One More from the Attic Pt. 02


The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home.

This installment ran longer than I had anticipated. Because I thought it was really too long for a Literotica short story, I wound up splitting it into three parts. Also, at the time I am writing this, I am still working on the ending to this chapter. I figured this would let me get chunks of the story online so you would have a chance to read it now.


Hope went to work the next morning, and I wasted little time getting my laptop set up and connected to the internet. I started watching the video feeds from the point that I had last seen them at the house—the day after Aunt Cathy and my cousins had arrived. I watched those huge-breasted women as they showered in my bathroom, jerking off until I came twice.

There was a ton of fascinating footage leading up to the New Year’s Eve party. I found myself sitting up and listening closely to a lot of very informative conversation. I had completely missed it when I was there, but things were not going well between Colleen and Dave. When she was drunk, particularly, she seemed convinced that their relationship was doomed.

My parents were both contemplating retirement. They discussed their financial situation at length, and that was boring as hell. Still, it looked like they might have a retirement party over the spring. Aunt Cathy joined in some of that conversation. She was wistful but happy for them.

I regretted that I had not installed cameras looking into the living room or my own bedroom at the house. I knew I was missing out on Aunt Cathy sleeping on the couch and giving a blowjob in my bedroom. I watched Danielle stumble into Hope’s bedroom. Her huge breasts were mesmerizing as she staggered over to the bed and plopped down. She was not wearing a bra under that dress, and every movement caused her breasts to wobble and sway.

Danielle flopped onto her back and pulled her stocking-clad feet up onto the bed. One of the cameras was basically centered on her pussy as she lay there and moved her knees from side to side. I heard her mumble, “Wow. I am drunk!” A few minutes later, she got up and turned off the light. It was about fifteen minutes later that Hope and I came in and turned on the light.

I don’t know why I had felt guilty about looking at Danielle while she slept. I guess it was the fear of getting caught doing it “live”. I had been spying on my parents and sisters for years without feeling guilty about it. I felt none of that guilt now, and started stroking my hard cock as I zoomed in on her sweet little panty-clad pussy.

A little more time went by and my eyes were drawn to the panel showing the front room of the house. There had been a bunch of guests in that room, but I saw Annette standing in her panties. “Wow,” I breathed. She looked absolutely amazing standing there like that. I backed up the footage and watched her undress for bed before she pulled on her flannel pajamas. Then she opened the sliding doors and stepped out.

Minutes later, I saw myself walking in with her and Aunt Cathy. I had to shake my head when I saw my aunt in that diaphanous black gown. Unbelievable. Then I watched myself stripping and tried not to cringe. I was uncomfortable all over again watching, until Annette turned off the light and plunged the room into darkness.

I took a break from watching the footage to grab some lunch. I stretched and walked around, trying to process everything I had just learned. Eventually I settled back in front of my laptop. I figured there wasn’t much left to see. After all, there was only one day left before the camera feeds were current.

There wasn’t much activity in any of the rooms after Hope and I had left, so I was blowing through that section pretty quickly. I was surprised to see Danielle in Colleen’s bedroom that night, while Annette was in Hope’s room. Evidently Colleen had gone back to her apartment. I guessed that Aunt Cathy was in my bedroom.

I backed up the footage and watched both of my cousins and my aunt as they showered and got ready for bed. From the angle of the bathroom cam, I could tell that Aunt Cathy was indeed using my bedroom. I was archiving more and more of the footage every time I got to see those amazing breasts exposed. Eventually both of my cousins put on their flannel pajamas and went to bed.

After tossing and turning for only a few minutes, Danielle got up. I was surprised to see the lamp come on in Hope’s room, as Annette softly said “Come in.” Danielle entered the room and softly said, “I couldn’t sleep without you.”

That got my attention. Were my cousins lesbian lovers?

Annette slid over and invited Danielle into bed with her. They lay there and talked softly for a long time. I understood, after listening matadorbet to them for a while, that they had apparently shared a bedroom—and a bed—for most of their lives.

“This sure is a nice bed,” Danielle said, stretching her body languidly. “I sure wish we could afford one this nice.”

