Tender Mercies Ch. 02


Gail had already left by the time Bill came home. I was sound asleep when he snuggled in next to me. I was dead to the world. In our four years of marriage I had never even thought about cheating on him, and I didn’t consider what Gail and I had done as cheating. I didn’t know exactly what to call it, our little tryst, except to call it enjoyable. Inside, however, I wondered if the light of day would change Gail’s mind.

Bill was hardly out of the door on his way to work when, with more than a little trepidation, I dialed Gail’s number on my cell phone. My heart was beating rapidly. What would she say?

“Hello?” came her lazy answer.

“Shit. I woke you up. I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about, sweetie. God I wanted to hear your voice this morning.”

“You’re not upset?” I asked.

“Upset? About what?”

“About what happened last night.”

Gail laughed heartily. “Honey, I came home and masturbated just thinking about it.”

I finally eased up. “Mmmm. Wish I could have been there to help.”

“You were here, baby. Helping me all the way.”

We talked for over an hour. About everything. About nothing. I felt an unbelievable relief that Gail was not disappointed in what had transpired the evening before. In fact, she threw more than a few hints that every minute that passed was one without our bodies molded together. As luck would have it, George was headed off to Boston for week’s business trip. We would have all the time we needed to learn more about each other. Somehow I knew neither of us would be disappointed.

“Are you coming over?” she finally asked.


“George leaves at ten. Anytime after that is fine.”

“How’s about 10:30? What should I wear?” I asked.

“Yes, 10:30 is fine. You look good in a skirt, babe. What should I wear?”

I laughed. “Anything that shows off your sweet ass!”

Gail laughed in return. “You’re into buns, are you?”

“Big time!” I giggled.

“Mmmm. Then I’ll try to make you happy.”

By the time we hung up, it was almost 9:00 a.m. Knowing that Gail and I were inseparable ‘buds,’ Bill would never imagine what was going on. In my mind, I knew that I had found what I always had been longing for. It had just never surfaced until last night. Gail was hot as a cucumber. I had a sense that she was uninhibited. Wanton. Lustful. Sexy. All those things that go into the type of relationship we were about to embark on.

So Gail liked my legs. Interesting. They were probably my best asset. So I decided on a denim skirt, one of my favorites. With silky-smooth, white rayon panties and a matching bra. It was summer, so I chose a white, short-sleeved blouse that fit nice and tightly over my boobs. Staring into the mirror, I liked the way my nipples poked through the cotton. I hoped Gail would like it too.

On the way over to Gail’s house, I thought of how wonderful the aura of anticipation made me feel. I knew, without any doubt, that we would have a whole day of sex together, just me and her. Without the worry of anyone disturbing us. When I arrived, the front door was open. I walked in, without knocking.

“Hi honey, I’m home!” I called out with a giggle.

Gail came down the stairs, smiling from ear to ear. A pair of way-too-tight, white shorts and a white “T” was all she was wearing. Sans bra, her sweet nipples poked out even more provocatively than mine. Her shorts were so tight that the outline of her pubis almost made me gasp. The term ‘camel toe” came immediately to mind. I had heard the term used before, but until now it never made any real sense to me.

Gail literally jumped into my arms. It wasn’t a sexy embrace by any sense of the word. Just two friends who had only recently become lovers. It wasn’t even a “turn-on” embrace, though it lasted for more than a few delightful moments.

Breaking the embrace, Gail stood back and looked at me. “Damn, you look good!”

I blushed profusely. My eyes moved from her toes to her head. “Mmmm. Likewise, sweetie.”

After bringing me a cup of coffee, we moved to the couch in the living room. I crossed my legs and sat next to her, close, but not nearly as close as last night. We talked. I sensed that Gail didn’t want to push it. It would happen soon enough, when we were ready. She was always easy to talk to, primarily because she was also an avid listener. She really seemed to care what I had to say, and that meant a lot to me. We could talk about everything and anything. Until last night, even our sex lives with our husbands was not off-limits for our little discussions. I knew that my sex life with Bill was a bit better than Gail’s almost failing sex life. George displayed little, if any, interest after ten years of beylikdüzü escort stoking the same pot. Gail didn’t think he was cheating on her, but she always seemed to have her doubts. I suspected Bill probably “strayed” once or twice, but I could never prove it either.

