Happy Holidays Ch. 03


I woke to feel something warm encasing my cock. The Hut was still warm, but I could hear the storm whistling outside. Snow obscured the windows. A few candles lit the room, which still smelled of sex from last night. I lay on my sleeping bag for several seconds, enjoying the sensation, before lifting my head.

“Morning, lover.” Ali Jensen grinned up at me. Her saliva coated my erect prick. “Do you like my wake-up call?” She licked my penis for emphasis.

“Best alarm clock ever,” I sighed. I shuddered as she returned to her work. Her long fingers were caressing my testicles, a counterpoint to her lips and tongue. I could feel myself growing larger, thanks to her ministrations. Her eyes smiled at me whenever I looked at her.

“Hey,” I said after a couple of seconds, “why don’t you move your hips up here so I can return the favour?”

She shook her head. Her curly blonde hair swiped my hips. “I won’t be able to concentrate on you.”

“Why?” I lifted an eyebrow. “Are you feeling a little . . . aroused?”

She bit her lip. “Maybe.” She pulled back, kneeling on the mattresses that made up our bed. She was wearing a Vancouver Canucks t-shirt and white panties. Her nipples were rock-hard through the fabric of the shirt.

I leaned forward. Unlike her, I was completely naked. I’m not the most muscular guy on the planet, but I’m fairly lean and I have what they call ‘guitar player arms’ – ridged and corded.

“Are you wondering how good my cock would feel in your pussy right now?”

Ali smiled. “Maybe.” She leaned backwards, but not out of reach. I could smell her arousal. Her tousled hair framed her face, a strand lying along her kissable nose. Even without makeup, I couldn’t believe a woman could look that beautiful.

I slid my hands up Ali’s arms, making her shiver. “Then why don’t you come a little closer?”

“I–” A squeal stopped the rest of her response as I grabbed her. I twisted her around, bringing her down on our improvised bed. I kissed her chin and neck, my leg sliding between hers, opening her up.

“Wait, wait.” She placed two fingers on my lips, stopping me. “There’s just one thing . . . have you had yourself checked out recently?”

“Yeah,” I said. “As soon as I got back home. I’m clean: I can show you the results if you want.”

“I’d like that.”

I turned to my backpack, rummaging through the front pocket for my test results. Behind me, I could hear her going through her bags as well. I brought out the single sheet of paper, battered and crinkled from traveling.

“Here you go.” I passed her the paper and she handed me one just like it. It only took a few seconds to confirm the information: Ali had a full medical examination last week and tested negative for every possible STD.

“Thanks, Rick,” she finally said once she had read the results. “This means a lot to me.”

“My pleasure. And thanks for this.” I waved her paper. “Now . . . what were we doing?”

“Hold on.” She put her hand on my bare chest. “I just wanted to say . . . I’m really sensitive . . . down there and latex condoms really bother me, so . . .”

“You want to go Commando from now on?”

“Yeah. I’m on birth control so we don’t have to worry.”

“I think that pretty much covers everything, I think,” I said. Then I grinned. “So what were we doing again?”

“Getting ready to shag me senseless,” she said leaning back on the bed.

“That’s right, I remember now,” I teased. “Wait,” as she started pulling off her t-shirt. “I’ll do that.”

She lay back, lifting her arms over her head. Her blonde hair spread out over my improvised pillow (actually a couple of t-shirts stuffed into the sleeping bag carrier). She arched her back, allowing me to lift up the shirt. My lips traversed her hips and stomach, right below the hem. She hissed and moaned as my tongue invaded her navel, coating her taut belly with my saliva. At first I tried to gauge where to go by Ali’s reactions, the way she groaned and clutched at me, but I soon gave up on that. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s all good.”

The white cotton slid over her breasts. My lips were right behind them. Her breasts were large and soft, sliding to the side as real tits always do. Her hands came down, fingers entwining in my long, brown hair. I licked at her left breast, my left hand caressing her right. She moaned, arching her back to give me easier access. Her arms were over her head, gripping the pillow.

“Have you ever been tied up?” I whispered in her mouth, my thumbs rubbing her nipples.

“No,” she gasped, her tongue licking my lower lip.

“Would you like to be?”

“We’ll talk. Later.”

Taking the hint, I licked back down her throat, kissing the hollow at the bass of her neck. Sliding my mouth down her chest, I pulled down her sopping panties. She lifted her legs, helping me get them off. I squeezed her legs, feeling the play of muscle underneath her soft skin.

“Oh jeez,” she groaned as I licked up her inner thigh. “Stop tormenting me like this!” Her hands were already cupping my head, so I dove right in.

