New Year’s Eve with Mom


This is a continuation of my story, “Christmas with Mom,” and you might want to read it first. I appreciate all the positive feedback from the first installment, it is very gratifying. I hope you like the second installment as well. And yes, there will be more.

As always, you may assume that this is a work of fiction and that all characters exist only within my mind, but as always, what is one man’s fantasy is another’s reality…it all depends on your perception, doesn’t it. All one can really hope is that you, dear readers, enjoy the story.

Words cannot quite capture my feelings after becoming Mom’s lover on Christmas morning. I wish I was a poet or an artist or a composer. Perhaps I could then do some justice in describing this new world that I now find myself in. Everything changed with our first intimate dance of love and lust, both passionate and exhilarating. I know that I could not help the goofy grin that was perpetually plastered on my face. And words simply fail to capture the beatific glow that Mom now exhibited. I knew now that it was my life’s mission to keep Mom looking this happy for the rest of her life (a job I merrily carry on to this day.).

In the days after Christmas, as Chicago and the rest of the Midwest began digging itself out, I could not keep my eyes off my mother, amazed that this woman who’d I’d been in love with practically all my life was now mine. My mother, who had nursed me, cared for me, tended to my wounds and encouraged me to explore the world around me, my mother was now my soul mate, my lover.

The day after Christmas, we took things easy, just enjoying each others company, savoring our new found intimacy. And Mom admitted a little sheepishly, “John, I’m kinda sore.” She laughed as we embraced under the Christmas tree, wrapped up in our blankets and each other after waking up, “I swear, it almost feels like I lost my virginity again last night. It’s been a long, long time, since anyone made love to me like you did, son.” She reached down and stroked my already erect cock. “And I’ve never had anything as big and long as this inside me. I guess you did fuck virgin territory!” she giggled as I pulled her in for a kiss.

Truth be told, my cock was also aching a bit, but it was that pleasant ‘I’ve had a lot of great sex kind of ache,’ so I wasn’t complaining a bit. It was a wonderful day, our lusts momentarily sated, but there was no uncomfortable “what do we do now,” atmosphere left behind. We have always been comfortable just being together and I think that even without sex, we enjoyed an equally intimate time together. We talked and napped and kissed and just spent the day ‘cocooning’ as they used to say. I enjoyed the freedom of cuddling up with Mom as we slept and savored the delicious feel of her warm body against mine when we woke up.

In the late afternoon on December 27, Mom suggested a nice, long soak in the tub. The best thing about my apartment was that it had an old fashioned claw foot tub that two normal size people could squeeze into – emphasis on “Squeeze.” It took a little wiggling and adjusting, but we both managed to fit in the tub. We sat at opposite ends and adjusting our legs, found ourselves joined at the crotch, my semi-erect cock resting against Mom’s furry mound.

We spent most of the morning in a hot bubble bath, continuing our talk from the day before, Mom looking at me with an expression that few sons have probably ever seen in their mother’s eyes; a look that signaled desire, lust, love and utter and complete happiness.

Something had been on my mind, a memory of Mom straddling me, crying out her orgasm and begging me to make her pregnant. I reminded Mom of that moment and she smiled mysteriously and wiggled a bit in the water as if the image was making her horny. “Mom, did you mean that? Would you really like to have a baby with me?”

Mom sighed as she smiled sadly at me. “Well, I think that’s just natural. A woman wants to have a baby with her lover and the thought of having my son’s baby in my belly really makes me wet, John.”

“But…? It really sounds like there’s a ‘but’ in there.” I said

Mom sighed again, her breasts heaving into sight as she did so, swollen nipples peeking out briefly. I had an image of Mom’s heavy, sloping breasts becoming swelled with mother’s milk and my cock stiffened a little more. “But, I’m forty-two years old, honey,” Mom said. “And I had my tubes tied after your brothers were born. I might be able to get that procedure undone, but at my age, getting pregnant is a long shot. And like we talked about, I don’t expect to divorce your father for another couple of years.” Mom raised her right foot and gently brushed my chest with it, the movement making her thick matted mound rub deliciously against my cock. “After that, well, son, we’ll just see what happens.”

I felt Mom roll her pelvis slightly, raising up so my cock was brushing against her blooming pussy lips which felt like hot, wet silk. “I suppose I should escort bayan ask you, John. Would you like to make a baby with your Mom?” Mom was grinning evilly at me now.

