My College Sister


Bobby gently cupped Becky’s face with his hand as the movie played on. Her cheek moved closer to his. Bobby watched Becky’s eyes slowly close in the reflected light of the silver screen as she turned toward him, casting a shadow over the left side of her face, but not over her glowing heart. Their lips met. Slowly. Tentatively. Tenderly exploring each other’s hearts with their mouths. Are these feelings alright? Would the other one feel comfortable about this kind of relationship? But neither felt the weirdness of a kiss that should not have been. Rather, both felt the completeness of the intimacy. Neither wanted it to end, and neither wanted to ruin this moment, this heightened relationship, that was deepening between these college roommates.

Bobby’s lips barely slowly moved off of Becky’s lips. As their kiss slowly broke, Bobby decided to throw in all his chips for the woman of his dreams. Becky felt his lips so close to hers that they brushed one another as he softly said, “I’m in love you, Becky.”

Bobby’s profession of love melted not only Becky’s heart, but also her inhibitions. “And I’m in love you.” Becky softly replied as if it was a known fact between them.

Emboldened by Bobby’s declaration, and her own desire, Becky slowly slid her tongue against Bobby’s lips. Bobby opened his mouth in anticipation of her entry. Becky’s tongue first explored his lips, and then his tongue. Bobby’s tongue caressing hers, as Becky softly moaned with desire.

“I mean I’m totally, insanely in love with you, Becky.” Bobby whispered as they gulped some air.

“Me too.” Becky responded – baring her heart.

“I want her so badly. And not just because she’s beautiful and smart and is a great kisser. I want to love her – to give myself to this angelic woman – right now.” Bobby thought.

“Would you like to get out of here, Bec?” Bobby asked tentatively, unsure of whether such was an appropriate question to ask when on a first date, or of what her response would be to such a loaded question. A question Bobby had never asked any girl before tonight.

In reply, Becky kissed him deeply. When they unlocked their lips, Becky tilted her head slightly down, looked romantically up into his eyes, and replied confidently and seductively, “Ah huh.”

They gathered their coats to leave, the movie plot forgotten as their own plot thickened. But their plot was not the only thing thickening as Bobby took Becky’s hand. Bobby’s cock was swelling, as were Becky’s vaginal lips. Becky’s panties were getting wet from her feminine desire to have Bobby within her.

“I need him! All of him! Up inside of me! Now! I’ve never wanted anything so badly before in my life!” Becky thought to herself as they walked hand in hand into the lobby. “But what if he doesn’t want me – in ‘that way’. What if he doesn’t want to take my chubby body as his lover? Becky was already building up concerns in her mind as Bobby excused himself to use the restroom.

For Bobby, his task was more time consuming than normal, as he could not piss through the raging hard on that his beautiful sister had caused. And he couldn’t stop thinking about her – at all, let alone stop thinking about her in ‘that way’. “It’s not as simple as taking her to bed.” He thought. “What if she can’t get past being my sister? Or past the idea of having her brother inside of her? Coming inside of her? Could she ever accept the idea of bearing her brother’s children?” They were both very family oriented, and he cringed at the thought that neither of them would have kids if they became a couple.

While Bobby was trying with limited success to tame his raging hard on, Becky was standing in the lobby, contemplating where their kisses in the dark would take them. “To bed, woman, that’s where it’s taking you! With the man of your dreams! Right between your wide opened thighs! DEEP inside of you! Coming inside of you!” she thought. “What the hell are you thinking, Bec? Fucking your own brother? Your own stud muffin, loving man of a brother!? Yeah! Hell, yeah!! Whose cock you want between your legs – sliding up your wet vagina – coming inside of you. (Whoa, girl! Do you know what you’re asking him to do? Yeah, I know exactly what I want him to do to me. Fuck me silly and make me come!)”

They had certainly shared more than a sibling type kiss, or even a date kiss. It was a long, hot, passionate, erotic, romantic kiss. “I wonder just how long Bobby is when he’s hard?” Becky thought to herself. But then her doubts crept up again. “But what could Bobby possibly see in me to make him hard with my plus size body on a 6 foot tall frame?” she wondered. With a 45″ hips, round, large, but firm booty, full curvy thighs, a curvy 32″ waist, and voluptuous 38E breasts that came to nice conical points, she could see little more than her chest as a womanly feature. And the rest would surely cancel out her big chest. Bobby, on the other hand, looked like a hunk to her. At 6’1″, and Escort bayan 200 pounds, he was hot, and muscular, and she had noticed that he had a six pack stomach, and his jeans were really tight on that fine ass and bulging package. She was confident she’d seen the outline of a very long, thick dick when he walked away from her to use the restroom. “Maybe there’s hope for me yet.”

