Page Ch. 03


Notes [Initially released December 12, 2015, last revised October 22, 2016]:- All characters are the product of the authors’ imaginations and are over eighteen.
– This is a relatively short story/vignette, and we recommend reading the previous chapters.
Thanks to Skye4Life for editing this.
Standing inside the doorway to my office, I’m looking over the pieces of my computer scattered across my desk with disbelief. I can feel my mouth hanging open but I don’t quite know what to say. The curiously calm guilt I’d felt this morning is gone, replaced now by worry and anxiety.

“It’s going to be okay, Ryan. I just need to get to the bottom of this.”

“Who are you, Page?”

“I’m your sister,” she says, smiling sheepishly.

“This is starting to get pretty – um – out there… What are you doing?”

“Okay, well – let me see. I’m virtualizing your computer from your hard drive onto this laptop, so we can isolate your system from the malware that’s been installed. I’m attempting to track the installation vectors of this attack…”

It’s total geek-speak to my nontechnical ears and I don’t really hear everything she’s saying. I’m seeing that Page doesn’t even understand my anxiety while she continues talking past me. I can tell she’s concerned and I know I should be listening but –

“Wait, say that again – what’s fishing got to do with this? I took a fishing trip to Alaska for silvers in August -“

“No, Ryan, phishing with a ‘ph’. It was probably some type of e-mail or website that delivered a Trojan. I’m going to figure it out but it’s fairly sophisticated.”

“Who were you talking to?”

“Can you come around here and sit with me?” she asks.

I hesitate because Page seems to have cast an enchantment on me. Thinking that somehow sitting next to her might weaken my resolve to get some answers, I delay.

“Are you going to explain what’s going on?”

“Yeah, some.”

I pull around the straight back chair and sit beside her as I stare at the two nearly identical laptops on my desk. I see the duffel bag at her feet, it is open and I can see several items, she’s just purchased, jammed inside it and anxiously wonder if she’s going to leave me now as quickly as she came.

“Okay, look, I’m sorry I won’t be able to tell you everything. Right now, we need to make sure this isn’t about me.”

“Make sure this isn’t about you?”

“The hack on your PC. I started to wonder about your phone yesterday and then again this morning after – um – well, after I – after we…”

“Yeah, okay. I’m glad you don’t have words for it either,” I say, as I feel myself blushing.

“Anyway – I was poking around on your PC to see if there were any issues. You know you haven’t updated your anti-virus in almost a year?”

“I probably haven’t since you left.” I say, with my heart sinking.

“Yeah…” she says. She’s looking at me and I feel like an idiot, especially when I compare myself to her. “So, I found some tracking software and a key-logger.”

“Shit!” I wince.

“It looks like the logger goes back at least to October while the tracker started in January, if we can believe the dates on the files, I need to do some more forensics…”

“How do you know how to do all this stuff, Page?”

“I’ve been doing it since I was like eleven.”

“A couple years after Mom and Dad split, you became some kind of elite hacker?”

“Sort of, but not really. Dad was working lots and I wanted something to do, but he wouldn’t let me go out with my friends much. So I talked him into letting me play an online game. I got really good, but the game got boring and so I wrote some mods to make the boring parts go faster.”

“Like the video game you were playing yesterday?”

“It was similar to that one. Anyway, people started cheating and hacking it to get advantages… I got pissed at those guys and started building tools to block what they were doing, track them down and report them… Then hacking became a side activity I enjoyed and I just kept getting better at it.”

“So after you – uh – ‘virtualize’ my PC, I can have it back or -“

“No, we’re going to have to wipe most of it. Several of the firmware components are overwritten in such a way that we can’t fix them without doing so. They might even have come that way; it could be that’s just how they got in to start.”

“So first my phone is gone and now…”

“I took care of the phone, Ry.”

“Yeah, you did… How’d you remember all that stuff though?” I ask, as I think about how quickly she’d typed in technical details about my phone.

“I – it’s a little embarrassing.”


“I have eidetic memory.”

“Is that related to your IQ?” I ask.

I’m suddenly remembering Mom and Dad discussing her IQ test results. Some teacher had called the house the year before they’d divorced to tell them that Page’s was too high to measure accurately and they should probably put her in a special program.

“No one knows if there’s any correlation and I really don’t like escort bayan talking about how smart everyone thinks I am.”

“Page, there’s no shame in being smart.”

