No More Limits Ch. 04


Session 29:

“Truth,” my sister slurred. “…or dare?”

It hadn’t taken long to get my sister hypothetically drunk and playing her favorite party game.

A game of truth or dare which had grown increasingly sexual.

Not the dares, I should specify. No, I didn’t want to do anything that would risk my sister waking up, and so I’d kept the dares stupid – the kind of dares that you see people doing in movies all the time.

Honestly, I’ve never been drunk. But Lucy has, and so her brain was able to fill in the gaps.

“I pick truth,” I said – I’d been admitting all sorts of outlandish things, testing answer after answer until I found something that my sister would believe. The trick, I figured, was vulnerability without judgement. The more dark secrets I admitted to, the more soul I invented to reveal, the more likely Lucy was to admit secrets in return.

And then once she had, who knew what would happen? Maybe drunk Lucy would make out with her brother. Maybe drunk Lucy didn’t need her brother to be innocent in order to get with him.

Maybe drunk Lucy would fuck her brother.

There was only one way to find out.

“Tell me,” she said, a wicked gleam flashing into her otherwise-blank eyes, “…when you’re having sex with Marcie, do you ever think of anyone else?”

I considered throwing her a line about a celebrity, or a girl at school. I considered mentioning Marcie’s mom or a hot cousin, but after a few seconds of thought, I decided to go for broke.

After all, what was the worst that could happen? She’d wake up, and I’d try again next time.

“I pour you another glass of whiskey,” I said, hoping that my hypothetical offering wouldn’t be enough to knock her out. “The room is spinning, but you’re listening closely to my response.”

Nod. At least, I think it was a nod. Despite there not being even a drop of alcohol in her body, Lucy was starting to lose control of her faculties, and the motion of her head was more of a circle than a straight up-and-down.

“I ask you to repeat the question. What do you say?”

“I said,” Lucy said, way too loudly, “when you fuck Marcie, do you ever think of anyone else?”

She jumped as the word fuck slipped out of her mouth, as if someone other than her had said it. It was obvious that it had slipped out, but she didn’t pause or apologize, just emphatically finished the question.

“I pause,” I said, and she again gave me that a weird, circular nod. “And when I answer, it’s obvious that I’m very drunk. It’s clear that this is something I wouldn’t normally admit, but I’m totally wasted, and I completely trust you.”

Again my sister nodded, and I smiled. This was going to work – I knew it was.

Session B123:

Marcie came each time my sister did. She came each time I did as well. Truth be told, each time Lucy breathed particularly heavily, or vocally enjoyed one of my thrusts, Marcie would cum.

My sister had taken over the blowjob while Marcie watched, and as I thrust into her mouth again and again, I wondered what it would be like to fuck Marcie.

Y’know. In her current state.

I’d fucked her before the blankness – countless times. But since…well, since things had changed, I hadn’t been able to bring myself to.

I wondered, though. I wondered pretty often. What would it be like to fuck someone so…responsive?

Not, of course, that it was going to happen. She couldn’t even eat by herself – she had to be spoon fed. Her father mostly took care of that. I’d seen the look in his eyes as he desperately tried to pretend she wasn’t cumming every time the spoon entered her mouth.

She definitely wasn’t on the pill, and that was an obvious reason not to do anything with her. I’d done enough to Marcie already – leaving her with a child wasn’t on the table.

Sure, I could kurtköy escort wear a condom. But I’d gotten so used to sex without one in the last few weeks, I didn’t really want to go back.

Session 29:

“What do you say?”

“…me?” she repeated, shocked. “But I’m…I’m your sister?”

“I say it again, just as drunk: that sometimes, I think of you. I’m speaking in a loud whisper, and it’s obvious that I think I’m being quieter than I am.”

The more details I give, the more believable the hypothetical is. The fact that my sister hadn’t woken up was a good sign, but as she sat there processing, that familiar fear came back.

Sure, the only implanted memory would be “one time you and your brother got drunk.” But maybe she’d remember my confession.

Maybe she’d remember me saying that I thought about her during sex.

As Lucy swayed back and forth, wide-eyed, taking my words in, I started to relax. If she was going to wake up, she surely would have done it by now. No, this wasn’t anything to worry about.

This was something to celebrate.

