Picture This Ch. 01


“You’re what?”

My mother looked at me sympathetically — which felt worse, actually. “It’s been three years, Tim. Bill and I — well, we’ve known each other for ages, he was there for me when your father died. We’ve spent time together, and he…”

I took a deep breath, sighed. “OK.”

She put a hand on mine. “Something else — I was going to wait before telling you, but you know Bill has a daughter?”


“Well, she’ll be moving in too, when Bill and I get married.”

I rolled my eyes. “No more games room, then.”


There was a knock at the door. “That’ll be them now,” Mum smiled. “I said I’d tell you before they came round.”

“But –“

She walked into the hall, opened the door, let Bill wrap his arms around her and kiss her. I looked away, embarrassed, and… Oh. My. Goodness.

The young woman standing in the porch literally took my breath away. Slim, dark-haired, with finely-drawn eyebrows, flawless makeup. She glanced at our parents — OK, that came out weird — and smiled wryly. “You must be Tim.”

I nodded. “Sorry, I –“

She held out a hand, her eyes dancing as I shook it formally. “Elizabeth Smith.”

She leaned forward, lowering her voice conspiratorially. “But call me Beth — Dad hates it.”

“Come on in, Beth,” I invited. “I’ll show you which room’s going to be yours.”

She followed me up the stairs — I couldn’t help wishing she was in front, for obvious reasons — and I opened the door of the games room. “Could do with a coat of paint — I’ll help.”

Beth stepped inside. “Wow — is that Final Fantasy 14?”

She sat down on the sofa and picked up a controller. I watched fascinated as she cleared the level I’d been struggling with, then paused the game. “Switch to two-player?” she patted the seat next to her.

I joined her, taking the other controller, and Beth restarted the gameplay. We were soon absorbed in the story, and when Bill and my mother glanced in, I heard his whisper — “Well, well. Seems these two have found something in common after all.”


They moved in a couple of weeks later — of course, the decorating in Beth’s room was finished, in her favourite colour — and we had pizza for supper to celebrate, then we all went up to bed. I got changed, carefully avoiding the thought of Mum and Bill probably doing the same across the landing, and laid down, pillowing my head on my hands. A much more pleasant thought was of my stepsister, on the other side of a thin partition wall, undressing, maybe she slept naked…

I jumped, startled, at the quiet tap on my bedroom door. “Yes?”

The door opened, and Beth slipped through, closing it behind her. My first thought was ‘OK, not naked’ — so glad I didn’t say that out loud — then “Er, Beth, what are you doing?”

She gave a slight shrug. “Thought we could talk for a while — you know, without the ‘grown-ups’.”


I blinked as she pulled back the bedcovers — “Move over then, give me some room” — but I shifted across to let her slide next to me, very much aware of her bare leg touching mine. ‘Not naked’ for Beth was a long t-shirt, obviously no bra underneath, but I pushed down the distracting thought of whether panties were included or not. “OK, what do you want to talk about?”

She grinned, her eyes flicking to the doorway. “You’ve got to be wondering whether they’re…”

I grimaced. “I was trying not to think about it.”

Beth furrowed her eyebrows. “Why not? Married people do it too — and it’s not as if they’re old and wrinkly.”

She gave me a knowing smile. “Your Mum’s still pretty hot, really — I could wish for tits as firm as that when I’m her age. I bet that’s what caught Dad — something to squeeze, maybe grab on to while he’s –“

“OK,” I broke in hastily, “I get the picture.”

“So maybe they are doing it,” Beth wasn’t fazed by me interrupting. “Wonder which way they like best.”

She shifted in the bed, unmistakeably turned-on herself. “Maybe they like anal –” I saw a distinct shiver as if of anticipation run through her body — “and there’s no way Dad’d turn down having a pair of enthusiastic lips wrapped around him…”

I couldn’t help looking at her obviously-hard nipples, visible through the thin material of her t-shirt, and she looked down with a grin. “Wups. Still, you’ve given yourself away too.”

Damn, I had. Beth just smirked, and started to roll out of bed. “Well, I’m going to go next door and do something about how I’m feeling right now — probably a good idea for you to do the same.”