Becky’s vagina was so wet at the thought of Bobby being inside of her, that she had already soaked her panties and was now making her inner thighs wet. The heat between her legs was building, and she needed him to quench it soon. Thinking of what he could do for her if he lay between her legs, and how it would feel when his cock shot his cum into her tummy; but her thoughts were interrupted as she saw Bobby exit the restroom, and walk to her.

As Bobby walked out of the restroom, he boldly put his arm around her waist and she instantly replied in kind, as they walked out of the theater together. Their long legs and similar height made their walking quite natural and in step. “I like the feel of this woman – firm, so soft, and so curvy.”

Becky enjoyed feeling his muscular body, and unconsciously rubbed his side muscles, ever so slowly, massaging his body with her fingers.

They slowed as they reached the car, which was parked at the far edge of the still packed parking lot. Their arms did not unlock from each other as they reached Becky’s car door. Nor did Bobby’s free hand reach for his key FOB in his pocket. Rather, as if in practiced sync, they turned to face each other, put their free arms around each other’s neck, pulled themselves to each other with the arms that were still around each other’s waist, and KISSED! Not a friendly kiss, or a tentative, exploratory kiss, but a REAL kiss, a passionate kiss, a tongue fucking kiss, with wide opened mouths, and tongues pressed deeply into each other’s mouths, swirling around, as they moaned in each other’s mouths.

“Where did this come, Bec? Your tongue fucking your own brother like it was second nature!” Becky thought mischievously. “And you’re LOVIN’ it!”

“Man can this woman kiss! She’s a lot more experienced than I realized! I wonder how many other guys have been inside of this goddess. Will I measure up? Will she even give me a chance?” Bobby thought.

Bobby enjoyed the feeling of Becky’s large breasts pressed solidly into his chest, as his free hand slid down her back towards her soft, wide, round bottom. “Nice ass, Sis!” He thought. “But should I feel her up? Yeah, I can’t resist, and she’s not pushing away from me.” Bobby’s hand firmly but gently felt the curves of her bottom, up and down, side to side. “Firm but soft, wide, round, and good lift from the back of her thighs. No, this isn’t a nice ass; it’s a PERFECT ass!!” Bobby thought.

Becky had a firm but curvy, cute tummy with a protruding waist below her belly button, and her lower tummy pressed into him as her breasts mashed into his solid chest. Bobby pulled her tighter, dropping his hand further down on her fanny. Becky made no resistance to his romantic moves. Rather, she pulled herself further into Bobby, sliding her hand onto his ass, as they pulled their crotches even tighter together. “God this man is hard! And BIG!” She felt his hard cock pressed against her mound, and pulled him into her even more. “Big and hard for ME!”

As their kiss ended, neither of them wanted to speak, for fear of breaking the spell. They kissed again, tongues meeting before lips this time, gentle and slow. Letting each other know that it was alright. That they each wanted more. That neither was grossed out by their sibling’s affection, but rather enthralled with the other.

Bobby’s left arm dropped from her neck, caressing her slightly chubby cheeks, as they continued to kiss. His hand then lightly explored the curve of her side, then caressed her ample hips and the other side of that perfect ass. As his hands cupped her ample bottom, pulling her vaginal area tighter against his bulging cock, Becky wrapped both arms around his neck, pushing her breasts unmistakably into his chest. Becky made a soft, feminine moan in response to the gentle but firm grasp of Bobby’s hands on her bottom. She could feel his cock smashed against her mound. Bobby’s hands slowly roamed over her womanly bottom, then grabbed a glorious handful as he pulled her even more tightly into himself. “Well, there’s no doubt he likes my ass.” Becky thought to herself. “And even less doubt that I like him feeling my ass up.” Becky mused as she felt the heat of her vagina building. Becky stoked the fire within her brother with her tongue, trying desperately to find her brother’s Adam’s apple with it, as he sucked in turn on her. “And my big breasts are pressed so tightly against his chest that he can’t help but feel them.” Becky thought, as her feminine confidence built up while in his arms.

“I’ll love you forever, Sis.” Bobby proclaimed.