“Smart, no, there’s no shame in that. But being called a genius ALL the time and being expected to live up to that shit…”

“Sorry, I didn’t know it -“

“Don’t, it’s okay. You don’t do that to me, you never have. You’ve always just accepted me for who I am.”

“Alright, what am I going to do for a PC?”

“I’m setting this up for you to use instead; it’s running a safe operating system that insulates that virtual system with all your files.”

“Where’d you get this second laptop?”

“I used some Bitcoin and got you one like mine.”

“You went out?”

“I just had it couriered to the diner. We might need to leave here and go dark for a while.”


“Off the grid somewhere.”

At that moment I’m startled from my thoughts by the phone on my desk ringing. Page gives me a troubled look as I reach for it and is shaking her head ‘no’. I answer, heedless of her forewarning.

“Hello?” No one answers. “Hello?” There are clicks on the line, so I assume it’s a telemarketer. “Look this is an unlisted number and I’m on the Do not call list, so don’t call back.” I click the disconnect button and place the headset back in the charging base hard.

“Shit, Ry, you shouldn’t have answered that!”

“What are you talking about?”

“The key-logger I found wasn’t from your run of the mill hacker, it looked government sponsored… and now with your computer off-line…”

“You think this is some type of espionage?”

“I’m not really sure yet, have you bought any thumb drives online recently?”

“Yeah, I got a great deal for a four-pack – Crap! That was probably in early October.”

“The firmware hack has me thinking those might have made a pit stop somewhere after you ordered them. We’re probably going to need to bug out of here for a while.”

“You really think that’s necessary?”

“Yeah, I want to set up a honeypot on this computer after I wipe it, to see who we might catch.”

“Same WE you can’t explain?”

“Yeah, but maybe I can later?”

“You think we’re in danger?”

“I’m not sure, but we shouldn’t take any chances and we need to get to the bottom of this. We’ll know more once I’ve had a chance to look over your files,” she says, as she starts scrolling through a window on her laptop.

“So, you’ve got a copy of my files too?”

“Sorry, Ryan. I made a copy while I waited for the extra laptop. I’m running some analysis on them here, while I’m working on your new laptop.”

“I uh – I think I need a smoke,” I say, as I get up and start heading toward the liquor cabinet.

I hear her chair move and then Page is right behind me rubbing my back and hugging me from behind urging me not to go. I turn to gaze into her beautiful hazel eyes that are staring back at me. Her arms are pulling me closer, enticing me to kiss her. I sense the urgency in her and I bend slightly to accept her lips. I feel myself getting hard from the scent of nutmeg and allspice in her hair that reminds me of this morning when she’d been so playful. Her kiss calms my worry and excites my libido.

She pulls my hands to her braless breasts and I hopelessly grope them through the thin material of her shirt. As our kiss continues, I worry that I might not be able to keep up with this intoxicating mixture of intrigue and sexuality that Page has become. She is so different from the person I knew last year and entirely antithetical to anyone I’d ever thought I might find exciting or attractive.

She breaks the kiss, “Ryan, I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for Page?”

“I’m sorry if I’ve gotten you mixed up in something or added more tension into your hectic life or taken – um – taken – advantage of – of your good nature.”

I take her meaning and realize that maybe she’s apologizing for that first encounter. “I didn’t do anything I didn’t want. Although, I’ll admit, I wasn’t fully aware of how much I wanted you.”

Page is blushing but her face beams happiness as she throws her arms around my neck again. “Me too,” she whispers.

“How long till it’s done?” I ask pointing to the jumble of wires and parts.

“Maybe another hour; you’ve got a big drive,” she says, as she rubs me through my pants.

“Your drive is pretty active,” I tease her back. “Maybe you should take a break from hacking my computer and help relieve all this tension you’ve caused.”

“I don’t know, you’re so old, are you sure you can?” she says, as she runs back to the bedroom again.

I don’t know what this game is, but imagine I’d play it endlessly if she’ll let me. I wait several moments processing the teasing she’s given me about feeling old and then give chase. She’s not in my bed when I open the door, however, I see a trail of her clothes leading to the bathroom. Then I hear water noises coming from the shower, so I strip off to join her as I realize where tuzla genç escort she’s gone. This playful side of her is making me feel a lot better and somehow it seems to be assuaging my tension about the chaos that’s so abruptly entered my life.

