Lolita Ch. 2


Becky woke up slowly. Stretching her entire body from her fingertips to her toes. Opening her baby blue eyes, she blinked as the bright sunlight invaded the room. The open blind went unnoticed last night because it was dark outside when Charley carried her into her mom’s room. Looking around her, she saw the nightstand with the bowl of now cold water and the jar of Vaseline still there. She blushed, even though she was alone in the room because she remembered how Charlie had used the jelly, and blushing was not the only reaction she had in response to what she saw. Becky felt her nipples harden beneath the cool soft sheet and a delicious tingle was spreading upwards from her clit to her tummy. She smiled as she pulled back the sheet and scampered off to take a shower.

All fresh and pink from her shower, Becky emerged with a thick towel wrapped around her slim body and a matching one made into a turban holding her wet hair off her shoulders. Singing a tune and feeling so much better than she did last night, Becky skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen. There, leaning against the counter was Charley.

“G’ morning, Becky. You are looking much better than you did last night. How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Oh much better, thanks. I am sorry you had to deal with all that. I’m sure that last night wasn’t the way you thought things would go when you told mom you would look out for me.” She answered.

“Nonsense, I’m glad I was here for you Becky. It could have been more serious. I’m just happy that we got you all fixed up and well. Want some juice? Toast? Anything?”

“I think I can handle a glass of juice but that is all for now, thanks.” Becky answered as she walked further into the room.

Pouring bright orange liquid into a glass, Charley lifted the carton high to make little bubbles foam on the top and he handed it to Becky. As she took the glass from him, their fingers touched and they both felt a spark of electricity shoot through their fingers. Her pretty blue eyes looked up into his dark brown ones. Hers were wide and innocent; his were crinkling at the corners showing his distinguished laugh lines as he smiled down at her. Becky drained the glass quickly quenching her strong thirst and to hide her feeling of uncertainty in that moment. She put down the glass and walked over to where Charley still stood. Looking up into his eyes, all she said was, “Charley”.

His arms opened and Becky moved into them as he held her close, neither of them saying anything. Lifting her head, Becky didn’t have long to wait for Charley’s lips to meet hers. The kiss began softly, then harder, more passionate. Tongues met and explored new territory. Becky broke away first.

“Charley, last night…” she began.

“Sshhhh, sweetie, there is nothing to say about last night.”

“But, Charley there is, there’s lots to say. First, I want you to know it was incredible. Not the first part, the part where I was sick but you know… the other part.” She blushed as the words tumbled out.

“It was pretty incredible for me too, honey. Probably shouldn’t have happened but I can’t honestly say I am sorry that it did.”

“Charley, I am over 18 now, I am not a baby like Mom thinks I am. I am the same age she was when she married Dad. I am a woman.”

Charley smiled wickedly, ” Oh there is no doubt about that, honey. That isn’t what I meant. I was referring to our age difference and the betrayal of trust your mom has in me.”

“What betrayal? I was sick last night. You came and helped me just as she would have wanted you to.” Blushing brightly, Becky continued, “Well, maybe not exactly like she wanted you to. But you were here for me and that is what counts. The rest… well, the rest just happened. It happened cause you are a man and whether mom likes it or not, I am a woman. There was sexual tension and attraction long before last night, at least for me there was. And Charley, I want more. I want you to teach me the rest. I want to make you feel good too. OK?” She asked.

“Becky, I don’t think you realize how good you did make me feel, then and now.”

“Charrrley… You know what I mean!” Becky frowned.

“Yes honey, I know what you mean. Go get your suit and we will go for a swim. I think we both need to cool off a little, for now anyway.

Looking up at him she tried to read his eyes, and it was then she knew she had won. With just a nod, she ran upstairs to get her suit.

Becky came scampering downstairs görükle escort bayan a few minutes later and went straight to the pool where Charley was already swimming laps. She waited until he was swimming toward her, looked up and smiled. Becky opened her robe and let it drop to the ground, and she stood there totally naked. Charley brushed the droplets of water from his face but it was too late. He heard the sound of giggles and a splash of the water as she dove in right beside him. Delicate little hands grasped the waistband of his swimsuit and tugged them down. With a shake of his head, Charley gave up and helped her pull the trunks entirely off.

Playfully, Becky splashed him in the face with water and tried to scamper away in that difficult way it is to run in water. Charley was too quick and he grabbed her waist and pulled her naked body to him. They gasped simultaneously, not realizing until too late the effect of their naked bodies touching would have on them so quickly.

Almost roughly, Charley turned Becky away from him and pushed her to the side of the pool. The top half of her body was entirely out of the water and her hips were against the rough edge. Ass up, Charley spread her legs and lowered his face between them. The taste of water and chlorine was strong and he was disappointed that he could not really taste her. Moving in closer and deeper, he spread her firm cheeks and slid his tongue across her dark opening. His tongue speared her, trying to insert it to taste the real Becky, the woman. His tongue lapped at the crinkled skin and he loved it when he heard her gasp aloud. He knew she would love this but he was impatient and wanted more. He wanted to give her more, take more, and share more. He just wanted more of this delightful young lady and he was going to take it. Without a moment’s hesitation, Charley let go of Becky but only long enough to turn her and carry her in his arms to the stairs of the pool, out of the water and into the house.

