New Horizons – Intermission


Hey y’all, sorry for taking so long. I’m a busy person. I’ll try to be more consistent this summer…


“Hey, come over will ya?” I said as soon as she picked up.

“Why haven’t you texted me back? I’ve sent you so many pictures begging you for some!” She said in a bitchy tone, her usual tone.

“Just come over, babe,” I insisted.

“We literally have been going nuts over here-“

“Ok I’ll see you in a few, bye,” I hung up. They had been sending us nudes for the past twelve hours and asking for some of ours, as if they didn’t have enough already. But she didn’t need pictures of my dick, she needed my dick itself.

I called her as soon as mom said she would go out for groceries, seeing an opportunity to level the tent me and my brother had in our shorts. We woke up horny from a scarce day yesterday, and had a sexy event happen with Mom, and then we saw the babe down in the next block in her parent’s garden on our way to the thrift store. We relieved ourselves some with her, which is another story,, but it wasn’t enough.

The girl I called was Angie. Or Lexi. I don’t really know which one, they’re identical twins just like T and me and we don’t really care about what makes them different because they’re both fucking fantastic. All of us have been buddies for… a very long time. A decent portion of our lives, and we’re all just 19. We only started banging recently though, once they turned 18, so they’ve been struggling to take us inside em.

After hanging up, mom was gone and I stripped off my t-shirt and plopped on the loveseat nearby in the living room. Mom didn’t like us getting on the furniture sweaty like this, but that’s because she doesn’t know that we soil it regularly with cum and just clean it. My penis was stretching my shorts almost to breaking point so I tried slipping them off. But my dick was sticky from that girl on the other block’s pussy, so it took some work. But before I freed my monster, I heard the familiar slap of a huge dick hit a hard, fleshy surface. Of course, Tony had beat me to completely stripping and he sat on the sofa, naked, with his dick still wobbling from being liberated and bouncing back to smack his pecs. He yelped at his dick slapping his wounds, which made me chuckle. Soon enough though, I caught up and was punched in the chest by a sticky cockhead. Now there were two alpha studs with almost 30 inches’ worth of extra thick man beef between the both of us visibly throbbing and profusely leaking.

“Mom wants us bad, bro,” T mentioned, forcing his hand to stay away from his rod.

“Well it’s about time we have her, that sweet body of hers deserves a heavy duty pounding,” I admitted.

“She’s definitely getting it, but before we come up with a plan we need more pussy,” he said eyeing his dick while I massaged my nuts. They hurt and we desperately needed release.

A few minutes later the door opened, and a pair of long, muscular legs and big, perky tits pounced on me, being the closest one to the door. She mashed her lips on mine and squeezed my balls hard, making me groan out. I heard Tony yelling at me, “How many rounds?” and I responded with just two fingers on my right hand. That meant two rounds before we switched girls. I guess he had his dick attacked before his face.

She wasn’t just kissing me hard, shoving her tongue for me to suck in my mouth; she massaged an orange sized testicle in each hand and had her mini skirt ride up her tight waist above her bare, wet pussy so that she could rub it up and down my shaft, marinating my steak before I fed it to her. Her tits were pressed on my upper chest as we face fucked each other, but I just kept my hands behind my head for now. I had to keep myself under control, being so horny and provoked at the same time, otherwise she would get brutalized.

I heard heavy moaning from the other pair, between them both, actually. Either T was praising the chick for taking his dick like a pro or she would moan around his dick or pull back to tell him how delicious and huge he was while she speed-jacked his slobbery shaft with both hands and room to spare.

Then my girl covered up my view with her cute, little, sopping wet pussy while she took the throat plunge on my dick. And of course I did not hesitate to dive into her love well and appreciate her pussy before I smashed it into unrecognizability while she sucked my turgid rod. She only took a few to swallow my entire girl buster, and would take even less to earn breakfast. I was way too horny to hold back, and she was massaging my nuts in just the right way to entice them to blow up.


