Outted by the Boss Ch. 02


After finding out Neil was not going to be into the office this morning was good for me as I was not quite ready for running into him as yet so I was glad to be working with Rich our part timer on the site although I always had the feeling that morning that Rich may have been told about what Neil saw online the night before and found myself asking questions all morning.

It was time we went to do the company banking and with Rich in the van I carefully asked him have you seen Neil this morning?

Rich answered yeah he dropped in about 6am this morning to get some keys he needed.

Once again a question fell from my lips as I asked Rich how was he this morning.

Rich just commented he was stressed out as usual, you know what Neil is like in the morning.

Suddenly Rich said so why all the questions Mike, what’s up mate.

I didn’t know how I was going to dig myself out of this hole but I just said I was out last night and I saw Neil out and about and he looked pretty pissed off at something and im just hoping it is not anything that happened the past few days.

To explain the past few days for me at work had been rough with loads of customer complaints and issues regarding a speeding fine I had picked up shortly after starting the driving job for the company so things in my mind were not going to well but then I have always been a worrier no matter what the situation I always worried about it especially as my history and reputation with the company was not good.

Any how soon 10am rolled around and I had all my daily paperwork and the keys to the van so I headed off on my daily rounds visiting customers and dealing with issues at different sites whilst trying to walk like I hadn’t had a very large delivery in my back door the night before.

As the day plodded on by I was now happy nothing had been said about Neil seeing me online cruising for gay sex as I would have heard from someone by now or at least had a text off of one of the lads I worked with if anything had been said but upon driving back down from my last visit the company mobile rang and pulling up on the side of the road I checked the caller Id and it said Neil Work so trying to sound upbeat I answered.

As soon as I pressed answer I got hello mate, you alright.

Answering yeah im ok cheers matey, how’s you today.

Neil answered oh not to bad you know, had an early start so I wasn’t out having fun all night. Where are you at the moment.

I chuckled at his comments and told him I will be back in the office in around 30 minutes traffic dependant and got ok no problem see you in a bit then mate and then the phone went dead and my nerves came rushing back, it was now obvious to me that he wasn’t going to tell the others but I still had to face the music upon getting back to our site office.

Making a change for me I actually slowed down and crawled back into town in the company van instead of trying to dodge speed cameras as I usually would be, as I pulled back into the yard I saw Neil stood by the warehouse on his mobile as usual with a cigarette in his other hand meaning it had been another stressful day and as I reversed up to our warehouse I jumped out and greeted Neil as usual with you alright then buddy boy.

As I headed for the office and sat at the far end doing my daily paperwork I was aware of Neil coming into the office and as he took his normal seat he just said I saw you online last night Mike and that was it, being me I felt I had to tell him straight that I was bisexual and liked sex with guys more than anything else and especially all about my life with my trans partner as he had believed she was a genetic woman but too my surprise he was totally cool about the whole thing.

I knew full well he wasn’t going to say anything to any of the lads but to settle my shattered nerves he confirmed to me he wouldn’t tell anyone my dirty secret as he put it. I was definitely relived that he was gay himself and therefore he had been there and been outed himself at work by one of the lads who had since left since he took over as site supervisor.

I think he meant it jokingly at first but Neil then turned to me and said so you fancy a beer tonight down the triangle a gay area of town near where we both lived and not even thinking I said yeah ok why not, finishing up the paperwork as quick as possible I said I will drive down to town but Neil said to me why don’t you drive to mine and leave your car there then we can go to town properly as it’s the end of the week anyway. Again not thinking anything of it I said yeah that sounds like an idea and I can always get a bus to yours to get the car tomorrow I guess.

Not really concentrating on Neil I got on with my work and within a few minutes I had all my paperwork filed and put away where it should have been for the weekend shift to sort out what I hadn’t had time to finish, jumping into the car and driving down to Neil’s he said to me you know I never figured you for being gay or bi. ısparta escort

I quickly asked so why is that Neil I mean I go to Soho frequently and drink in the gay bars and go to the gay nightclubs just not in town.

Turning to me Neil said you just seemed like one of the lads, not the kind of guy who may like cock to be honest.

