On the Loveseat Ch. 01


I sat on the loveseat with Mom’s blanket beside me. Johnny and Jojo (that was Joanne’s nickname) were sprawled out on the sleeping bag spread out on the living room floor antsy in anticipation. Dad was already in his recliner opening his second beer. Mom and Aunt Jessica were in the kitchen making the popcorn.

We had sort of a family ritual on Friday nights; we watched movies together as it was really the only time the whole family could spend with each other. We ate dinner together first, again the only night of the week we knew we were all expected to be home, then we’d sit around and watch a few movies. My parents had bought a 60 inch flat-screen for this purpose (they claimed anyway, I think Dad got it for his Sunday games). Aunt Jessica, my Mom’s younger sister who lived nearby and was divorced, would usually come over and have dinner and watch movies with us. First, we’d watch a kiddy movie for my little brother and sister who were only 11 and 8, then after they fell asleep in their sleeping bag (pretending to be camping out!); we would watch more adult fare. It didn’t need to be one of the current movies, we watched classics, comedies, dramas, pretty much anything (even sometimes chick flicks to make Mom and Aunt Jess happy). I am happy to say that this ritual led me to an appreciation of film; so much so that I even contemplated studying it at college next year.

Now normally we would be situated thusly: Johnny and Jojo and a bowl of popcorn curled up in the sleeping bag on the floor dressed in their pajamas. Dad would be leaned back in ‘his’ recliner, his because no one was allowed to sit in it under penalty of death (or so he said anyway), drinking his beer until he would fall asleep halfway through the second movie, Aunt Jessica would have the whole couch to herself so she would normally lay out with her feet up drinking her glass of wine and her own bowl of popcorn, and Mom would sit beside me on the loveseat also with a glass of wine and we would share our own popcorn. Now Mom got chilled easily and our living room was a little drafty sometimes from the sliding glass doors to the back yard, so she would curl up beside me covered with a blanket. I wasn’t cold so I would get warm under the blanket and took to just wearing shorts and a tee shirt. I could’ve sat on the couch with Aunt Jess, but Mom liked to lay her head on the shoulder of her ‘baby boy’. I would groan when she would say this but it was a little thing to make Mom happy so I let her.

On this Friday night we were re-watching the animated hit of last year for the third time by request of my brother and sister, not that it mattered much as the adults (I was 18 now, I was an adult!) would chat about the week and catch up with our lives. I was usually a hot topic as to which school I would be attending next year and what I would be studying. Dad didn’t agree much with my wanting to study film and seeing as he would be sleeping through anything but the kid flicks he didn’t see it as a real career. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure I wanted to take it as my major but just Dad’s negativity reinforced my desire. Mom and Aunt Jess would try to change the topic when this came up and fortunately this week the topic never came up, Dad was complaining about some new practices they were implementing at work to ‘improve productivity and increase quality’. I shut him out as he rambled on and tried to focus on the movie. It really wasn’t that bad. During the second viewing I picked up on some subtle nods at more adult humor that little ones wouldn’t get, so I was now watching for things that might be going on in the background of scenes that I hadn’t caught the first two times. Dad started a new topic, Aunt Jess and Mom would chime in and I just sat there zoning out as I had spent a lot of time this week studying for the big mid-term coming up.

Soon the movie ended, my brother and sister out cold on the floor. Mom rose and covered them with the sleeping bag. Dad stood, went to the bathroom and returned with a normally unprecedented third beer. This guaranteed he would be out within an hour. The rest of us also took our turn tuzla eve gelen escort in the restroom, Mom and Aunt Jess refilling their wine glasses and I grabbed another sports drink, though I normally refrained from drinking as I hated having to get up to pee during a movie, and everyone would complain if I made them pause it while I was gone. But tonight the second movie was a teen flick that was supposed to be hilarious, so I wasn’t really worried about watching for the director’s subtle use of fart jokes or titty flashes. I don’t think any of use particularly cared one way or another about the movie, but after the week of studying I needed a mindless comedy and I knew Mom and Aunt Jess liked the male lead, a hot up and coming actor. So we all settled in to watch when Dad pressed play on the remote. Mom pulled the blanket higher up around us and laid her head on my shoulder with a content sigh as the opening credits rolled.

I have to admit the movie was better than I thought it would be and I followed along with the highly improbable plotline. Unfortunately for me there was more female nudity than usual. Now that may sound strange coming from an eighteen year old male, but the unfortunate thing was I was getting excited and my rising cock was jammed in my briefs and causing me some discomfort. And when I say discomfort, I mean it damn hurt!

