Long Time


It’s been a long time I have seen my sister. She’s married now. Lives in a far away place. Has kids. A husband she loves.

I haven’t quite forgotten her though, my inability making me pine away endless nights alone. I had seen some women but none stayed in my mind the way Janey did.

She is beautiful. A flower.

It was not to be.

When I was young, I started to get these feelings about her. She would bat her eyelashes sexily at me as she did with everyone, and I would feel my hardness throbbing with insane desire.

Now, I have nothing but awkwardness. I masturbate thinking of her and just that.

Whenever I speak to her on the phone or when I visit I have to shackle myself from doing something I would regret later. She has a baby. I often fantasize I gave it to her. Sick thoughts, I know.

But I love the child. I imagine she was very happy concieveing it, my cock deep inside her pumping warm semen into her. She sucking it in like a woman about to explode with love for her master.

I was about twenty when I decided to talk to her about it. Went up to her room. Found her reading a book as she always did, her small frame coiled into a ball. I wanted to pick her up and give her a huge kiss, but I didn’t, seeing how everyone was at home.

But Janey could tell I was there. She turned, at first a bit surprised and then smiled.

“What do you want?” she said, her eyes doing that sexy thing.

I bursa escort wanted to tear off her clothes and make passionate love, but stuttered instead. Did I tell you I have developed a stutter around her?

She looked at me funny. “What’s wrong? You look upset.”

“No. Just wondering if I can use your computer,” I lied sitting down at her desk so that my balls could relax.

She saw the bulge in my pants and looked away.

For a moment I said nothing, pretending to look around the internet for my class project. And she with her back to me went on reading her book.

It was a romantic thriller, a sex-filled story that made women wet in their pussies and very very sexy. I looked over her side to see what she was doing. She was in a curl, legs squeezed together as though to suck in the fluids.

I wanted to massage her tension, stroke her butt muscles so she would magically spread her legs and say, “MMMM….fuck me.”

My mouth was salivating, my legs wider to let the dick breath. I bit my lips to keep from yelling.

And then she turned over.

“Is everything okay? Do you feel sick?” she leaned towards me and touched my forehead.

Instantly, I jumped back. It was an awkward jump, and as though she had understood me her eyes flowed to my bulge. I saw in her eyes a sense of horror and guilt. She pulled back.

My sister is four years older. I çanakkale escort had seen her grow into a woman all these years, and I doubt she had ever thought of me as anything but a kid brother.

But it was for once, I think, that she realized I was just another man who wanted her. She sat back and for a moment said nothing, her face perplexed in a deep frown, as though asking herself if she had led me on in any way.

I quietly waited a lecture.

But then something happened. Her eyes went back to the sexy squint and she smiled at me, the way she did when she wanted something done — a very confusing sexual advance.

I gulped. “Should I leave the computer on?” I asked, a bit annoyed with her mixed messages.

“No. Let it be.” She looked at the clock and laughed. “We have three hours till John comes home.”

John, my older brother, was the handsome one, the one she was most fond of. I looked at her in awe, not knowing what that meant.

Then as though she had made up her mind, she walked up to the bedroom door and closed it gently, dropping her dress into one pile and walking over to me.

“I masturbate a lot. I want your hard dick, Ian. Can I have it?” she put my hand on her soft perky breasts and I almost came.

“Are you sure about this?” I managed to say as she tore my belt off and began to touch my cock like a kid who had discovered a new toy.

“I çankırı escort want to be fucked like in the stories. Like dad and mom do it. You know? Like mad,” she grinned like the devil.

I felt a sense of ease overcome me as she swallowed my balls into her mouth and began to suck on them like a baby.

“You’re big,” she giggled, putting my cock in her mouth and starting this spit-and-suck routine.

I could not breath, but I was losing my patience fast.

I lifted her off the floor and threw her on the bed. Then like any man whose mind was not functioning, I started to tear off her clothes.

She yelped. Moaned. Hissed, Kicked as I bit and sucked her black catholic nipples, like a tiger devours fresh meat. She was so wet. It took me a second to go inside her. I heard her say nasty things.

“Fuck harder. Oh Yes. Mmm.. I love you. Harder…”

I kept ramming it in until I spilled everything inside her.

“What did you do that for?” she had jumped up in surprise. I’m not on birth control.

It was as though our whole afternoon of fun had been destroyed by my carelessness. I began to keep fucking her, like any man ignoring his wife. She responded but angrily.

She began to say angry things. “I hate you. Agghh.. Why? Why? Aghh….MMM…”

I moved slowly, hoping to take away her pain. It worked. After two hours, I left her in bed with some clothes on and walked off to take a bath.

When I came back, John was standing in the doorway, just like I had been, but this time wondering why she was looking spent.

I didn’t bother to walk over there, but soon after I heard a small sound of the door closing and then the springiness of my brother fucking my newly liberated sister.

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