“It is a lot better than ours,” Annette agreed wistfully.

I paused the feed at that point and tried to recall what I could remember about them from before the visit. Aunt Cathy’s ex was named…Jake? Jack? It was something like that. When I was very young, Mom had told me, “We never talk about him. He left her in the lurch.”

Some years later, Dad had looked perturbed when I was looking at family pictures and pointed to this guy standing by Aunt Cathy. I could not recall exactly what he said, but Cathy’s husband had abandoned them while she was pregnant. That had to be when she was pregnant with Danielle. Annette and I would have been less than a year old at the time.

That guy had never come back, and he never provided a dime of child support or alimony. Cathy had to have struggled financially. I had just never thought about it until just now. I felt bad when it hit me; they had been really poor. So poor, that my cousins had shared a bed. Still shared a bed, I corrected myself. It wasn’t like Hope’s queen-sized bed was all that amazing, either. It was neither new nor particularly expensive. I could not help but picture that passage in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Charlie’s grandparents all shared that rickety old bed.

Evidently the flannel pajamas were new as well. Aunt Cathy had bought those for this trip so that the girls would not be embarrassed by whatever they normally wore to bed.

Danielle stroked the collar of her flannel pajamas thoughtfully before she spoke. “I slept in this bed last night,” she started. “Or rather, I passed out in this bed last night. I guess I was really drunk.”

“You were awfully hung over this morning,” Annette replied with a soft smile.

After they had talked for a while, Annette and Danielle agreed that the flannel pajamas were too warm. They stripped them off, and cuddled up together to go to sleep. Annette wore a pink thong, and Danielle had lacy little white panties. They looked sexy as fuck, yet still somehow innocent when Annette spooned up behind Danielle. Danielle just sighed happily when Annette wrapped her arm around her, and they went to sleep shortly after.

Like my sister, they slept with the bedside lamp on, so I got to watch them lying there topless. They had a sheet pulled over them, but it often shifted and exposed those fantastic tits. Once, I even saw Annette’s hand squeeze Danielle’s hard nipple, prompting a soft moan from her lips. Seriously, I was watching that and expecting that at any moment they would wake up and start having sex.

The light came on in the bathroom just after that, and I groaned when I saw Aunt Cathy walk in wearing that same transparent black gown. At that moment I really wished I had put a camera over my own bedroom. Aunt Cathy went in and hiked up the gown so she could sit down to pee. That never did anything for me, no matter which of my gorgeous relatives was on the potty.

After she got up, flushed, and washed her hands, though, she lifted one foot onto the edge of the bathroom counter so that she could use a wet washcloth to clean her pussy. That was interesting, even though the camera didn’t give the best view. She was muttering to herself, but I could not hear what she was saying. She turned off the bathroom light, and then I saw her peek into Hope’s bedroom. She smiled when she saw her daughters snuggled together and sleeping.

A couple of minutes later, my mother turned on the lamp on her side of the bed, and Aunt Cathy stepped into the room to talk with her. My dad’s eyes bugged out when he rolled over and saw her in that see-through gown. He stared for a few seconds and then quickly rolled back over so that he was looking away from the two women. I saw my mother bite her lip when she saw him do that, holding back a laugh.

My mother got out of bed, pulling on a bathrobe and following Aunt Cathy out of the bedroom so that they could talk in the dining room. I had no video coverage there, of course. I noted from the time stamp in the bottom of the screen that they were talking for over two hours before Mom came back to bed. By then, Dad was sound asleep.

* * *

That afternoon was the closest I ever came to revealing the hidden camera feeds to my sister. I was troubled by a lot of what I had learned about Aunt Cathy and my cousins, and I seriously considered sharing all of that with Hope so that I could get it off my chest and hear her thoughts. When she got home from work that evening, though, she was horny and eager to resume where we had left off the night before.

Hope was impressed with my staying power. Naturally, I wasn’t about to tell her that I had spent most matadorbet giriş of the day jacking off to those incredible scenes from the hidden cameras. When I thought about it, I realized that this obsession stretched back for years. She might not take it well if she found out what a pervert I had been. Also, I didn’t want to stop. There would be more, I knew, before Aunt Cathy and my cousins left my parents’ house, and I did not want to miss any of it.

