My Triplets Pt. 02


Chapter 3

Once we all recuperated from our fantastic family fuck, I pulled myself loose from Sammy’s shrinking cock that was still lodged in my pussy and leaned down to gave him a quick cleaning. I opened my mouth taking in his entire limp cock savoring the feeling of having a dick in my mouth using my tongue to wash away the cum that coated his dick. Ohhh he tasted so good even though his and my cum had dried on his prick. I sucked his cock hard a couple times before releasing it and then headed down to the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast for my family. Just as I walked through the doorway, I glanced back at my family, Julie still had her brothers cock shoved up her ass while gently licking her other brother’s cock. Her father’s dick had pulled loose from her cunt as he lay there with his eyes closed, probably taking a little snooze. They all looked so happy, I was so thrilled that we as a family have come so far in being sexually free with each other. I experienced a quick shiver down my spine realizing that from now on my sons and I will be very intimate; I’ll be able to freely play with their cocks as they will be free to play with my tits, ass and pussy. Fucking will become routine from now on plus I have a pussy to play with other than mine.

Once I got into the kitchen I put on an apron and began to fix some eggs, bacon, pancakes and toast. Shortly after the first pancakes were ready, Jack strolled into the kitchen and upon seeing me with only an apron on, walked up behind me pulling his shorts down so he could rub his semi-hard cock up and down my crack. He simultaneously reached around taking both of my tits in his hands saying, “You hot cunt, you slut, you child molester, I bet you would like to be fucked again right now?”

I turned my head kissing my sweetie and responding, “From now on you’d better believe it. I want to be fucked 24/7, I want you and the boys to fuck me whenever you get the urge and I will do what I can to constantly give you all the urge. But right now I want to finish cooking you all breakfast and then we can have another family fuck fest. OK dear?”

My hubby agreed since he was real hungry and I knew the boys would be starved. He rubbed his cock up and down my ass crack a few more times before sitting down at the table to eat. As I served him his breakfast, he reached over and rubbed his hand all over my bare ass cheeks while nuzzling my tits with his face using his tongue to lick the sides of my tits. Danny came walking in seeing his dad playing with me saying, “Oh that looks like fun mom, can I do that too?”

“Sure honey, just sit down and as I serve you your breakfast, you can fondle me all you want.” I walked back over to the stove wiggling my ass as Danny watched my every move.

Jack said, “Doesn’t your mom have a nice ass? It looks so fuckable.”

Danny responded, “Oh fuck yes, I love mom’s ass. Will you let us fuck your ass again this morning, mom?”

“Honey you know you can. Let’s all eat a good breakfast before we have another family fuck fest, OK?” I then served Danny his breakfast as he ran his hand up and down my ass running his fingers across my asshole while nuzzling my tits. Within five minutes Billy, Sammy and Julie all can to breakfast and they all took their turn at fondling my ass and tits while I served them. I thought to myself that this sexual freedom with my family is better that I anticipated.

Sammy was the last to sit down and after I served him, I sat down to eat my breakfast with the family. When I sat down I noticed that both Sammy and Billy were sitting with their stiff cocks sticking through their shorts and they were each casually stroking their hard cocks. Just the sight of their cocks ankara escort made my cunt wet and created a vision and sensation of their cocks being fully implanted in my ass and pussy. I leaned over to Billy and kissed his cheek while I reached down to stroke his cock. He turned his face and stuck his tongue in my mouth while his hand squeezed my tit. Danny immediately spoke up saying, “Mom we all love your great tits, why don’t you take off the apron and let us enjoy the sight of your bare tits while we eat?”

I just smiled as I sat up straight and removed my apron, letting it slide down to my lap. Julie was wearing a halter top that Jack reached over and unhooked letting it also fall away. “There, now we can enjoy both of you with your beautiful tits. Yes! This is how we should be as a family, tits and cocks very visible and very touchable.” Julie had reached down under the table to grab her dad’s stiff cock while he was squeezing her tits. “Let’s hurry and finish this delicious breakfast your mother has prepared for us and then get down to some serious fucking. I know your mom wants that tight ass of hers stuff full of cock again, I think we should make her happy as a way of thanking her for cooking our breakfast. And if she wants some dessert, we can pump some sweet cum in her mouth when we are done. OK sweetie?”

