The Bitch Ch. 06


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When I first woke I was a little disoriented. Well maybe disoriented isn’t the right word, after all I knew where I was and who I was with and even how I got there. What I didn’t know was why I felt so right waking up in Madison’s bed in her house and in her arms.

I had it bad. I watched her for a full eight minutes before she opened her eyes and looked dead at me. My heart skipped a beat as she pressed her lips to mine. The kiss was tender at first, then demanding. I felt fire rushing through my veins and I knew only the taste of her would put it out. I trailed kisses from her neck to the curve of her breast stopping to tug her nipple between my lips. I sucked gently until she parted her lips and moaned my name. I couldn’t get enough of her, my hands ran over her body like rain and I wanted to consume her.

My lips burned a path to the slick wet place between her parted thighs. I tasted her core, the taste that was distinctly Madison.

I spread my lips over her cunt sucking her clit into my mouth, and flicking it rapidly with my tongue. She arched against me as I pushed my fingers into her.

Within moments I could feel her climax, I loved the shallow sound of her breathing and the moans that came from her lips. Her thighs flexed around me as she arched her back from the bed. When she was spent she lay there seemingly dazed.

I hovered above her now.

“Fuck, Corrin.”

Madison’s voice was barely a whisper and a smile crept around the corners of her lips. As if she was too tired for a full fledged grin. Her fingers toyed with the end of my curls as I relaxed against her.

There was so much that I wanted to say but I couldn’t find the words, and even if I wasn’t speechless I would have surely held my tongue.

“What are you thinking Corrin?”

“Nothing I should say out loud.”

Madison’s fingers had trailed down my back and onto my ass. I pressed more fully against her as she turned on her side. She bought her fingertips over the curve of my hip and the slowly downward. I caught my breath as she entered me easily. Two fingers gently massaged my inner core before she pulled them almost completely from my cunt. She watched my face as her hand once again moved inward. My body was burning up from the inside out. Each long slow stroke of her strong fingers pushed me closer to the edge but the momentum was to slow and lazy. I pressed my hips upward urging her on, and asking in half sentences if she would go faster. The languid steadiness of her fingers told me she would not honor my request.

She stretched my passion like canvas over a wooden frame. I was all taunt and ready, I wanted to explode in a fit of colors. Her eyes never left mine as she brought me to a slow liquid melt with her long fingers. There was no screams or outbursts this time, no uncontrolled passion.

And yet the intensity made all my muscles tense and when I was spent there was a pleasant ache in my legs and thighs. I could feel the sheen of sweat on my body, and Madison’s fingers were comfortable inside of my well sexed pussy. I smiled my thanks as we lay there exhausted and comfortable.

Eventually Madison pulled away from me and we reluctantly left the bed. Our stomachs had rumbled their protests over being ignored. In the kitchen she prepared sandwiches and some sort of delicious spicy pasta.

I felt a little awkward because outside of innuendo and flirting we hadn’t really talked. I didn’t even know her interests. I was so busy focusing on myself that I didn’t even stop to think that Madison’s feelings mirrored mine, but when I met her eyes across the table I could see she was a little nervous. She lifted the corner of her mouth in a half smile, and of course my heart skipped a beat.

“Tell me Corrin, what do you do for fun?”

I raised my eyebrow and I couldn’t resist.


She laughed and half choked on the iced tea she had been sipping.

“I should have seen that coming a mile away.”

“Uh oh Madi are you slipping?”

“No I’m falling.”

I couldn’t breathe. What did she mean? Did she mean what I wanted her to mean or was she teasing? I couldn’t even tell what her expression was because she had lowered her head. When our eyes met again I saw that she had put her defenses back up.

I realized in an instant that the words had surprised her as much as they had surprised me. She hadn’t intended to speak them. I may not have known Madison’s favorite color but I did know that she was not a woman that you could force into anything. For the second time that day, and quite possibly for the first time in my life I put someone else’s feelings completely before mine. This time there was no promise of sex to goad me into submission, I did it all on my own, and I did it out of respect,

I could barely believe it myself. sakarya escort Not only did I think I loved Madison I was beginning to suspect I respected her too. God my heart should have been sinking but the damn fool was flip flopping and soaring.