That did it. I could tell she was on the cusp, so I quickly found kartal escort her clit with my tongue. Her moans quickly turned to shrieks as her hips bucked against my mouth.

“Oooh, ooh, right there, right . . . there!” Ali went into her final climb, her legs wrapped around my neck. I could barely hear her screams through her thighs pressed against my ears. Her pussy convulsed beneath me, spraying cum on my face and neck.

She was still shuddering when I moved over her. Tendrils of hair were stuck to her sweaty cheeks. She reached up, capturing my mouth with hers. We kissed for what seemed forever, her tongue dancing with mine.

“So, my darling,” I said when I finally pulled free. “Do you prefer to suck or fuck?”

She laughed breathlessly. “Can I at least recover first?”

“I don’t know.” I pretended to give it some thought. “What’s in it for me?”

She punched my shoulder. “Give me a couple of minutes, and I’ll *definitely* make it worth the wait.”

“Well,” I grinned. “If you insist.”

“You won’t regret it,” she said, rolling on her side, her back towards me. I found her shoulders and began squeezing and rubbing.

“Ooooh, that’s nice,” she murmured, moving against me. Her left hand lightly stroked my cock, then moved away again.

“Roll on your stomach,” I whispered, straddling her as I did so. Ali rested her head on her arms, her nose stud glinting in the candlelight. I worked on her shoulders, going slowly down her ribcage towards the small of her back. I kissed her there, and she sighed contentedly. I shifted back up, my hips on her ass and my erect cock lying on her spine. I gave her a full massage, taking my time working out all the knots and kinks in her back. I only slid my hands across her breasts once. Maybe twice. Okay, three times, but no more than that.

“Let me up,” she finally said. “I’m starting to feel guilty here.”

I lifted myself so she could roll over. “That was wonderful,” she said, her brown eyes sparkling. “By the way, you only gave me two options.”

“Are there any others?”

“Of course,” she said, taking my hardening cock in her hand. She slid down underneath me. “You forgot Option
: All of the above.” She licked my penis for emphasis.

“Ooh, I like that option,” I groaned, feeling her mouth pumping up and down on my cock.

“I thought you might.”

Sweat popped out of every pore on my body. Ali worked my prick like a champ, rubbing it against her cheek, licking the head, and taking it to the back of her throat. I could feel myself getting harder and harder, my muscles were tensing up under the sensation.

“Are you ready to plunge this into my pussy?” she asked.

“I’m not going to last long,” I warned her.

“That’s all right,” she said, sliding under me. “Go for it.”

“Not going to last long” was an understatement. It seemed like no time at all before my balls started boiling and I felt that glow just underneath the head of my cock that signaled I was about to come. Her vaginal walls were like a furnace, liquid flowing around my shaft, teasing me with every movement. Every muscle in my body tightened until I could barely move. Ali was underneath me, her pussy muscles coaxing my cock towards climax. I started shuddering.

Every muscle relaxed at once, my prick jerking inside of her pussy. I collapsed on top of Ali, shaking uncontrollably. She kissed the side of my neck and cheek, stroking my hair away from her face.

“Are you okay?” she asked, rolling me over onto my back. “You looked like you were having a heart attack.”

“I-I . . .” I couldn’t even speak, only gasp for air.

“It’s okay, baby.” Her eyes were soft and warm as she stroked her fingers up and down my face. “Don’t say anything, just relax.” Her voice sounded like it was coming from far away. Ali slid the sleeping bag over my chest and I knew nothing more.


The sound of Ali’s voice woke me up. I lifted my head from my pillow to hear her talking on the CB radio. She was sitting on a rickety wooden chair by the desk, talking into the mic. She was wearing her sweater and a pair of military surplus wool pants. I could hear the male voice coming through the speaker. Outside, the storm was still blowing. I couldn’t see anything out the windows, but I could tell it was a bad one. The clock said 8:45.

“What the fuck do you mean he’s up there with you!” the voice said. “Do you know how crazy it is down here? Tony’s in deep shit right now because Lawrence found out he sent a lone employee up to the Hut! Now you tell me you took a civilian up there as well?”

“I had no choice, Paul,” Ali replied. “You know that Tony’s been handing me the shit jobs ever since I told him that there was no way he was getting into my pants. So last night, he tells me to work the Hut shift solo or he’d find an excuse to fire me. Rick Lanier had nowhere else to go and I knew he had some lifesaving experience. What else was I going to do? Over.”

I slipped out of bed, and put on some clothes. I spotted the freeze-dried food next to the Coleman stove: I poured some water in the kettle and set the stove on high.