Mom was still resting comfortably on my shoulder, her right arm tucked between us and her left on her lap beneath the blanket and her feet curled up next to her on the loveseat. I tried to will my cock to shrink, but that never works. I shifted my legs a little to give my cock more room, and that didn’t work either. I didn’t want to stand up to adjust myself and let Mom and Aunt Jess witness my condition. Another flash of titties by the lead actress that I was starting to get a crush on, and my cock tried to grow more!

I was starting to panic a little. My squeezed cock hurt like hell! Could you actually break your cock? I didn’t want to find out. I shifted again. Mom lifted her head and looked at me, then resumed her attention on the screen. The last flash of female flesh had led to a scene with the actress making out with another girl. I had fantasies of two girls together and seeing the actress I was falling in lust with making out with another girl was the final straw. My cock was going to get completely hard, unforgiving cotton fabric be damned!

I was wincing now. I looked over at Aunt Jessica then down at Mom and neither seemed bothered by the movie, watching intently. Dad was passed out. I couldn’t avoid it any longer. I didn’t want to risk any damage to my favorite appendage whether it was possible to break it or not! I just had to get up and rearrange my cock without fully standing and revealing my dilemma to my Mom and her sister. I leaned back against loveseat and lifted my ass up and reached down and pulled my cock up to lay against my abdomen. Then sat back down trying to be nonchalant the whole time.

‘Jeremy, what are you doing?’ She exclaimed as she slipped off of my shoulder. And then it happened! As she reached out to catch herself from falling to loveseat with her right hand, rather than landing on the cushion, rather than landing on my thigh, Mom’s hand landed on top of my rock hard cock!

My eyes bugged out!

My heart possibly stopped!

My body froze!

I couldn’t look at Mom to see her reaction. I was petrified with fear and embarrassment. I had a thousand thoughts race through my addled brain. What would she think? Would she stand up and slap me? Would she send me to my room? Forcing me to walk past my Aunt in this condition? Would she laugh? Would my Aunt laugh? Would they wake Dad and tell him of my predicament?

All this happened in a fraction of a second.

In a blink of an eye.

A hummingbird’s wing beat.

And then a new thought hit me.

Mom hadn’t moved her hand!

Surely she could tell immediately where her hand was resting!

Why wasn’t her hand moving?

I gulped air. My eyes locked ahead but was seeing nothing. tuzla otele gelen escort Inside I shook, but my body was stone. And Mom’s hand was still resting on my cock! I was sure it would shrivel up now and never get hard again. But it never budged. Maybe I would be stuck with a hard-on forever. What was that commercial about an erection lasting more than four hours… see a doctor? After two dozen or two hundred heartbeats (I don’t know, my heart had jumped to light-speed!) I looked out of the corner of my eye as far as I could strain without moving my head to look at Mom. She didn’t move. Her head was back against my shoulder, her soft hair tickling my boiling skin. She gave no indication she knew where her hand rested or what had happened. She had to know what a cock felt like! She had three kids! And a husband! Who was sitting right there, albeit asleep!

A minute passed. Maybe two, I couldn’t tell time. Still her hand rested on my cock. I could feel the warmth of her hand now. Added to the inferno boiling in my dick. Then her hand stirred. Finally! She had been in shock and not realized and now would pull her dainty fingers away. But no! They didn’t move away! Those fingers curled around my hard flesh! What?! Mom was grabbing my cock! She gave it a squeeze. Yep, I was never going to get soft ever again. They were going to do medical studies about me. I would tour the country at medical conventions and be shown to gasping young doctors. ‘The Everhard Cock’ they would call me.

Mom continued to squeeze until it became almost uncomfortable (Wait, how comfortable was it to have your mother grabbing your hard dick?) Then she eased up her grip. Okay, now she was going to move her hand, now that she had confirmed that it wasn’t my thigh she was holding. She eased her grip but she didn’t release. She squeezed again. Not as hard but it was healthy enough. She did this a half dozen times. I was still frozen. The house could be on fire and I wasn’t moving. The firemen would have to rescue me with my mom’s hand holding my hard penis! Mom hadn’t given any outward indication of what she was doing either; her face and her eyes were locked on the TV screen. Just as her right hand was locked around my fabric-covered cock! Then she stopped squeezing! But instead of moving away she began to shift her fingers back and forth. Barely perceptible at first, but then grew into an actual rubbing motion.




My Mom was now stroking my cock!