In the bathroom, I find Page in the shower. The glass of the large walk-in is fogging a bit but I can see her smiling at me as she pretends to hold the door handle. There’s a spark in her eye that makes me just want to laugh. I pull gently on the door handle, but she’s not letting go.

“So you don’t want me to come in there with you?”

Page shakes her head ‘no’. She’s smiling but releases the door handle, backs away and moves her hands to cover herself again. This mock shyness after this morning seems a little silly so I decide to call her bluff.

“Well, if you don’t want me to come in, I’ll wait in my room, until you’re done,” I say, as I release the handle.

“Ryan,” she whines. “Come and play with me, please,” she pouts.

“You like games, huh?”

She smiles broadly at me as I open the door and join her under the spray. Without warning, she’s hugging me tightly. There’s a rush of such a mix of emotions running through me, I’m uncertain which is dominant. Her tight body, the myriad of piercings and the brief sight of her sex as she comes to me are all arousing me, but in the back of my mind there’s an overwhelming urge to protect her at all costs.

Right now, her actions are pushing that protective tendency to the back of the line as she drops to her knees and takes me into her mouth. The little barb piercing her tongue runs along the underside of my cock as it continues to grow. Wet slurping sounds mix with the water cascading down from the large rainfall shower head. My legs become a little wobbly and I press my back against the slate tiled wall and watch her tongue play with my cock head. Her eyes glance up at mine furtively as if to make sure she’s pleasing me.

The allure of her lips as they encircle me is making me crazy with lust. I watch her repeat the simple but erotic exercise again and again. Inside her mouth she gives me a gentle sucking and twirl of her barbed tongue. Outside her lips press against the tip as she slowly reinserts my penis. Her head bobbing evenly all this time, slowly repeating the actions. The smooth texture of her lips and velvety softness of her tongue are lulling me into oblivion.

Suddenly, I’m brought back into the moment as she grabs my hips and her head jerks forward forcing me deeply into her. Her eyes stare up at me as I feel myself slip into her throat. The muscles of her throat undulate about me as she continues to gaze up at me proudly. I can’t believe how she makes me feel. There’s a huge smile on my face and I begin to worry that she’ll make me ejaculate before I satisfy her.

“Hey, come up here,” I implore her to stand.

She shakes her head ‘no’ slightly and in the process my cock twists within her mouth as her head turns. Slowly, she begins bobbing again, her goal clear, she is in charge and wants something from me. Sloppy wet sounds are now reverberating between the glass panel and slate walls. Page’s petite right hand grips me to aid her actions and I can sense my balls tightening in preparation to release. The water continues to flow through her wet auburn hair and she looks up at me as if to say she knows it is coming. Her eyes convey her desire to have it. I’m helpless to her desire as I feel my spasm begin.

Grabbing the safety bar in the shower I steady myself and my eyes close. Page removes her hand and I feel myself slopping into and out of her throat again and again. There’s an occasional ‘gluck’ sound and then she begins a guttural moan that vibrates me just right. My body tenses and I involuntarily push my hips forward. Page backs off to hold me in her mouth and I hear her swallow each stream as I spew uncontrollably into her awaiting mouth.

“Mmmm – mmmm – mmhh – umhmm,” she moans, accepting each spurt.

“Ahhhhh…. fuck, that’s sooo good! Mmmm”, I sigh.

Then I sense her sucking lightly to get the last of it out of my shaft as I feel my legs trembling beneath me. She presses my hips back against the rail steadying me and releases me with a plop. Then I notice her rising to stand beside me again, squeezing me tightly around my midsection.

“We’re even,” she whispers in my ear.

“Even – for what?” I ask perplexed.

“For eating me so wonderfully after breakfast, silly. You’re the first guy that ever did that for me.”

It is a bit of a surprise to hear that. All of Page’s piercings and outward appearance dripped of a sexual powerhouse. To hear I was her first anything, stuns me. As I stand there stupefied, I realize she’s begun washing me with the liquid soap and scrubby. Her touch is so soft, and she gently kisses me once the water’s washed me clean.

“Turn around,” she says softly.

I obediently do as she’s requesting and she continues her routine of cleaning and kissing. Her hands are lithe and quick as she gently tuzla kendi evi olan escort gropes me between my legs while she washes my butt with the scrubby and then softly cleans my taint and spreads my cheeks to wash my ass crack and hole. I’m only half surprised when I feel her tongue there briefly and then more forcefully as she sticks it inside me and grabs my reinvigorating cock.

