Hammer Time! Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Still Lots Of Nailing To Do!

The job was going well, especially lately. We had the addition closed in, siding on, and the roofers had finished with the shingles. The drywall was up and taped, and waiting for the painters. All that was left was the exterior, and later, the interior trim. Mr. Weldon, though he wasn’t around much, was nevertheless very happy, according to his wife, Marlene. She delivered his checks to me every week, right on schedule, joking with me that he was robbing from her allowance money! She needn’t worry. I didn’t think I had seen her in the same outfit twice in the two months that I’d been working there, and she looked great in every one! We continued our daily habit of having lunch in her kitchen, though she rarely ate. She seemed happy just to have someone to talk to. Her conversation, though not rude or blatant, always seemed to have just a bit of tease in it, and I often went back to work with an uncomfortable lump in my jeans.

And, of course, there was Jennifer. Lovely, teasing, Jennifer! Sometimes she was there for lunch with us, sometimes not, but she was always there on Thursdays, when Marlene played bridge with her friends. On those days I was usually inside the house by 9:00, shortly after Marlene left, and by 9:30 we were both naked, fucking like two sex-starved rabbits! She really did have a voracious sexual appetite for an18 year-old, and no end of ideas for us to try. I was taking Viagra on a daily basis, just to keep up with her, and she loved that I could stay hard for hours.

Oftentimes Sandy, her big-titted friend, would be there. She seemed to be making every possible excuse to drop by, a fact that Marlene had obviously noticed. “Looks like your little girlfriend is here again,” she would jokingly say, whenever Sandy would arrive. Then, as soon as Marlene would leave for bridge, into the house I would go, and fuck the two of them for the next couple of hours.

Sandy loved to take it doggy-style, and I would usually finish her from behind as she crouched on all fours, our skin slick with each other’s sweat and her ass high in the air, until she collapsed from so many orgasms. Occasionally she would even clean me with her own mouth, for she had developed a healthy appetite for the taste of her own pussy on my cock.

Jen loved to watch Sandy and I make love. She would sometimes slither beneath Sandy, watching my cock split those plump pussy lips, and rub Sandy’s clit softly. Then she would insert her hand between us, feeling the slap of my pelvis on Sandy’s slit as I hammered into her. I think she wanted Sandy to reciprocate in some way, but Sandy made it clear that she loved men, and men only.

“That’s it! Fuck her hard!” she would yell, and I would pick up my pace until my cock was a blur, going in and out of Sandy’s hairy hole. This really excited Jennifer, and I would no more than withdraw from Sandy’s steamy cunt, than Jennifer would whirl around, slurping my dripping member deep into her talented little mouth while she maneuvered herself to give me access to her own hungry pussy. I was more than happy to slip between those slick little lips again, and finish her off, as well!

I was starting the exterior trim this week, and I had sent the rest of my crew off to begin framing on a ‘spec’ house we had been asked to build. They departed grudgingly, kidding me that I was going to have a heart attack one of these Thursdays, and who would be there to call the paramedics? I knew they would miss the sight of Marlene as well, for work always stopped when she came out to survey the construction or to confer with me. Of course, she didn’t fail to notice this, either, and would sometimes look at them quizzically and say, “What?” as if she were completely oblivious to the effect she had on them. She loved it when they averted their eyes, embarrassed to be caught!

Promptly at 8:00 AM, Marlene made her appearance. I was outside, cutting miters on the ends of a piece of window trim, and didn’t see her approach me from behind.

“Hey,” she said, softly. I turned, and was delighted to see her in one of her pairs of tiny workout shorts, her long tanned legs displayed to great advantage. She wore a torn half-top over her spandex sports bra. It hung far out over her flat, tanned stomach. Her hair was pulled back in a girlish ponytail. I took a moment to take her all in.

“Well, hey yourself,” I said, grinning lewdly at her. “Is it lunchtime already?” I licked my lips like a cartoon dog and laughed.

She smirked at me and said, “No, silly. I’m off to Cathy’s, then to the gym. I just wanted to tell you, there’s cold drinks in the fridge. Just help yourself.” She smiled kind of slyly and said, “I’ll be back for lunch later, though, if you think you can wait.” I told her, only half-jokingly, that I would wait forever! She turned to leave, hesitated, and looked back.

“Jen’s gone, too,” she said pointedly, and walked off. I watched her make her way across the newly sodded yard toward the back door, admiring the view and kartal escort wondering what she had meant. No matter. It looked like I was doing nothing today but trimwork!