I didn’t think she was going to make a move, not this session. But we were slowly inching into a new direction – maybe even somewhere further than where we’d been, before her conversation with Marcie. Before she’d learned that I was…what’s the term the doctors use? Sexually active.

Before she’d started seeing me as a sexual creature.

Adrenaline was starting to pump through my veins. Sure, it sucked that I wasn’t going to see her tits again any time soon, or feel her tongue on my cock. But those had never been the real aim – those were steps on the path to where I wanted to be.

Complete sexual servitude.

No one becomes a sex slave to someone they don’t see as a sexual being. The fear disappeared, and now I was excited.

My sister knew that I was sexually active. She saw me as sexual, and that meant I didn’t need to trick her into “helping” me out. Not any more.

Now I just had to convince her that I was someone she wanted to fuck.

“What do you say?”

“Wow,” she said in a loud whisper. “Wow.”

I could have left it there, but I was too pumped up. I decided to see what else I could do, where else I could go.

What doors I’d opened up with my confession.

“I ask you truth or dare. What do you say?”

There was a short pause before she settled upon an answer.


“Are there any topics that are off-limits at this point?”


“If I asked you a sexual question, would you answer?”


“What if I asked you something really personal. Would you tell me?”


“What if I asked about your fantasies?”

Again, that tiny pause, but her answer came strong and clear.

“I’d answer honestly.”

Session 5:

“Wait, so you will tell me where Marcie keeps her spare key?”


“But you just said you wouldn’t.”

No answer. I guess that made sense; I hadn’t asked a question.

I was still figuring out how it all worked, but I was fairly sure I’d just made a breakthrough.

“Where does Marcie keep her spare key?”

“Under the pile of bricks beside the back door.”

Good to know.

Well, not really. I couldn’t imagine a situation where I’d ever be hanging out with Marcie without my sister around. But it was good to know that if she’d tell me in a specific circumstance, she’d tell me whenever she was under.

I wondered if everything worked like that.

“Would you ever let me drive your car?”


“Okay,” I said, the gears in my mind quickly spinning. “What if you were stung in the eye by a bee, and I needed to take you to hospital?”

My sister’s allergic, and thinking about getting stung really freaks her out.

“Would aydıntepe escort you let me drive your car then?”


“Even though I don’t have a license?”

“Yes,” she repeated, and I smiled.

“Okay. Let me drive your car.”

“Wow!” she said, blinking rapidly and hitting me with a grin. “That never gets old.”


I didn’t quite understand what had just happened, but I felt like I was starting to get the hang of it.

Session 29:

“What do you think about when you masturbate?”


No hesitation. That was a good sign – before the shift in how she’d thought about me, I’d only been able to get this information through hypotheticals, but since we’d ‘bonded’ through the game of truth and dare, I was able to get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

If I could get her to admit something while she was in a hypothetical, she’d admit it whenever she was under. Any information she’d reveal hypothetically, she’d reveal any time she was hypnotized.

Unfortunately, actions don’t work like that – I was sure I could come up with a hypothetical that required my cock in her pussy, but unless I rebuilt those circumstances exactly, she’d never let it happen.

“What specifically?”

“I think about your cock. I think about touching it. I think about holding it. I think about watching you cum.”

“What do you think about my cock?”

“I love it.”

To some extent, I knew all this…I mean, after all, I’d caused it. I wanted more – I wanted to push it further, to dig deeper. After all, she’d given me carte blanche. She’d said that she would answer sexual questions, no matter how personal. My confession about thinking about her while having sex with Marcie had opened the floodgates, and now her hidden desires were pouring out.

“Why do you love my cock so much?”

“Because it’s forbidden.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re my brother. I shouldn’t be lusting after you.”


Getting her to think about my cock whenever she came had tricky, but I’d managed it. Until now, I’d never really questioned what about it turned her on.

I guess on some level I’d imagined she was thinking about the image but not what it meant, like she was just thinking about ‘a cock’, and it just happened to be the one belonging to her brother.

It made way more sense that she was coming at it from the same angle as me.

I desired Lucy and Mom so much because I couldn’t have them.

I mean, I was pretty sure I’d still want them after I could have them…but before I’d discovered hypnosis, they’d been these unattainable beauties. I loved them, but that was irrelevant – I wanted them because I knew I shouldn’t.