I had my pants off and my dick flopping and slapping around before G, but he had a slut literally go at him face first and in an instant pull her skirt up to show me her sweet, sopping wet cunt, only to hide it behind his shaft to rub him while pendik escort they made out. Staring at that didn’t let me get ready to have my dick plunged three quarters of the way down the other girls throat before she even knelt in front of me! I groaned out loud and asked G how many rounds till we switched, but he couldn’t even answer me so he just put out two fingers to let me know. It was not going to take a long time to get me to shoot a wad.

I still had the scent of my sweet mother’s love in my nose from being the one closest to her while putting the box spring in the room. She had jacked off to her own sons! And I was intrigued. I am more than eager to include her in our sex life and can’t wait to introduce her to our love weapons. She already had a short encounter with them, but that would not be enough. She must get the whole experience now that she had a sneak peak.

But that was a plan to figure out later, because at the moment, there was someone taking part in the whole experience, literally. She, as always, had my whole length down her throat in less than a minute. I was losing it, of course, while she praised my size and taste in between chugging my XXL man sized meal. She would hum with my cockhead in her mouth, which drives me crazy and occasionally give my pipe a break and attack my fattened up nuts. I let her know how slutty and awesome she was whenever I wasn’t choked up on a groan myself.

I got mentally lost in lust and pleasure for who knows how long until I felt her trying to climb me. I opened my eyes and realized she was trying to pull a sixty-nine, and I was more than happy to eat some pretty pussy; I was parched and hungry for femaleness. I had barely positioned her legs around my head when I felt her swallow my entire length effortlessly again, leading me to stiffen up initially and then relax so my face landed on her sweet little core. It smelled wonderful and I couldn’t wait to pound this one or the other twin.

I ate that cunt like it was the last time I ever would. I quickly found her clit and played with it and nibbled on it and shoved my long tongue to reach as deep as I could into that velvety chasm. For the most part she was shooting lady juice at my face and I was just cleaning her up inside and out, sipping her sweet tea while she choked on my drill. She was coming so readily I was almost worried if she kept up like this she wouldn’t have enough later to bathe my dick in!

But I spoke too soon. Moments later I felt my mighty balls rumble under the grip she had gotten of them when she got into the sixty-nine position. Obviously she used her hands to balance herself while she pulled and dove from and onto my dick, so since she had my nuts in her hands they were getting squeezed and rubbed harshly nonstop, which caused me to go crazy faster than usual. Both me and my brother have weirdly overly-sensitive balls, super responsive to any touch when we’re horny and they become a shortcut to getting us off, which the girls knew from experience. They really must have been starving.

After me triggering her largest and strongest orgasm so far, reflected by the cascade of cum she almost choked me on, she figured out the daily combination of humming pitch on my shaft, lip pressure on my glans and tonguing depth in my cum hole to open up my flood gates for blasts of thick wads of wholesome semen and draw a hearty groan from me. As soon as she realized my load was getting pumped up my lengthy shaft she plunged all the way to my thick root. If she stayed at my tip her swallowing would not be fast enough, so direct delivery was necessary. We didn’t have time to make a mess in that moment.

I roared at my first few shots and then was too dizzy to know what happened after that. Then I heard my brother grunting and his bitch screaming and looked up to see her huge ass bouncing as her pussy glided up and down his pussy juice soaked pole. I could only smile as I heard her strained screams and saw his hands at her hips pulling her up and shoving her down on him. My own dick throbbed and released one last load into the lips of my slut as she worshipped my cock head with kisses and licks and sucked the cum left in my cum pipe. I hadn’t softened one bit, instead I felt bigger and harder, ready for the real hardcore work.

Her lips stayed around the crown of my staff as I got up. She sucked hard one more time to draw out the last ounce of seed and then pulled out with a loud PLOP. She immediately took off everything she had on and got on all fours on the couch I was sitting on. I turned to face her fat ass and slobbering pussy with my glowing weapon. It curved up to point at a forty five degree angle from my abs, so I had to aim it manually towards it’s victim. But I didn’t want to take the plunge yet. I placed my shaft under her belly past her pussy and began sawing back and forth, pendik escort humping her while her pussy bathed me in lube and I covered her belly and tits in precum.