I flexed my hips to counter her movement. “Mom, the thought of you pregnant alone makes me hard. The thought that I could make your belly and breasts swell because I put a baby inside you is almost enough to make me cum!” I thrust forward and my now iron hard cock slipped a couple of inches into Mom’s hot pussy. “I would love to make Mommy pregnant!”

Mom groaned, a little bit of pain, a whole lot of pleasure and bit her lip as she moved forward to take more of me into her. I moved deeper into Mom’s pussy on my own, finally our arms were wrapped around each other as sitting in the tub, we became joined, cock and pussy. “I love you, Mom!” I stammered as I felt her mature cunt muscles wrap around my cock. Sitting face to face in the bubble filled water, Mom and I couldn’t move easily, but it’s amazing what delicious pleasures a man and a woman can derive from the slightest movements when making love!

Mom kissed me hard, her body shivering with excitement as her wet, soapy body pressed against mine; her heavy, meaty breasts pillowing out against my chest, her thick nipples making me shiver as they scraped against my flesh. Mom’s legs wrapped around me, digging into the small of my back as she thrust herself against me, taking me deep within her fiery womb.

Mom cried out against my mouth as I thrust back, my hands cupping her ass cheeks to hold her against me as I shoved my cock into my mother’s hungry pussy. It was a long, sweet fuck, our slow in and out motions making things last forever. Sweat poured out of our bodies, joining the bathwater which didn’t seem to cool off. Our incestuous lovemaking seemed to keep the water and ourselves steaming hot.

For what seemed hours we both crept towards the edge of climax. Mom and I stared at each other, our mouths slightly open in awe or disbelief that we were again consummating our desires for each other. Our eyes held the real expression of our deed. Looking into Mom’s eyes I could see the desire and love that she had for me. I saw her raw, naked, incestuous passion steadily growing towards the moment of no return and I knew that the same look was in my own eyes. I was making love to my mother, my woman, my soul mate! Each gentle, slow agonizing thrust into Mom made us groan and sigh. We seemed to reach climax together, Mom crying gently as she pressed her face against my chest, her arms holding me so tight, her nails digging slowly into my back as our mutual pleasure mounted and mounted until finally, my cock buried deep in Mom’s pussy, I cried out, “I love you, Mom!” and let myself go, ejaculating my seed into her steamy cunt.

Mom screamed, her voice muffled against my chest and I felt her subtly thrust a little more, taking me a fraction deeper into her pussy before her vaginal muscles clamped down tightly and enhance my pleasure by constantly milking me of my semen. I held on tight to Mom as she convulsed in orgasmic delight. Her long, black mane of hair ticked my nose as she shivered and I could smell her distinct jasmine tinged scent, mixed with sweat and our lusty, combined musks.

We sat in the middle of my old bathtub for what seemed an eternity, our orgasms seeming to go on forever. I couldn’t believe how much semen I pumped into my mother’s body. I couldn’t believe how I seemed to be able to produce such intense orgasms in my own mother! Her chest heaved against mine, both our hearts pounding as we struggled to regain our breath.

Finally though, Mom shifted to look up at me, her face streaked with tears. “That was wonderful, John.” Mom kissed me then, tenderly, her tongue dancing with mine. “I don’t know how I can leave you, son,” Mom whispered. “I want to stay with you here and never go back.”

“I know, Mom,” I replied softly. “That day will come, though. Not soon enough, but someday we’ll be together forever.”

Eventually we climbed out of the tub, not wanting to turn into prunes. We spent the evening on the couch, making out and talking more. I tried to press Mom about other things she’d said, “Incest runs in our family,” being a comment that hung tantalizingly between us. Mom was adamant though, and told me she would answer that when she was ready.

Mostly Mom talked about her suppressed desires. “Like I’ve told you, John, I think at heart, I am a slut. I can’t tell you how much I want to just open up the windows and tell the world that my son is the best cocksman I’ve ever known. That I fuck my son and that I love it and I love him more than anything on Earth!”

I’m sure you can imagine how swelled my ego was at that moment, not to mention how swelled my cock was. I mean, this was my Mom. Mom of the matronly dresses and the conservative pantsuits. Mom of the PTA and Cub Scout Den Mother and Sunday School teacher. Mom, who without fail, had dinner ready every night, helped tuzla genç escort with homework and tucked us in at night. My cock throbbed as she talked about her desire to throw away her conservative clothes and begin dressing provocatively. “I know I’m no thin model, but dammit, I’ve still got a nice body, son!”

