My Step Son


Hi, Im Sandra, Sandra Mellows, I was Sandra Jefferson until I met and married Frank Mellows, I was a secretarial girl working for an agency. I was sent to this company to stand in for a secretary who had fell ill, it was initially to be for two weeks, she didn’t return when expected, so I was extended for another two weeks, which got extended to four more weeks, that in itself got lengthened to three months.

Then the girl who I had replaced called and said she wasn’t coming back, so I was offered a permanent position, because I now knew the job inside out. So I happily accepted. But it caused a little bit of consternation and mutterings from women and others that had been there longer than I, and probably had more experience, I voiced these concerns to my now permanent boss, Mr Frank Mellows.

He quelled any sort of rebellion immediately by issuing a memo to the effect that I was his new PA, and he was sure all would make me welcome and part of the team, we would all pull together etc etc. Eventually it did settle, I made friends, good friends too, life for me couldn’t have turned out better. I was a fully qualified secretary, business studies at college, degree and so on.

My boss Frank, (in private only) Mr Mellows, was a dream to work for, clever, unassuming, quiet but thorough, demanding where necessary, and authoritive in his own way, if he told someone to do something, including me, it got done! I was so happy; I couldn’t wait to get up on a morning and got to work. My job was a hard one, make no mistake, I was kept busy I can tell you that!

I took minutes at meetings that were scrutinised to the nth degree, and if Frank didn’t like them, I was told in no uncertain terms to do them again and properly, I had to organise his working time table, his meetings, his appointments, draft and type his letters, communiqués and so on. And help out where I could if necessary in the general office.

But hey ho, I was in a well paid job, and my future looked secure. About 4 months into my job Frank told me he was going away to a conference in Munich and that he wanted me to accompany him, all expenses paid, for 5 days, would I consider it please, were his words. Would I consider it? Would I consider it! NO! It had been considered, YES!

Here I was, a 24 year old girl working for a guy like my boss, and being taken away for 5 days to work in Munich! It was fantastic, the hours were long; we worked all day, and then had a dinner, then more work until midnight sometimes. But we had time for some sight seeing, so all in all it was lovely, I enjoyed it immensely too.

The reason for the trip to Munich was to try and win a really big contract, and 2 weeks after our return, it was announced that we had got it, celebrations all round.

I was now starting to get to know Frank really well, it transpired that his wife had died very sadly giving birth to a son, Freddie, he had hired help, rarely went out at night because his time was taken up with bringing Freddie up, I was taken aback with the admiration I felt for him.

Frank is 37 years old and Freddie is 14, and 1 month after we won the contract, Frank asked me out on a date, not a date in his words, just dinner as a thank you to me for doing what I do.

Anyway, that dinner turned into others, which turned into a romance, it was kept quiet from our colleagues, as long as possible, but then one Friday night, Frank proposed, he wasn’t looking for a surrogate mum for Freddie he said, he wanted to marry me because he had fallen in love with me.

I had already fallen in love with him, but would never have spoken of it, for fear of compromising my position at work.

We spoke of the 13 year age difference and agreed it didn’t have any bearing on us. I had met Freddie many times by now and he was a wonderfully adjusted young man and a credit to his dad. So we set a date for 3 months hence. The wedding was a blast, we had a great time, and we all, Freddie too, went on honeymoon to the Caribbean, it was fabulous, and no, Freddie didn’t once get in the way. He was too busy trying it on with the girls he was meeting to bother us, we both found it very funny, and very heart warming. He was almost 15 now, and finding his “feet” sexually as it were.

We returned from honeymoon, and went back to normal? Being in the same house as your husband and boss, took some getting used to, ordering him about became a joke between us, but life was really good. Freddie continued his education, I helped him, his dad helped newcratos him, and he was doing terrific in exams etc.

We also moved house because I always felt a little uncomfortable in the house he had shared with his wife, Frank understood how I felt so away we went.

I haven’t told you about me yet have I? Sandra Mellows, I’ve told you, I am 5ft 5 inches, long auburn hair, its soft and silky, large almond eyes, button nose, full lips, the upper one being slightly larger than the lower one, which I like. I know I am good looking without being beautiful, but I can hold my own against most other women. Full figured, large sensitive nipples, nice legs, small feet. I love all the womanly things, silk and lace.

My problems started as Freddie grew older, he was coming up 18 I had stopped working as both Frank and I agreed I didn’t need to, and to be honest the thought of my days filled with nothing was a feeling I liked, although nothing isn’t what I do, I’m a full time mum, and house wife now.

He had a stream of girl friends, he was a heart stopper where the ladies were concerned, always calling him up, coming round to the house to see him etc etc. So good looking too, 5ft 11 inches tall, fit as a butchers dog, I have seen photos of his mum, she was a beauty so, mixed with his dad, the world, and ladies were at his feet.

But little things started happening, at first I thought it was my imagination, he would “accidentally” brush up against me, panties were missing, he would ask to photo me, in serious poses, all sorts of things. Sitting real close to me on the sofa. Then he started touching me in sensuous ways, it was hard to define it so I never mentioned it to his dad.