“Shit,” Paul cumhuriyet mahallesi escort said, the storm making his voice crackle. “You know Tony’s going to try and pin this one on you; he’ll tell everyone that you went up to the Hut against his expressed orders and took some guy up there with you just so you could fuck his brains out. Over.”

Ali grinned. “Fat chance. Did you see last night’s schedule? I have the original, in Tony’s handwriting. After he gave me that ultimatum last night, I photocopied the schedule and put it up in its place. If Tony’s dumb enough to try to blame me, I just wave the original in Lawrence’s face and Tony’s screwed. Over.”

There was a silence. “You cunning little bitch,” Paul said admiringly. “You really covered yourself well, didn’t you?”

“With a boss like Tony, you think I have a choice?” Ali snorted. “Regs state that we can recruit any civilian who has some kind of life-saving certification. Rick has his Bronze Medallion, which makes him eligible. Technically, I saved Tony’s ass: you might want to remind him of that if he starts spreading any bullshit around. I found someone who was willing to help, end of story. Over.”

Paul sighed. “All right, Ali, if that’s the way you want to play it, as far as I’m concerned that’s what you did. The less I know about this shit, the better off we all are. Just remember that I can’t stick out my neck for you; I got my wife and kids to consider. If you go down for this, you’re going alone. Understood? Over.”

Ali’s voice softened. “Understood. Over.”

“So . . .” he paused. “How was he?”

Ali grinned. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. He’s just another employee. Over.”

Paul chuckled. “Smart girl. Sue will pick you up around 1600 hours. That should give you enough time to get your story together. Over.”

“Understood. I’ll see you when I get back. Over.”

“No you won’t,” Paul replied. “I’ll be off shift. We’ll go for a beer when we get the chance. That is, if you still have a job then. Over and out.”

“Sounds good,” Ali said. “First round’s on you. Over and out.”

“Nice try, kid. Over and out.”

Ali clicked the radio off. She noticed what I was doing just as the kettle started whistling. I dumped the freeze-dried chicken fettucine alfredo into a saucepot and poured the boiling water on top of it. I stirred the resulting mush with a steel spoon.

“Oh my God,” she said, feigning shock and horror. “You can cook?”

“Well, I can read,” I replied, showing her the back of the packet, where the directions were printed.

“Well, that puts you head-and-shoulders above most males,” she said, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me on the lips. “I had to explain to my last boyfriend, using small words, just how he managed to screw up Kraft Dinner.”

“Wow. How did he manage to pull that off?”

She grinned. “He put in the mix in the water without letting it boil first. I won’t even talk about how much salt he put in there either.” She walked towards the bathroom, waving at me as she closed the door.

I winced. Kraft mac-n’-cheese is plenty salty already. I checked on our breakfast: it was doing well.

I heard the toilet flush, then the sound of Ali brushing her teeth. I watched the fettucine mix come to a boil, stirring it occasionally. It had maybe a few more minutes before it was ready.

Ali wrapped her arms around my waist, her head resting between my shoulder blades. “When do we eat?”

“Right after breakfast.”

She laughed, smacking me on my back. I feigned being in pain from the hit. “That’s it,” I said. “No more spanking for you.”

“Aww,” she pouted. “You’re no fun anymore. I’m going home now.”

“Not in this weather.”

She shuddered. “No kidding. I’ve been working on this mountain for three years and I’ve never seen a storm like this.”

“Are we gonna be okay?” I asked.

“Sure,” she replied. “The Hut was built to take this kind of abuse. We’ll be fine as long as the food holds out.”

“Glad to hear it. You mind keeping an eye on this while I brush my teeth?”

“Sure.” She took the spoon from my hand and stood over the stove.

I took five minutes to achieve enlightenment, and another seven to brush my teeth, shave and make myself look vaguely presentable. When I returned, Ali had taken the pot off the stove and spooned two portions into a pair of battered plastic bowls. She set them on the table with two tumblers of water.

“Here you go,” she said, placing two ancient steel spoons next to the bowls. “It ain’t the Ritz but the food’s hot.”

“That’s okay,” I said, pulling out a folding chair that was nearly as old as I was. “The Ritz doesn’t have anyone as gorgeous as you.”

She dimpled. “Flattery will get you in my pants,” she said, “but not right now. I’m hungry!”

Conversation stopped for several minutes as we devoured our breakfast. Like most freeze-dried meals, the fettucine alfredo wasn’t the greatest but, for someone who hadn’t eaten in over 12 hours, it was perfect.

