagina, and down between your holes. I gently clean that sensitive spot between your holes. You straighten up a little, letting the water run down your front and back at the same time. I gently move my hand around your pussy lips, rinsing all the soap off. I move my hand down between your holes, then over your hot, tight ass hole, while my other hand rubs your legs and while my lips are kissing your hips, lower back, and ass the whole time.

Now that I have cleaned every inch of your beautiful, naked body, I call your name, “Darcy.” I hear you groan my name, “Oh, Brad.” With one foot still on the edge of the tub, you lean forward at the waist, pushing your ass out. With one hand you gently pull your ass cheeks apart exposing your little hole – my reward for my hard work. With my hands on your hips and legs, I kiss all over your ass and slowly move my fixbet giriş tongue toward you sweet, adorable ass hole. I run my wet tongue all around the precious hole, then gently over it. As my tongue glides over it, you push your hips down toward me and bend your knees slightly. This allows me to lick all over your hole. With more and more energy, I lick that sweet hole. My hands running all over your hips and your legs and your belly and your beautiful, firm breasts. Oh, you taste so good.

My tongue licks all over the hole, then I slowly move down to that sweet spot between your holes. I let my tongue linger over your flesh right in that secret spot for a minute – licking it, and even sucking on it a little.

But I want you to cum for me.

Still on my knees, I slowly guide your foot back into the tub. I turn your around, slowly running my hands all over your legs, hips, and ass, kissing them the whole time. I gently raise one foot to the side of the tub, you grab hold of the shower curtain rod with one hand, and run your fingers through my hair with the other hand. Looking up at you, my hands reach up and feel your breasts. Our eyes meet for the first time on this glorious morning. I see you whisper, “I love you.”

With your breasts in my hands, I kiss and lick your hips and your belly. Oh, your skin is so soft and smooth. I bring my hands down – one goes between your legs and up on to the back of your leg, and the other rubs your belly, and your hips. I begin licking all over your sweet-smelling pussy. I lick all around your vagina lips – on each side, above, below. I look up to see your head back, you are very happy.

Starting from the bottom, I lick your sweet, wet

pussy all the way to the top. I can feel your wet juices on my tongue and lips. Oh, sweet Darcy. As I reach your clit, I feel your hips push forward. With one hand you reach down and pull your lips apart, showing me just what you want – suck on my clit, Ben. I do not disappoint.

In no time, I find your sweet spot – I run the tip of my tongue all around it, then I put it between my lips and suck on it gently.

With everything that has happened so far, one gentle suck on your clit, pushes you over the edge. You put your hand on the back of my neck and groan lowly…your energy builds quickly, and with a cry of deep pleasure you release your squirt to my waiting mouth. I feel the rush of your hot liquid shoot out of your body and into mine. Your knees bend and your cry continues, as this cum carries on. My mouth fills with your hot liquid, and it begins to run down my chin and chest. I feel the energy flowing through your body, as I hold on to you tightly.

“Oh, Brad,” I hear you say. “Oh, sweetheart, don’t you dare stop.” I gladly obey, looking up at you while I swallow your sweet-tasting squirt, and lick it off my lips. I lick all over your pussy again, but with more energy – you respond with moans, and sweet encouragement.

I take two fingers and slide them up into your precious hole. You moan, as I do. I slide them in and out, at first moving slowly but then finding a quicker rhythm. You ask, or nearly beg, me to put in another finger. I oblige. “Oh, darling. Can you fit four?” I slide a fourth finger in you, and we find a quick rhythm. It feels so good to feel my fingers going in and out of your hot, wet pussy. I look down and see that my cock is very, very hard and swollen, wetness shining on my hole.

While my fingers slide in and out, I resume licking and sucking your clit. I glance up and see you are as near to complete happiness as I’ve seen you. You are clearly losing yourself in the moment. With one hand you guide my free hand around to your back hole. You take one finger of mine and rub it around your ass hole – showing me what you want. With great effort, I find a rhythm – four fingers sliding in and out of your pussy, one hand rubbing your sweet, hot ass hole, and my lips sucking your clit. This can’t go on much longer I think to myself.

Then I feel the telltale signs of the coming ecstasy – your breath deepens, your muscles begin to tighten, and your hand pushes my face to your pussy. Then the deep, low moan.

With a loud cry, “Oooohhhhhh,” you reach a deep orgasm. You release your cum and give yourself to it – feeling every pleasure it offers and letting it control your body and mind. I continue to fuck your pussy with my hand and suck on you clit, while my finger slides off your ass hole. Releasing the shower curtain, you use both hands to pull my face to your pussy. Your orgasm continues for what seems forever, but then that dreaded moment arrives when it starts to subside and you breath in again and begin to catch your breath. Remembering that look of happiness and pleasure on your face, I decide I won’t let you go just yet. I want the moment to continue. Still high from cumming, I suck hard on your clit, and move my four fingers in and out of your pussy as fast as I can. It works.

“Oh, god. I’m…gonna..again…oh…yes,” I hear you cry out as a second wave hits you. Barely able to stand, you completely give yourself to this second orgasm. It does not disappoint. Your body feels the pleasure deeply, and completely.

As the second strong cum begins to subside, I feel your legs buckle. I quickly stand up and catch you as you fall forward into my waiting arms. I feel your whole body collapse into my arms. I feel your heavy breathing, your heaving chest, your hot, naked body against mine. I support you for a long, close moment. You raise your lips to mine and kiss me gently. I help you stand on your own for a moment, while I plug up that tub, turn off the shower and let the water fill the tub. I add some bath salts and a little of your favorite bubble bath. I sit down in the tub, turn you around, and sit you down in front of me. Holding you tight, I let the water fill the tub and feel your soft breath. You seem to be glowing, you are so happy.

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