The strokes were only a couple inches at first, but every up and down motion moved onto new territory. She was holding onto me through my shorts and briefs and the fabric was rubbing on my tender skin and after a minute or so, I winced. I don’t know if she heard me or just realized that it was hurting me, but she eased the pressure she grabbed me with and was now rubbing her fingers along my shorts. I don’t know if she had been aware of how big my cock was when she grabbed it, but she had to be aware now as she caressed up and down almost the whole shaft. The head of my cock had sprung from my waistbands when I had adjusted it, so now as Mom’s hand reached the waistband of my shorts without finding my cock’s head I almost thought I heard a breathy gasp from her lips. I finally took a soothing breath as I had shocked Mom as she had stunned me. I could feel I was getting light-headed and tried to breathe deeply. I still didn’t look at mom, and she didn’t look at me. Mom’s strokes continued up and down the shaft of my cock, now from the base to my shorts elastic waistband. She did this twice, and then moved up over the elastic and onto my uncovered skin finally finding the flare of the head of my cock.

Mom was touching my cock!

She ran her fingers over the velvety skin of my cock head before resuming her stroke down to my balls. She moved back up to the head but this time on the downward stroke she worked her fingers under my shorts and briefs and pushed them down as she fully stroked my bare cock. My dick sprang outward as it was released from the cotton containment and as Mom continued to tuzla sınırsız escort move her hand up and down its length, evidence of her activity was now visible to anyone that looked as the blanket was now tented up by my dick. I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging, but I am eight and a half inches long and my fingers can’t reach around it. So I was making quite a noticeable hill in the blanket. And besides the gasp I thought I heard Mom make, I saw the first sign that she knew what was happening. I saw her eyes quickly look down at the hump in the blanket. Her hand was still travelling the length of my cock, but the way the fabric of the blanket spread around the mound, it hid her motion. I felt her shift her movement to stroke up and down closer to my body and not straight up and down to help conceal what was happening. I turned my head the smallest degree to look over at the couch to my aunt. She was watching the movie and paying Mom and me no attention. Dad was softly snoring, and my brother and sister were sound asleep.

Mom continued a nice gentle stroke up and down my shaft and as the friction of our flesh began to make me flinch, Mom would run her fingers around the head and collect the pre-cum oozing from me and coat my cock. I must admit, my mother definitely knew how to give a hand job! Yes! My Mom was giving me a genuine All-American hand job! Her strokes became less of an up and down motion; she gave her wrist a bit of a stuttering motion even as she began the normal half-twist of her hand around my now-slick covered cock. I finally couldn’t contain myself. I let out a moan as Mom worked my cock like a pro (as if I would know!). I was sure I saw a small smile on her lips as she stared ahead. I knew she was watching the movie as little as I, the activity under the blanket taking up both of our full attentions.

I was getting close!

I mean with nubile teen girls making out on the screen getting me hard, and being a teen guy, I was always close. Mom grabbing my dick didn’t help either! She was able to get me ready to shoot, but then slowed and changed rhythm to keep me from cumming, and then increase her speed and intensity. My body was quivering! I don’t know how I hadn’t shot my load already! Every muscle in me was clenched. I actually looked over at Mom, she ignored my glance, but her movement took on a new rhythm and I knew I had crossed a line. I was going to cum by my mother’s hand and there was nothing on earth that would prevent that.

‘Oh, hi Grandma. Mom is giving me an orgasm now if you don’t mind?’

‘Sorry, Your Holiness, I can’t stand right now, Mom’s going to make me shoot my load.’

‘Go ahead and shoot me Mr. Burglar sir, but I have to cum now.’

And Mom did make me cum then!

My ass lifted up, I gave a very audible grunt, and I shot stream after stream of jism into Mom’s hand. She continued to stroke me with her right hand, but had moved her left to catch my cum. I groaned again as she milked the last of my juice from my balls. I sank back onto my seat still shaking. Mom had sat up a little as I came to allow use of both hands and now she pulled back the blanket and rose to her feet, cupping her left hand holding my milky ejaculate. I assumed she was going to go wash her hands. Her actions had left me weak and satisfied. She announced that she couldn’t watch the rest of the movie and she was going to bed. I barely watched her walk across the dimly-lit room, but I thought I saw her bring her hand, her left I was sure, to her face and her tongue reach out and lick her palm! And she was standing before the couch and looking at her sister. Aunt Jess looked up at her, seeing what she was doing, but she had no way of knowing what was in Mom’s hand. And she gave another lick before moving down the hallway towards her bedroom. I glanced at my aunt who barely noticed my look.

I couldn’t believe that that had happened!

My Mom had jerked me off!

She had made me cum in her hand!

And she licked it up!

I managed to look at the television screen and watched blankly at the final scenes of the movie before the credits started to roll. I looked again at Aunt Jess and saw the wine had had an effect on her as her eyelids were now drooping. I stood shakily, grabbed Mom’s blanket and covered my aunt, collected the glasses, used the remote to turn of the video and TV, took the glasses to the kitchen and headed off to bed myself.

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