Mom shrugged off the blanket we had ourselves wrapped in and cupped her meaty breasts, lifting them up and squeezing them, her fingers digging deep into her tit flesh. “I mean, I know these boobs aren’t perfect anymore, but I think they’re still pretty damned terrific!”

I kicked off the blanket to show how much I appreciated Mom how much I appreciated her body and we both laughed as my hard-on pointed its swollen head at her. “Mmmm, now that’s a compliment,” Mom cooed, sliding off the couch and moving between my knees. Taking me in her right hand, Mom kissed the head of my cock and whispered, “Mommy just loves her son’s big penis!”

I spent the next several minutes moaning as Mom showed her appreciation for my compliment. I looked down at Mom and again was completely in awe. Mom could suck my cock a million times and I think each time, I would be in awe that my wonderful Mom was between my legs, sucking my cock with naked passion and hunger.

Finally, I pulled Mom up and into my lap. “Baby, I don’t know,” Mom sighed as my cock slipped between her flowered, wet lips. “Mommy’s awful sore.”

“Shhhh,” I replied, shushing Mom with a loving kiss. Our tongues danced and dueled as I gently eased Mom down the length of my stiff meat until finally our pubic hairs were entangled and I felt her mound against me. “We’re not going to move, Mom. Let’s just sit here, mother and son, joined cock and pussy and savor the moment.” My hands gripped Mom’s voluptuous ass cheeks tightly, restraining any movement.

“Mmmm, savor. I like the sound of that,” Mom purred, leaning her naked body into my mine, her breasts like large pillows against my chest. For long minutes, our only conscious movement was kissing. As the minutes passed, involuntary movements took over as my cock throbbed powerfully inside my mother’s vagina and her cunt muscles began to massage my penis of their own accord. Her internal temperature seemed to be steadily increasing, going from warm to hot to fiery in scant seconds. I could feel her wetness literally flowing from her pussy, drenching my thighs.

The sensation began to get to Mom. She broke the kiss to moan and gasp, “Omigod, son. I can’t keep this up.” Mom’s ass was trying to flex to increase the pressure, to create movement and friction, to bring fruition to our joining, but I held her firm and allowed little movement..

Pleasure was thick in her voice and I grinned as I replied, “Wait, control it if you can, Mom. Let it happen on its own.” In truth, I was in dire need of release as well. Mom’s pussy muscles were incredible, squeezing and milking at my cock and I wondered which of us would lose control first.

We kissed a little more and then Mom buried her face against my shoulder, gasping and whimpering, wanting to make the incredible pleasure increase just that one sweet fraction that would bring orgasm. I could feel Mom’s heart, beating wildly. Her pussy was a steam furnace now, roasting my cock with her fiery wetness.

A sob broke her lips and then I felt Mom bit down on my shoulder, her sexy little overbite breaking skin as her orgasm suddenly detonated. Tighter than I might have believed possible, Mom’s cunt clamped down around my cock and my cock was coated and bathed in a lava hot flood of her pussy cream. Her sob drew out to become a cry of “Ohhh godddd, I’mmm c-c-cummmminggg!”

Mom’s incestuous orgasm triggered mine and I felt my cockhead swell and then begin ejaculating my pent up load into Mom’s womb. Wordlessly, I roared my pleasure as jet after scalding jet of my semen blasted into Mom’s pussy. My own heart was beating so fast that I feared it might explode.

As orgasms faded, we slumped together, gasping for air and laughing and crying and so happy that we had finally made this leap and become lovers. We fell asleep on the couch, my cock still nestled in Mom’s pussy, her head on my chest, feeling safe and loved in each others embrace.

By December 28th, Chicago had dug itself out enough to get the “El” running again and some of the braver taxis were out and about. Heads were rolling downtown as the city government spent most of its time pointing fingers about how long it had taken to dig out of the snow. As for Mom and me, they could have waited a few days more.

On the twenty-ninth, Mom and I walked down the newly shoveled sidewalks to the Korean grocery and called home. I kept teasing Mom about how she was walking a little bowlegged and she grinned and blushed and said, “Between my bowed legs and the big smile, everyone in Chicago should know that my son was keeping me well fucked.” Mom talked to the twins, who reported that the roads were pretty tuzla kendi evi olan escort much clear now, but still drifting at night. When Dad got on the phone, Mom told him that she expected to be home tomorrow. Mom looked at me as she said it, her expression that of a condemned prisoner. “I guess we’ll make the Miller’s New Years party after all.”