She whined in protest of not getting fucked, but I kept humping her, slapping her ass with my lower abs and punching her labia with my thick cock base. My dick was squirting my own lube on her titties and I reached down to spread it all over those large orbs and her tight belly I would soon bulge out of. I sped up gradually then after a few minutes I slammed onto her one last time hard and stayed there, my dick squirting out one last bit of macho honey before I pressed my shaft against her belly to show her how deep I would go. She gasped, even though we’d done it before, when she felt my deep purple glans releasing huge amounts of heat just under her tits. In the midst of her sister screeching wildly and my brother grunting out, I pulled back till my cockhead slapped my pecs, then aimed my weapon at her gaping hole, grabbed her by the hair, pushed my hips forward, pulled her back, and impaled her on half my megacock.

She screamed an intense, ear piercing scream, but I was certainly not preoccupied with that since my dick had skin tight lady muscle massaging half its length. I groaned deeply before pulling her hair and thrusting my hips to shove more of me in. That double motion control I used kept the pressure constant in her canal and prevented her pussy from pushing me out or the fluff of the couch from yielding to my shoves, preventing me from going deeper. So she had no escape from my strong pole and the large amount of pressure my girth put on her walls and her special gate. I reached that checkpoint immediately after pushing half of me in, and stretched it with considerable force the second thrust.

I let go of her hair and grabbed her wide hips instead and pushed farther. She still resisted and managed to keep me out of her box. I pushed some more, to no avail. Well then! I was gonna have to work for my prize today, and I didn’t have an issue with that at all.

I pulled out the entire length I had stuffed her with so far. She stopped screaming and moaned instead while she pushed back at me. I chuckled at that. I had barely broken a sweat so far, but I sure was gonna be dripping soon once I got into her forbidden kingdom. My dick had hardened even more inside her and had bounced up to my pecs all slobbery and swollen and purple, my scratches from earlier barely bothering me. I aimed at her core again, needing to use more force to lower my dick this time, and pushed just half of my tip, grabbed her by the hips, and plowed through her walls and her cervix in one go with a grunt, which turned into a loud groan once my balls slapped against her lower belly and her pussy spasmed in a violent orgasm around me thanks to me.


After eating out my girls pussy while she choked on my dick in a sixty nine, I had to focus hard on not busting down her throat. Then, I stayed in my sitting position and moved her around so I could bounce that gloriously tight pussy on my length. She begged me to go easy on her, but I didn’t make any promises. She was lightweight enough that I could lift her up with just my arm strength and lower her sopping wet cunt on my dangerously huge cock. I penetrated her slowly, since she was more used to my size with her throat than her cunt, but she still always prevented me from going my own speed by using her legs to get up and her arms against my pelvis to keep me from lowering her.

“You’ve gotta fucking stop, babe, I’m the one doing the fucking here, alright?’ I clarified. She didn’t say anything, she just stopped and let me do my job. As I always did when she resisted me, I slammed her down on my hilt instantly, eliciting a silent scream, a series of powerful orgasms and contractions, and probably left her buzzed for the rest of day. In a second I had smashed through her vagina and her cervix, and punched her uterus into an orgasmic frenzy.

Of course I didn’t leave it at that. I began bouncing her nearly unconscious body on my pole, letting the pumped up veins all along my shaft scrub away any doubt that she was mine to have and use as I pleased. And I could hear my brother was doing the same to his slut. We made sure to hand each other drained yet stuffed sluts to each other once we swapped girls. They should be drained of energy and resistance yet stuffed completely with fresh, hot cum. The only way to ensure that was to plow her pussy to my balls’ content, then fill her up with my thick splooge. Which didn’t happen in too long a time, since I was primed up from getting sucked off. When the time came, I pulled out and shoved half my length into her esophagus to release half my thick load, then quickly plunged into her pussy mid-shot to shower her love. I fucked her while I came in her pussy and I didn’t pendik escort soften one bit.

As I bounced her on my oversized tap root I stared at her massive jugs dancing for me. I was definitely slapping some cum on those tonight. And I am planning on having her tit fuck me later. Goddamn I’m horny today!