And then I had to tell him about the horny meet I had the night before with Marc and to my surprise Neil turned round and said I know I spoke to Marc today he’s a good friend of mine too and hasn’t he got a gorgeous cock.

I couldn’t reply I just laughed it off as he was obviously well aware me and Marc had fucked each other half the night anyway so of course I knew he had a nice cock but it was when Neil turned to me and said he told me you have a really nice cock to. I didn’t want to say anything now so I turned up the radio a little in the car and within a few minutes we were pulling up outside Neil’s flat.

As we pulled up Neil said you may as well come upstairs and shower before we hit town and all I thought is its quite good my boss accepts im basically gay as well and to be honest I had always had a soft spot for Neil, he was the normal looking guy maybe even a little bit Twinkie which I happen to love.

As we went into his flat I had pulled the clothes I had worn to meet Marc last night off the back seat of the car and Neil said to me you go shower first mate there is all you will need in the bathroom. Wandering into his bathroom he was right there was loads of shower gels in small hotel style blister packs along with hair wax, combs and towels it was obvious Neil frequently had guys back here for fun that needed to freshen up afterwards.

Finally I got showered and dried and made myself look good enough to go out and find a guy or tgirl to fuck tonight as I was horny again from the fucking I had taken the night before, I was always that way if I was getting some fun I always wanted more and more fun whether it be a woman a guy or a trans girl it didn’t matter to me as long as I got a fuck by the end of the night.

As I wandered out of the bathroom Neil was sat with a beer in hand on one of his big comfy sofas and as I took a seat on the sofa opposite he said you want a beer mate while I get ready, I accepted his offer and was told there is a 24 pack in the fridge help yourself as long as you buy me one or two tonight. I didn’t have a problem with that especially as it was payday and I wasn’t meant to be seeing my partner this weekend so I was well up for some more casual sex.

Checking through my mobile I text a couple of trans girls I knew in town to let them know I was around for fun or drinks if they were up for some casual fun and then as I thought about it I text Marc and said thanks for the sex and that I would be around tonight if he fancied another session tonight as I had loved feeling his cock deep in my butt and mine deep in his experienced butt.

As time passed by and a few texts flew back and forth I realised how long Neil had been so I shouted through the bathroom door to him asking what the hell he was doing in there as I wanted to get down town and hook up before everyone got to wasted, Neil replied give me 5 minutes and I will be out so with some doubt I grabbed another beer and slumped back onto the sofa and waited.

True to his word about 5 minutes later Neil was back with another beer in hand and his trade mark cigarette in the other hand and after taking a swig of his beer then a long drag of his cigarette he said well you ordered a cab yet or not? I quickly said no not yet I thought you would be in the bathroom another hour yet only for Neil to say now I see you are gay you bitch and then he wandered off laughing to himself to order a cab.

It seemed as soon as Neil put the phone down a cab was outside and as we stepped in the cabbie just asked where to lads and Neil quickly said anywhere in the Triangle will do for now, the cabbie didn’t say a word the rest of the way as he had now clocked us as a couple of gay boys in fact he didn’t say a word till we stopped and that was only to tell us how much the fare was which I ended up paying as I had been drinking Neil’s beers which seemed fair to me till the cabbie asked for 15 pounds for a maximum of about 2 miles from the flat to the triangle but I was in no mood to argue I just wanted to find a hole to fill.

Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long as I stepped from the taxi my phone beeped and it was Marc saying he would be in the Branksome in around an hour, the Branksome was a huge 2 floor gay pub and nightclub in the heart of the triangle and I told Neil that’s where we were heading and he had no problem with it even though I didn’t tell him I was going there to meet Marc and hopefully have some fun with him again, as we walked in the door we were greeted by the drag queen hostess who ran the place at weekends and she seemed to know Neil so I managed to dive off through the crowds and kastamonu escort go looking for Marc.