Dad said something in reply and Mom’s eyes widened. “What? You’re taking the boys where?”

“You mean I’m going to be alone until the 3rd of January? Well, Christ, Harold. I might as well stay in Chicago with John. I don’t want to spend New Year’s Eve alone.”

Mom’s face broke out into a disbelieving grin. “Well, be careful. Take care of the twins. Tell them I love them.” Dad hung up and Mom barely got the phone into its cradle before leaping into my arms.

“Baby, you can keep fucking Mommy until after New Years,” Mom squealed, drawing more than one amused or shocked glance from customers. Mom literally climbed up me till her legs were wrapped around my waist. Despite our bulky coats, I managed to keep us both together.

“Your father decided to dump our New Years plans and take the boys on a hunting and ice fishing expedition up in Northern Wisconsin. Some of his buddies own a cabin up there. Frank decided to take the boys along!” Mom kissed me passionately and if I couldn’t have leaned against the wall, I imagined we would have toppled over. “Son, are you looking for a date for New Year’s Eve?”

I laughed and replied, “Not any more!”

We had lunch in a little coffee shop and talked it over. Mom was serious about a date for New Year’s. She began planning a solitary shopping expedition and told me that she was leaving the details to me. “I expect dining and dancing, sweetheart!” Mom said.

I stared at Mom, again seeing a new side of her. For the first time, I could really imagine Mom as a teenager, excited about going to the Prom. “It’s a deal, Mom, but I expect you to be wearing something really sexy. I want to show off my hot Mom to the entire city. I want everyone to know I’m the luckiest motherfucker in the world!”

Mom glowed, both pleased with the compliment and excited about her opportunity to live out long suppressed fantasies. After lunch, Mom decided to venture off downtown by herself to do a little shopping. I saw her off in a taxi, getting a wet, hungry kiss that left the taxi driver wide-eyed, and left me with a small ache in my heart. For the first time in several days, I didn’t have my mother within arms reach and it made me a little sad.

I occupied myself by organizing plans for our New Year’s Eve. I took my suit to the cleaners, they assuring me they’d have it ready by December 30th. I then proceeded to make a call to a friend. He was an ex-roommate of mine who owed me a few favors and he happened to work for his uncle who ran a well known nightclub downtown. A couple of minutes later, I had us reservations for a nice dinner and dancing (their orchestra specializes in old, big band music from the Forties and Fifties), well into the wee hours. You want to live in Chi-town, make all the connections you can! My last stop was at our neighborhood pawn shop, where I made a purchase after careful study of the goods.

Mom didn’t get back until early evening, carrying in several shopping bags with a mischievous smile on her face; a smile that grew larger as she realized that she could smell supper cooking. “And he cooks too!” Mom exclaimed as she put the bags away and came running into my arms. “Your father has never cooked a meal for me, not even once!” Mom kissed me and rubbed herself against me. She was wearing her jeans and her sweater, but I could feel from the way her breasts pressed into my chest that she’d left the bra off. I brought my hand up and cupped one of Mom’s meaty tits, the feel of it in my hand making me hard again.

Mom brushed her hand over the crotch of my sweatpants and then palmed my burgeoning erection. “Mmmm and your father never got this hard for me in his life!” Mom began tugging my sweats down, asking as she began to squat, “Will dinner keep? I need a little snack right now.

I ran my hands through Mom’s long hair as she swallowed my stiff dick. Mom’s tongue felt so incredible. It seemed as if it was magic, the way Mom made it swirl and dance around my swollen flesh. “Um, it’s um, stew, Mom. It needs to simmer a while longer anyway.”

Mom made an agreeable noise and continued to lick and suck my hard penis. Even though Mom had now sucked me off numerous times in the past week, seeing her squatting before me, sucking me as her big, brown eyes watched me, studied me, developing her knowledge of how to best please me.

Too soon I felt the unstoppable urge to cum and gave Mom a warning. She burbled something and if it’s actually possible to grin while sucking cock, Mom did it and as I began to cum, Mom deftly drank my semen, not losing a drop this time. Even after I was spent, Mom continued to suck me. I was so weak in the knees I thought I might pass out and fall over, but the sensations that Mom’s tongue offered me were so exquisite that somehow I managed to stay up. Again I wondered how Mom had come to be such a wonderful cocksucker. When and where did she pick up those skills? And when would she tell me?

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