Then one day I knew he was trying his luck, the day he kissed me on the cheek, but the kiss didn’t land on my cheek, it was a kiss on the lips, he deliberately reached for me, and not a peck either. After that I was a little wary of him, but I must admit that this girl machine, was trying it on with a woman 10 years older than he, and I was flattered too. I was supposed to be his mum, although I have never tried to take her place.

His 18th came and went, and he was getting a little bolder as time went by, he was openly touching and feeling me up, but only when we were alone of course, I have to say here that my sex life had dropped off dramatically, Frank was still working his rocks off, so was invariably too tired for me most weeks.

Freddie loved sneaking up on me from behind, wrapping me in his arms so trapping me, and kissing my neck, which is a very sensitive place for me, I did like it a lot, but I always stopped him, I used to remonstrate with him, and threaten to tell his dad, but it made no difference to him at all, and although I would never admit it, I was beginning to like and enjoy the attention he was giving me.

It was as if he knew when and how to get to me, he would kiss me softly, another time he would cop a feel, then it would be a look, then I would find a pair of my hidden panties filled with his cum, he was wanking over me, and that made me shiver with arousal, he bought me my favourite perfume, it went on and on.

He had felt my nipples, which caused me to blush with arousal, he thought it was embarrassment, but it wasn’t, I was fully turned on, if only he had known hey? He had rubbed his cock at my pussy one time, another time he had rubbed into the crack of my ass.

I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before things came to a head, and they did this particular Saturday morning, his dad was at work, so it was just me and him at home.

I was peeling some veg at the kitchen counter top, when he came downstairs from bed; he was only in a bottom pair of pyjamas. Morning mum he cheerfully said. He started getting cereals, milk etc and sat at the table to eat, and made us both a cup of tea.

And then came my downfall, my utter seduction, that I hadn’t seen coming, was unprepared for, and had no way of stopping it once it started, I don’t think even he knew what he was doing himself, until he knew he had got me! He must have thought to himself, it’s time I had a peoper go at Sandra now, and see what happens, and happen it did!

He had stood up, and walked up quietly behind me, wrapped his arms around me trapping mine, he kissed and sucked my neck, his right hand fingers found my left nipple, his left hand fingers found my right one through my night dress that I was still wearing, his hard cock pressed right into the newcratos giriş crack of my ass, and my pussy got pressed onto the handle of the unit I was stood in front of.

And that was how I got seduced; it was these 5 individual occurrences that got me. (1) Kissing and sucking on my neck, (2) Left nipple being twiddled, (3) Right nipple being twiddled, (4) His hard cock rubbing my ass, and because his cock was moving around in the crack of my ass, (5) My pussy was rubbing on the handle of the unit in front of me.

Now any one of them I could have fought off, even 4 of them probably, but those 5 connecting elements were too much for me to resist.

My ass sent messages to my pussy, my pussy returned them to my ass, my nipples were talking to each other excitedly, and sending electric shocks all around my ever submitting body, my neck was just on fire.

By the time I had put the knife in my hands down, picked up the cloth to dry them it was too late, I was done for. Any resistance I might have had was gone, I felt my head fall back onto his shoulder, my eyes closed, I was in la la land, it must have been a month or more since Frank and I had had sex, so Freddie had me up the rigging in no time.

Frank and I had talked about the loss of sex and loving between us, he explained that at the moment he was under tremendous pressure to perform at work, I knew this and understood, he assured me that in about one more year he would be promoted to the board and the pressure would ease, he had already been told to find a replacement for him, to head hunt a new manager.

And now my step son had undone me just like that, I managed to get my right arm out, and up, over the back of his head and into his hair, to hold his lovely hot mouth onto my neck as he furthered my submission.

My left arm squeezed behind me and held his tight left buttock cheek to me so I could press myself back against him; he was moving me around ever so slightly, my ever wettening pussy rubbing on the handle, driving me onwards and upwards. My nipples were screaming at me, my pussy was on fire, my neck was melting into his seductive mouth, I needed him now, and he was going to have me, nothing was going to stop this now!

His dad and I sleep on the ground floor; the bedroom is at the back overlooking the garden, so without further ado, walking behind me, he led me by my erect and very proud nipples to my bedroom and my fate! He waltzed me to my bed, and climbed on it with me.

I was underneath him now, flat down, he kept rubbing his lovely hard dick at me, I was trying to twist around to get to him, he let me, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and we shared our real first kiss, tongues battling away for supremacy, his won!

All I wanted now was his cock in me as fast as possible; I yanked at my night dress and pulled it up. I told him. ‘Get that prick of yours in my pussy now!’

He did in one sudden thrust that took my breath away, he was bigger than his dad, not massively, but certainly bigger, it was fabulous, the feeling of his cock grinding away on the walls of my pussy was overwhelming, I came in no time at all, and he did too.

