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The only time that I see PROPER women is when I look out over the wall. I’m just finishing off a prison sentence of eight years at HMP Lowbridge. I’m single male aged 31 with no family, and because of this, I don’t get visits from anyone. Each day I sit at my window watching cars and buses stopping outside, and visitors for other inmates arrive and depart. At 12.45pm from Monday to Friday I see a bus arrive and a woman is always sitting at the back next to the window. She has become my fantasy and I dream of how I’ll meet her one-day, and have lots of fun, sex and more fun. Eventually I got to meet her and this is how I met RUTH.

One day I waved at her and she tentatively waved back. This went on for a few weeks, until one day I was called to the wing office and told to go to the Probation office in the admin. block. When I got there I was called in to see the S.P.O. in charge and was informed that a certain Ms. R. Crawford had made enquiries. I was told that she would come to see me on the next Saturday, so I had to be dressed in proper clothes for a visit. When I asked who this lady was, I was told the lady from the bus. Now at least I knew the name of the lady whom I’ve been dreaming about.

Saturday came and I was dressed in my best gear, sat at my cell window watching for the bus. I didn’t see her arrive on the bus, my spirits dropped and I lay down on my bed dejectedly. A prison red-band knocked on my cell door and said I’d got a visit. I got up and went to the visits room and signed in. I was given a table number and went and sat down. Sure enough it was my dream lady.

For a few weeks we had Saturday visits and I found out that Ruth was a widow, 46 years old and worked for the council as a clerical officer. She didn’t drink except for an occasional glass of wine and only drove her car at weekends. She enjoyed reading, crosswords and watching TV.

One day I was called over to the probation office and signed a licence for a day release on the following Saturday. When I said I had a visit that day, and I couldn’t go. The officer informed me that I would be going out with my visitor. From 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

At a quarter to nine I was at the gate waiting for Ruth. She arrived in her car and off we went. First stop was a café for coffee and to talk about where we were going to go. All of my suggestions were refused on the grounds that Ruth had other ideas.

We went to her place and had a late breakfast. After we had eaten and I was washing up Ruth came and hugged me from behind. I could feel her breasts pushing into my back and I became aroused, so much so, that my cock was pushed down my leg and was trapped between my underpants and trousers. As I pushed backwards to try and ease myself Ruth moved her hands to my waist and rubbed my groin area over my trousers. Without drying my hands I turned round and hugged her back. I pushed Ruth away to ease myself and when she saw the state I was in she unfastened my trousers and pulled them down along with my underpants. My cock sprang up and slapped my lower stomach. Seven and a bit inches of hard flesh straining for release. Ruth kissed me full on the mouth our crotches pushing at each other. I pulled her skirt up from the back and found that Ruth didn’t have kıbrıs escort tights or stockings on. Her knickers were tight over her backside, as if they had been moulded on. My hands went to her waistband of her knickers and slid down the inside feeling the firm flesh of her buttocks. Ruth pulled away, grabbed my hand and dragged me into the sitting room. She pushed me onto the couch then knelt at my feet. She took my shoes, socks, trousers and underpants off, and then she unfastened my shirt from the bottom up and then removed it. When I was nude, Ruth stood up and proceeded to disrobe. First her jumper, then her white bra, then her shoes, her skirt and, finally, slowly, her knickers. Nude, her body was stupendous to look at. Her breasts were globular with an engorged nipple with a reddish-brown ring. When she stood upright and I saw her fanny, it was freshly shaven. Her fanny lips were swollen closed, or maybe because of the way she was stood, I don’t know. As I reached for her, she slapped my hands down. Ruth then dropped to her knees and used her hands to rub my cock and balls. She then proceeded to move her head closer to my cock. Her tongue came out and licked the full length of my shaft. I groaned with pleasure at this feeling coursing through me. Ruth pulled back and our eyes met .The desire rampant in her eyes for some all-out SEX.

I reached out and grabbed her, pulled her onto the couch twisting so that she was sitting down and I was kneeling in front of her. I bowed my head onto her tits and sucked each one in turn. I then ran my tongue down her stomach to the top of her fanny lips. The smell of her sex lips was intoxicating. I then lapped at the lips of her fanny. The taste was out of this world, sweet with a hint of saltiness. As I licked her fanny, Ruth’s legs opened wider. Her hands gripped my hair forcing me closer to her core. Her fanny opened up to reveal her clitoris, which I zeroed in on, licking, sucking and nipping with my lips and teeth. Ruth was groaning and telling me to stop, but I just kept on and on. After five or six minutes of this oral treatment to her fanny, Ruth ‘s legs clamped on my head and her hands jammed my head onto her fanny. She came two or three times, one after the other.

When she had relaxed enough for me to get my breath back, I sat back on my heels looking at this beautiful nude lady. My cock was showing signs that I was also close to coming. With out saying anything, I spread her legs and pulled her closer to the edge of the couch, put the head of my cock between her wet fanny lips and pushed it in as far as it would go. When it went in as far as possible, I moved my hips in a circular motion, whilst letting my cock soak on her fanny juices. I slowly withdrew until I almost slipped out, then pushed it back in. I kept this pace for a minute or two until I felt myself on the brink of coming, then I really rammed it in and out until I felt my spunk shoot deep inside her fanny. As I was coming, Ruth’s fanny muscles were playing on my prick with clenching and loosening. I didn’t realise it at the time but Ruth was also having an orgasm.