Soon enough, the subject came around to the previous evening. “Was what we did last night wrong?” she asked.

“What do you think?”

“There you go again, answering a question with a question.”

I blushed. “Okay. Sorry. No, I don’t think it was wrong. We’re adults. We did what we wanted to do. Maybe what we have always wanted to do, but we were just afraid to admit it. There isn’t a bone in my body that thinks it was wrong.”

Gail smiled. A look of relief appeared on her face. “I thought maybe you would never want to see me again.”


“Because everything changed last night, Beth. It will never be the same. Even if we never did it again, it’s different.”

“Different in a nice way?” I asked.

“I think so. I want it to be different in a nice way. I needed a closeness that was missing in my life, and, to my wonderful surprise, I found it with my very best friend. I wouldn’t take those moments away for anything.”

I smiled. “Nor me either. And I feel the same way. You brought a light into my life that will glow for a long, long time.”

Gail blushed. She lightly touched my knee. Did she know how much I loved light touches? Feeling a bit bolder, I said, “Why don’t you lie here with your head in my lap. I like looking into your eyes.”

She smiled as she turned her body. By the time she was done, her head was resting softly on my abdomen, her legs stretched straight out with her feet planted on the arm of the sofa. Suddenly there was no “correct” way to place my arm without becoming even bolder, but after last night nothing would ever seem incorrect in what we did. So I brought my forearm down and allowed to rest between her breasts, over her T-shirt. I stole a glance at what my arm had done—it pressed the white cotton more tightly against her body, giving me an even better view of the perky nipples poking delightfully into the thin cloth.

I lightly stroked the side of her neck with my fingernails as she looked up at me with her baby-blue eyes. “You really put me at ease, Beth.”

“What do you mean, sweetie?”

“You make it seem so natural. Like having sex with your best friend is totally normal.”

I laughed. “Well, it sure felt normal last night.”

“I hardly slept last night, thinking about what happened. Wondering if we had ruined our friendship. I would die if we lost that.”

A tear formed in the side of her eye. She was so damned cute I could have attacked her then and there. “If anything, sweet Gail, I think our friendship became even closer. I want to be with you now more than ever.”

“And I do, too,” she whispered. “But something you said last night also made me stay awake.”

“What was that?”

She paused for a moment. She looked so deeply into my eyes that I thought she had found my very soul. I could tell she was preparing herself for the next comment. Suddenly, she shifted slightly on my lap, her head ending up sideways, her right ear pressed right against my pubis, her face almost flush with my abdomen. Her movement had also caused her to curl her legs into the fetal position. My arm remained between us, but now the delicate softness of her breasts pressed tightly against my forearm.

She cocked her head and looked back up at me. Her brow was furrowed in thought. “Well, you said you liked ‘kinky’.”

I laughed out loud. “Actually, I do.”

“Me too,” she blurted.

“Anything goes in love, sweetie,” I said softly as I leaned down and gently kissed the top of her head. Her hair smelled shower-fresh. Whatever shampoo she used gave off a sweet fragrance.

“We shouldn’t be afraid to experiment,” she said.

“When we are trying this girl-girl stuff out, my dear, everything is an experiment. I believe in doing whatever comes natural, whatever makes the other person feel good. If you don’t like something that I do, tell me. If you like it, I’ll know.”

Gail shifted her head back down and closed her eyes, at peace with the world. With my free hand, I brushed the hair back from her ear, then circled inside it with my index finger. Suddenly her whole body seemed to shiver. “Oh, Beth! My ears are soooooooooo sensitive.”

“Mine, too,” I whispered. “In fact, I don’t think there is a place on my body that I don’t like to have touched.”

Gail took a deep breath, then pressed her face more deeply into the denim skirt and kissed my abdomen, her lips only inches above my pubic mound. I moved bolu escort my hand to the back of her head and pulled her into me. She responded by moving her lips directly over my love triangle and kissing me even more deeply. Even through the thick denim and rayon panties, her kiss sent chills up my spine.