Once inside, the air conditioning felt cool on their heated bodies and they ignored the puddle of water forming at their feet on the kitchen floor. Charley carried her into the laundry room and stood her on her feet. Grabbing a towel he ran it quickly over his own body just enough to stop him from dripping before he turned to Becky and dried her more thoroughly and tenderly. Becky pulled away from him so she could see his naked body for the first time. He was hard. Her hand reached out to touch him and his cock bounced lightly in reflex. Becky pulled her hand back quickly but Charley took it and pulled it back to him.

“It’s ok, Beck, touch me. I want you to touch me.”

Becky allowed Charley to wrap her hand around his erection and she squeezed it. Charley moaned and swayed a little with his eyes closed. Becky’s eyes lifted for just a moment to his eyes but they quickly returned to his cock. She smiled enjoying the rush of power she felt knowing that she could make Charley moan aloud just as he had made her moan. Charley’s eyes were still closed so Becky felt braver and she kneeled down to take a closer look. She held his cock within inches of her face. Charley gasped when he felt her breath on the head of his penis. Becky saw a bead of clear liquid moisten the small slit in the head of cock. Her thumb slid across it and it was silky smooth. Curious she placed her thumb in her mouth and tasted him.

“No real taste.” She thought.

Wanting to see if she just didn’t get enough, Becky reached forward with her head and let her tongue slide across the slit. She licked the now wet tip to taste him even more. Charley opened his eyes, just as Becky opened her mouth to take the tip of his cock in deeper. It was beautiful. She was beautiful; so young and fresh, so curious and without any inhibition. Charley reached down and pulled her up. Surprised, Becky was about to complain but he stopped it with his kiss.

When they broke apart Becky said, “But Charley, I want to, you promised.”

“You will, baby, you will. Let’s go upstairs and get more comfortable.”

Without another word, they quickly climbed the stairs to the room where Charley administered his doctoring skills the night before. But he had no intentions of ‘playing Doctor’ today.

Once in the room, Charley went over to lie on the bed, placing pillows beneath his neck.

“Come here, honey and climb on top of me.” Charley’s hand reached out to her.

Becky altıparmak eskort started to climb on top but Charley stopped her.

“The other way, baby.”

Becky turned around and climbed on top of Charley so that her head was at his feet. Charley grabbed her waist and pulled her up so that the apex of her legs was placed before him; like a meal before a king. Of course, when he moved her delectable little cunt closer to his mouth, he also placed his erection in the perfect position for her to take him in his mouth.

Nature took its course, no lessons needed to be taught to Becky. Her hand took his erection and her mouth covered him immediately. Charley was frozen for a moment while he savored the feeling of her soft lips as they closed around him. Becky’s teeth touched him and he jerked slightly, but that was all that was needed to make her realize what not to do. But what she should do just came naturally from there. Her mouth captured him and held him tightly. Salvia slicked lips slid up and down his shaft. Becky wanted to please him and she sucked him as if she wanted to drain him dry.

The lovely pink slit in his face was ignored long enough; Charley spread her wide and buried his face in that delightful spot. His large thumbs spread her buttocks like a split peach and his tongue slid and explored her ass again. Becky lurched and moaned as his tongue pushed itself into her ass but she did not stop sucking. If anything, it renewed her vigor and Charley could feel her moans as they vibrated on his cock. Charley knew he was going to cum and was about to pull himself out of her greedy mouth just as he felt her body tremble. Her orgasm came first and the sweet nectar flowed from her into his mouth. He just buried his face deeper and groaned in the enjoyment of her pleasure.

His cock slipped from her mouth as she orgasmed. He heard her whimpers and he was glad she was not still sucking him, he would not have lasted and he did not want to cum yet. Rolling off of Charley, Becky collapsed on her side, still with her bottom end up by Charley’s face.

“Becky, are you a virgin?” He asked staring at her ass and rubbing his hand on her thigh while she recovered.

“No Charley, I’m not. But it was not like this. It happened so fast and we didn’t even take all our clothes off and it was in the car and … “

“Becky, Becky, Becky. It is ok. I just wanted to know what to expect, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Becky sat up and looked at him. “Charley, I want to try it the other way.”

“The other way?”

“Yes, you know. How you took my temperature last night.” She blushed crimson.

Charley leaned forward and lifted her chin and looked at her.

“Baby, you don’t ever have to be embarrassed about that or anything else we do. If that is what you want to try, then that is what we will do.”

Smiling, he leaned in and kissed her softly on her lips. Becky, overwhelmed with gratitude, love, infatuation, whatever, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. Feeling the same profound feelings, Charley kissed her back just as deep.

Charley hugged her tight and gave her a squeeze. “Are you sure?”

Becky just nodded and blushed again.

“Ok, honey. Come here.”