In the end I had to admit defeat as the place was near to full of gay boys, trannies and lesbians all there for the same thing mostly to find someone to spend the night with or some just to hook up with friends for drinks and dancing upstairs. Thinking upstairs seemed a good idea I found Neil and dragged him upstairs with me as I knew the reputation of the upstairs at the Branksome, it was the place to be seen and find a bit of fun if you should so want but as I headed up the stairs there were guys everywhere some getting off with each other, others just mingling and checking out anyone who looked their way.

Soon I had a few pints in me though and then through my pocket I felt my phone vibrate and pulling it out I checked it to see Marc had text again and said he was on his way and to meet him at the bar upstairs, only problem now is I was starting to feel a little tipsy and was flirting with anyone who looked cute whether gay or trans I wasn’t fussy I just wanted to fuck and didn’t care who I had sex with so I managed to completely miss Marc walking right past me and off to the bar.

I was having no luck in here so once again I headed to the bar with Neil tagging along who I really now wanted rid of as he obviously wasn’t popular with the local gay boys for whatever reason, as I stood waiting to order someone grabbed at my butt and turning round I saw Marc stood there and with that I kissed him full on the lips in front of my boss and then whispered to him I want your cock again tonight if you fancy me. Marc told me straight away that he was definitely up for fucking me again after the good session we had together the night before.

Within what seemed like minutes hours had passed and 3 am had rolled round and the pub was emptying off, I was more than happy as I knew Marc and me would fuck each other the rest of the night but I still had Neil hanging around too and as the alcohol coursed through us all we soon were sharing each others tongues and hands fondling and kissing readying for a obviously drunken 3 sum. It wasn’t till we went to leave that Marc said to me you ok with a 3 sum? In my state I didn’t really care so we all headed off up the road and back to Marc’s luxury bachelor pad.

As soon as we were in the door I pulled my shirt off as Marc did the same and we began to kiss frantically whilst unfastening our belts and trousers and soon we were both naked and making out passionately in the hall within his flat, as Marc and I kissed and fondled each others bodies I felt my cock being wanked slowly making me harder and harder by the second and looking down Neil was on his knees sucking Marc off while he wanked my now rock hard 8 ½ inches before switching to sucking my cock whilst wanking off Marc.

Marc said so Neil could hear so we got ourselves a little sub bitch tonight then Mike hope you up for banging the shit out of him before we get to fuck, not thinking what he meant at first it soon hit me that he meant that Neil was the sub bitch and it didn’t surprise me as I always thought he was a bottom anyway.

Marc broke our 3 way and said I will go prep the room and with that Neil went to stand but as he did I told him I’m the boss now bitch get on your knees and suck my hard prick you little bitch, without a seconds hesitation Neil quickly took all of my manhood deep into his mouth and began to suck me off again as I was handed a glass of champagne by Marc followed by his tongue deep in my mouth. Marc stood the other side of Neil and with some dominance said up bitch and as Neil stood Marc took a large lubed up butt plug and stuffed it into Neil’s tight arsehole making him moan in a mixture of pleasure and pain and with that Marc produced a collar and lead and put it on Neil before leading him into a room I had not seen the night before.

Following Marc and Neil into the room it had a huge double bed with a Pvc sheet on it and restraints on each corner, the rest of the room had sex toys and such like down one side and a cross on the opposite wall for bdsm games obviously this is how Marc afforded to have a home like he had. Looking around Marc said to me I wasn’t going to bring you in here last night this is for proper little sub sluts like bitch boy here. I said to Marc I did wonder how you would afford a place like this and with that Marc wandered over to me kissed me and said but cute guys like you never have to pay for it.

Marc was right I had never ever had to pay for sex and I suppose that was one of the best parts of being bisexual as I could have sex with who ever when ever I felt like really and the fact I had a trans partner that kept my sex drive in good health always helped. Marc soon had Neil just where he wanted him it seemed and with that he beckoned me over . Neil then became our fuck puppet as Marc stuffed all of his 8 inches into his arse and I filled his mouth with my own 8 inch plus cock soon kayseri escort Neil was sucking and licking at my bell end like a proper tart and with Marc slamming his cock deep into Neil’s butt he was given no time to breathe.