For years I’d been telling myself it was nothing to do with them being related to me, it was just their bodies, but Lucy’s words made me realize the roots of my own desires.

I wanted them not despite their relationship to me…but because of it.

“Does that turn you on?” I asked.


“What do you mean?”

“It’s sexy that you’re my brother. It’s sexy that wanting you is so taboo. I find it arousing, knowing that I shouldn’t find you hot…but I do.”

I smiled. I was so close to fucking my sister, I could taste it. She wanted me, and she (hypothetically) knew that I wanted her.

“How do you feel about me finding you sexy?”

“It turns me on. It turns me on knowing that my body makes my brother hard. It turns me on, knowing that my brother is turned on by his sister. And it turns me on knowing that all of these thoughts are wrong. It’s naughty. And I love it.”

Session B37

“Okay Marcie,” I said, leaping straight into it. “Would you make out with Lucy if I told you to?”

Shake. That was disappointing – I thought I’d worked tuzla içmeler escort it out. Marcie was so obedient, so loyal; I was sure that her reluctance to make out with Lucy was because she didn’t want to disappoint or betray me.

Nope. I was no closer to working out why she’d do anything I commanded except make out with her best friend who she was clearly attracted to.

Now that I’d found out what they’d been talking about (me, and how good I was in bed – not gonna lie, that felt good) my priorities had shifted. I didn’t have anything particularly pressing to do with Marcie, and so I was determined to make a long-held fantasy come true, and get her together with my sister.

“Is there any circumstance under which you’d make out with Lucy?”


I can’t believe I didn’t think of this last time. I’d spent twenty minutes trying different hypotheticals, when I could have just asked.

“Would you tell me what it is?”


“What is it?”

“If you and I weren’t together.”

I paused.


“I would make out with Lucy if you and I weren’t sleeping together.”


“I think it’d be fun. She’s very attractive and I’ve been attracted to her for years.”

I rolled my eyes and clarified.

“Why won’t you make out with Lucy if you and I are sleeping together?”

“I think it’s weird to hook up with a brother and his sister at the same time.”

Not going to lie – that’s fair. What amused me was that it hadn’t come up when I asked my sister the same question.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Session 29:

“What would you say if I asked you…”

I paused, trying to work out how to phrase it. Then I decided to just go for gold – I was so excited by everything that was happening. At worst, I tried again later.

And again, and again, and again. I was closer than I’d ever been – even when my sister had been topless, my cum dripping from her nipples, I hadn’t felt this close.

“What would you say if I asked you to fuck me?”


Made sense.

“What if we were drunk?”


“What if we were really, really drunk?”


I couldn’t tell if there was a pause before she answered, or if I was just being ridiculously optimistic.

“Okay…hypothetical. It’s the night of Marcie’s funeral, and we’re really, really drunk.” Poor Marcie. She always gets the worst of my hypotheticals with Lucy. “Would you have sex with me then?”


“What if I told you it was her dying wish?”

“I wouldn’t believe you.”

I sighed. I hadn’t really expected that to work, but…well, it would’ve been nice.

Glancing at the clock, I saw that there were only a few minutes left before I went over my self-imposed limit. I wanted to touch on her making out with Marcie again, but there was some other stuff I wanted to try first.

Not that the time limit was set in stone. I’d decided to limit myself as an act of caution, but if I hit gold, I was going to keep on exploring.

“Okay,” I said, giddy with everything that had been revealed so far in this session. “Hypothetical: Marcie tells you she wants to share.”


“Hypothetical: Marcie tells you that I’m so great in bed, you just have to try me.”


“Hypothetical: Mom gets a form of cancer that can only be cured by her children having sex.”


“Hypothetical: aliens arrive, and tell you that we have to fuck.”


“Hypothetical: we live in a world where incest isn’t wrong.”


I froze, my mouth already half-open, ready to suggest the next ridiculous hypothetical.

Had…had Lucy just nodded? Had my sister just agreed to a hypothetical where…where incest wasn’t wrong?

No. That didn’t make any sense…I must have imagined it.

“Hypothetical: we live in a world where incest isn’t wrong.”



I paused.

“Okay. Hypothetical: we live in a world where incest isn’t wrong.”


“Would you fuck me?”

“Yes,” my sister replied, without a moment of hesitation.

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