Love By Death Ch. 04


This is only draft. I know I need work but I love seeing what others have to say.

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It’s been a year since Melody and Jonathan got together. Ally and Joe along with their subs visit frequently. Ally loves it when Melody plays host and is able to please her. One night Ally and her Red head sub are over.

“Jonathan may my sub please enjoy your couch? She has been such a good girl this month.”

“Your sub your rules. But sure I can agree to that.”

“May I get both something to drink?” Melody asked with a smile on her face.

“We will take white wine. If u have it.”

“Sure is Masctto ok?”

“Lovely. Get up and help her.” Jonathan and I need to talk.

Both subs went into the kitchen

Ally looked at Jonathan and motioned to the bedroom.

“Not now. We have it set up for later and I don’t want to ruin it.”

“Very well. I want you and her to take me and my sub over for a while.”

“Really? What brought this on?”

“I’m tired of being in control and I want to know my sub will be in good hands. You and Melody have proven worthy.”

“I see. I will leave that up to Melody.”

“Very well. Should I say seated or should I get on my knees.”

“Right now stay put. Bring it up when the girls return. Does your sub have a name?”


“That’s pretty.”

“Here we go. Take your glasses over to your master.”

Brooklyn nodded.

As they were enjoying their drink Jonathan looked at Ally and nodded.

“I have a proposition for you subs.”

Melody choked on her drink. “I’m sorry. That caught me off guard.”

“You didn’t make a mess did you?” Jonathan asked.

“No sir I didn’t.”

“Very good. Continue Ally.”

“I have been in control for the better part of 14 years. I want to hand over my rank for a while. Melody I would like it if you and Jonathan took us as yours.”

“For how long? Would there be pay backs? Who would be for who? Would we switch?”

“Slow down Melody let her answer.” Jonathan told her with a kiss.

“We would have to work out an agreement and all. Pay backs would happen only if a main rule was broken. I like the idea of switching but you two could choose whom you choose.”

“I see. Well after all this time I know how she is at eating me out. Jonathan knows how you are at sucking his dick. So now I want you to come here and eat me out. You…”


“Brooklyn suck on him. Jonathan I want you and I to make out while this happens. Oh and Ally don’t interrupt me again.”

“To the bedroom?”

“To the bedroom.”

“Jonathan and Melody led Ally and Brooklyn to the bedroom. It was filled with candles and there was a big area of pillows waiting to be used.”

Jonathan turned to Ally. “We were hoping for some extra fun tonight.”

Ally nodded. They all walked over. Jonathan and Melody got into position first. They the motioned to their subs and everyone did what was expected of them.

No one stopped for four hours. Everyone was parched and unable to move. They all rolled away and took a moment to catch their breath.

Melody was the first to get up.

“On your knees Ally. And as each gift is given you say thank you my master. For you are now mine. Brooklyn on your knees. You now belong to Jonathan.”

Jonathan smiled and got up.

“Careful Melody you are still mine.”

“Yes sir.”

“Continue with what you were doing.”

Melody took Jonathan by the hand and they went to the closet. As Melody was picking out what she wanted Ally to wear. Jonathan was busy getting her ready as well.

“I will dominate over all three of you.”

“As will I” Melody said as she turned around and put a collar on Jonathan.

“Sneaky girl.”

They both exited the closet and went to the women who were waiting.

“Ally I know you have rules for your sub but I do too. I will go over what I want. Answer with wither Yes Sir or Yes Ma’am, same goes for you too.” Jonathan said as he slapped Brooklyn cheek. “If you two are gaged and you will be, you are to just nod. When the gags are in you have lost your voice. Is that clear.”

When no one said a word he saw that Melody was quick and had them cuffed and gaged.

“Damn you’re quick.”

Melody turned around and showed her hands needed binding.

“No, no, no, Melody. Ally wants to you control her remember.”

When Melody didn’t move Jonathan sighed and latched her hands he did notice she was not wearing a gag. Once Jonathan smacked her ass Melody got on the floor and went under Ally. Soon Melody was eating Ally out and Ally was going her best to stay standing and not making any sound.

Melody pulled away for a moment. “You may cum when you want and yes you may moan for me. Now lean forward and I want you to smell my pussy as I continue to enjoy yours.”

Jonathan went over hand helped get Ally in place.

Ally was soon moaning and trying not to squirm away.

“As for you my new pet come to me.”