Both the twins had awesome 36DD breasts that were pretty firm on their chests but more than willing to jiggle and shake if you were fucking them hard enough. They were so soft and they fit perfectly in my palm and around my cock shaft, the latter being a rare but awesome occurrence. Her nipples were just under an inch long and dark pink, getting rock hard as soon as I was near them. I had lifted her crop top to watch them visually serenade me as I plowed their owner senseless. The girls didn’t wear a bra when they came over to give me and my brother easy access, and it was worth it. My brother and I love playing with tits and watching them jiggle as we blast cum on them.

Anyways, those fine titties were getting to me and so was the convulsing pussy around my throbbing staff. My brother’s grunts were becoming deep groans and so were mine, which meant we were close to busting our second load of the session. Just as our gonads rose to the occasion just under our swollen penises, my phone rang.


Just as my thrusts were beginning to get choppier as my cock swelled to pump my bitch full of another load I heard a phone ringing. It was G’s phone, and it was the ringtone he had for mom. Immediately I slammed balls deep into my slut’s cunt, punching her lungs and forcing a silent scream from them, and looked back to watch G let his girl drop to the hilt of his cock and cover her mouth. I did the same, and then he answered the call.

“Oh, ok. We’ll be waiting for you. Ok… ok… bye,” he hung up and had an annoyed look on his face. “Mom’s on her way back and she needs help with groceries.”

“Oh fuck!” I said as I pulled out till just my head was sheathed, then slammed back harder than ever, repeating that as fast as I could. Instead of rushing to clean up our sweaty, sexy mess, we fucked harder, trying to draw out this second load before we had to pack up the guns.

I let out a long, loud groan as my balls blew up in my scrotum. I kept my shaft shoved all the way in my girl until my contractions stopped, then I heard G’s groans as he too finished busting his nut in his girl’s pussy. Unfortunately for our current situation, we bust massive wads that almost always end up dripping normal men’s loads all over the place after they fill up the receiving pussy. And if we pulled out there would be huge loads of cum cascading out of each pussy, which would be impossible to clean up in time. So we had to climb up the stairs with the girls still stuffed with cock, shove them in our closet to take care of later, and clean up our mess. As soon as both nearly unconscious babes were laying on two layers of towels in the closet squirting out freshly churned cum from their conquered pussies, we ran downstairs to clean up with paper towels. Luckily, we contained our loads pretty well and there wasn’t much from us, but when those girls squirted, it either went directly to the hardwood floor or against us, where it splashed onto the furniture fr our torsos. We were almost done when mom pulled up and Greg ran out after wiping down our wet footprints towards and up the stairs to keep her out a little longer. I finished wiping the furniture just after and ran to get febreeze to spray in the living room and the entrance to the house, hoping she would get hung up on that and not notice any stray wafts of hardcore sex.

With the febreeze bottle still in my hand, I heard the door opening and my mom’s voice coming in and realized I was still buck naked and she would flip if she saw me again, especially now with a soaking wet semi and an obviously freshly fucked look on my cock. So I ran to the living room and pulled my shorts back on around my sticky, tenting rod. Greg had done so before, and I saw his own semi trailing behind mom as they made their way to the kitchen. He has wiping his abs with the paper towel, trying to make it less obvious he had gotten a pussy shower just minutes ago. I then did the same as I walked out, barefoot and shirtless, to pick up the last of the groceries. Our front door neighbor saw me like that as she walked into her car to leave and she winked at me smiling. I did the same but added a flex to my cock, making the tent of my shorts bounce before turning around to get to the trunk. I got the stuff and shut the trunk, then walked in the house. My mom already looked uncomfortable, probably because me and my brother were shirtless, soaked in sweat (and other things) and only had our supermanly cocks covered by the lightly colored, thin, stretchy fabric of our shorts, which soon soaked up the sex sauce on our rods and basically fully displayed our cocks. I put the stuff I was carrying where it belongs the pantry, then walked into her room, where G and she were.

She had a horny look in her eyes. I decided to advance and said, “So is it time to build our bed?”

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