We lay there locked together, neither, moving or speaking. My shrinking cock still embedded in her fanny. It was only when the position konya escort became uncomfortable that we parted. Ruth was sprawled on the couch and I sat on the floor looking up between her legs at her glistening fanny, which showed evidence of the first fuck. We made eye contact, and the message I received was one of thanks and praise. Once a month we had town visits and it was the same enjoyable visit. We went straight to her house and fucked, sucked, licked and kissed.

As the time of my release came close I applied for jobs and accommodation in the area. Ruth came to see me and said I had somewhere to live. It was her house. The prison and probation were happy with that arrangement. On the day of my release Ruth met me at the gates and took me home. When we arrived we had a bath together then into the bedroom where I knelt in front of Ruth and licked and kissed her fanny. I licked and nibbled until she came, then she fell back onto the bed. Before she got her breath back I was on top of her pushing my cock into her fanny. I rode her hard and fast until I shot my spunk into her love-tunnel. I then rolled onto my left side and gently rubbed her fanny lips until she had another orgasm. After lunch we were tiding up when I caught Ruth bent over. I got a hard-on and pulled her dress over her bum, pulled her knickers to one side and slowly entered her fanny from behind.

As I was screwing her slowly she begged me to do it harder but I ignored her pleas. For half an hour I went at her slowly going in and out of her wet tunnel of love. Ruth had a lot of little orgasms then I really started to fuck her harder and faster until we both came together. I seemed to shoot gallons of spunk into her quivering fanny and I could feel the wetness oozing out over my shrinking cock. We settled into a nice quiet routine together, getting complete satisfaction from each other. After six weeks I got a job in a parcel delivery company and it was unfortunately shift-work. Things went even better when the job paid me my first wage. We went out for dinner and the cinema. Then a walk home. On the way we kept stopping to kiss and cuddle, which meant that it took longer to get home. When we finally reached home I grabbed Ruth in the hallway and hitched her dress up, turned her around, yanked her knickers down and fucked her harder than I’d ever fucked her before. When we both had come and Ruth’s legs gave out I laid her on the floor, pushed her dress up to her neck and started to suck on her tits, then down to her fanny. As I was licking and sucking her, I pushed two fingers into her love-tunnel. Soon I had three fingers inside her. I finger-fucked and sucked her clit, until she flooded my hand and mouth with her love juices. We got up and went in to the sitting room and flopped down on the couch. I half turned towards Ruth and declared my love for her. It made her cry. The tears were tears of joy as she hugged me and told me that she loved me.

I found out all about Ruth and her family. All that was left that is, one sister and her aunt and uncle who lived at the other side of the country from us and that they saw each other twice a year, Summer and Christmas holidays. We bought each other little presents and love cards and left them for kuşadası escort each other to find. One day I got a man’s top shelf magazine from Ruth, and it was full of stories, pictures and advertisements for different sex aids and toys. One advert showed the address of a shop in town where all these things were available from. A few days later after I’d finished work at 2pm; I went and had a look around the shop. I spent quite a lot of my savings buying toys, videos and books. Ruth and I had great fun playing with the toys. She loved her twisting vibrating dildo. When I brought out the triple headed vibrator and used that on her fanny and bum she went into wild paroxysms of passionate orgasms. While watching a lesbian video Ruth was stunned when they used a strap on dildo that looked like a real prick. I threatened her that I would buy one of those and strap it on backwards so that everywhere she went the dildo would be filling her cunt. She swore that if I bought one she would use it on me. One of the videos showed a threesome and it was one girl and twin brothers and they used every hole at least twice and the positions they got into left nothing to the imagination. I expressed a wish that the threesome was two girls and one boy and Ruth called me a pervert. I argued back that with two girls a man could have more fun and give more pleasure to the girls than two men would to one girl. I was still called a pervert and Ruth let slip about her boarding school and one of the girls there who fancied Ruth and kept propositioning her to have sex with her, until she agreed to spend a weekend at her house. Over the weekend Ruth lost her cheery and had a lot of fun

One evening when Ruth came home from work I had done us a proper meal, with wine and all the trimmings. When she came in the door I helped her off with her coat then handed her a glass of wine. I carried her upstairs into the bedroom where I undressed her then took her into the bathroom and put her in the bath, I left her to soak while I went into the bedroom to get undressed. I returned to the bathroom and joined Ruth in the bath. For the next hour we caressed each other and slowly I pushed my cock into her fanny. While we were joined I reached over to the hand basin and pulled the towel to the floor to reveal another bottle of wine. After the wine was finished and the water had got cold we dried each other and went and put on our pyjamas and went down to our meal. We talked over the day’s events. As it was my long weekend off, Thursday night until Monday night, we talked about going away for the weekend.

We went to a country hotel set in very large grounds. Our room had it’s own bathroom and mini bar. That night we made love slowly and lovingly. Next morning we were up and dressed just as the sun was rising. Before breakfast we went and walked in the grounds holding each other around the waist, occasionally caressing each other’s bum. Over breakfast we shared a table with an older couple and talked about what we were going to do that day. The other couple, John and Pat, were on their second honeymoon. We fibbed and said that we were on our first. That started our friendship for a long time to come. When we got back to our room I asked Ruth to marry me and she said yes. We celebrated by screwing each other in every position known to man and woman. After lunch we went out horse riding with Pat and John. The motion of the horse aroused Ruth and as we rode side by side she told me that she needed a good fuck, really long and hard fuck.

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