Brooklyn inched her way forward towards Jonathan. When she arrived he added clamps Starzbet to her nipples and her pussy. He then began to play with her tight clit.

“I’m going to enjoy making you beg for whatever you want me to do with you next.”

Brooklyn nodded.

Jonathan began stroking himself.

“I bet you want this. I bet you can wait to have this inside of you.”

Brooklyn just nodded.

“Jonathan can you please come here for a sec.”

Jonathan went over to Melody. “Yes my dear. Can you undo her hands? I want her to play with me.”

Jonathan chuckled. Should have thought about that beforehand. I’m going to say no. If your done then roll away and get on your knees.

Melody rolled away and rolled into Jonathan causing him to trip.

“Oh bad girl.”

“I’m sorry master. I didn’t mean to master.”

“Too late.” Jonathan lifted her up and took her over to the center of the room. He undid her hands and put them above her head. Melody saw the hook coming and she knew she would be hanging form there for a while.

Jonathan hooked her up and raised her up to where her toes didn’t touch the ground.

“Are you going to move?” he said pointing to Ally

Ally just laid there and closed her eyes.

“Good. Now sit up.”

Ally tried to do as she was told. Jonathan saw she was struggling and helped her sit up. He then undid her hands and put them above her head and attached them to the bed post.

“I hope you don’t mind I’m going to fuck that good sub silly.”

Ally nodded. Jonathan went over to Brooklyn who was where he left her.

“Now where were we? Oh ya. Stand up and come sit on me.”

Brooklyn did as she was told and Jonathan guided her onto his dick. Brooklyn bent her head back soon she felt her gag loosen. She looked at Jonathan who removed it.

“Let them hear how good it is. They have both been bad girls.”

Brooklyn started quite as Jonathan was moving slow soon he sped up and the moans go louder

“May I cum?” Brooklyn puffed out.

“Come on baby cum for me.”

Brooklyn let out a moan and nearly head banged Jonathan. Once Jonathan finished he got Brooklyn off of him and took her over to Ally. He took Brooklyn’s and attached them the bed post.

“Clean her up now.”

Jonathan removed Ally’s gag and Ally did as she was told.

Jonathan watched with delight, he went and got a butt plug and stuck it up Brooklyn’s ass.

“Aw thank you Sir.”

“Good Girl, you’re welcome. You may cum as many times as you can on her. Till I tell you to stop.”

“Thank you sir.”

Jonathan then walked over to Melody who just hung there. She didn’t dare say anything.

“Melody what am I going to do with you. How do I know it was an accident? How do I know you’re truly sorry? I know it will never happen again.”

Melody remained quiet.


“I’m sorry Master. It was an accident. I will not be bound when I am in control of my sub again master. Please forgive me master. I never meant to hurt you master. I’m begging you let me down and I will do what you say. I will make it up to you in any way you wish me too master. Please master.”

“Hym, I’ll have to think about that.”

He walked away, “Keep that up you two. I will return”

A couple of hours passed. Melody’s arms were turning blue, Ally and Brooklyn were still in command but Brooklyn was getting chapped and the moaning was becoming screaming.

Jonathan walked in and saw the pain in her eyes. “You may stop now.” Jonathan undid Brooklyn’s hands and led her out of the room.

I want you to soak in a warm bath. Here is soap and everything else you may need. You are not play with yourself as I see and heard you’re in pain. Get in slowly.

Brooklyn got it and sat down slow. As soon as her pussy touched the water she winced in pain. “Take your time” Jonathan told her as he watched in case she needed help. Once she was in place Jonathan showed her the collar and leash

“Can I trust you not to leave the bathroom till I come get you? Or do you need to be locked in place?”

“Sir. Whatever you feel more comfortable with. Sir.”

“Very good. I will trust you for now. You are not to lose that trust do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Jonathan left without another word. When he went back into the bedroom he saw Melody’s hands and arms “Ok so you can’t hang upside down long, nor can you hang like that. I guess we will find somewhere new for you to be punished.”

He went over and let her down. Jonathan helped her arms down and began to massage them to get the blood flow and color back.

“So sit on the couch. Cross your legs and ley your hands in your lap. No falling asleep.”

“Yes. Sir.”

Melody left in silence.

Jonathan shut the bedroom door and went over to Ally. He undid her hands and helped her stand up. “On the bed please. Sit or lay it’s your choice.”

Ally took her shoes off and laid on her side.

“We are going to have a normal conversation. We are going to go over everything just you and I. You are free to speak but remember you asked for this.”

