My Brother Grew Boobs


My brother has always liked to have his nipples licked and sucked. I can understand that, it feels good and it is arousing. Every female can tell you that, and it’s really the same physiology for males. So, when we make love, I spend some time licking around his nipples and sucking them enough to give him a little tingle.

After his wife and my husband died, I decided to move back to the home place and we could live together like we had always dreamed of doing. Now we could make love any time we wanted to and he could get his nipples licked and sucked any time he wanted that.

That led to the night when I had been licking his areolae and sucked his nipple with my lips and he flinched. I stopped and asked him if I bit him and he said I didn’t but that his nipple was sore when I sucked on it. Well, I had to do an examination and didn’t see any marks or bruises so I looked his other one over really well and while I was there I sucked it up in my lips and he flinched again.

So, we suspended our lovemaking and we both began feeling all around his nipples and it felt like there was something sort of firm right behind each nipple. Some very worrisome thoughts crossed our minds, we looked at each other, and then in one motion we were both up and headed for the computer to check out breast cancer.

Maybe we shouldn’t have done that. Untrained folk shouldn’t try to be diagnosticians, the list of fearful possibilities, of treatments, of side effects, of possible death, is enough to make a statue tremble. We talked, we wondered if our nipple play had started tumors, we hugged, we tried to be light and laugh about it, we failed at that, and finally we both cried. I say again, if you haven’t been to medical school, don’t try to play doctor, you’ll just make yourself miserable with fear. So, as soon as the clock said 9:00 the next morning we called the doctor’s office and made an appointment.

Men, Escort bayan at least my man, don’t have a clue about how to tell the doctor what we had found. He thought it was unmanly to like having his nipples licked and sucked, he was embarrassed to talk about it on that account and, because he figured he’d have to tell how we found the problem, that could undermine his ego if the doctor laughed, so he was one edgy fellow as we went to and waited in the doctor’s offices. Our time came to go in and he wanted me with him so I sat quietly during the doctor’s preliminaries and then when the doctor asked what the matter was that brought him there, my brother looked at me in panic and didn’t say a word.

Reader, you should understand that women go through all sorts of awkward, uncomfortable, totally vulnerable and unsightly experiences with their doctor visits and long ago I had lost any concern for medical subtlety and so I bluntly told the doctor we thought he had breast cancer.

His doctor is a gentleman, he would also be a great poker player, he never changed expression or batted an eye, just looked right at Bobby and told him to take off his shirt. I could have kissed the ground he walked on. Bobby took off his shirt, the doctor touched and rubbed and then lightly pinched both my brother’s nipples and he got flinches in response. He told him to put his shirt back on and said he was going to send us to get a mammogram done

I have had mammograms, they are at best very uncomfortable and at worst feel like your tits are being ripped off your chest. Hiding all that knowledge, I smiled at my brother and said, “Piece of cake.” Once again the doctor moved up the sainthood scale by nodding in agreement as he wrote the prescription we were to take with us. The hour for his mammogram was far enough off we could get some lunch, so we did that and I searched all through Bayan escort my repertoire of small talk so as to avoid talking about mammograms. That was a bust too. (Pun unintended).

Finally he pressed me and I told him what to expect, that he’d have to take off his shirt, the technician would have him stand by a sort of small metal shelf, she would pull his breast enough to get his nipple on that shelf, another shelf would be brought down to the upper side of his breast and then drawn down like a vise and clamped in place. He wanted to know if that would hurt. I lied, if I hadn’t he would never have gone through with it.

So, we were called in and again he wanted me with him, it’s okay, everybody thinks we’re married, so in I went. The technician asked him to remove his shirt and while he did she looked at me as if to say, “He’s going to scream.” He had every right to scream. She had to grip his pectoral muscle with both hands to pull his nipple out far enough to get it in the x-ray position. And, she had to do that with both nipples. I saw his eyes get wide and his face turn red and I was very thankful for the machismo in him that would not allow him to show any sign that she was hurting him.

I will always believe he held his breath throughout the entire process, but finally she got enough of a picture of each breast to be satisfied, told him he could put his shirt on, and he turned to look at me as if to say, “Damn you, I’ll never believe a word you say.”

I just smiled and told him I knew what he’d been through since I had gotten that done to both of mine many times through the years. You would think he might have understood, but he was still shivering a bit from having to control his pain reaction.

I thought he might never speak to me again, and then he stopped, his eyes got wide again, he looked at me with fear in those blue yes and said, “How long before Escort we know?” Now we were both afraid.

The report came in the next morning, his doctor’s office called and asked us to be there at 10:00. We were there at 9:30. We were called in and the doctor said, “We found no sign of cancer.”

That first breath after going without one all night is really sweet. What a guy that doctor is, he grinned really big and said, like it was an everyday thing, “Bobby, you’re growing boobs.” I just kicked the son of a bitch right off the sainthood list.

Bobby didn’t know what to say. Bless his heart he can do anything around a farm or cattle or buildings but he loses his language skills when faced with something out of the ordinary.

So, I asked the doctor what that meant and he told us that, as men’s hormones change in the aging process, the testosterone decreases and the estrogen and progesterone increase in relative terms and that it isn’t unusual for men to develop breast tissue and that some develop full size breasts.

WooHoo I thought to myself, I’ll have a lover with a dick and boobs, could it get better? Bobby was pale. The doctor now got back on the sainthood list when he went on to explain that the soreness would gradually diminish, that the breast tissue would either remain as it was or slowly increase in size, that if it became a real concern there were treatments to deal with it, that we shouldn’t worry about it but just wait and see what happens , that it wasn’t life threatening in any way. Good guy, that doctor.

Well, it’s been a few months since all that took place. Bobby has developed boobs about like a blossoming teenagers, maybe about the size of a big plum. The soreness has gone, and Oh boy, hallelujah, the sensitivity has increased, and he wants his little titties sucked regularly, a task which I relish, hell honey I drool over it. It’s a great pleasure to sit astride his lap, his cock buried in my pussy and my mouth sucking his tits and feeling his dick twitch when I do.

If I’d known long ago how nice that could be, I may have suggested he have boob enhancement surgery.

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