Hubby Drop To Thy Knees! Ch. 07


Ch.7 So where do we go from here…????

But the Royal lass & Her commoner beau couldn’t keep their hands &… er… various body parts off each other in following days, weeks… months. Johnny boy usually got erect in Her voluptuous presence but was circumspect enough not to dare to take Royal Virginity that might create a Royal scandal which would create problems for his Royal girlfriend later in Her career of & as a Queen of some High Born Prince/King/Ruler.

But both of them were burning under the whiplash of youthful hormonal desire, need & eroticism!!??

Then at last a solution suggested itself from their mutual love of spanking -one day he ventured” Julia, sweetheart do You really want to feel me spendin’ my seed inside You as have been beggin’ me for the last few weeks??”

“Of course, silly… would I have begged you to do the final act of possessing me… otherwise?” Julia blushed hot ‘n red as She said this demurely castin’ eyes groundwards & bitin’ Her lower lip girlishly…

“So would You be open to my penetratin’ Your other hole” here his masterful palm cupped Her right buttock & lifted Her off his lap with sheer muscle power…

Even as his insistent left hand found & fingered Royal Vulnerable Arsehole dominantly… Royal mouth gaped open in astounded reacshun’ to Her lover’s demanding digits!?!?

“Ohhhhh… ” She did Her best imitation of a surprised goldfish albeit Royal & suddenly buried surrendered Royal Blonde head onto the firm youth’s shoulder who had conquered Her heart completely “… Do what you please… I’m… totally… yours…!” She shyly confessed Her total subjugashun’ to Her boyfriend’s hands, penis, will & wishes!!

“OK, Julie take me in Your mouth & make me slick with your saliva… that’ll help lubricate the entry of my monster into Your tiny hole”

Suddenly he upped & briskly yanked Her off his knees & forced Her into a kneeling posture ready to fellate Her Dom… a small tremulous voice snaked out of Her Highness “Will it… w-will it hurt much, Johnny??!”

Suddenly She was shaken out of Her comfort zone at the enormity of what She had committed to lay Herself open to… He decided She had to be forced for Her own good… He roughly forced Her mouth onto his phallus “Do it bitch or I will horsewhip the skin off your Royal backside, d’you hear???!”

The masochistic pain slut thrilled to the Macho masterfulness in his voice & a familiar needy moistness invaded Her Royal pussy… She meekly bobbed Her head up ‘n down his shaft wettin’it with saliva as Her Dom ordered…

When he felt his Royal slut had done Her max, he brusquely pulled Her off his massive organ & unceremoniously laid Her buttocks in a sky-facing pose & Her body in a face downwards position… the cool breeze played upon Her anus & She shivered ever so imperceptibly… Her Dom casually wetted his forefinger with spit & invaded Her surrendered anus… sphincter… rectum… as She blushed in humiliation, pain & shamed eroticism!!… Her pussy was spasming in pre-orgasmic seismic tremors… & then BOOOOM… the Big one… his needy, greedy phallus -lingam-penis/cock started pressing against the sphinctered ring of Her Royal anus!!… Oooooogh the shame… the erotic charge & humiliation of a mere commoner takin’ Her Highness’s Anal Virginity as if She was a common whore in the brothels’n bars of Her Royal Sire’s Capital!!

She was gushing like the Niagara falls down there!!

The excitement, shame, pain all collided in the SuperPainSluttishness of Her Royal Masochistic mind like in the CERN collider at Switzerland where atoms are bumped against each other at superspeeds to research into özbek escort Boson-Higgins[ God-Particles]!!

He was forcing his weapon inside Her Royal Highness’s most secret, vulnerable aperture where pregnancy would not result from his invasive spermatozoa floodin’ inside Her back channel!

SMAAK!!SLAAP!! His angry palm smashed into Her flawless lily-white butt cheeks in a deliberate bid to manipulate her concentration away from Her anus!!

As his merciless penis conquered Her Royal Rectum She was gushing… squeezing thighs… pinching Her Royal nipples… coming… orgasming… clenching… unclenching in totally Royal delight, pleasure & orgasms at the pain transformed into unspeakable pleasure… Ooooogh Oooooogh She screamed… moaned… howled in untramelled wanton joy a Virgin who was just initiated into a brutal anal sexperience ‘n knowledge of the sweetly surrendered submissive’n masochistic carnal joy just as sweet seventeen was tremulously stepping into eighteen!!

But what about the Royal Boyfriend: he having drained his semen into Her Royal Poopchute suddenly was overcome with self -loathing , disgust & even hostility towards the Royal Maiden-post orgasmic depression was spreading it’s tentacles in his young mind & he sat down head held in giant hands puzzled at this physical waterloo when he should have exulted… & held Her Royal Highness Who was thirsting for intimacy, embrace, validation & re-affirmation of Her beauty, feminity, attractiveness anxiously from Her Boyfriend…?????!!