“All right sir. Starzbet Giriş I understand. What are your rules?”

“There will be at home wear, guest wear, outside wear, you get the idea. I will lay your clothes out every morning. You will dress in silence. If I require to be out with the guest you will be on the side of the couch on your knees, gag in and hands behind your back. If I don’t then you will be in here bound anyway I see fit and you will be gaged and silent. Are we clear so far?”

“Very clear. Is there anything else?”

“As you witnessed, you do what we say. Is there a chance you would want to be in control of the three of us while you’re here?”

“At the moment no. I would rather it be you and Melody. To tell you the truth if you got rid of Brooklyn I wouldn’t be too upset.”

“No I’m going to keep her around. Here I want you to stay in here as long as you like. Write down anything you would like to have happen. Nothing is off limits and remember if I don’t have we can get it.” He handed her a note book and a pen.

“Yes Sir.” She said as she took it.

Jonathan then grabbed a set of cuffs and chains and left the room. He didn’t look at Melody as he walked to the bathroom. He opened the door to find Brooklyn out of the tub, dried off, with the collar and leash in place. She was standing tall looking at the ceiling.

“I’m impressed. You trying to earn a spot in the big bed aren’t you? You may answer.”

“Yes sir I am.”

“Is there more you wish to add?” He asked as be began cuffing her

“Yes sir there is”

“Very well what is it?”

“When I was with Madam Ally she would let me sleep in the bed with her if I was good. I had to be completely immobile and on my back. I always a blindfold on and tape over my mouth. I was not allowed to move until I was completely uncovered and my face was clear. Sometimes she would leave me there all day. Sir.”

“Good to know. Now I am going to lead you out and sit you on the couch opposite Melody. No speaking. Open wide.”

Brooklyn did as she was told and he led her out. She sat down where he put her. He then went and got two notebooks and two pens.

We are going to take a break for a moment. I want you two to think about what you anything you want to happen. Nothing is off limits and remember if I don’t have it we can get it.”

They both took their notebooks and began writing. With all three girls busy Jonathan took the opportunity and showered himself. When he was done he stepped outside onto the porch. The breeze felt good on his skin. He saw some of his neighbors using their subs on the gorgeous day. He waved at them. They returned with a smile and wave. He went back inside and saw they were still writing. He went into the bedroom to check on Ally who was still writing as well.

Jonathan went to his closet and looked at everything he started moving things around.


He poked his head out of the closet

“What is it?”

“May I go into the living room please? I really don’t want to disturb you in your work.”

“Very well sit at the table. And tell the other two they can move there if they have too.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you sir.” Ally got up and left the room. She shut the door and turned to the others. “Master says we can all go to the table if we need too.”

Melody and Brooklyn got up and went to the table. The girls continued writing in silence. Jonathan was busy in the closet making a list of all the items he needed if he was going to have three subs with him. He did notice that he had three belts with wrists cuffs and enough collars and chains. “Perfect!” He thought. We can use these tonight. He took his time making his list and then moved to the toy room that the subs had never seen. He saw that he had enough to keep them all entertained and still had room for more. He then though about his dungeon and remembered he had all he needed in there. He left the Toy room and went to the bedroom door. He opened it and saw the girls still writing.

“Melody stop what you are doing and come here.”

Melody put her pen down, closed her notebook and went over to him. In silence he attached the belt cuffs and collar. With a leash in front and a chain in back.

“Ally stop what you are doing and come here.”

Ally put her pen down, closed her notebook and went over to him. In silence he attached the belt cuffs and collar. He then attached the chain from Melody to the front of Ally and attached a chain to the back of her collar.

“Brooklyn stop what you are doing and come here.”

Brooklyn put her pen down, closed her notebook and went over to him. In silence he attached the belt cuffs and collar. He then attached the chain from Ally to the front of Brooklyn.

He took the leash and began walking. Brooklyn took a step and walked into Ally causing her to trip and fall into Melody who braced herself so she wouldn’t fall on to Jonathan again.

“What the hell happened? Did I tell you to walk? NO I didn’t? Here I am trying to be nice and this is what I get? Who is responsible for this? Ally answer me!”

“Sir, it was Brooklyn.”

“Well then here you were trying to be Starzbet Güncel Giriş so good and this is what I get as a good girl? You have earned the horse.”