“God, I needed that,” Ali sighed, pushing her empty bowl away. She took yunus escort one last swig of water and placed the empty glass in the bowl. “So, first we do dishes, then I have to check you out–”

“I thought you already did that last night,” I said innocently. She threw her paper napkin at me.

“Not that way, you horny fucker! No, I have to make sure you know all the safety procedures. We have to at least pretend that we haven’t spent this time together fucking each other’s brains out, and that means giving you a crash course in safety certification. Understood?”

I sighed mournfully. “I suppose. If I must, I must.”

“Don’t worry; there’ll be plenty of time to play,” she said. “But first we’d better do these dishes before the food dries.”

“No kidding.” We heated up more water and began scrubbing the bowls and saucepan clean. Thanks to Ali’s and my surveillance, the fettucine alfredo hadn’t had a chance to stick to the bottom of the pot, so it was fairly easy.

While I rinsed the tumblers, Ali wiped down the table. It just so happened I was finished with the dishes before she was done with her chore. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Besides, the sight of that heart-shaped ass leaning over the table was too much for me to resist.

“Hey!” she squealed, feeling me pressing against her. “Down, boy!”

“I don’t know,” I whispered in her left ear. “I kind of like you like this.” I sucked on her earlobe for emphasis.

I could feel her shudder against me. “This is a really bad idea,” she said, but her voice lacked conviction. She tried to push me away, but she wasn’t using anything close to her full strength. Her ass wiggled against my hips. Before she knew it, her pants and underwear were around her ankles.

“Hey!” when she realized what I had done. “Stop that!”

“Are you sure?” My left hand slid down, touching her inner thighs. “How are you down there?”

“Still a little sensitive from our session this morning,” she panted.

“Don’t worry,” I assured her, kneeling. “I’ll be gentle.”

Her pussy lips were still red and puffy, but she was lubricating fast. I took my time, sliding my tongue and lips around her labia, occasionally brushing her extended clit. I kept my touch as soft as I could, and her moans and gasps were my reward.

I finally stood up, pulling down my jeans and boxer briefs. “Shall we move on?” I whispered in her ear. She flinched when she felt my cock against her.

“Not here,” she said huskily. “I don’t think the table can take it.”

“All right.” Ali turned and I gathered her into my arms. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me. I carried her over to our bed, her lips busy against my neck. For a few seconds, I stood there, holding her, my hands busy where her legs met her hips. She quivered in my arms, nuzzling my neck, sighing when I did something she liked.

“Please don’t,” she murmured when my fingers strayed too close to her other hole.

“Don’t like it?”

“I’m . . . not sure,” she said. “I’ve never let anyone touch me there. It’s kind of . . . you’re not into anal sex, are you?”

“No, but I’ve talked with some girls who really liked it and I thought–”

“Esther Green, huh?”

“Yeah.” Let’s just say I knew more about my singer’s sexual history than I was really comfortable with. I think the sly bitch was tormenting me because she knew I didn’t want to sleep with her. It wasn’t that I found Esther unattractive; I just had a policy of never, ever fucking bandmates. It made things easier kept our relationship strictly professional.

“I’m not ruling it out, but let’s stay away from there for now,” Ali said. “Okay?”

“Okay.” I grinned. “I have other plans for you, anyway.”

“I’m not going to be able to walk straight for a week,” she groaned. I slowly put her down on the covers.

“If it really bothers you, I could stop,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it.” She lifted her sweater and t-shirt over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. “It serves me right for falling in love with a sex maniac.”

“Lo–” Her lips on mine shut me up. I quickly pulled off the last of my own clothes and lay down beside her, lifting her left leg so I could position myself underneath it.

She hissed as I rubbed my erect cock against her sensitive pussy, but her hand slid down to help me position myself. I slowly pushed my seven inches inside her. Ali’s mouth opened and she arched her neck in response. Her eyes fluttered closed. When I was buried in her pussy, I gripped her thigh with my left hand, giving me some leverage.

I started slowly poling in and out of her, her pussy gripping my cock as if it didn’t want to let me go. My right hand reached around and touched her clit, lightly rubbing around her soaked nub.

“Aaah.” She bit her lip, her hips rising to meet mine. Her eyelids were squeezed shut, her face scrunched into a mix of pleasure and agony. She squeezed her breast with her right hand, pinching the nipple between index finger and thumb. I kept my pace slow, mindful of her already-abused pussy, but it was possibly the hardest thing I had ever done. Her vaginal walls seemed to find all the right places on my cock, making it swell even bigger inside her. I really wanted to pound her pussy like there was no tomorrow, but there would be a tomorrow, and Mama didn’t raise no fool. I took my time, trying to think of anything other than the heavenly place my cock was in.

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