I started my next semester’s classes over the course of that week. I was taking one more class than I had the previous semester. Since I had to take a foreign language and an art elective, I was finally able to have two classes in common with my sister. It was tricky for us to schedule it so that we took them at the same time, but we pulled it off. I was surprised to find that Amy was in both of those classes with us.

Amy and Hope had the same major and took most of the same classes. My scholarship meant that I did not have to work a part-time job as they did. Occasionally I felt a little guilty about that, but they never expressed any resentment. The art class we took was figure drawing and sketching. I was surprised to discover that I had a real knack for drawing the human form. In particular, the female nudes that I sketched looked remarkably life-like.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. My aunt and cousins stayed two more days with my parents. Danielle and Annette slept together in Hope’s bedroom both nights. They did wear different panties to bed, but they otherwise showed me everything when they cuddled in my sister’s bed. There was nothing overtly sexual with those two, but it was still incredible to watch.

My parents had some spectacular sex both nights. Mom teased Dad about drooling over his busty nieces. She did this hot impersonation of “innocent little Danielle” asking her “uncle” for help. “All my friends at school say it’s important to be able to make my boyfriend happy, but I’ve never really given a blowjob before,” she said, looking up from between his legs. “Would you mind if I suck your dick, Uncle Mitch? Then you can tell me how to do it better next time.”

The next night, Aunt Cathy came into their room again. She was wearing that see-through nightgown again, and my dad tried his hardest not to stare. When Cathy left to go to bed, my mother turned and kissed him. She groaned into his mouth when her hand found his erection under the covers.

“It really turns you on to see my sister like that, doesn’t it?” she asked. He could only moan helplessly as she stroked him, unable to deny how turned on he was. “Maybe I should call her back in here,” she teased. “My sister really likes to get fucked in the ass. Did I ever tell you that?”

Mom threw the covers back, revealing my dad’s cock pulsing in her hand. “Cathy told me she hasn’t even been laid in two years. Can you imagine how tight her ass must be? I’ll bet she would love to have your big, thick cock in her horny asshole.”

I half expected her to do it—to call Aunt Cathy in there to get butt-fucked by my dad. She didn’t, but I came like crazy about the same time my dad did on camera as she painted that vivid picture. I had to settle for catching my cum in a tissue as my mother slurped down every drop erupting out of my dad’s dick.

I had to catch up on that footage on Wednesday and Friday afternoon. It was the only time that I had alone in the apartment. It was strange. As amazing as my sex life is with my sister, the thrill I got from watching those illicit videos was like an entirely different sort of turn-on. The following week, though, when it was just my parents in the house, I only saw them having sex twice on camera. That didn’t rule out that they might have been having sex in the living room or kitchen, where I didn’t have video coverage.

* * *

Amy started hanging out at our apartment with us, particularly in the evenings. It was nice to have dinner with the two of them, even though a lot of their conversation was about the classes I did not share with them. Amy brought over a DVD one evening. Without even thinking, Hope slid into my lap to watch the movie. Amy looked at us sharply when she did it, but never said anything about it.

The two of them apparently discussed it when I wasn’t around. Thursday night, Hope looked preoccupied when we got out of the shower and went to bed. Now, Tuesdays and Thursdays were very busy for both of us that semester. I snuggled up next to her and held her hand.

“What’s the matter, Hope?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Nothing’s the matter, really,” she replied. “It’s just that Amy asked about me sitting in your lap when we watched that movie the other night. I told her that it wasn’t a big deal, and that Colleen and I sat in your lap all the time at home.” Hope had been lying on her back, but she rolled to her side to face me. “Amy said she thought you were really hot. She said she couldn’t imagine sitting in your lap without wanting for something to happen.”

Hope looked into my eyes intently. I was waiting for the rest of the story. To be fair, I was really tired. My sexy sister never failed to turn me on, and I figured we would have sex and then go to sleep. So we just lay there and looked at each other for a while. Finally, I realized she was expecting me to say something.

