Offering to the Muck Gods


Chapter 1

It was a warm summer evening at the Abbeyway Riding School, the customers had gone home and the staff were finishing the evening stables, sweeping the yards and checking stable doors were locked. Suddenly there was a shout and the sound of a number of buckets of water being thrown. Hilary walked round to the back yard to see her assistant soaked to the skin and fuming with a number of staff standing around her with empty buckets. Her white polo shirt was almost see through showing a black sports bra beneath and her black jodhpurs clung to her legs as she dripped.

“Oh you wait until I get you!” She snarled when there was a sudden whomp as two staff dropped a huge bucket of flour over her head. She vanished for a moment beneath the white cloud and then was ghostlike as the flour turned to a sticky dough all over her body. The staff screamed with laughter and ran off.

“Wow Sarah, what the hell did you do to wind them up?” Hilary could not help herself from laughing.

“This is your doing!” Sarah yelled.

“What?” Hilary sighed. She knew what would come next, I should of had your job, I am better qualified… Oh dear she shook her head. “No Sarah, you are just such a bitch that you get what you deserve.”

Sarah screamed and ran at Hilary knocking her from her feet. She tried to wrestle her on the yard, but Hilary was stronger and knocked her back dropping her on her damp bum. “Oh grow up Sarah. And sweep this yard down when you are finished.”

Everyone knew that there was no love lost between the stable manager and the assistant manager, they had been feuding for some months ever since Hilary had got promoted above her once best friend. Ever since then Sarah had been a total bitch to all of the staff and so they often got their revenge. She was often the butt of practical jokes, she had been covered with thick oil from a bucket left over the tack room door, she had been tripped up falling into the muck heap and in a particularly bad prank she was given a powerful laxative before she left for a six hour ride with horrible results.

The stables owner had finally had enough, and so an idea was hatched and presented to the assembled staff the next morning.

Chapter 2

The staff sat around the tack room waiting for the owner to arrive, Hilary and Sarah stood at opposite sides. The door opened and MrsFossington-Smyth stepped inside.

“Good morning girls.” She smiled. “I have decided that we will be having a charity day, we will raise funds for a good cause and have lots of fun!” Some of the staff rolled their eyes. “Here is the flyer…” She handed round a photocopied sheet, there were murmurs from everyone…

An offering to the muck gods…

It has been decided that the gods that live in the stables muck heap must be appeased, so on the 1st August we will give a human sacrifice to them. The chosen person will be anointed with messy food and then be offered to the gods in a special ceremony.

To chose the victim, you need to pay £1 to nominate them and the winner will be picked on the 1st.

The staff muttered… “Of course the sacrifice will involve the person being chucked on the muck heap. It is an old tradition we had at my old Pony Club camps…” MrsFossington-Smyth smiled. “I will leave you to it…”

Hilary smiled to herself, the old girl had come up with a way to resolve the arguments on the yard, yes it was bizarre, but it should be fun… Especially if a certain assistant manager was the sacrifice. She sniggered, this could be very good. Unfortunately for Hilary, erzincan escort Sarah had just had a similar idea and so the fixing of the votes began.

* * *

Hilary smiled as she approached the group of staff who were chatting in the tack room. “Hello girls, have you nominated anyone for the charity event?” The staff smiled and generally said they had not decided as yet. “Well, how about you vote for Sarah…” She smiled. “None of you like her, it would be good to see her get messed up.” The girls agreed and said they would vote for her. They watched Hilary leave and went back to their conversation which was interrupted again when Sarah came in.

“Hi there…” She paused. “Okay, I know you don’t really like me… But what if I promised I would be nice to you.” She smiled. “Really nice… If you just vote for Hilary…”

And so it went on, both Hilary and Sarah wanted the other messed up and the staff clubbed together to ensure that it would be a close race.

Chapter 3

The day of the charity event finally arrived, the voting box had been sitting in the office for the duration and had been sealed with a padlock only Mrs Fossington-Smyth would be able to open it and count the votes. She had been busy since setting up the event and had called in favors from people around the village to ensure that it would be a fun event. In the yard beside the muck heap there was a large tarpaulin laid out and beside it were boxes and buckets each containing food and other mess for the winner.

