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Now an old man I was sitting in a railway carriage opposite two women dressed as nuns, one mature, the other quite young, My mind went back 60 years. At that time I was a member of what is now referred to as Special Forces but in my time as Special Operations.

I was parachuted into France in early April of 1944 to prepare for the forthcoming landing later in the year. Everything seemed to have gone wrong, the first plane only got 50 miles before it had to turn back. Then the weather was that bad they couldn’t fly for several days. Eventually when I did manage to do my drop it was in an area where there was a large concentration of German troops in fact two battalion of SS Storm Troopers. The worst or was it the best part I was blown away off target by the strong winds and landed in a compound of a walled building. My black parachute and the soft landing on the lawn saved me from being observed or heard by any of the guards if there were any.

I Undid my harness, rolled up the chute, tucked it under my arm and made my way around the wall looking for an exit. The first door I came to was a normal door built into the wall with a little trap door at eye level. Opening this flap slowly I looked out only to see a Panzer sitting only about 10 feet away. I closed the little hatch and continued my search for an exit. I came upon the main entrance with a large gate again with a small spy hatch fitted. I repeated the procedure only to find more German troops assembled there.

The only thing was to find some suitable hiding place to spend the night and figure out what to do next. The only opening I found was an outside access, which was usually into a coal bunker, but when I opened it there was no sign of or smell of coal. I daren’t strike or show a light so I observed by the moonlight a space at the bottom of the steps, gently closing the trap-door like doors and descended the stairs. On reaching the bottom I laid the parachute down and lay on top of it.

A foot was gently probing me, and woke me up. I must have gone out like a light, another great start to the operation. The foot that was probing me belonged to a nun, a quite pretty one at that all dressed in black with a white cap on her head, a black scarf on top and a cross on a chain around her waist.

“Who are you, and what are you doing in here?” she asked in French but is a soft voice as if not wanting to be heard.

“I parachuted in last night from England, I’m here to help the partisans. It appears I have landed a bit off target.”

“There are Germans all around us, they won’t allow us to leave and only allow food to be delivered to us. We must obey, for we are harbouring refugee Jews, so we mustn’t draw attention to ourselves. If they suspected you were in here, or had been in here they would search the convent and we would all be punished, for they would certainly find the refugees. You stay right there whilst I fetch Mother Superior.”

I had landed in not a coal cellar, but looked like a laundry and access to their kitchen. Only a few feet away from where I was lying was an alcove I could have hidden in, but which I couldn’t see last night. Too late now the nun knew I was here and I tried to do as she said, not draw attention to myself. A few minutes later a mature nun, with a different headdress but otherwise dressed the same as the other nun came into the room.

“Oh why did you come here we have enough trouble, I cannot let you leave, for there are too many German troops in the area. They are expecting an invasion any time. You will have to stay inside the convent, there is a small room I can put you in but I want no-one else to know you are here. Sister Jacqueline, or myself will be the only ones who know you are here. So please don’t leave the room, our lives all depend on you doing as I say.”

I was at this time standing against the wall and she spotted the parachute.

“I must dispose of this; I will give the cloth to the refugees, to make something for themselves. The material is too good to throw away, the rest I will burn in the boiler fire.”

With that she scooped up the parachute, Sister Jacqueline grabbed me by the arm and pulled me after her down a passage way at the other end of the laundry and into a room. The room was fitted with a wide single bed, a chair, a wardrobe that kayseri escort had seen better days with a room off with a toilet and washbasin but only cold water. The floor was stone slab, one small light bulb, and a very small window about seven inches deep and brown with age.

“I or Mother Superior will bring you some bedding, but you have to stay in this room, only flush the toilet at night.”

Neither worried about my pistol, which was the only weapon I carried. I had dropped light expecting to be picked up by the Resistance, but I expect they now thought I had been captured or dead. I kicked off my boots and lay down on the bed. It looks if my war was over until whichever allied troops arrived in this area first. It seems the Germans at least have respected the convent, which is a good thing for me.

For three weeks either Sister Jacqueline or Mother Superior brought me at least two meals a day. They even done my washing for me, and escorted me during the night to a bathroom where I could at least bathe myself. Mother Superior brought me a few books to read and some weren’t what you expected a nun to read.

Then one night about one o’clock I heard the door open and this time the light wasn’t switched on. Usually when either of them came to take me for a bath they entered and switched the light on. This change of habit aroused my suspicions and I was thinking someone else had entered the room until the shadowy figure spoke.

“It’s me Mother Superior,” she said with a whisper.

“What’s the matter, have the Germans entered the convent?”

“No nothing like that, I have come to see you.”