“Oh yes baby, I would love some hard and deep ass fucking along with a mouth full of cum for dessert.” For the next few minutes, not much was spoken as we all ate our breakfast; Julie and I stroked the cocks next to us and the boys played with our tits and cunts. By the time breakfast was over, we were all sexually jazzed up and ready to fuck. Julie was the first to get up taking her dad by the hand and leading him into the den. Her shorts had been unzipped and when she got up, she wiggled out of them letting them fall to the floor halfway to the den and thus was bare naked by the time she was in the den. She laid down on the love seat spreading her legs telling her dad to get into 69 position so she could suck his cock while he eat her. Jack had his face between her legs licking and sucking her cunt like it was going to be his last meal and Julie was taking nearly his entire cock down her throat. There was nothing but moans and groans of pleasure coming from those two.

Danny and Sammy also led me into the den groping me the entire time, my apron had fallen to the floor and I was totally naked like Julie was. Sammy had his hand on my ass with his fingers prodding my asshole and by the time we reached the den, he had his middle finger shoved up my ass to the second knuckle. I suggested that Danny lay on his back on the floor and I would mount him and while he was getting into position, I had leaned over letting Sammy continue playing with my ass, he now had his entire middle finger penetrating my ass. As Danny got down on the floor, a shiver ran down my spine as I saw his big hard cock sticking straight up. I reached back and pulled Sammy’s finger out of my ass as I bent down to straddle Danny’s body and lowered my ass until I felt his cock up against my crotch. I guided his cock into my wet cunt and then laid on top of him getting his entire cock into my pussy. I moved my ass up and down a few times sliding my cunt onto Danny’s cock while giving him a deep tongue-in-mouth kiss. I then felt a pair of hands on my ass as Sammy was spreading my ass cheeks getting ready to slide his dick into my asshole. I turned my head saying, “Oh yes baby, fuck me in the ass, fuck your mom’s tight ass, give me a load of your cum right up my ass, a load of your sweet tasting hot man juice. I want to be fucked really hard and deep. Give your mom a good morning fuck, a hot ass fucking, çankaya escort yes I want your cock up my ass. ” Sammy wasted no time in getting his entire cock buried in my ass and immediately began to fuck me hard and deep. I was loving it and looking to see where Billy was. I did not have to look far as he was kneeling next to me stroking his hard cock. He fed it to me as I willing opened my mouth to have a third cock inside me. I was in hog heaven, all three of my sons were fucking me, Billy was fucking my mouth, Sammy was fucking my ass and Danny was rocking his cock in and out of my cunt.

I could see Julie and Jack out of the corner of my eye, Julie was deep throating her dad. It was amazing to see her take all 9 inches down her throat and hold it there for what seemed like minutes. She released his dick long enough to say, “Yes daddy, fuck my mouth, fuck it like it was my pussy, I want you to cum in my mouth daddy, I want to taste you. Yes daddy fuck me hard while you eat my pussy. Oh shit this is wonderful, fuck me daddy.” She in the mean time had reached around and was fingering her dad’s asshole and he was doing the same to her. They were in a zone of total sexual desire for one another. At that point I closed my eyes and became totally engrossed with what was happening to me.

Sammy as really pounding my ass, he started to moan really loud and I knew he was about ready to blow his load. I pulled Billy’s cock from my mouth and looked back at Sammy saying, “Yes baby, pump your seed into your mommy’s ass, fill me up with your juice, shoot your load in me, fuck me hard and deep, yes baby I want all your cum in me, every last drop. Oh baby that’s it, pump your cum in my ass, ohhhh yes baby, yes baby, I want to feel you cuming in me!” Suddenly I felt Sammy stiffened up and begin shooting his load inside me, oh what a joy it is to be fucked by my sons, they all have such big cocks. I turned my head back to Billy taking his entire cock down my throat letting him fuck my mouth like his dad was doing to his sister. He was not far behind his brother and within seconds of receiving of load of cum in my ass, I was getting another load down my throat. Billy was slamming his dick totally into my mouth and as he began to cum, I pulled my mouth party free to allow his cum to collect in my mouth so I could savor the sweet taste of his seed. He had a nice load in my mouth when he was done, I pulled my mouth away and rolled his hot semen around inside my mouth before I swallowed it all. “Ummm you taste sooooo good, I love eating cum.”