“Only Bayan escort me?” Becky inquired quickly and boldly, before she realized what she had asked of him.

“Always, and only you, Becky.” Bobby confidently replied.

Their lips met again, mouths wide open, tongues dueling, hands groping each other’s ass. As their kiss broke, Becky smacked her lips, and said, “Well, big brother, you sure are a hunk! I’d have let you do this a loooooong time ago if I had known you were so in love with me!”

“I would have done it to you a long time ago if I’d known you were in love with me.” Bobby replied.

Then Bobby looked into her twinkling eyes, his hands now roaming the bottom of her ass cheeks, and softly said, “Can I ask you a personal question, Becky?”

“Nothing you could ask could be more personal than your last kiss, or the way you’re feeling up my ass right now.” Becky replied lustfully.

His oversexed mind immediately thought of something more personal, much more personal, that he could give her than that kiss and an ass grope, but his hormone enraged body had sense enough to keep that sexy thought to himself, barely, for now.

“You’ve got a very nice bottom, Becky.” He said slowly and seductively.

“And you’ve got very nice hands, Bobby.” She complimented back in kind. “Now, what is your question, bro.”

“It’s a VERY personal question, Bec.” he said slowly.

He kissed her again, and when they came up for air, Becky inquired softly, “You can ask ANYTHING of me, Bobby.” Becky paused for effect, letting her declaration sink into her brother’s heart. “I’m your only sister, your best friend, your roommate (she paused with hesitation, then went for broke and stammered) I’m all yours.”

“Did she just say ‘anything’ . . .’all yours? Did she mean what I think she means?” Bobby thought.

Becky’s brave declaration bolstered Bobby’s courage, as he hugged her tightly, feeling the bottom of her ass more openly, and pulling her tightly against his raging hard on. Bobby longed to call her want he wanted her to be, his wife, but dare he do it? “She’s given herself to me! And that took nerve for her to say after just a few kisses and feels – now make the woman of your dreams yours. Don’t let her hang.” Bobby reasoned.

“Lover” he said softly, upping the ante, with a pause to allow it to sink in to her heart, and to allow her time to protest. Hearing none, and feeling her pull him even closer to him in response, he put his mouth to her ear and spoke so softly she could barely hear, “Are you … as wet … as I … am hard?”

Becky pressed her breasts harder against him, as he put her hands to the sides of his face, and put her lips gently, and ever so lightly over his left ear. “Wetter, lover.” She added with slight pause for effect, in her softest, sexiest voice.

“I’m awfully hard, sweetheart.” he whispered back into her ear, unsure just how much of his manhood she had felt in their embrace.

“I’m well aware.” She replied. “But, honey, I’m VERY wet down there. I really want to answer to your question. But I think the only way to know for sure is if you check me.” She responded. “Wow, where did THAT come from? I just asked my brother to feel my pussy up!? Yes, I did! I WANT my brother to feel me up!” Becky thought.

“When?” Bobby asked in hopeful anticipation.

“Now, please? In the car? I think we both need to know – as soon as possible, don’t you agree?” Becky replied in a slow, feminine, husky voice.

“Ah huh.” Bobby choked out in reply. “Oh God! She’s hotter than I ever imagined! She just asked me to finger her pussy! RIGHT NOW! Yes!!” he thought.

The couple disentangled, and Bobby opened the door for his lover. By the time he got in, Becky’s skirt was hiked up around her tummy, and her wet panties were on the floorboard. She was spreading her thighs and reclining her seat as he settled into his seat. She could not believe she was doing this, and for her brother no less. “For her lover. For THE love of her life!” She thought. But her heart was not to be interrupted by questions of protocol or decency. She wanted this man between her thighs since she first learned what a man was for, and she was not going to let him go now – or ever. He was indisputably hers. “And I’m taking this hunk to bed with me! Tonight!”

Bobby’s hand slid slowly and gently between her smooth legs, finding her inner thighs already damp and her labia soaked with the wetness of her womanhood. Her vagina steamed of womanly desire, emitting a wonderful, womanly aroma. His right index and middle finger lay between her fully opened and swollen lips. “Smooth lips – not just shaved smooth, but waxed? . . . SO smooth!” Bobby did not know for sure how she did it, as this was the first woman he had felt up. He found her dripping, and hot. For the first time his confidence faltered, as he realized what a hot, cosmopolitan woman was sitting Escort beside him, with legs spread open just for him. “Am I going to be man enough for my sexy sister?” He thought. “Will I meet her expectations? I’ve never done this before, and she’s acting like it’s a regular occurrence!”