She clicked the padlock and quickly counted the votes. She double checked as a wide smile crossed her face, the result was better than expected.

* * *

The day had gone slowly, but finally the evening stables had been completed and the staff were free for the evening. They all started to gather around the muck heap waiting to find out who would win the special prize and get their special attention with the mess which had been gathered.

At five o’clock Mrs Fossington-Smyth stepped out onto the yard, she was followed by Hilary and Sarah. The staff were quite surprised that they were both wearing immaculate riding wear, Hilary was wearing white jodhpurs and a white blouse with a black tie, her brunette hair had been tied back in a bun, Sarah was wearing her best yellow jodhpurs and leather riding boots with a pale blue polo shirt. They looked at each other.

“Oh you are so going to regret wearing your best outfit!” Sarah snarled at Hilary with glee. “I am going to enjoy ruining those clothes.”

“Really, I think it is you who will be surprised.” Hilary smiled.

Mrs Fossington-Smyth clapped her hands. “Well, ladies and gentlemen, both staff and customers, thank you for joining us. As you know there has been a vote for our, winner.” She paused. “I am pleased to announce that the most votes were awarded to.”

You could cut the silence with a knife.

“Sarah…” She smiled and the crowd went wild. Sarah shook her head, swearing and cursing the assembled staff.

“I will get you all you bitches!” Sarah snarled. Hilary was standing laughing.

“Oh Hilary, just a moment.” Mrs Fossington-Smyth waved her hands. Hilary stopped, a sudden feeling of dread came over her. “You see, it was not just Sarah as we have a draw!” She smiled. “Isn’t that great!”

Hilary shuddered as Mrs Fossington-Smyth looked towards her smiling.

“I am so glad to say that Hilary will be joining her friend. Well done Hilary!”

“Shit!” Hilary hissed under her breath.

“Oh very soon…” Sarah smiled erzurum escort coldly. “It is the only saving grace, okay I get messy, but I get you ruin you also…” She laughed loudly.

Chapter 4

The two women were grabbed by the staff and were sat down in two chairs facing the crowd. The staff yelled and cheered.

Mrs Fossington-Smyth clapped her hands. “There will be some order to this, we have a lot of donated food and mess… Enough to share in fact and I would like you to come up one at a time to anoint our sacrifices.” The staff did not need asking twice, they quickly grabbed buckets of mess and lined up in front of the two.

It started with four buckets of cold water, two each which made Hilary’s white blouse go almost see through revealing her frilly bra beneath. Then Sue, one of the instructors grabbed a catering sized pack of margarine. “Sorry Hilary…” Hilary shrugged as Sue smeared pounds of thick goo into her hair before starting to do the same to Sarah. The both looked at each other with matted and covered heads.

Two other girls stood them both up, starting with Hilary they held open her waistband and poured a bucket of thick golden syrup into her jodhpurs before smoothing it down her legs so that it started to trickle into her boots. She shuddered as the syrup oozed into her panties. Sarah would not stand still and had to be restrained by four other staff while she suffered the same treatment, as she was being held a chocolate cream pie was slapped in her shocked face. While she could not see the staff grabbed buckets of old paint. Sarah cleared the cream from her eyes and was about to shout abuse at her tormentors as a deluge of multi-colored paint hit her. She spluttered and gasped as she tried to clear her eyes. Looking down her once clean clothes were coated in dripping yellow, green, blue and pink paint.

Hilary could not resist and laughed pointing at Sarah. She regretted her outburst when she was grabbed and a jug of hoof oil was poured down her blouse followed by a bucket of chocolate sauce which was dropped on her head. She shrieked and tried to remove the bucket which was stuck fast, she she finally pulled it free she was rugby tackled to the floor and her boots were wrestled from her feet.

“Oh no… Please girls not my good boots…” She pleaded as she lay on the ground. “You have ruined them enough…” She watched in horror as her left boot was filled with custard and the right with cold gravy. Two grooms approached her and forced the filled boots onto her feet before standing her upright. There was a jet of custard and gravy from the tops of her boots. Hilary sobbed as she squished around in the mess.