She slipped out of the door, and I reached for the box of tissues, then stopped as an idea dropped into my mind. I got to my feet, picking up the empty glass from beside my bed, and pressed it to the wall, listening. I was rewarded with the sound of footsteps, then the creak of Beth’s mattress as she obviously got into bed. Then nothing for a while, and I began to wonder if she’d changed her mind. But after a few moments I caught what must have been a quiet kartal escort moan, then another a little louder. I couldn’t help myself, my fingers on my hardness as I listened intently, and — oh god — an unmistakeable moan forcing itself between her lips, the creaking bed betraying her shuddering body, arching back, then silence again. Somewhere in the middle of this I’d come, and I looked bemusedly at a splash of stickiness on the wall, my fingers glistening and slippery…

I did my best to clean up the mess — I finally admitted I’d have to find the paint pot for the wall — and went back to bed, the feelings Beth’s words had stirred up in me blunted at least for the time being…


Mum and Bill were obviously relaxed at breakfast, and I thanked my lucky stars that for the moment they weren’t all over each other. I heard footsteps, and Beth appeared, throwing me a grin. “Elizabeth, you should have got dressed before you came down,” scowled her father.

“Who’s going to look at me — my brother?” Beth’s tone was scornful, implying that would be the thing she least expected or welcomed.

She moved around the kitchen, pouring herself coffee, making toast, and as she leaned over the sink I was certain that panties weren’t part of her nightwear, at least not today. “I’m in college today,” she informed us.


Beth finished her breakfast, and went upstairs to get ready. I could hear the shower running, then silence for a while, and she reappeared in jeans and t-shirt. “Have a good day,” Mum wished her, and Beth nodded, smiled. “See you.”

“We’d better get going too,” my mother glanced at Bill. “Tim, there are leftovers in the fridge, help yourself when you get hungry.”

“Will do.”

I watched them go, then went up to my room, trying to decide which assignment to tackle first. Distracted, I got up from my chair, and found myself wandering towards Beth’s room. She’d tidied up, but I couldn’t help walking over to the clothes hamper, lifting the lid. A pair of plain blue cotton panties was crumpled on top of the pile, and I hesitated, then picked them up, burying my face in the material and breathing in. An unmistakeable thrill at the scent of her, another deep breath.

I put the panties back as I’d found them, and dared to pull back Beth’s duvet, finding the still slightly damp patch I’d expected, this time drawing my finger across the spot, tasting. “I am so screwed,” I muttered to myself.

I opened drawers, finding Beth’s neatly-folded clean underwear, t-shirts. But to my mild surprise I didn’t come across — well, a few things I’d expected. No contraceptives, no sex toys. Hmm.

Finally I walked to the door, turning back to check that I’d left no visible signs of my presence, and got on with my college work. Lunch was leftover pizza, and I was absorbed in my assignment when I heard the front door open. “Just me,” Beth’s voice came as she came up the stairs, went into her room.

A couple of minutes later she reappeared with a knowing expression on her face. “Did you find what you were looking for?”

Of course I reddened, sputtered some excuse. But she just grinned. “It’s fine — I counted on a nosey stepbrother.”

She looked at me thoughtfully. “I have to work now, too. But we can talk later, like yesterday.”

Bill and Mum returned just as it was going dark, and Mum enlisted Beth’s help in the kitchen. “Mm, this is great,” I managed round a mouthful of stew.

“Seems I can manage not to poison everyone,” nodded Beth.

We talked over the dinner table for a while, then my mother covered a yawn. “Busy day — think we’ll turn in.”

“Me too,” nodded Beth, giving me a meaningful look.

I went upstairs, got changed for bed, and I was ready when Beth slipped in through the door, this time without knocking. She stood beside the bed, and I pulled the covers back. “Joining me?”

“I have an idea,” she hinted with a raise of her eyebrows. “Come on.”

Mystified, I followed her back onto the landing and watched as she edged closer to the door of the master bedroom. She beckoned to me, and I moved to stand behind her. “What?” I whispered.

She didn’t reply, but her eyes flicked towards the door, and my eyes widened as she carefully eased it open a little further, giving a view of the bed, two naked figures lit by the bedside lamp. Bill was kneeling, and I blinked as I saw his obvious erection. Then — ok, more than I needed to know — my mother bending, taking it between her lips, wrapping her fingers round it while Bill tilted his head backwards in obvious enjoyment.

I jumped as Beth put her hand on my shoulder. “Come on,” she whispered. “We can find out another time whether she swallows.”

I let her lead me back to my room, and this time she climbed in beside me. “That was hot,” she grinned. “But I hope he doesn’t come in her mouth.”