The kiss lasted for a deliciously long moment. I threw my head back, closed my eyes, and reveled in the pleasant sensation. When she finally pulled her head away and looked back up at me, her faced was flushed.

“Mmmmm. That was nice,” I said. “Very nice.”

“I think there is more where that came from,” she husked. “Lots more.”

“I can’t wait!”

Wordlessly, Gail extricated herself from her curled position on my lap and stood up, facing me. My heart was beating a mile a minute. There was a look of pure lust on her face. She looked down at me. My skirt had ridden well up my thighs. Suddenly she straddled me, her knees pressing into the sofa against the sides of my thighs, and brought her body into mine. With her arms around the back of my neck, she lowered her head and brought her lips so close to mine I could feel her warm breath.

“I want to fuck you so bad, it hurts,” she said before bringing her lips down on mine, hard and full. Not far behind was her tongue. She literally attacked me with her lips and tongue for the next few minutes. At the same time, she pressed her pubic bone into mine and began a slow grinding movement that suddenly caused my skirt to bunch above my thighs.

I moved my arms behind her back and pulled her into me with all my might. The both of us were so turned on I thought we were going to start a fire. When I moved my hand over the back of her shorts and grasped her delightful little ass, she moaned into her kiss and continued grinding, sometimes slow and sexy, sometimes fast and lustfully.

When she finally broke the kiss and looked back down at me, I noticed tiny beads of sweat now dotted her forehead. I had never seen anyone so turned on. Suddenly she moved her hands to the bottom of her “T” and pulled it up and off so quickly I hardly had time to realize what she had done. Her breasts were more beautiful than I had remembered from our all-too-quick love making the previous evening. Like her forehead, the area between her breasts had little beads of sweat.

Gail moved her hands to the side of my head, holding me there as her prisoner of love, and pressed her left breast flush against my face. I opened my lips, invitingly, and started sucking on the already hardened nipple she was offering so graciously. Just as her passionate kisses had been, I held nothing back as I savored the sweet nubbin. When I began to lave her nipple with the flat of my tongue, making her breast wet with my saliva, she moaned loudly.

I bit into the fleshiness of the nipple and her moans turned into loud groans. “Oh, Beth, I love that! DO IT HARDER!”

I teased the protuberance with the tip of my tongue for a few seconds, then brought my teeth around it once more. I was afraid of hurting her, but she had left no doubt as to what she wanted, so I bit more deeply into the soft flesh. When Gail screamed, I thought from the pain, I suddenly stopped.

“I’m sorry, babe,” I blurted.

“NO! Don’t stop! I LOVE IT!”

She pressed her breast tightly against my face, almost smothering me. Her hands continued to hold my head firmly in place. I tried to imagine how much pain my own nipple could take under similar circumstances, but I realized she was much more tolerant of it than would be. My nipples have always been super-sensitive, but I had never enjoyed teeth the way Gail did. I sucked her deeply into my mouth, then closed over the nipple once more. This time I held nothing back. For the next few moments, I did what I thought would have caused more pain than Gail could take. Apparently it did not hurt her at all. I was surprised by her tolerance for pain.

When I finally eased up, Gail leaned back. Her nipple was red and just slightly swollen. Her face was beet red. She was beautiful beyond compare. Her chest heaved with each long, deep breath. “I can’t believe how turned on I am,” she said in a throaty voice.

“I want you naked,” I said.

Gail smiled, then arose and stood before me. There was no belt in her white shorts; she quickly undid the button and lowered the fly. Without much difficulty, she lowered the garment over her hips. I watched as gravity took care of sliding them down her legs. Her panties were lace and fineness, bikini-styled. I could see her light-brown curls through the wispy material. When she moved her thumbs into the sides of the panties and drew them down, exposing the pretty triangular forest, I thought I bursa escort was in heaven. She pushed the panties all the way down, then stepped out of the shorts and panties that circled her feet.