He didn’t get off me, he stayed where he was, then I realised why, he hadn’t gone down, he was still erect, Oh wow I thought happily to myself, we’ll be off again in a mo, and we were, he fucked me like a horse, I was the coaches, he was the horse, he drove me all over that bed, I didn’t know a woman could cum as much as that, the sheets were drenched in my juices and his spunk, it was wonderful.

He slid slowly off me, and we lay side by side, as we both recovered, I turned to him and said Freddie, your dad must never be allowed to know of this, it would kill him. He will never ever know from me mum, not in a million years. I was happy, very happy with that response, and leaned across to kiss him; he took me in his arms and loved me, oh how a woman loves to be loved by her man, her man!

That thought haunted me briefly, he was my man, I knew that, but so was his dad, I love Frank and always will, but I had entered a new world now, one that I was going to have to get used to.

I insisted we get up, change the sheets and shower, together okay! He loved it, in we went into the hot water, where we played, loved, I sucked his cock for the first time, on my knees before my young lover, my son! He filled my mouth with hot cum; I gorged on it, wonderful.

He got on his knees now and worked my clit like a man possessed, a finger found its way into my ass, that made me jump, but I enjoyed the sensation. I came again, I was wondering where all my juices were stored, it was as though I had a bag of it on my shoulders, lol.

Back to bed we went it was lovely feeling the crispness of the clean cotton sheets, knowing they were going to be wet and soiled very soon. And they were, I just don’t know where he got the stamina from, he was amazing.

We made the most soft, sizzling fantastic love, slow and sensual, he pushed his cock in and out of me so gently, my legs were over his back, my feet hooked over his ass, my arms tight around him, it took ages for us to cum, but we did eventually.

Later as we were kissing, he was fingering my ass, squiggling it around in me, making me squirm, twist and yelp, he asked me how many times I had had a cock in there, I was honest and told him I had never done it, I had always wondered what it would be like, but his dad didn’t like the idea, and previous boyfriends had never done it to me either.

He was amazed (I think) well we’ll have to change that then won’t we? He said. Oh my God I thought, I hope he’s going to be kind and gentle with me, he must have read my thoughts because told me he would be soft with me, and not to worry, but it won’t be today he said, I’m knackered he laughed, me too, I roared with laughing now!

Frank as is usual, always calls and tells me when he will be home, I ask if he wants dinner, sometimes it’s yes, and other times no, because he had been out with a client.

So he came home that Saturday unknowingly to a well used, and well fucked wife, I was a little worried in case he saw something in my eyes, Freddie was upstairs as usual, things were okay, I was settled now, and I knew we would all be as per normal.

I hardly saw anything of Freddie at all until the Monday morning, I had thought a lot about what had happened on the Saturday and was prepared to call a halt to it, my guilt had risen, and my concerns regarding discovery. So I had made up my mind, it had to stop.

Frank left for work, Freddie came downstairs, and then I was in my bedroom getting fucked again before I had time to draw breath! I don’t know how he did it, one second I was turning to face him for a the chat, the next thing, I was in his arms being kissed, and the next second I was on the bed, trying to rip my own clothes off me!

He was in me in a flash, cock buried to the hilt, me howling like a Banshee. It was fucking at its finest, if a woman from any where in the world had come to me then, and said she had had the most monumentally and hardest fucking on the planet ever, I would have called her a liar. For it had been me who received that, and that was for sure!

2 hours later, he got my ass, boy was it painful, but I started to enjoy it, and now its part of my life and I love it, the feeling of my ass stuffed with his cock, can make me cum by itself, and the added sensation of him cumming in me there sends me wild!

One thing he does like to do is tying me over the sofa, no we are not into bondage per se, but we both love this.

He ties my feet about 4 feet apart, my hands tied behind my back, he then pulls a chair up to the sofa facing it, fills it with cushions, kneels on the sofa and leans back onto the cushions, so his cock is directly underneath my face, then gathering my hair in a pony tail, in one hand, he wanks my mouth on him, my head is lifted up and down by my hair, his other hand gets my nipples going in a woozy.

I have no option but to suck as hard as I can, he lasts for quite a while like this, but then I get my reward, a ton of cum blasted down my throat., swallowing is difficult but I never let a drop go.

After that it’s a rest period, then he’s behind me teasing me like mad, he kneels down, tongues me, rims me, licks me and sucks me, it drives me mad, I go insane, but he always stops before I can cum, this can last forever seemingly, then when he feels I am ready for him, I get fucked in my pussy till I cum, then he finishes off in my ass. I’m pregnant now, I do get Frank to make love now and again, so no problems there, but Im sure its Freddie’s, but it wont matter, it will be mine and Franks.

As the time approaches for Franks promotion he is making plans for holidays, more time together, which I am so happy about, Freddie is a grown man now, and its time for him to find pastures new, my daughter is due soon too, Freddie has told me he will never stop loving or fucking me, just less of it, and that’s how things are now. Freddie has found a lovely young girl, is very happy and now lives with her. Life has been, and still is wonderful for us all.

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