“Oh, fuck,” I moan.

Page stops for a second to ask, “You alright, Ry?” She continues stroking me, making me crazy as she waits for an answer.

I finally exhale slowly, “Uhhh-huuh.”

“Good boy,” she says and begins licking me and probing me again.

I find it pleasurable but weird, I knew I’d licked her little puckered ring, but hadn’t imagined she’d return the favor. She stops and stands next to me.

“You didn’t seem to like that last bit.”

“It was okay, I’ve never had it done.”

“I was just giving back what you gave me,” she teases.

“Yeah, I was pretty excited this morning.”

“I could tell, you gave me just what I wanted. Now, I want you to wash me and fuck me hard in here.”

“Gladly,” I say taking the scrubby.

I take my time washing her all over, paying particular attention to her erotic areas. Using an extra soft touch, since the scrubby can feel harsh on sensitive skin. As I reach her piercings, I just use my bare hand so as not to get them entangled. My fingers gently soap and clean her left breast and navel. For her clit, I sit in front of her and wash her gently between my index and middle fingers. Then I allow the water to collect in my cupped hand and rinse over her. In my seated position, I can’t resist lapping at her under the spray of the water.

“Ummm, that’s nice,” she says, as she moves slightly forward so she’s nearly straddling my face.

I lap with abandon as I had earlier. Her delicate lips are slippery with water and I can feel her tense as my tongue grazes her clit. Sucking her into my mouth, I tweak the barb and she begins to quiver as she starts to climax. I hear one hand grip the bar, but the other is on the back of my head pressing me into her. At the same time she’s lifting one leg over my head to give me fuller access, which I use to tongue her more forcefully and repeatedly.

“Oh, Ryan. Oh, Ryyy. Oh fuck, yeahhhhh,” she moans. “Lick it right there. A little to the left. Oh fuck, yes. Ohhh! Mmmm! You don’t know – oh fuck – how good that feels. Aieh!”

Her yelp echoed in the room and I’m sure it might even have been heard outside. Her trembling climax declining, she releases my head and lowers her leg back. I stand to hug her tightly so she doesn’t fall but all Page is interested in at that moment is kissing me. Her tongue is in my mouth and we kiss deeply for several minutes. She’s a constant bundle of energy and her hands continuously roam my body stopping only occasionally to grip me enticingly. When I’m so hard I don’t know if I can resist her, she breaks the kiss.

“I seem to have gotten you excited again, not too bad for an old dude,” she says playfully. “You ready to fuck your little sister in this shower, now?”

“You always go right for the weakness,” I tease her back.

Then I surprise her by lifting her up and driving into her with one fluid motion. Her hands reach back for the safety bar again as I begin pounding into her with everything I’ve got.

“Oooff, yeah – just – oooff – just like – oohh my gawd – yes! Just like that! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I move my grip to her hips now that she’s holding the bar. The extra leverage it garners, allows me to pull her into my thrusts with even more force and her panting ‘yeses’ become a continuous stream of profanity laced instructions and playful jabberings.

“Look at you going into me. Pound your dick into your nasty little sister’s tight pussy. Feel me gripping you?”


“You like me gripping you? Yeah, you do! Make me cum on that fuck pole. Squirt your spunk inside my hairless brother hole.”

“It’s just for me, isn’t it?”

“Yeah it is. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck – fuck me – fuck yeah!”

The effect was pretty much what we both needed. I did feel naughty and nasty fucking her like this. The piercings in her clit, navel and tit change the vision of my angelic sister into this sex goddess right before my eyes. Water is dripping off of her firm tummy along the lines between the nice little muscles that lie beneath. I can’t imagine wanting anyone more or wanting to please anyone more than I needed to please her right now. Her explicit instructions have me pistoning into her with more rapidity than I thought I might muster.

Page is now lifting herself with her feet tightly on my hips so she can meet my thrusts. The grip and rocking motion of her movements begin to push me over the edge and I try to warn her off.

“Unghh, oohh fuck, I’m – I’m – oh fuuuck – I’m going to cum Page!!!”

“Shoot it inside me! Cum in me, Ry. Fill me with your hot semen.”

The noise of the water showering down upon us enhances the sounds of me going in and out to make sloshing noises. Overwhelmed with lust from her words, I lean forward to bite her pierced nipple gently as her spasm begins and I bury myself inside her with thrust after thrust. She’s trembling as my cock presses against her cervix repeatedly.

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