I looked at her in awe. She was so very beautiful. I smiled. “I like you like that.”

“Give me your hand,” she husked. I offered my hand, palm up. She moved closer to me, opened her legs slightly, and brought my hand between her legs. To my amazement, her crotch was totally soaked with love juices.

“WOW!” I exclaimed.

“That’s how much I like you,” she whispered sexily.

“It’s like a damn river, Gail.”

“It’s all for you, Beth.”

I eased my middle finger into the slit and slowly circled the source of all the moisture, her warm and inviting vagina. When I pressed my finger in deeply, she threw her head back and let out with a long “AHHHHHHHH!” As she stood totally naked in front me, I finger-fucked her for the next few moments. She undulated her hips over my finger and cooed softly. When I finally withdrew, my finger was literally coated with her juices.

I looked up at Gail and smiled, then took the cum-soaked finger into my mouth and greedily sucked it. Her juices were unbelievably sweet. “Mmmm. You taste so good!”

“Two fingers taste better than one,” she said with a sexy smile, opening her legs even wider in an open invitation to gather more honey.

I moved my hand back and delved my middle and index fingers into the sweltering furnace. After a few wonderful slurpy sounds inside the cavern, I took them out and looked at them. Her juices were almost clear in color, with just a tinge of whiteness.

When I put the fingers back into my mouth and cleaned them off, Gail looked down at me. “I want to take you to the bedroom and give you a facial that you’ll never forget. You are going to drown in my wetness, lover.”

I couldn’t think of anything that I wanted more than Gail’s pussy plastered tightly against my face. She held her hands out and helped me arise from the sofa. Little did I know, but the next moments would be the defining point of my life.

I felt funny, fully clothed, walking besides the totally naked Gail, holding hands just like the night before, giggling like teenagers. When we arrived at her bedroom, the mid-morning light played a game of shadows through the partially closed blinds across her recently made bed. She seemed so completely natural with her nudity, so perfectly at ease. She closed the door behind us, then stepped in front of me and sat down on the bed.

“Come here, girl,” she said.

I moved forward and stood in front of her. Gail reached up and immediately began unbuttoning my blouse. The thought of her undressing me was a pure turn-on for me. I loved her gentle movements, her deftly moving fingers. With all of the buttons undone, she pulled the blouse out of my denim skirt, then eased it off my arms.

“I love your breasts,” she cooed, staring at the white bra and the cleavage it presented. “And I think I love here, too,” she said, boldly moving her right hand under my skirt and pressing the palm of her hand flush against my panty crotch.

I moaned softly.

“Mmmmm,” she said softly. “And I thought I was the one with all the wetness. Your panties are more than a bit soaked, sweetie.”

Her soft touch between my legs sent electric bolts through my whole body. She toyed with my vulva over my panty crotch. I was sure, during that moment, I was in heaven and I never wanted to return. She ran her left hand up the back of my skirt and planted it squarely on my buns. When she squeezed her hand over the silky rayon, I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“Take my panties off,” I pleaded.

Without hesitating, Gail reached all the way up my skirt, grasped the top of my panties, eased them over my hips and down my legs. I stepped out of them. Suddenly, she shoved my skirt up until it bunched in a circle around my waist, exposing my curly bush. I gasped out loud when she brought her mouth to the curls. She kissed me passionately, all over my abdomen, sending more electrical currents up my spine.

She moved both hands to my now naked ass and kneaded the fleshiness. I had always loved to have my derriere touched, and Gail seemed to know just what to do. I realized just how much I needed these moments with her. The moments were growing more special with each passing second.

Using both of her hands, she maneuvered me toward the bed. Then, in one swift movement that almost took me off guard, she turned my whole body. In a thrice I was on my back on the soft satin sheets, my skirt around my waist, my legs opened wide, my heart racing wildly. Taking the opportunity, I undid the clasp in the middle of my bra. I pulled the bra cups outward, exposing my breasts to Gail’s lustful eyes.

Gail stood up and looked down at me, her face flushed. She was biting her lower lip, deep in thought. “Honey,” she whispered, “you are about to learn about my kind of kink…

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