Bobby put his index finger slowly into his sister, up to this second knuckle. Becky was not only wet, but also tight. So tight he did not try inserting a second finger. “I think your vagina is so wet it’s making me harder, Becky. I may be harder than you are wet now.” He replied. “I think you should check.”

“Right now?” Becky replied softly, also in hopeful anticipation. “He’s done this before – to other women. The way he touches me there, it’s so awesome. And he didn’t blink twice at my suggestion. Treated it like it was normal to feel up his date’s pussy in the car – and on our first “date” no less. I’ve never DONE this before. Never had a guy’s hand between my legs. Never touched a guy’s cock! I have no idea what I’m doing. What will he do when he figures that out?”

“Yes.” Bobby responded. “I hope I’m man enough for her. That my size pleases her as much as her prior partners did.”

Bobby unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his jeans, and pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees for his sister. Becky wasted no time grabbing Bobby’s now 7″ and still growing cock, of slightly more than 2″ diameter. She felt his cock twitch, and expand at her hand’s firm touch. “Bobby, I think you’re growing harder, and bigger.” She exclaimed.

Bobby pushed his index finger further into the paradise between his sister’s legs, and responded, “Becky, I think you’re getting wetter.”

“I think we need to go home, and study this question in more detail.” Becky responded with a sexy wicked smile. “A LOT more detail.”

“This could take a lot of time.” Bobby relied. “Yes, she’s definitely experienced in the sex department. I’m going to need a crash course to keep up with her.”

“An all nighter, no doubt.” Becky gently replied. “I’ll need all night just to learn what to do with my man, and how to do it in a pleasing way.”

“She’s done it ALL NIGHT! Oh, God! Can I satisfy her? Can I keep up with her desires?!”

“A lifetime of nights for a question this profound.” Bobby replied.

They drove to their shared, two bedroom apartment, with one hand between each other’s legs, until they parked in the lot. No one was in sight. Becky pulled her skirt down, not bothering to put her panties back on. “I’m only taking these off again the moment the front door is shut.” She thought. Bobby pulled up his pants and buckled his belt. Then they walked to their apartment in the dark, with Bobby’s hand on her bottom, lifting up her skirt enough to grab a handful of her big, bare ass. Becky making no objection in the privacy of the darkened street.

Once the front door was shut, they fell into each other’s arms. Becky grabbed his belt and undid it as he removed her bra from beneath her blouse. Each took the other’s shirt off, then bent down to undress the other completely, until they were both nude, and still standing in the dark.

“Where to now, Becky?” Bobby asked.

“Our bed, in our room.” Becky replied softly, as she beckoned him with her index finger, and led him into what used to be her bedroom.

Bobby watched her bare, wide ass sway and shake as she walked ahead of him down the hallway. “That’s the finest ass in the universe.”

They walked to their double bed, Becky laying down first, on her back, legs spread wide, knees, bent outward and upward. Bobby then laid to the side of her, then thought better of it and just got on top of her, holding himself up by his elbows. His cock was resting against her gaping vaginal slit.

He fondled and kissed her mountainous breasts, adored her big, long nipples, and marveled at how her breasts shook as he parted her thighs wider with his legs.

“Please, be gentle – I – I don’t know exactly – what you want me to do, as you get – ah – up inside of me.” she said awkwardly. “There, now I’ve said it. He may as well know that I don’t know what the FUCK I’m doing when we make love. He’ll probably be put off, and get off of my fat ass now and go back to his room.”

“No, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know what you mean, other than being gentle with the love of my life.” He replied. “Wow! She knows various techniques and wants me to pick which one I want! What do I tell an experienced, hot chick to do? I don’t have a clue what to tell her! Now what will I do?!”

“I just want to please you, Robert Lee, and I hope you won’t grade me against your hot, experienced dates. Please remember this, I may not know how to please you like those other girls did, but I know that I love you way more than all of those other girls combined, and I’m a very . . . fast . . . learner.” “There, now I said it and its out in the open.”

“What other girls are you referring to, Rebecca?” Bobby inquired.

“Well, I remember you went out with Jaylynn for what, two weeks. “Which in slut time is about 50 years”. Becky thought. “And I know every guy she’s ever been with has been inside her panties.”

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