Charley laid Becky down in the center of the bed and he sat next to her as he did the night before, only this time, he was naked too. His hands brushed the hair from her face and a finger traced an invisible line down her cheek to her chin. His hand reached out and cupped one of her breasts and his finger and thumb pinched the nipple very gently and he smiled when she gasped. His fingertips circled the other nipple for a few moments before he pinched that one too. His hand floated down her tummy and danced across her shaven pubic bone and down between her legs. She was wet, very wet. He slipped a finger inside of her, slowly but repetitiously. He could feel her hips lift up from the bed to meet the rhythm of his thrusts. She was going to cum again and this time he would see her face.

“Open your eyes” He rasped out and she immediately obeyed.

He saw it in her eyes. Her passion. He saw them glisten and sparkle. He saw her brow crinkle as if in pain or confusion but neither was true, it was just her body reacting to his touch and he loved it. Her mouth opened and mewling little sounds slipped out before it quickly changed into a full- fledged groan.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Charley… nilüfer escort Oh oh oh.. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Overwhelmed with the need to take her but still wanting to be gentle, Charley could wait no longer. He had to have her. His cock was throbbing with need. Charley turned Becky to her side and reached over to the night table that still held the Vaseline. His finger dipped and returned to the cutest bottom he had ever seen. Spreading her cheeks he greased her opening well. His fingertip pushed in gently preparing the way for his cock. Slowly he inserted it farther waiting until he knew she would relax and allow him to insert another. To help her along, he spoke to her.

“Becky, relax honey. Just let go and trust me. That’s it. I can feel your trust. I can get my finger inside you. Breathe honey, relax. I am going to try and get one more in. I will go slowly. I won’t rush you. Take your time, honey. Trust me. That’s it, that’s my girl.”

With his other hand, Charley took another finger full of Vaseline and was covering his cock.

“Oh God, if I don’t get this in her, I am not going to make it.” He thought to himself.

“Roll to your tummy, honey. That’s it. Thatsa girl.”

Grabbing a pillow and placing it below her hips, Charley raised her bottom and spread her legs. He could see the glistening sheen of the jelly and the dark orifice waiting for him and he wasn’t going to keep her waiting any longer.

Kneeling behind her, Charley placed his cock between her cheeks, sliding up and down to grease it and to allow her time to get used to the feel. He felt her tremble.

“You ok, Baby? Do you want me to stop?” Praying to God, that she didn’t cause he wasn’t sure he could stop if she said yes.

“Do it, Charley, do it. I want your cock in my ass. Now”

That was it. There was no turning back now. Charley placed the head of his cock to the opening of her ass and he pushed. Not hard and not inside. Just enough for her to feel the pressure. Sweat was beading on his body now and he felt a trickle run down his back.

Her sweet voice whispered out again, “Please, do it. I want to feel you inside me.”

Charley pressed against the rubbery tissue. He pressed and pressed and felt it give. His cock was in, but just the tip.

She moaned, more of a groan really but he heard it. He pushed in a little more when he felt her sphincter relax just a bit more. Then all of a sudden his cock pushed in. Slowly he slid inside her ass. It was so tight. She fit around his cock like a latex glove. It was hot. So hot. He felt another bead of sweat on his back and he realized he was holding his breath. Along with one long slow stroke he released it in a whoosh. His hands gripped her hips and he pumped just as if he were fucking her cunt. It was heaven.

Charlie lifted her ass from the pillow with his hands on her hips. His cock fucking her harder and faster now and it was swelling and throbbing to a most delicious ache. He knew he was about to explode and he didn’t want to cum without her. He took his left hand and slipped it around front and caressed her clit. That was all it took.

Screams rent through the air as her body trembled. Her ass tightened on his cock and her head flew back. She was cumming and he was less than a second away from joining her. His balls tightened with the unshed seed and he was about to flood her ass. He felt it, like hot lava, move through his shaft. The tight rubbery tissue grabbed and squeezed him so much he could feel his cum shoot through his shaft and splash the insides of her ass. He groaned like an animal and she whimpered like a baby and they joined in ecstasy as neither of them felt before.

Even after it was over their bodies shivered and trembled like the after shocks of an earthquake. They collapsed prone on the bed gasping and clinging to each other. Then they were still. Neither said a word. Charley felt her body shake and it was a moment later that he realized that she was crying. His penis had softened a little and it has slipped from her bottom easily. Her turned her over and into his arms.

“Did I hurt you baby? Are you ok?” He asked rocking her in his arms as if she were indeed a baby.

“Nnno Charley, you didn’t hhurt me. Nnnot at alllll. I loved it.” She stuttered out.

Charley held her close and rocked her until her tears subsided. He pulled her hair away from her face again and kissed her tear-streaked face.

“You were wonderful Becky, I loved it too.” He told her tenderly.

Becky looked up at him and said. “Wwwhat else can we do? Wwwe still have two more days alone?”

Holding her close in his arms again, Charley chuckled. “Oh, I am sure we can think of something, honey.”

(c) 2002, Misty’s Erotic Stories

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