He was brooding over why the sudden self-disgust… was there more to sex than a jet spurt of momentary ejaculated, stereotyped pleasure or was there a greater peak hidden in the mystic snow’n clouds of the Unconsciousness while Mankind was led into the disgustin’ cul de sac of momentary orgasmic shoot-out?????!! He sighed in desperate yearning to Know the Truth…

“Johnny…???” A small timid, sweet voice jarred into his mental turmoil & brought him back to the present with an electric jolt!

Having just had a protein-packed semen enema up Her Royal Backdoor, She needed some emotional support too… badly… & Johnny boy understood being an empath.

He immediately squeezed Her shoulders in a boyfriendly, reassuring hug & kissed Her Royal cheek softly “Mmmmmmm Sweetypie!! So how’s Your Royal Highness taking the loss of anal virginity, Princess??” he cheekily enquired with a humorous glint in the eyes…

In response She buried Her face into Her boyfriend’s chest & nuzzled him tenderly…

It was then Johnny mused out aloud an observation that had been quizzing his intelligence for some time now “Darling, when You whapped my arse that first day’n spoke uppitily to me I had a reaction in my penis… er, Lingam… they call it in Tibetan Sanskrit… ” “How did you learn Sanskrit, Johnny?” eagerly the Royal Girlfriend enquired eyes lighting up in admiration at Her Beau’s newly discovered qualifications & knowledge…

“Father brought back a Tibetan Lama as his companion from Tibet & His Holiness taught me Sanskrit… Buddhism… etc etc… but what I was telling you was the momentary flash of uncharacteristic submissiveness in me that day… hmmmm… i think all men are Big Boys who need to be Mommy-spanked on their needy butts & Nanny-handled into a deep pit of dark submissive desires…?!?!?!”

“What bull , Johnny???? I’m the submissive, needy slut who needs a big, bad spankin’ on Her slutty arse… from angry dominant boyfriend… even talkin”bout such things make me literally gush down there… ” both the lovebirds were baring their deepest vulnerabilities ‘n psychotic mecidiyeköy escort neuroses to each other in a burst of emoto-sexual candour, rarely achieved by couples!!

“You’re absolutely right Honey but when you’ll be the undisputed Monarch of this Kingdom… er… then Queendom… if you have a lowly commoner consort whom you publicly spank ‘n humiliate it’ll set off a mass-masochistic wet dream in Your male subjects’ collective psyche… & in their fetishes ‘n fantasies You’ll be the undisputed Empress of all the upturned, proffered, macho, muscled butts You can mercilessly spank into submissive Nirvana…!! D’You get the larger pic, Darling???!!”

Wily girl’n budding Power Player that She was She suddenly felt a twinge of Political Domination’n Pleasure echoing in Her suddenly clenching, moist pussy -Ah sweet twinge… Ah me… She was lost in pre-orgasmic wetness… “And who might that uncommonly common consort be My Dear Boy???!!” She suddenly thundered in mock-angry Domme mode, hands akimbo on tiny supple, lithe waist!! Eyes flashing fire She pretended to glare at Her heart-throb” On your knees boy, present your rump to my riding crop: nose to the floor as all good little hubbies should while presenting their lowly derrieres for a Good Wifely Discipline!!” Her mock-fury was awesome theatre believable to any outsider who wouldn’t have known the behind the scenes plot!!

Without a word the naked giant dropped to his feet & buttocks up, face down on elbows cunningly proffered his buttocks up for Her Royal Discipline: Slash, slash, slash! She got into the play-acting with the zeal of a new convert & laid into his naked butt cheeks as he howled in agony’ OWWWWW mercy Majesty owwwww Merceee please forgive Your worthless slaveboy… owww’

Slash! Slash… Slash! Suddenly She abruptly stopped… satiated with Her dizzying power over a taller, stronger male!! Pussy was twitching’n clenching/unclenching uncontrollably in pleasure spasms… as the nude blond Greek god rubbed his hands piteously over burning buttocks his Royal Girlfriend suddenly became a nurturing, solicitous, feminine’n maternal healer all gooey eyed & repentant” I hit you badly, no?? Sorry, Honeykins Johnny… sorry… ” Her cool hands moved over his lacerated, welted backside, curious at the musculature, secretly proud to be the Royal Owner & girlfriend of such a strapping hunk… emotions all jumbled into a smorgasbord of heavenly palette of feelings, colours, joy, dominance, triumph wrestling with regret, girlfriendly concern at his pain… total confusion but an unexplainable joyous happiness dominated Her Royal consciousness…

As his furiously rubbin’hands eased the pain, Johnny decided to learn all the Tibetan Buddhist yogic practices from His Holiness-pranayama, mool bandha etc… pain withstanding techniques so his buttocks would become clenched buns of steel able to withstand Gestapo type torture inflicted by his Cruel girlfriend… but his mind was concentrating on the bigger picture… while he hadn’t expected his Royal Sub to turn into a blazing Royal Bengal Tigress as he suggested She whip him… the experiment was a Royal Success!!

