My Uncle: My Favourite Babysitter


Dear Uncle Dave,

I finally managed to get your address from Aunt Jean, and she says she only gave it to me because it’s a special time. How are you? It’s been so long since I’ve seen you and I’ve missed you not being around.

You’ve probably already noticed that I’ve enclosed an invitation with this letter. It’s a Wedding Invitation. Yes, I’m so excited, I’m getting married Uncle Dave. It would mean so much to me if you could find the time to come out and attend my big day.

I have so many fond memories of my times with you. I’ve been going over some of them the last couple of days as I’ve been writing this letter to you.

As you know, I had a wide range of babysitters as I grew up, but you were always my favourite. I remember all the times you “babysat” me so fondly. I don’t know why Mum and Dad thought that, even though I had just turned 18, I still needed someone to be home with me. But I always enjoyed when you came to stay with me while Mum & Dad went out for the night or out of town, and in hindsight, I’m glad you agreed to stay with me, cause once I turned 18, we began having a different kind of fun didn’t we Uncle Dave.

We used to talk about everything, boys included. You used to say that I was probably going to drive all the boys at University mad with my great looks and sexy body.

I remember so many things about us. I loved the way you emek escort used to stroke my body as I lay on the sofa and dozed off to sleep, and then you would sit and watch TV, stroking my legs every now and then, moving higher and higher until your finger touched my tender young pussy lips.

Do you remember that Uncle Dave? Sometimes you would even gently slip your finger in between them, feel how wet I was, feel the tip of my clit with your finger. You thought I was asleep didn’t you Uncle Dave? I pretended I was, moving my legs a little to give you better access. But when I’d start stirring to much you’d help me up and carry me to bed.

You’d tuck me in and you’d kiss me goodnight and leave. I was so turned on by you touching me that way, I couldn’t sleep. I’d kick off the covers and my fingers would move down to my pussy as I spread my legs. I’d start sliding them over my already wet cunt, wishing they were your fingers, and then I’d cum while whispering your name Uncle Dave.

I remember one time when this happened, and I knew, like so many other times that you were at my bedroom door watching me. I got onto my hands and knees, my butt facing the door and slid my fingers down into my pussy and started rubbing my clit as you watched.

I knew you were there Uncle Dave with your hand wrapped around your cock. I grabbed my hot pink vibrator and began eryaman escort fucking myself while calling out and panting your name Uncle Dave. You came many times that way while babysitting me didn’t you Uncle Dave?

Oh, and remember the time Mum & Dad went away for their 25th Wedding Anniversary and you stayed with me. Remember I was swimming in the pool and you wouldn’t come in cause you said you couldn’t swim. You made dinner and you didn’t mind that I ate dinner in my bikini (mum & dad would never allow that at the dinner table) and then you cleaned up while I had a shower.

Remember how I came down in my thigh high t-shirt nightie. You had this wicked smile on your face and I kissed your cheek telling you again how yummy dinner was.

You, knowing that I don’t wear any panties under my pyjamas suggested we play a game of Twister. We had so much fun and I loved you touching me as you did, although we never did speak about it, you just did it and I just loved the feeling it gave me when you did. It still sends a shiver of delight up my spine when I think of it Uncle Dave.

We didn’t get very far into the game. You said I was a knock out and you couldn’t concentrate so you just flaked out onto the carpet. I straddled you and started tickling you, insisting we continue the game.

As I was tickling you, you were laughing and kicking your etimesgut escort legs up and moving my light tender body up across yours, soon I was sitting on your chest. I reached out for a pillow off the sofa to hit you with playfully. As I grabbed it I lost my balance and landed sprawled across your lips…my bare, almost hairless pussy spread out across your face, my tender white creamy thighs against your cheeks.

For a moment, I just froze. I was about to say sorry to you Uncle Dave and move off, but then I felt your tongue lick over pussy. I just gulped…it felt so nice. And then you did it again, and then you did all those other things with your tongue Uncle Dave, all those things to my clit and my pussy, until I couldn’t stand it anymore and I came all over your face to the sound of your voice encouraging me to cum for you. Do you remember that Uncle Dave?

Sometimes, when I’m laying in bed at night alone, just me and my vibrator, I can still here your voice in my ears encouraging me to cum on your mouth and I have a knockout orgasm.

Do you remember those things you did with me Uncle Dave? I hope so, cause I have and always will remember them so fondly. They are our very own secrets, ours, never to share with anyone but each other.

I hope you can make it to my wedding Uncle Dave. I’d love to have some private time with you before the wedding. It’s been 3 years since I’ve seen you and I can’t wait to see you again.

Your loving niece,

Georgina…hugs & kisses to you.

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