“Jonathan undid the chains that attached Ally and Brooklyn. You two knees and no talking.” Melody and Ally did as they were told. “As for you!” Jonathan said as he grabbed her hair “Let’s go. It time you got a horsey ride. Saddle up.” Jonathan moved fast, Brooklyn nearly tripped at every step. She knew he was not happy but knew better than to say anything. He led her to the toy room where he stood her up and she saw the horse he was talking about.

“Say hello to Winnie.”

Brooklyn didn’t say anything

“I said say hello or you will make her mad.”

“Hello Winnie.” Brooklyn said in the verge of tears.

“Now you are going to climb up these stairs and not trip do you understand?”

“Aw yes sir.”

“Good. Ignore the pain it will go away.” He then took a hook and latched it to her collar. “Don’t worry this is so I know you won’t go anywhere why I get Winnie set up just for you.”

He went and got three dildos on a stick and hooked two of them below Winnie and one on her mane.

“Now you are going to sit down on her. You are then going to remain still as I get you rigged in. One sound one movement that I do not make you take you will be whipped, waxed and sealed for a month. Understood?”

Brooklyn nodded the best she could.

“Good.” Jonathan took the hook off and she sat down. He then got the two dildos and put one up her pussy and the other in her asshole.

She opened her mouth in pain but didn’t make a sound. Jonathan looked up and saw that she had her mouth open.

“Keep it that way!” Brooklyn kept her mouth open as he continued to work below her. He made sure the dildos were secure and he latched her feet in place. He then turned on the machine and the dildos started to move up and down alternating in movement and depth.

He took the third dildo and put it in her mouth. He got it in place and turned it on. “You will gag, you will want to puke. I strongly suggest you don’t.”

Brooklyn just looked at him and he went and got some rope. He came back to her and began to tie her right breast up making it nice and plum, a good shade of purple too. He took the end and tied it to her left wrist behind her back. He did the same to the other side. He then tide her wrists together and strong a rope to a hook and raised it up just enough her ankles were being stretched. Brooklyn couldn’t hold it in and she yelled out in pain. Jonathan lowered the hook and she whimpered a bit.

Soon she felt a whip on her back. “Bad girl. You made a sound. Bad girl. You have now earned more time.”

He put the mouth dildo back in and turned up the lower two. She closed her eyes in pain wanting it to stop. He then added nipple clamps to her nipples and one to her pussy. He added 3 oz. weights to her ears and gave her a two dildos to hold in her hands.

“Drop those or lose any of these gifts and you will be in more pain then you can scream. I don’t like bad girls who don’t listen. I will make sure you have your lessons. Do you understand me?”

Brooklyn just stayed still letting the machine’s do the work.

“Good. Now you may watch the timer and pray that I let you out on time. Now let’s see for making one fall that’s an hour, for pissing me off that’s two hours, for not being please with my gift of a bath is an hour, so now you’re at four hours. You also have an hour for that scream. Yep 5 hours and should be ready for your lessons. Now when I close this door no one will hear you, nor will anyone pay you a thought. Scream all you want. You may begin when I leave. When you hear this door open you stop. Or else. Understand?”

Brooklyn just looked at him. He walked out and closed the door. She let out scream after scream. He just chuckled and went into the bedroom. He noticed the time and realized he was tired, He was about to go into bedroom when he two girl were still on their knees waiting for him. He went into the living room and saw them kneeling looking straight ahead. He wondered if they moved at all.

“You two may relax against the wall. You have five minutes to get there.”

Melody and Ally both fell forward and each slowly stretched their legs. Jonathan could tell they had not moved. Once they were against the wall he cuffed their hands and feet together. He also added leg and thigh cuffs to keep them from moving too much.

“Say hello to your pillows. You out here for the night. Tomorrow I have a special outing for you two. So be good and stay quiet.”

They both looked at him and then put their heads on one another. They closed their eyes and went to sleep.

Jonathan went into the bedroom, he set his alarm and went to sleep as well.

Brooklyn wanted to sleep but couldn’t the clock was too bright and she knew if she did succumb to sleep she would drop what he put in her hands or choke to death. She screamed and cried all night. The timer when off at the end of the 5 hours and Brooklyn looked around. No one came through the door. She thought about removing her mouth to give it a break, she wondered how would anyone know. She took a deep breath and slowly started to release her mouth. When she had it almost out all three started up again. She saw the timer we set for another hour. She screamed and cried the whole time. When everything stopped for the second time she just stayed still. She had learned her lesson.

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