I opened my mouth to ask why, but she carried on. “I hope he moves behind her, pushes his hard cock into her, of course she’s wet and ready…”

Beth’s hand moved cumhuriyet mahallesi escort down, pulling up the hem of her t-shirt, letting me see her dark bush, slightly wiry. Her fingers slid between her thighs, and she closed her eyes. “So he’s thrusting into her, slapping into her bum every time, I bet she starts to moan, and he leans forward, he gets hold of those firm tits of hers, fucks her harder, and — oh, yes — as she feels him coming inside her she comes too, she pushes herself back against him, she can’t help crying out so we can hear…”

Her body arched, and just before her thighs clamped together around her fingers there was a spurt of clear liquid wetting my sheet. “Mmm,” Beth sighed.

She turned to me, her face still flushed. “Going to follow suit?”

I reached for the tissue box, but Beth shook her head. “Nope — I want to see.”

I gave her a quirked smile and wrapped my fingers around my erection, starting to move. “Mm, yeah,” breathed Beth. “I bet she likes watching him do this too, listens to his breathing getting faster, and maybe when he spurts he catches her cheek –“

Despite her words, she blinked, startled, as my first spurt arched onto my stomach, pooled, started to run down to join the wet patch she’d already made. “Oh, yes…” she whispered.

I swallowed, took a deep breath. “Can I clean up now?”

“Sure,” she grinned, rolling out of bed. “I bet we both sleep well — see you in the morning.”

The door closed behind her and I did my best to mop up stickiness, wetness, wondering where my so-imaginative stepsister would take things the next day…


I didn’t have long to wait — Bill and Mum were out again, but Beth and I didn’t have any classes. “Want to talk again?” Beth grinned at me as we finished washing up the breakfast dishes.

I pretended to roll my eyes — “I know what you usually mean by talk — don’t we both have things to do?”

“Stuff can wait,” she shrugged. “Come on.”

I followed her upstairs — again obviously no panties — and this time she led me into her room. “Make yourself comfortable.”

I took the hint, propping myself up in her bed. “So what do you want to talk about?”

“You’ve been a really good sport,” Beth acknowledged. “I really thought you might balk at what turns me on.”

I chuckled. “Beth — OK, it’s not what I’m usually think about, but I’ll take kinky with someone as hot as you anytime.”

For a split second her face turned genuinely shy. “Well, thanks.”

Her usual bold expression returned. “So your turn — nothing’s out of bounds, imagine for me.”

“Nothing?” I queried carefully, getting a shake of her head. “OK, then.”

I thought for a moment. “What if… what if it was the other way round — I was Bill’s son, and you belonged to Mum. Same situation, we’re all living here, but Bill can’t help looking at his new stepdaughter in a not-quite-fatherly way.”

Beth shivered, and I saw her nipples harden to peaks under her t-shirt. “Don’t see why we have to change the roles, though — I love my Dad,” she winked. “And I saw you react when I mentioned your Mum’s tits — what was the name of that guy, Oedipus? I don’t think you’d kick her out of bed.”

I had the sense that I’d lost control of the conversation — but that was nothing new with Beth, I conceded. “OK. So which story shall we play out first?”

“Oh, the one where I fuck Dad,” Beth’s breezy reply held no hesitation.

“You want me to imagine how it’d be?”

“God, yes.”

I settled more comfortably in the bed. “So you and he are in the house by yourselves, and he’s watching something on TV. You come downstairs in the skimpiest top and shorts you’ve got, and deliberately lean over in front of him. “Shall I get you a drink, Dad?”

“Of course his eyes flare wide — he’s got a view right down your top, no bra — but he swallows, tries to concentrate. “Mm, please — there’s a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge.”

“You go through to the kitchen, come back with two glasses, your look daring him to challenge you. But he takes his glass, sips. “Mm.”

“You sit down beside him, your bare thigh deliberately touching his leg, you know he’s smelling your perfume. “What’s the program about?”

“He blinks. “Er — some crime drama… I wasn’t really paying attention.”

“You already knew he wasn’t, and the bulge in his trousers is giving away why. So you reach out your hand, rest it there. “What’s this mean, Dad?”

“Of course he’s toast now, and he turns to you, lets you kiss him on the lips, squeeze him a little more firmly. “Can I see?” you ask.

“You don’t wait for an answer, you kneel in front of him, unzip him, get his erection out. You pretend to look at it curiously, then you dart your head forward, take all of it as deep into your mouth as you can, and you hear a groan from him. You start to move, swirling your tongue round his shaft, and you feel him tense almost immediately. “Elizabeth — oh god — I’m — ” yunus escort and he fills your mouth with his slightly salty stuff, you swallow, then move back to show him your glistening lips and tongue…”

“Wow,” breathed Beth, “that’s hot. What happens then?”