My brain was rebelling with daydreams and I knew any minute my body would be calling for mutiny. When had I lost control? Or more accurately when had I been in control? Madison was looking at me over the rim of her glass as she took another swallow of her tea. She of course had no idea of my introspective musings nor the fact that I had just had some sort of breakthrough. She seemed to still be braced for confrontation. I could tell by the set of her shoulders and the look in her eyes. I looked at her for a moment longer before speaking.

“Are you always this boring after a morning of sex?”

She acknowledged my gesture with a brief smile or at least I imagined she did. “Morning?” She had her brow raised in question. I glanced at the clock on the wall and was surprised to see that it was a quarter after one. I shrugged “I think one of us is a nympho.”

“It’s me.”

Before I could respond she had stood up and rounded the table. She pulled my chair back from the table and sat on my lap. Having her ass on my pussy made the fires that had never truly died blaze. Her fingers were inside the robe now pinching my hard nipples as her lips and tongue attacked my mouth. She was neither gentle nor slow in her consumption of me.

Madison took me with fervor, all hands and lips. Pulling and tugging, at skin licking and sucking adding wetness to wetness with her saliva. Her head was buried between my legs and my hands held her there. I was pulling her hair tight in my clenched hands as her tongue whipped hard concise circles over my clit. She had three fingers in me pushing in hard fast strokes that made me utter dirty things. My hips bucked and I ground my cunt in her face with each upward thrust. I wrapped my legs around her head locking my ankles behind her neck, I wanted her as close as she could be to me. I could feel my pussy gripping her fingers and the waves of orgasm flowing through me but she didn’t stop. I was begging her not to stop.

She took me with her lips until I had to push her away. Her mouth and chin were wet with me and it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I nearly fell from the chair when I bent cupping her face in my hands I kissed her, she was a sticky mess and I cleaned her with my tongue. Trailing it along her full bottom lip, licking her jaw line nipping her and chin before finally kissing her mouth again.

We stood heading for the bedroom. We made love again and again pausing occasionally to drift off to sleep. Whichever one of us rose first initiated some small kiss or caress that inevitably lead to fucking.

At times we were sweet and gentle and then we would be rough and hasty but always passionate. I wanted to spend the night with her but she didn’t invite me and I was still to proud to ask.

When I left it was hours after nightfall and I was exhausted and I wondered what would happen with us. Neither of us had said a word about what happened after today. Once again my pride kept me from asking and I suppose hers kept her from telling. I laughed a little at my own thoughts because I had automatically cast her as the one who would decide our fate.

For my entire life, all eighteen years of it I was sure if I didn’t know any other truths I knew my truths. Then BANG, in a week I was questioning myself and my certainties were only distant memories. My world was upside down and I was still trying to live right side up. All I knew now was who, Madison. Who else in a woman’s life but another woman would have the audacity to be behind so much confusion and heartache?

It was Monday morning and I hadn’t heard a peep from her. Three and a half days she had left me twisting in the wind. I started to call her I had even dialed the number. Well almost, to be precise I had dialed six of the numbers and then hung up. I had done that more times than I care to mention.

I hadn’t bothered to get up before the alarm this time. My pride and my ego were too wounded to go running behind her like some lovesick kid. She was probably moving on to her next fling, I was last week’s news.

I dressed like I didn’t care, the look had taken almost an hour to perfect. A pair of low rise jeans and a pink peasant top. Low cut enough to show off my breasts but not so low as to appear desperate. I had even straightened my hair, every last curl. Something I never did because it was terribly tedious. My hair hung abouit six inches above my waist, the strands swayed and shimmed as if nature had made them that way. A little makeup hid the dark circles under my eyes and mascara helped me look innocent enough to seem carefree.