She on the other hand was broken-hearted for being swept away by Dominant, Sadistic feelings & cruelly cut Her darling’s bottom into shreds” Darling use the riding crop on My naked butt… please… I deserve it… I’ve been a naughty girl… a sadistic bitch… whip Me… teach Me to behave Myself… not get carried away… booo hooo sob… I’m soooo sorry Johnny… can you please forgive me?!”

She flung Her Royal Arse across his lap in total, submissive surrender to Her boyfriend’s will!!He azeri escort tenderly took Her across his lap, upturned skirts & proceeded to slap Her butt cheeks again… n… again…

” Johnny spank Me hard… lemMe’ feel the pain… I’ve been a bad girl… soooo bad… “

Repententant, Royal girlfriend sobbed piteously across Her master’s lap!!

“You’ve been awesome, Darling!” his deep voice soothed Her repentant heart somewhat mollified She enquired, fearfully “a-awe-some, Johnny??”

“yes Awesome, Princess: remember this was Not a BDSM role-playing scenario but a political experiment & judging by the length & strength of my resultant erection: You’ll knock the boys into deep Subspace with this kinda’ stellar performance: I’ll try & master yogic techniques from His Holiness to master pain & withstand Your cruel crop-strokes into a tolerable spectrum… & when I give You the cue immediately cease desist from whippin’my ass: is that Clear, Girlie???!” suddenly his palm smashed into Her proffered butt-cheeks angrily, dominantly, sadistically as he unleashed his muscular strength… feeding Her Royal need for punishment, Her masochistic pain-sluttishness… Her submissive streak!!” Yes Sir!! Yes Master!!” She wailed out shamelessly the need to debase Her self in front of Her lover paramount…

“Also we need to increase the repertoire of shameful punishments to some more painless humiliation like kissing Your pretty stiletto-clad feet Publicly & humiliatingly, kissing Your strap-on & sucking it like a panty -waisted, limp-wristed sissy boy, then baring my butt in front of Court’n Your humble subjects for a shameful butt-fuckin’!!??”

His fertile imagination fuelled by a masochistic sliver somewhere deeply embedded in his masculine soul was into overdrive but politically this was a bait to lure the big beefy male subjects into a imaginary fantasyland where they were all getting spanked’n arse -raped by their Gorgeous Queen!! So that they would become loyal boot-lickin’ slaveboys of Her Most Royal Majesty…

But his mind was racing ahead “Wait… wait… wait… Princess… stormclouds on the horizon… what do I do…???” like a Machiavellian computer his mind was working on a chessboard of sadomasochistic Queendom politics…

“Whaat… what stormclouds??? Johnneee please tell meee!????” demanded the bared-butt beauty from across his knees!

SLAAAP! ” shut Yer’ Royal trap You high-born bitch!?”

Angry at being disturbed he slapped her bare bottom viciously into submission SLAP SLAP SLAP!!

“Owwwww sob sob sorreeee Sir! Sorry Sir! Owwww Sorry Master!!” without any extra prompting she seamlessly slid into the deep-sea dark waters of slave-girlishnesss!!…

“When the ladies will see You beatin’ my arse Publicly they will rebel against husbandly control & throw off the patriarchal chains but we must make one thing very clear”. Here to emphasize the word ‘clear’ he whacked Her painfully with full Power on Royal red-cheeks: OWWW She yelped in shocked surprise… Her Johnny was getting adept at dominatin’ Her poor bottom!!?

“We must let it be known all men are Your property & submissive to You alone… & Not to their wives who may cream in their pussies at the sight of my muscular ass getting kicked by Their Petite Ruler but will stay firmly under the Male-chauvinist thumb of their husbands, lords ‘n masters!!”

“Wow” whispered his awestruck girlfriend, marveling at the cunningness of his convoluted brain workings… ” you sure iron out all kinks in possible scenarios very meticulously, Johnny!!”

Her adoring comments were greeted by a triumphant [albeit painful] flurry of slaps on reddened posterior Slaap! SLAAP! Smaaak! Spaaank!!

OWWWWWWW screamed hurt girlfriend at unexpected onslaught but was immediately upended on Her Dom’s lap & buried under an avalanche of kisses planted on sweet upturned face even as Her hands furiously rubbed smartin’ bottom!!?

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