Hard Trail


“Just another quarter mile.”

“I can’t make it, it hurts so bad. Why, why did I have to twist my ankle? I can’t make it another five feet. The last two were excruciating enough. Let me just rest a moment. “

Limping slowly off the trail to the long soft grass; falling to my butt, then resting on my elbows. Looking up at you apologetically.

“I’m sorry, Love. I ruined our afternoon. I couldn’t make it another step.”

“You didn’t ruin anything, Love. I only had another five miles planned.” You say giggling. Taking my shoe and sock off, resting my leg across your lap. Looking at my slightly swollen ankle, “Well it doesn’t look too bad. I’m no doctor, but I think a soft massage might help relax some of the strained muscles.”

Holding my heel in the palm of your hand you start stroking my ankle very softly, watching me flinch a little; not so much from pain per-say, but of fear of pain. Rubbing the palm of your hand across the top of my foot.

“I’m no doctor either, but if you keep touching me like that my ankle isn’t going to be the only thing relaxed.”

Very tenderly rubbing kartal escort just above my ankle, you start rubbing the bottom of my foot as well; with a knee jerk reaction I pull my leg from your lap. “Ohh ouch, oh my that hurt. That was dumb, yup.”

Looking at your painful expression and saddened eyes, obviously thinking you hurt me in some way.

“No honey, it’s ok it wasn’t you; well it was kind of, my feet are so ticklish and the last three miles of hard trails made it so extra sensitive. I didn’t mean to make you think that you hurt me I’m so sorry. What hurt was the reaction, not you Love. That actually felt really good.”

“Oh thank goodness; I was worried…I’m sorry I didn’t think.”

“It’s ok, I promise; come here.” I say, taking your face into my hands pulling it to mine; kissing your beautifully soft lips. Rubbing one hand on your neck slowly and one hand on the back of your neck; stroking softly through your hair. Thinking to myself every time I kiss you how perfect your mouth tastes and feels pressed against mine.

Pulling you down next to me one arm tucked under yours kartal otele gelen escort stroking your back softly through your sweaty tee; your head resting on my arm. Kissing you more, tasting every drop your open mouth offers me. Pushing my tongue past your lips curling it around yours with each gentle suck I take. Closing my eyes getting lost in your lips.

My hips almost instinctively grinding against your waist, my hands searching for a way under your shirt as you roll me flat on my back. Pulling your shirt off laying it to the side; sitting up on my elbows so you can pull my top off. Leaving my bra on you expose my breast, kneading it in your hand as your mouth bids mine farewell.

Taking my nipple to your soft wet lips and sucking it slowly into your mouth teasing it hard, while your free hand rolls my other nipple between two fingers. Exchanging breasts as quickly as I moan from your touch, you reach inside my shorts under my panties to find that I am already quite soaking wet. You look at me just then smiling, knowing your touch caused it.

Pulling kartal eve gelen escort my shorts off and sliding my panties aside you enter me, at that moment I moan soft and long feeling you begin to slip deeper into my wetness. Sitting up on my elbows watching your cock slide faster into my swelling pussy; looking up at your face seeing how enamored you are by the same sight. I watch a little longer, lifting my ass up and down off the wet grass beneath me; seeing how easily you slide in and out of me. Watching how wet your cock is getting, feeling how tight my pussy is swelling around your cock; holding my breath as your thrusts quicken.

Laying back down on my back I pull you down on top of me, raising my legs further towards the sky as you wrap your arms under and around me, pulling me further down as you pull down on my shoulders. Thrusting hard and fast as I lay helplessly clawing at your back; losing myself to your incredible mouth again. Panting softly as I bite your lip soft, until I cry out overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm.

My body twitching and spasming beneath you, you kept thrusting hard and fast until you too let out a load growl and spill yourself into me. Kissing me once on the lips and once on the forehead as you pull out and pull your shorts back on.

“How’s the ankle now my Love?”

“Are you sure you’re not a doctor? Laughing I say, Can’t feel a thing.”

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