A couple of hours later, I laid my tool belt aside and went into the kitchen to get a soda. I stood there, enjoying the air conditioning and Marlene’s fragrance, which still hung in the air, when I noticed a pair of silky panties on the floor beneath the table. In Marlene’s house, which was usually so orderly, they seemed incongruous. Had she dropped them on her way to the laundry room? I bent to pick them up, and, on an impulse, put them to my nose.

They’d been worn, that was for sure. The musky aroma wafting from them was unmistakable, but I wondered: were they Marlene’s, or Jennifer’s? They weren’t the usual thongs that Jennifer wore, but on more than one occasion she had also worn little lacy numbers that cupped her ass cheeks lovingly. Once I even tore a pair off her! I began to get hard just thinking about it. I sniffed again, knowing I couldn’t forget the smell of Jen’s musky cunt, and wondering if her mother’s also exuded that same degree of muskiness.

Just then I heard the key in the front door, and I knew Marlene was back! I quickly stuffed the panties into my pocket, and leaned against the kitchen counter, trying to look casual as I finished off my Coke.

“Hey!” she said, coming around the corner and noticing me. “You just now taking a break?”

I gulped, trying to slow my racing heart, and answered her. “Yeah,” I said. “It’s getting hot out there.” I felt like the purloined panties were burning a hole in my pocket!

“Whew! Tell me about it!” she exclaimed. “I’m soaking wet, myself.” She pulled the top off over her sports bra, and I could see the beads of perspiration on the tops of her breasts. “There,” she sighed. “That feels better, already.”

As she stood there beneath the air conditioning supply vent, eyes closed, I watched her, trying to imagine the little panties I held in my pocket, on her. I stripped her down in my mind and re-dressed her, just like you would with a Barbie doll. It was getting me hard again, as I often got when I looked at her. Then I noticed her eyes were open, and on me.

“What?” she said, just as she did when she caught my crew looking at her, and laughed. She knew just how sexy she looked, standing with legs apart and her chest thrust out, and she had to know I wanted her, after all this time. I decided that this was the moment to see.

I set my canned drink down deliberately and walked over to her. She didn’t move, but her eyes never left mine as I approached her. I stopped with my face inches from hers, and moved my hand to her waist. “Marlene…” I began, but she put her hands up between us, holding them against my chest.

“Shhhh,” she said. “I don’t want you to say anything.” Her eyes bored into mine for a long moment, and then softened. Her mouth fell open, and I leaned into her and covered it with my own.

That first kiss was so good. Her mouth was soft and compliant, and when I slipped my tongue between her lips she opened it wider, allowing me full access. I felt her tongue touch mine tentatively, then began to tangle with it. Soon we were panting into each other’s mouths, and her hands went around my back. I pulled her into me, letting her feel my hardness.

Suddenly she snatched the panties from my pocket! I pulled away in horror, but when I looked at her face, she was smiling broadly. “Caught’cha!” she teased, and laughed out loud. I started to stammer an apology, and she laughed even harder. Needless to say, the moment was over between us. I dropped my hands from her waist, and backed away, my head down.

“Oh, come on,” she said, now aware of my embarrassment. “I saw them sticking out of your pocket, and I couldn’t resist.” Then her voice got stern, and she said, “Just what have you been doing with Jennifer’s undies?” She held them up with one finger stuck through the leg hole, and twirled them around, smiling again as she stared at me, enjoying the conflicting emotions that were running across my face. Then she winked and said huskily, “Did you think they were mine?”

I didn’t know what I thought. Was she mad at me, or just teasing me? I told her I didn’t know whose they were, but that I wanted her, and had wanted her since the first time I saw her. She paused, seeming to consider this, and suddenly threw the panties at my face.

“Gotta catch me!” she yelled, and then ran toward the back of the house.

For the next five minutes we played games. Every time I would catch her and plant a kiss on those lips, she would pretend to give in to me, then suddenly bolt out of my reach and run for the door. Finally we ended up back in the kitchen, where I pinned her up against the corner of the countertop. Our lips locked permanently then, as she began to tear at my t-shirt, and I pulled the sports bra up over those wonderfully full breasts.

“Oh, god,” she panted. “I’ve been wanting this for a long time.” She kartal otele gelen escort snatched the shirt up over my head and threw it into the other room, smiling decadently at me.