“Maybe he reaches for you, but you catch his hand in yours. “No touch — not this time, anyway. But you can watch me.”

I raised my eyebrows at Beth. “Now you have to tell me how you’d masturbate for him.”

“Tell?” she queried with a grin. “You know me better than that by now.”

She reached down, lifted her t-shirt up and off, giving me my first look at her perfect cone-shaped breasts, the nipples hard. She shifted to a kneeling position, slid a hand between her thighs. “I think he’d like if I started like this.”

I watched breathlessly as Beth obviously got into the sensation her fingers were giving her. “Then I’d really give him something to think about,” she whispered, deliberately wetting a finger in her mouth and reaching back, easing it slowly into her other entrance while she carried on pressing fingers into her wetness. “Mm — oh, yes, Dad, you like watching me do this, don’t you…”

Her eyelids started to flicker, and I heard myself urging her on to her climax. “Mm — Elizabeth — let it go, come for me…”

Her response was a loud groan, her body shuddering, a spurt of wetness like before, then a dreamy expression. “Mmm.”

She took a deep breath, looked at me with a smile. “It really works for me when you use my name like Dad would.”

She glanced down. “Seems you need something too.”

I nodded. “Is it your turn to imagine? I really don’t know how Mum and I –“

I halted, hardly believing what I was saying, but Beth just grinned. “Oh, I have some ideas.”

She slid next to me, still naked. “Which would you prefer… Helping her with sun lotion by the pool, or with a stuck zip on her evening dress when she gets home from a party?”

“Mm, the dress? The pool’s too open, someone might see.”

Beth smirked. “OK — this time. But I’ll get you used to the idea of being watched eventually, don’t you worry.”

She thought for a moment. “OK. So Dad and I are away for the weekend, your Mum’s been to some work occasion by herself and you’ve waited up, you’re in the lounge reading. She comes in, says Hi, goes upstairs. Then a few moments later you hear her calling your name, and you go to the bottom of the stairs. “What’s up, Mum?”

“She’s standing at the top, trying to reach the zip. “Dratted thing’s stuck.”

“So you go up, stand behind her, bend to look closely at the zip. Her body’s warm, you catch her perfume mixed with the scent of her skin, and without even thinking you breathe in deeply.

“You carefully lift the zip a little upwards, and it frees itself, so you automatically pull it all the way down to her waist, and her dress slips off her shoulders, pools on the floor. “Oops,” you say, but you stay close to her.

“She deliberately shifts backwards so she’s touching you, and before you can work out what to do with your hands, they’re brushing her bottom. “Mum…?”

“She moves a hand back to touch your hip. “Shh…”

“You hesitantly put your hands on her waist, a little surprised how slim she feels. You feel her breathe in, her chest lifting, and you just can’t help yourself, you move your hands to cup those gorgeous breasts, her nipples hard through the lace of her bra.

“She gasps softly, puts her hands over yours, pressing them against her. Then she turns in your arms, kisses you hard on the lips. “Is this OK?”

“You whisper “Yes” and she reaches behind her back to unfasten her bra, letting it fall. She comes back into your arms, kisses you again, and you slide your hands down to cup her bottom through her panties. You push your hips against her, getting another gasp, and she fumbles with your t-shirt, pulling it over your head.

“Again she’s in your arms, now her bare breasts are against your chest, and you bend to kiss one nipple. “Oh god, Tim,” she moans. She undoes your belt, your zip, pushes down your jeans with your boxer shorts. “Come into the bedroom.”

“You follow her, and she lies on her back, beckons. You prop yourself on one elbow next to her, bend to suckle her softly, and she deliberately parts her thighs to show you how damp you’ve made her panties. You touch her there, pressing your fingers in hesitantly, and she flexes her hips. “Oh, take them off.”

“You slip her panties down, off, and she draws her knees up. “In me,” she half-begs.

Beth nodded approvingly as I tugged off my jeans, wrapped my fingers round my erection. “So you slide your body across hers,” she continued, “and without even trying you find yourself sliding into her velvety warmth.”

Beth gave me her most knowing look. “She feels different — I guess giving birth changes a woman, right? But it’s perfect, and you start to move in her. She arches her back upwards, and you take the hint, putting your hands on her breasts and squeezing gently.

“Too soon you start to feel yourself coming close, but she just smiles. “It’s OK.”

“You move more quickly, and she tilts her head back, moaning with each thrust. “Oh, yes, I’ll…”

“You stiffen, spurt into her, and she gasps, her body shudders. “Mm — ohh… yes…”

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