Even although it was a bright moonlight night the light that passed through the tiny window just broke the darkness and made everything murky. The first thing I noticed she wasn’t wearing her hood or scarf, and her hair was long. I thought all nuns had their hair cut short; well they do in the movies. She came straight up to the bed and lay down along side of me. I didn’t know what to do, any other woman I would have jumped at the chance ,but a nun, I’m protestant but I have always respected nuns from whatever religion.

“I want you to hold me, please, just hold me,” she pleaded.

Well that wasn’t too bad, everyone likes a hug now and again. I saw nothing at all wrong in that, so I put my arms around her. She slipped under the bedding and we were holding each other very close indeed. Even although she was wearing a thick flannel nightdress I felt her breasts against my chest and she must have felt my raging penis pressed against her lower abdomen.

No matter how pious you are you can’t help but give someone this close a peck on the cheek. When I done this she pulled me even closer if that was at all possible. We lay in each others arms for about an hour then she got out of bed, leant over and planted a kiss on my lips then departed. Strange I thought, but as I said everyone needs comforting at one time or another. I dropped off to sleep with erotic thoughts going around in my mind.

Two nights later the same time, but this time she came straight into bed and held me close. After about ten minutes she whispered in my ear. “I want you to make love to me.”

“You WHAT!” I almost shouted in disbelieve, I thought I had miss-heard what she asked.

“I want to feel like a woman, I have suppressed these desires long enough. Once this war is over I am leaving the order to and go and live a normal life. Feel; I have even taken off my marriage ring. To-night I am not a bride of Christ; I am a woman wanting her desires satisfied. I know you desire me, I felt it the other night.”

With that she put her hand down and encircled my nine inch tool. The touch of her hand was all I needed to become rock hard. Then she pressed her lips to mine and ground her mouth onto mine with her tongue exploring between my lips. I slipped my hand onto her breast and she let out a sigh, and then asked. “Do you want me to take off my nightdress?”

“It would be much better, but that is up to you.”

She let go what she was doing sat up and in seconds she was again pressed against my naked body and she felt wonderful as her flesh pressed against mine. Her breasts were far larger than I had imagined always hidden by her habit. I lowered my head and kıbrıs escort took a nipple in my mouth as I massaged her wonderfully pliable orb. This brought sighs of pleasure from her but when I slipped my hand down and enclosed her mound in my hand she first clamped her legs together, and then slowly opened them allowing me to run one finger up her very moist crack. Finding her button of pleasure hiding under the flap of her vulva lips.

This action alone made her tense and thrust her pelvis up, opening her legs a little more so I could more easily reach this site of pleasure. Soon it was sticking out hard and so very sensitive to the slightest touch. Her juices were flowing in preparation for what she was wanting next.

I didn’t disappoint her, for I got between her legs and slipped the head of my penis in and slid into her passage as if we had been doing this for years. She raised her knees and locked her legs around my thighs, locking me in.

“Please say you love me, I don’t care if you mean it or not I just want to hear a man say he loves me,” she pleaded.

“I love you, I can’t say Reverent Mother, what is your name?”

“Katherine with a K.”

“Well I’ll call you Kate.”

“Kate I love you, and I love the way you hold my cock in your body, I really do.” With that I held her tighter, and she responded.

“That’s all I want, just love me like this and I will be very happy.”

She started rocking her hips so I followed and soon I was sliding in and out of her lovely warm body as she showered my face with kisses. To say she appreciated the attention would be an understatement. I too thought she was wonderful and soft and we seemed to blend that easily. Kate climaxed more than I have ever had any woman, and when I eventually blasted my load into her she ground her mouth hard into mine. We lay there for hours locked in this embrace, I think she was afraid to let go. It was getting light as I could distinguish things in the room. I could also see her face and her cascading hair flowing around her shoulders. She was a very lovely woman, and I now saw her in a new light.

I lowered my lips on to hers and said “I love you Kate, I really do. I think you should get up or we will get caught.”

She realised what I had said and jumped out of bed slipped her nightdress on the house coat she had dropped on her way to the bed. She blew me a kiss and departed in a flurry.

Unfortunately she had been spotted by Jacqueline who was bringing me my breakfast. I was in the toilet and the bed sheets were pulled back and there for the entire world to see was the all familiar stain on the bed sheets. When I walked into the room she was looking at the stains.

“I know what these stains are caused by; two people making love. Help me take the sheet off I don’t want Mother Superior getting into trouble.”

I just looked at her. I thought she would have blown her top with just the thought that Kate and I had been fucking.

“I know Mother Superior is leaving the order once this war is over, I too am leaving, we are going together, I’ve had enough, I want a normal life like any other young woman. That is why Mother Superior and I are so good friends.”