“I want you in the worst way,” I said, cupping those globes. I ran my thumbs over the nipples, which sprang outward. “I want to make love to you in every room of the house.”

“Like you did to Jennifer?” she asked.

My head began to buzz, and I couldn’t hear anything correctly. Did she say what I thought she said? I looked at her, but her face was a mask. She neither smiled nor seemed angry. The world seemed to have stopped for a few seconds, and I just stood and stared at her.

“Marlene, I…”

Again she shushed me. “Brad,” she said. “I know all about you two, or should I say, you three. Did you think that 18 year-olds could keep a secret? By the way, very impressive!”

I smiled, a little shyly, for she laughed out loud at me.

“Well, I can’t take all the credit,” I said. “Thank god for Viagra!” Again she laughed, and spoke in that husky voice, dripping with sensuality.

“Well, I hope you’ve got a good supply…”

We groped each other as we kissed, slowly ridding each other of our clothes. I pushed her little shorts down her legs, and she stepped out of them, revealing a beautiful shaved pussy. No panties! When she dropped to her knees to untie my work boots, my cock was as long and as hard as it’s ever been, and she kissed the end as she reached for my laces.

“Wow, Viagra does that?” she said, gazing hungrily at my erection. “I’ve gotta tell my husband about this!” Then she wrapped her supple lips around my cock and began to slide her mouth up and down the shaft. I groaned my approval, and she sucked me half a dozen times, her hands tightly gripping my ankles.

“Okay,” she said at last, abruptly stopping her delicious teasing. I was just beginning to rock my hips forward and back, gripping the edge of the countertop, and I didn’t want this to end. She snatched at my shoelaces again, though, and said, “Let’s get you out of these clothes.” I obediently lifted my feet, one at a time, as she peeled away first my socks and shoes, and then my jeans. Then I leaned back and watched, as she took me into her mouth again.

Oh my god, it was good! This blonde angel, ponytail and all, was so beautiful and so sexy there on her knees before me, her bright blue eyes wide open and staring up at me as she worked her oral magic on my cock, that it was all I could do not to blow my load right into the back of her throat! She knew how to prevent that, though, as every time I felt myself getting close, she would feel it, too. Then she would pull away from me and, smiling wickedly, squeeze my cock real tightly, right at the base, until the moment passed. Then she would lick the oozing flood of pre-cum from the end of it, and begin again.

Soon I could take no more, and I told her I was going to come. She groaned loudly, wanting it, too, and held me in her mouth as I shook, my knees about to give out. Then I felt it begin. This tidal surge, starting in my balls, roared up the length of my shaft and exploded into her waiting mouth like a cannon shot.

“Ahhhhh, GOD!” I yelled, as the first gob hit the back of her throat. She gagged, and I felt her lips loosen around my cock. Then she swallowed, just as the second spurt hit her. This too she swallowed immediately, and even stroked her lips down my throbbing dick as she waited for the rest. That really sent me off, and the next load was as big as the first, followed by many more. She took it all, hungrily, savoring the salty servings I was delivering, her hands gripping my thighs tightly. I watched her face, wishing this could go on forever.

Finally, though, I was spent. She looked up at me again as she allowed my cock to fall from her lips. “Mmmmmm,” she smiled. “You sure know how to reward a woman.”

“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet,” I promised, pulling her up to me and kissing her again. I spun her around and slid my hands to her waist, lifting her easily up onto the countertop. She spread her legs obligingly, and I saw how wet she was. Her hairless lips were shiny with her juices. I leaned into her to kiss her, and my cock slipped between those lips like it was going home!

She gasped as I penetrated her, and began to rock forward, wanting more of me inside her. I was only about halfway in, and her pussy was already gripping me tightly.

“Oh, yeah,” she hissed, her voice shaking with desire. “That feels soooo good.” She was looking down, watching my cock split her pussy, and breathing hard. I slid further in and then back out, loving the sheen her cunt put on my veiny shaft. She was watching intently, gasping as I slowly rocked in and out of her. “Oh my god,” she said. “You’re so hard!” I was, too. My dick felt like a bar of steel as I worked it in and out of her, its stiffness contrasting with the rubbery softness of her shaven cunt.