As if my heart wasn’t breaking with every beat. I jammed my painted pink toes into a pair of pink platform flip flops and left the house. I stopped at Harbucks samsun escort for the first time in days. I was agitated and I was seriously thinking of murdering the lady in front of me. If a person can’t decide what they want after fifteen minutes of standing in the slow moving line, with their head angled upward at the menu above the counter then I should be able to kill them or at the very least cause bodily harm.

I had what my mother would have referred to as a terrible case of the piss-offs. I guzzled the coffee in my car chucking the cup into the trash after I arrived at school. I was just breezing through the classroom door as the final bell rang. Madison didn’t even give me a second glace as I sat in my seat trying to look unaffected and detached. Of course I was hyper aware and with twenty ounces of coffee surging through my sleep deprived body I was on edge. I thought for a moment that if she didn’t stop making my heart race every time I saw her I might drop dead of a heart attack before graduation. She was wearing a deep gray pants that left everything to the imagination and a cream colored blouse, the Jacket to the suit hung over her chair. The shoes she wore were only a step away from being conservative and she had on a strand of pearls with matching earrings. I bet the pearls were fakes. I wanted to gag she looked so… republican. Not that she had dressed like a harlot before she had just had more flare. She still looked amazing no amount of downplay could hide her raw sexuality. Even the severe bun did nothing but accent her face.

I wondered what she was trying to prove. I wasn’t listening to the lesson at all, and although I could see that everyone had a book out while she was talking about something or other I just sat there. I got away with it for about twenty minutes before she called my name. I focused my eyes and looked right into hers.

“Will you be joining us today Corrin?” She had put on her teacher tone, all authority and projection although there was a distinct coldness. I stood picking up my bag and holding her gaze.

“No Miss Santos I don’t think I will.” I didn’t look back as I opened the door and stepped from the room. I could hear her calling me before the door swung shut. I took deep breaths and tried to stay calm, I made it all the way to the stairs before I broke into a full fledged run. I damn near broke my neck running to the car in flip flops.

By the time I got to the car I knew I had overreacted , but at present there was nothing I could do to help the situation. I certainly couldn’t just walk back into the classroom like everything was peachy keen. I knew there would probably hell to pay later .

My cell phone was ringing before I got to the end of the parking lot. It was Jessica then it was Courtney. Their numbers flashed across the screen and after a while I ignored the annoying little song the phone played. I knew that I would eventually owe those two an explanation but what could I say now? Sorry guys I’ve turned into an instant spaz because I started fucking Miss Santo’s and now I have feelings for her.

I did wonder for a moment how they had gotten out of her sight long enough to call me but I didn’t think on it overmuch.

I may as well have penciled in a fit with Madison at 3:15 pm because she showed up as I’d known she would and she was mad as hell.

I had laid down on the bed for what was only to be fifteen minutes. Of course I awoke hours later. Something had disturbed me. In less than thirty seconds that something made itself apparent. Madison was walking up the stairs and in a moment she was in my room. The garage door had woken me when she opened it. I had forgotten she had not returned the opener.

I sat up running my fingers through my hair slightly mortified that she was seeing me like this. Despite my leftover anger, the sight of her still took my breath away and I had the most intense desire to unbind her hair and run my fingers through it.

“What the fuck is wrong with you Corrin?”

“Do you want an itemized list?”

“I’m serious.”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I mean I don’t fucking know!”

I was screaming now and somewhere in my mind I knew that once again I was overreacting to the situation at hand. I got out of the bed and began to pace back and forth across the length of the room as I continued to speak.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Generally I can handle a roll in the hay, but all of a sudden I don’t know how to handle anything anymore. I don’t have any answers for myself let alone enough left over to explain to you.”

Of course the one answer I did have was locked in the dark recesses of my mind like a maximum security prisoner. Lest it escape from my lips. Apparently my constant motion and the hysterical nature of my diatribe unsettled her. As I passed her she grabbed my arm. “Be still.”

I had no choice but to be still, since she was holding my arm although her eyes alone would have held urfa escort me in place had they pleaded with the same sweetness that was held in her voice.

Sometime during my frantic rant the anger had flowed from her body like a cool breeze. Without thinking I leaned forward and brushed my lips against hers. Her hand fell from my arm as she embraced me and my body melted into hers.