Sarah laughed and stood in front of Hilary. “Oh boo hoo!” She snarled. “What a mess you are…” She turned to walk away. It was at that moment that Hilary snapped she ran at Sarah and slammed her to the ground before sitting on her back.

“I hate you so much…” Hilary snarled. Sarah tried to struggle free but Hilary held her firm. She gestured to the staff. Hilary grabbed Sarah’s hair and pulled her head up, she nodded towards the floor in front of her, the staff got the idea and one of them placed a deep cream pie below Sarah’s face. Hilary slammed Sarah into the pie holding her down until she was struggling for air. Hilary pulled her up and allowed her to turn over while she sat on her legs. “You bitch…”

Hilary did not see that Sarah swung her leg up catching Hilary in the back of the head with her jodhpur boot. Hilary slumped allowing Sarah to flip her to bursa escort the ground. Dazed for a moment she lay staring up at the sun before her vision was blocked by a flood of thick treacle. Sarah poured the thick ooze across her head and body, Hilary gasped blowing bubbles in the black gunge. Sarah grabbed a sack of flour and coated her body until she was just a white pile on the ground. She stepped back to admire her handiwork.

The staff did not know what to think as Hilary slowly got to her feet, the flour piling off her body, she looked like a ghost. Sarah smiled. “Come on then…” Hilary ran towards her and they tussled… The staff looked at each other before throwing the remaining food over them as they fought. They were coated in tomato sauce, eggs and milk before someone grabbed some buckets of used engine oil.

There was a sudden deluge of thick black oil, Hilary and Sarah slithered around now unable to grab each other. The slid over each others bodies in a puddle of black oil.

The crowd cheered as the two of them lay exhausted on the ground.

Mrs Fossington-Smyth smiled. “Have you both finished?” Hilary and Sarah lay panting. “Okay… well, there is the second part of the punishment.”

The two women struggled to their feet, Hilary spoke. “Look surely this was enough?”

Mrs Fossington-Smyth laughed. “Oh no girls…” She gestured to the staff who grabbed the two and dragged them towards the muck heap.

The girls pleaded but were forced a deep hole which were waiting for them, they were forced into the hole on their knees so that they were facing each other. The other girls took pitchforks and filled in the hole behind them before treading it down firmly so that both Hilary and Sarah were firmly stuck. The two pleaded and sobbed but MrsFossington-Smyth was unrepentant.

“It will be good for you both, and think of all the money you have raised for charity!” She smiled. “You cannot let people down.”

Chapter 5

“Look…” Hilary broke the silent after two hours of them both staring at each other. “I am sorry…” She smiled beneath the thick oil coating. “This is my fault.”

Sarah shook her head.

“Okay…” Hilary struggled, deep beneath the surface of the muck she wiggled her left had free. She had placed it next to Sarah when they had been buried. She started to caress Sarah who gasped and tried to struggle free from her touch.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Don’t argue, I know this has turned you on…” Hilary smiled coyly. “I don’t think it was just syrup in your pants…” Hilary struggled and wriggled her hand into Sarah’s jodhpurs. Sarah gasped. Hilary stopped. “No?”

Sarah looked deeply into Hilary’s eyes. “Oh yes… Please…” She whispered.

Over the next hour Hilary used the little movement she had to bring Sarah to an explosive orgasm.

* * *

Mrs Fossington-Smyth walked across the yard with two of the staff, the two girls had been left buried for the night, however Sarah had been kept busy enough to allow the time to pass quickly. “Now ladies, are we better friends now than we were yesterday?”

Hilary smiled. “I think I have taken Sarah in hand and we have an understanding.” She winked at Sarah.

“Well I think you deserve a day off to get clean and relax.”

The staff dug the two out of the pile, they were filthy and stinking coated in food and muck. “I think we need a bath.” Hilary laughed before leaning down and whispering in Sarah’s ear “You can scrub my back…” Sarah blushed.

* * *

The staff noticed that the two managers seemed to be much more friendly towards each other and now Sarah was very nice to them. They chose to ignore the fact that they now started to share a room and held hands when on the yard, it seemed that the gods had smiled on them both.

The End

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