I wasn’t ready to come kartal eve gelen escort again, not for a long time; but I wanted her to, so I pulled out of her and sunk to my knees. This put my face right at her slippery love hole, and she set her thighs on my shoulders as I began to lick her. I began with fleeting little half-licks, just touching her lips a few times and then pulling back. This elicited a sigh each time I made contact, and soon she was trembling and rocking her pelvis back and forth. I saw her lips begin to open, like a shiny pink flower, and I blew softly on her. I heard her moan. Then I licked her again.

After a few minutes of this teasing, she was humping forward, trying to bring herself onto my face, and panting rapidly. I then licked the end of one finger and slid it just inside her. I heard her intake of breath, and then she began to come.

“Oh, god,” she sighed, as the orgasm spread slowly through her body. She began to shake, her ass coming completely off the counter as it built, until at last she was whimpering steadily, her voice becoming more urgent by the moment. I teased her clit then, and she gasped.

“Oh, yeah!” She yelled. “Oh, yeah! Oh, god, YEAH!” At that moment I slid my finger deep into her, and planted my mouth over her pussy, licking rapidly. She went off, bucking wildly as I licked, her legs squeezing my head tightly. Her voice disintegrated into a series of groans, punctuated by little yelps. I continued to lap at her, enjoying the surge of her juices onto my tongue, until she could take no more pleasure, and pushed my head away suddenly with her hands.

“God!” she groaned, as she began to relax. “I can’t stand any more. Please…”

I lifted her legs from my shoulders. They felt like they weighed a hundred pounds each, so exhausted were they. She was sprawled back across the countertop, and I saw as I stood that she had knocked over a spice rack and other knickknacks that had formerly stood on the counter. She didn’t seem to have noticed. She just lay there, a contented smile on her face.

“You,” she said softly. “You should be declared lethal!” Then she stuck her tongue out at me and said, “Get me up off of here!”

I gladly pulled her up, for I had lots more ideas for her, and I looked forward to getting her onto something more comfortable for both of us. “Okay,” I said. “That’s the kitchen.” She laughed huskily, and as I lifted her to carry her from the room, she groaned in mock resignation.

“Just my luck, my house had to have so many rooms!” she said, locking her legs around my waist and laughing.

I took her straight to her bedroom. There I eased her down onto the bed, and she spread her legs widely as she looked up at me with a sultry look in her eyes. I just stood and stared. She was so sexy, so beautiful! As I watched her, she moved her hand between her legs and began to pleasure herself. I put my hand on my cock, as well, and stroked myself slowly as she manipulated her sex, never taking her eyes off me.

Soon I saw her eyes begin to lose their focus, and I knew she was getting off. I jacked myself harder as I heard her little moans turn into longer, more insistent sighs. They built in intensity until she was rubbing one hand frantically across her mound, her other kneading and tugging on her nipple. She arched her back suddenly, and came.

“Oh! Ohhh! Auuuurrrrggghhhh, GOD!” she cried, and I heard her get all squishy as she closed her legs around her hand. Her fingers worked her pussy as she climaxed, until after long moments she was spent. She collapsed back into the pillows, breathing hard. When finally she opened her eyes, she smiled up at me.

“I don’t usually do that with an audience,” she said, kind of sheepishly, but knowing how much I enjoyed watching her.

“I know. Now it’s my turn to please you.”

I eased down onto the bed, slipping into her embrace. I kissed her deeply. “I want you so badly,” I said, as I slipped into her slippery entrance, and she moved against me. I was so hot for her! I stroked slowly in and out, loving the feel of her moist tightness on my cock.

For the next 15 minutes we fucked slowly, until I came. It was not a frantic climax; just an easy release of my pent-up passion, but it triggered another orgasm in her, and I felt her grip my cock as she stiffened beneath me. Only a long sigh escaped her lips. I watched her face intently, as it changed from a jaw-clenching tightness to a relaxed kind of stare. Then I kissed her again.

“You’re still hard,” she observed. Then she smiled. “Gotta love that Viagra!”

I told her I would give her time to recover, but that I wanted her over and over. She smiled wickedly and pushed me off her. Then, turning onto her stomach, she reached for her pillows. These she stuffed under her stomach as she got on her knees.

“There’s some lube in the dresser drawer,” she said, looking around at me. “I want you again…in my ass.”

I watched her as I applied the lube to the head of my cock. Such a beautiful ass it was! I couldn’t believe she was allowing me access to such a sacred place, but there it was, and she squirmed a little in anticipation as she made herself ready for me. I coated one finger with the lube, and touched her little brown button tentatively. She raised her hips to me, inviting me.

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