“I am glad you are helping Kate, for she is a lovely lady.”

“What do you think of me then, am I a lovely lady.”

“Sister Jacqueline you’re beautiful.”

“My real name is Mary, no man has called me beautiful, thank you.”

With that she departed and returned shortly with clean sheets which she just put on the chair and left. Later in the day Kate called in.

“I believe we have to thank Sister Jacqueline?”

“Yes she told me you and her are leaving the order together.”

“She also wants you to comfort her too. Are you up to comforting two women?”

“I’ve never been in that situation before, so I don’t know.”

“Well now you will soon find out, for we are going to share you one night about. So expect Sister Jacqueline to-night,” she said coming closer and kissing me on the lips.

It wasn’t ten o’clock when Mary came into the room. I had the light on reading and she just stood at the door and looked at me. Her hair was short and she was a platinum blonde, she shed the housecoat and she too was dressed in a flannel nightdress. She switched off konya escort the light and came and crawled under the sheets.

“God you are beautiful, even more so.” I said to her as she shyly kissed me on the side of the mouth.

“I have longed for this since the first day I saw you. I wanted you then, but not just for the hour, but for ever. Do you believe in love at first sight?”

“No, I haven’t thought about it.”

Kate was lovely to hold but Mary was extraordinary. She maybe hadn’t the bust of Kate but her whole body was soft and pliable. It wasn’t until she removed her nightdress that I discovered all this.

It wasn’t I who made the first move it was Mary she slid down my body and engulfed my penis into her mouth, but only for a few seconds until she was up beside me once more.

“You are very big; will all that go inside me, without causing pain?”

“No problem Mary you wait, you will want nothing else after this.”

I slid down her beautiful body taking one of her breasts in one hand and the others nipple between my lips. My other hand slipped down to her seat of pleasure and she had her legs open to allow me easy access. Her clitoris was standing proud and was easy to find.

I left her breasts and slid down her body, placing my lips on her vaginal lips and slipping my tongue between them. Cupping my tongue I slid my tongue up her inner lips, she grabbed my head and pushed my head closer to her body. The aroma from this most sensitive area on a woman was driving me wild. I was that hard I felt my penis would crack.

I slid up her body and guided my penis into her body and I slowly slid into her warm receptive pussy.

“Oh that is lovely, keep going I feel so nice.”

In fact I had slid all the way in and felt her cervix pressing against the head of my penis. She too had wrapped her legs and arms around my body virtually locking me into her.

“Can I come to Britain with you when the war is over? I want you always to make me feel this way.”

I ignored her and started pounding into this charming vibrant young woman’s body. Mary then rolled her hips and kept moving them in time with me. She was a silent woman during sex but was another who continually kissed me all the time we coupled. When she climaxed it was another thing she just yelled not loud, but with enough volume to be heard in the next room. Also when I shot into her she hugged me tight.

“Oh that was nice, I felt you shoot inside me. Will I become pregnant?”

“I hope not Mary, but if you do I will definitely be taking you back with me.”

“What about Mother Superior, I want her to come with us.”

“Does she want to come with you though?”

“Oh yes, you can have two wives for the price of one.”

“I don’t know what my father would say if I turned up with two women to the farm.”

“Your father has a farm?”

“Yes, and a rather large farm in British standards.”

“Have you any brothers?”

“Not any more my eldest brother was a pilot and was killed during the Battle of Britain. It killed my mother, that leaves Dad and myself.”

The next two weeks were a never ending honeymoon with the two ladies, one on alternative nights.

The peace was shattered by the Americans in mid June when they just drove a tank through the main gates and rummaged through the convent. The Germans showed some respect for the convent but the Americans just moved in and evacuated the whole building. It was then that I was wounded by a trigger happy PFC who just broke into the room I was in and opened fire. Lucky my dog tags were exposed when I fell to the ground and he stopped firing.

It was a God send in one way for the Americans evacuated Mary, Kate and myself to Britain and treated me in one of their many hospitals there. Kate and Mary had told them they were part of my resistance cell and were only posing as nuns, so the Americans treated them as guests until I was well again.

I was medically discharged and the three of us returned to my father’s farm. Because Mary kept on calling Kate Mother they thought she was her actual mother, and accepted her. I was married to Mary within the recognised time in our local church.

We lived a happy life, after my father died we moved into the main house from the bungalow we occupied for seven years. That was where our three sons were born. Both Kate and Mary are now dead and I am on my way to one of my sons and seeing these two nuns sitting opposite me, brought back these memories of these two months in France, so many, many years ago.

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