After a moment she broke the kiss saying that we shouldn’t be doing this. But even as the words formed , she was pulling my head closer to her neck where my lips and teeth licked sucked and nibbled. I kissed her lips again silencing her

Her pants were undone and my fingers dipped into her hot silky flesh as she arched against me. She managed to unbutton her jacket then her blouse and slip them off without ever breaking contact. She let the garments fall to the floor as I pulled her closer, letting my wet fingertips caress her clit I leaned forward and pulled her left nipple between my lips tugging it through the lacey material of her bra. She began to tremble and I increased my efforts wanting her orgasm nearly as much as she did.

Once she was spent we made our way over to the bed and collapsed in a horizontal heap. I pulled her pants off , but she stopped me before I removed her underwear.

She rested her hand on her palm and spoke as her eyes scanned my face.

“That shouldn’t have happened.”


“We can’t just fuck every time we have a disagreement.”

“Were we having a disagreement?”

Madison looked confused.

“I thought we were.”

“About what?”

“I don’t know.”

I knew what she meant. It seemed like we should be having a fight but now I wasn’t sure what it should be about. I reached over and pulled the hairpins from the bun she was wearing. I tossed them on the floor and ran my fingers through her thick dark hair. She made a sound reminiscent of a jungle cat.

Her fingers toyed with the tips of my straightened hair.

“I like your hair like this. Is it permanent?”

I smiled I’d gladly go through hours of blow drying and flat ironing everyday if she liked it.



“Why good?”

“Good because I like this, but I love the curls.”

My heart skipped a beat to hear her associating the word love with something on me. I had been holding off asking her what I really wanted to know, but finally the words came slipping from my lips almost unplanned.

“Why didn’t you call me?”

I hated the slight tremor I heard in my own voice and hoped I could hold myself together. The last thing I wanted was to breakdown like a blubbering fool.

She looked at me closely as if she were examining me.

“I couldn’t.”

“What do you mean you couldn’t? Why not?”

She shrugged. “I just couldn’t. Why didn’t you call me.”

“I was mad at you for ignoring me.”

“Well did it ever occur to you that I might be just as mad?”

Of course it hadn’t occurred to me. I couldn’t imagine her sitting by the phone waiting for me to call. But now that she had mentioned it I realized immediately that maybe I had been a little unfair to her.

She was still studying me, when I met her eyes she leaned forward without a word and kissed me. I leaned into her and shifted my position so I was straddling her. We were kissing when I heard feet on the stairs. The bedroom door was wide open and I knew in a matter of moments we would be discovered. The room was in clear disarray and my teacher was half naked in my arms. There would be no way to talk my way out of this. Jessica and Courtney had stopped in their tracks at the scene before them. I had done the only thing I had time to do which was roll over and reverse our positions. I was facing the door and Madison had her back to them. She had wanted to get up and bolt but I’d known she wouldn’t have had time to make it across the room. I was looking right into her eyes and for the first time I saw fear.

Jessica moved to take a step in the room and Courtney muttered “Jesus Christ” I pulled Madison closer and cradled her head in my chest to make sure they didn’t catch a glimpse of her profile.

“I think you should probably leave.”

The two of them looked at me and turned without a word and headed away. I could hear Courtney ask Jessica. “Who was that.” Jessica answered loud enough for both of us to hear. “I don’t know just some bitch, probably the one Corrin has been ditching us for.”

I would have laughed had Madison not looked so shaken up. When they were gone I got up and shut the door, locking it as if that would somehow help now that it was too late. By the time I turned around she was fully dressed. I knew what she was going to say before she even spoke but the words knocked the wind out of me anyway.

“That was way to close Corrin. Do you know what could have happened? We are over as of right now.”

Of course I knew how badly the scene could have played out. Did she think I was a retard or something.

“Don’t do this Madison.”

“It’s already done.”

She walked out of the room and I didn’t even try to stop her. I certainly wasn’t going to make a scene. I knew it wouldn’t have mattered and somehow I knew she would have absolutely hated it.

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