Within a few minutes I saw Marc lock up as he pulled his dripping cock from Neil’s butt and then he said to me now its your turn, it felt good as I lined up my fat 8 ½ inches and stuffed it in hard and fast into my bosses ass calling him a bitch boy the whole time and reminding him that if he ever pushed his luck at work we would fuck him senseless, this just seemed to drive Neil even further as I pumped my fat cock in and out of his willing and already well fucked butt he sprayed the bed with his own spunk shortly before I lost control from his arse spasms and fired my thick load deep up into his anus making sure he took the lot before I pulled out of his now hammered butt hole that was dripping sweat and cum by the bucket load.

As I went to clean myself up Marc said hang on Mike where are you going it’s the bitches job to clean your cock up and with that Neil was told to get back on the floor and lick my cock and balls clean while Marc flogged him lightly with a leather whip across his butt before ramming a huge butt plug back into his well fucked anus not letting him remove the couple of fat loads of spunk that had been fired deep into his butt. I didn’t know what was going to happen next but as Marc came across to me and kissed me deeply again making me hard with his tongue dancing round my own as Neil continued to suck on my now rock hard cock.

Marc then said now its your turn Mike and after what we had done to Neil I got kind of worried I was going to get the same treatment but as Marc came round me he pushed his hard prick up against my bare butt and whispered into my ear lets go to my room and fuck shall we just like we did last night.

I agreed I wanted to but said what about Neil and Marc said he has had his fill for tonight I think and Neil half nodded with my cock still in his mouth and Marc went round and removed the butt plug and pulled off the Pvc sheet and produced a duvet from a cupboard and told Neil he could sleep in the play room if he wanted to stay.

Once we got out of the play room Marc said to me so I guess you need your arse filled again and just like before I said nothing but kissed him and pushed my tongue into his willing mouth, as soon as we broke the kiss we headed back to the bathroom where we had finished each other off the night before and stepped into the shower. As soon as the water was running Marc took my cock in his hand and began to massage me till I was rock hard and as soon as I was I got down to my knees and began to suck his meaty cock first lapping at his thick bell end then slowly taking his cock inch by inch into my mouth and began sucking him hard and fast just as I had on my arrival the previous night.

Soon as we both knew it we were again kissing and fondling each other as our hard cocks rubbed up against each other but Marc knew what I wanted and as he turned off the shower he said come on lets go fuck, I knew he wanted it as bad as I did and we went back to his bedroom and within minutes he had me on the bed and ready for his meaty cock again, slowly massaging my anus with his thick fingers easing the lube deep into my arse then the feel of his thick bell end opening me up again.

This time it was easy as I was so relaxed from the alcohol racing around my body Marc took one quick nudge at my anus and his thick cock was inside me again filling me up each time he drove his thick veiny cock deep into my butt, Marc really knew how to fuck and I loved the feel of his thick cock deep in my butt and his full balls slapping against my arse each time he pounded into me and soon I was reciprocating his movements pushing myself back and forth on his fat prick as he fucked me deep and hard.

I could tell he wasn’t going to be able to take much more as I felt his body start to lock up and his cock begin to throb hard deep inside me but he continued to ease his full length deep into my butt right until he suddenly let out a loud audible moan and unloaded everything he had deep in my anus before collapsing onto me as I laid flat onto the bed with the remains of Marc’s spunk filling my butt up before he pulled his thick cock out of my arse, I knew what I had to do and soon was pushing Marc onto his back and taking his cum soaked cock deep into my mouth and tasting the juices from my arse mixed with the remains of his cum and swallowing as Marc came a small amount into my mouth.

Now slightly worse for wear from the alcohol and my arse being fucked hard I managed to get hard one more time and knew Marc would want my cock deep in his arse again, without any hesitation I grabbed at Marc’s ankles and he pushed his legs up onto my shoulders as I pushed my thick 8 ½ inches into his waiting arse. I knew this time I probably wouldn’t last long so I made sure that Marc enjoyed it slamming all of my thick long cock deep into his willing arsehole making him moan with pleasure as I watched his eyes rolling back in his head as he reached a massive orgasm shooting spunk all over his belly and chest followed by me flooding his arse with my own hot spunk.

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