Sammy had in the meantime removed his cock from my ass and Danny was starting to work his cock in an out of my pussy, I knew he was getting anxious to get off in my cunt. I looked down at him asking if he wanted to get on top of me so he could really fuck me hard. We rolled over without his cock slipping from my cunt and once he got on top, he began to fuck me deep and hard. I just closed my eyes to concentrate on all the great feelings he was giving me. Danny was hot to trot and within minutes I was receiving yet another load of jizz, this time deep in my pussy. Oh how I loved getting fucked this way, one load of cum after another.

As the sensations from my orgasm began to subside, I looked over at Jack and Julie to see them sitting together on the love seat making out. Jack had one of Julie’s tits in his hand while he was tongue kissing her and Julie was stroking his hard shiny cock. I said, “Are you two going to fuck again?”

Julie responded, “Maybe, I just love dad’s cock, I love to fondle it, lick it and I want to feel it inside my pussy. Daddy has fucked my mouth, now I want him to fuck my pussy and if I can get him hard the third time, demetevler escort I want him to fuck my ass.”

“I know baby, I have had your daddy’s cock in me hundreds of times and want to feel his cock in me hundreds of more times. But before he fucks you again, I would like to eat that pussy of yours and taste your sweet juices. How about sitting on my face and letting me eat you?”

“Oh momma I would love that, how about scooting over here near the couch so I can sit on your face and suck daddy’s cock at the same time.” I did not have to be asked twice, Danny had pulled his cock out of me and so I slid over closer to Julie and Jack. Julie got up off the couch and squatted over my face, what a site to see, her beautiful pussy moving closer and closer to my face. As she lowered her cunt toward my face, I stuck out my tongue and licked her pussy lips a few times before I pulled her down tight against my mouth taking in her entire cunt into my mouth. She tasted so good, love eating a cunt, a tasty warm and wet cunt. It sends chills up and down my spine every time I get my mouth on a set of pussy lips. Ummm, so good. Julie was now sucking on her dad’s cock.

In the meantime, Billy had crawled down between my legs and began eating me, oh what a great sensation, I love eating pussy while also being eaten. I pulled my legs up and wide giving him full and easy access to my freshly fucked cunt and he was taking full advantage. He had all of my cunt lips sucked up into his mouth and I was loving it. Finally Julie lifted her cunt up and said, “Oh mom that was so good but I need dad’s cock in me now. “

She got up and straddled her dad’s lap with her cunt just above his dick. She leaned forward pushing her tits in his face as she slowly lowered her cunt down over his cock. Once she had the head of his dick inside her, she squatted down real fast taking his entire cock all at one. She then began to bounce on his lap getting yet another fuck from her dad while he was vigorously sucking on her tits.

I looked down at Billy as he was eating my pussy saying, “OK sweetie, how about you taking your turn at fucking your mother’s pussy?” He immediately slid up and when his cock was near my cunt, I grabbed it and began rubbing it all over my cunt before pulling him down in me, planting his hard cock inside my cunt. He began thrusting his cock in and out of me while I was raising my hips to meet his thrusts to get maximum penetration of his cock into my cunt. I could feel the head of his cock against my cervix, it was giving me fantastic sensations, I wanted more and more of it and was actually fucking his cock with my cunt. “Oh yes baby, keep fucking me, make your mommy cum, oh I love getting fucked so much, love it baby, just love it. My cunt is yours for the asking sweetie, eat me, fuck me, suck me, do whatever you want to me. Have your friends fuck me, just make me cum baby, make your mommy cum, I love having your cock in me.” He started to stiffen up and I knew I was about to get another load of his sweet cum in me. “Slow down baby, show down, make me cum before you do, yes that’s it. Yes, yes, oh I’m almost therrrrrre, oh yes, yes, now cum baby, cum in me. Ohhhhhhh fuck this is good, fill me baby, fill your mommy’s pussy with your juice, oh yea, that’s it. Pump me, yes pump, pump. Ahhhhhhh fuck me, oh fuck me that was so goooood!”

Billy rolled off me exhausted on the floor. We both looked over at Julie and Jack who were still going at it. Julie was now on the bottom and Jack was on top fucking her hard and deep. He was grunting as he was pounding her pussy. Julie was holding onto her ankles keeping her legs spread real wide so her dad could get every inch of his big dick in her cunt saying, “Oh daddy, fuck me good, fuck me deep, I love your cock, it feels so good inside me, it’s so big and fills me up so much. Oh yes daddy, cum in me and make me cum. I want my cunt to be all gooey with your seed, I want my pussy flooded with your juices, oh daddy fuck me.”

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