“What?” I asked. “Did I miss something?”

“I just told you that Amy wanted to sit in your lap, she thinks you’re hot, and she wants something to happen.”


“Don’t you think she’s pretty?”

I thought it over, trying to think objectively. “Sure. She’s very pretty.”

“Why aren’t you interested, then?”

“Hope,” I said, letting out a long sigh, “she’s your best friend. Even if you and I weren’t sleeping together, I wouldn’t want to date your best friend. If things didn’t work out, or if I hurt her, it could ruin your friendship. Or worse, you would stay friends and you’d hate me for screwing over your best friend.”

She kissed me, and her hand slid down my side. “Oh, Daniel, that’s just silly. I know you would never hurt her. I couldn’t recommend anyone for my friend to date more than you. I just thought that I was being selfish…” She looked into my eyes for a long moment, and cocked her head. “But it’s not just me, is it? You don’t really want me to date anyone else, do you?”

My mind recoiled at the thought, and I knew she was right. But…there was Dave. I did not mind him dating Colleen. I kissed Hope again while my mind worked through it. If Dave was dating Hope, would I feel the same? As soon as I thought that, I knew that there was a difference. Unlike Colleen, Hope was mine. Not just my sister.

I think I managed to express that to her, though I cannot recall now exactly what I said. I will never forget that look on her face, though. Her eyes welled up with tears, and she kissed me passionately.

“Oh, Daniel,” she said, almost sobbing. “I am yours. Always.”

She rolled on top of me. Hope always looked amazing when she rode me, but there was an emotional element there this time that made it feel completely different. We’d had sex a lot, obviously. Sometimes, that was closer to what I thought of as “making love” and sometimes it was hot, sweaty and nasty. This was like an entirely new category. It felt like my sister used this physical coupling to bond our souls together.

As tired as I had been, I could not fall asleep for hours after that. Neither could she. We didn’t talk, but just held each other through the night. Hope kept me inside her, and kept me hard even after I had come. Instead of insistently fucking her, though, I just held her and gently kissed her shoulder and neck.

We did eventually fall asleep, but the alarm went off only an hour or two later. The next two days were a little rugged as we struggled to make up for that night of sleep we had lost. I think we were also feeling lost emotionally. Seriously, what can you do when you figure out that the love of your life and your soul mate is your sister?

* * *

Sunday morning, Hope was awake long before I was. She came in and woke me up, grinning as she ripped the covers from my naked body. I don’t know what I was expecting, but what came next was not it.

“Get up, sleepyhead!” she said. “Mom and Dad are on the phone. They want to talk to both of us.”

I groggily got out of bed and stumbled out to the living room. I went from half-awake to full-on panic mode three seconds into that phone call. I practically shit my pants.

“We’ve decided we’re going to sell the house,” my dad said. “The home inspector will be here tomorrow, and the county appraiser will be over after that. We’ve already hired a realtor. We just wanted to let you know before the house goes on the market.”

Jesus fucking Christ! There was no possible way I was going to be able to get there and remove all those cameras! The home inspector would find them, and then my life would pretty much be over. I could picture my family disowning me, federal prosecutors going for the death penalty, my sister cutting off my balls with a kitchen knife…

“Are you alright, Daniel?” Hope asked. She looked worried. “You look sick.”

“Do you need us to come home and clear out our stuff before the inspector shows up?” I blurted out.

“Oh, no,” Dad replied casually. “We already cleared out your closets and the garage and put that stuff into storage. The realtor wants to ‘stage’ the house with furniture, so she’ll be using the rest of your bedroom furniture for that. You can get your things from the storage unit whenever you like. There’s no rush.”

My mind was a whirling mess as I tried to think of some sort of mad scheme to get to the house tonight, to remove those cameras. I completely missed much of the rest of the conversation, until Hope said, “Well, you guys have a great time in Florida. Please give me a call to let me know you get there safe.”

Florida? I thought. What the fuck are they doing in Florida?

I cleared my throat and managed to parrot my sister. “Yes. You guys have a great time!”

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