The Exchange Student


My wife, Melanie informed me that a foreign-exchange student would be here this week and they’d be staying with us for the summer. I didn’t much care but since she came back from her mission trip, she keeps yapping about helping needy youngsters in poverty stricken countries. I just shrug and continue to enjoy the life of retirement so I went to mow my grass.

The weekend came and our new roommate arrived. From the cab stepped a young man of asian decent. Melanie squealed with joy when she saw him, “Josh is here!” He had an athletic build and dark features. He smiled brightly as Mel ran to hug him. After they embraced, Mel pointed to me and I waved. We introduced ourselves and Josh said, “Thank you for letting me stay with you for the summer Mr. Stanford.”

“Oh please, call me Rick,” I replied. I helped him get his luggage inside so he could start getting settled. I gave him a quick tour and some ground rules, “Make yourself at home. Now, since you’re here for the college summer classes, I think it best if you did not leave the house after 9 PM. You are a guest in my home, therefore, I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to bring your own guest here. So no girls, they’re a distraction for you anyway.”

Josh nodded along. I could see he was taking it seriously and didn’t want to cross any boundaries so he said, “Not a problem.” He went upstairs to his room to begin to unpack. I had an uneasy feeling about this.

“Isn’t it wonderful to be helping someone?” Melanie asked. I gave a grunt and went upstairs to take a shower. It’s been nearly 20 years since my kids lived here. I guess it wouldn’t be too bad having another soul around. Bah, who cares. As long as he doesn’t ruin my routines, things will be fine. As I walked by his open door, I glanced in to see he was in the middle of changing into shorts. For a 19 year old young man, he had a nice backside on him. I hurried into my bathroom, confused at what I had just thought. Why was I checking out his ass?

The next couple weeks went by without anything special. We all fell into a routine. Josh went to classes in the morning until mid-afternoon and at night, he worked as a dishwasher. Josh always got home sex hikayeleri before 9. But one night, he came in at 9:15. I happen to be in the living room finishing up a scotch and a book.

“Sorry, Mr. Stanford! Work was crazy busy and I tried to get out as fast as I could.” Josh explained. A little tipsy, I said, “It’s alright kid. You’ve been working real hard since you came. Don’t worry about it.” Josh was kind of a mess and he needed to change clothes and wash them for his shift tomorrow night. I waved him off as I took my empty glass to the kitchen. Josh came back down to the adjacent laundry room to toss some clothes in the washing machine.

“All this hard work will pay off kid,” I assured him. I looked over to see him bent over while putting clothes in the wash. Then I heard him ask, “Hey Mr. Stanford, how do you work this? Mrs. Stanford usually did this for me.” He was only wearing kinda short boxers and a tank top. His ass cheeks were hanging out a bit. Myself, I’ve always been an ass kinda guy. Mel had a real juicy one when we were younger. I loved pounding away and hearing her squeal. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I knew that scotch I drank earlier was loosening my inhibitions. I walked up behind him and said, “Oh I’m not sure but I think you twist that knob or something.” as I reached over to point at it. And as I did, My crotch slightly pushed against Josh’s ass. He did as I suggested but it didn’t work.

“Hmmmm…let’s see here.” I said as I again reached to fiddle with the knobs and buttons but this time, I was fully pressed against his nice firm ass. My hard cock slid right between his cheeks and the foreign exchange slut pushed back. Josh grabbed my hands and placed them on his chest.

“Let me try to get it to work.” Josh whispered as he began to grind his juicy ass against me. He fiddled with the knobs as my hands started to grope him. I went under his tank top and tweaked his nipples while slowly humping his backside. A moan slipped from his lips so I whispered, “Shhhh, don’t wake up Mama Stanford.” I reached and turned on the machine while my other hand slid to his ass. I got a nice handful and growled in his ear, “Mmmmm…you porno hikayeleri fucking slut. You’ve been wanting me to fuck you haven’t you? You want Daddy Stanford to fuck you, don’t you?”

Josh just nodded as I yanked down his boxers and then discarded my pants and underwear. I bent him over the washer and spread his cheeks. I’ve seen pornos of anal sex and they always did this, so I spit right on his hole. I wasn’t gay by any means, but I figured I could just imagine Melanie and how she use to be. How I use to fuck her from behind all those nights at the drive-in in the back seat of my car. I spit in hand to lube my hard cock. The pre-cum already leaking help slicken up my tool while Joey spread his ass cheeks for me.

I aimed right for his hole and drove it in. A guttural groan came from him. He’d taken dick before. And by the ease it went in, he’s taken quite a few. I pushed his head down as my other hand reached to grope his chest as if it was a tit. I began to fuck him. God it had been so long since me and Mel fucked. I couldn’t remember. But what I did remember was all those good times. This young man’s ass felt great though. It was good and had a nice give with every thrust in him. The slaps of my crotch and his ass were muffled by the noise of the washing machine.

“Please…harder,” Joey begged. I grabbed his hips and really pounded him. Over and over again. My cock thrusted in and out of his asshole. I watched my handy work. I watched my cock vigorously slam into him while my balls slapped against him. His muffled moans encouraged me to do more. I spanked him while fucking him. Smack! Smack! Smack! I felt the build and couldn’t hold it. I exploded balls deep in him. He shook and shuddered with his own orgasm. I quickly got dressed and went upstairs to shower. Not really believing what transpired and what came over me. I left Joey there and didn’t even look back.

The next morning, I awoke with Melanie saying she was meeting some friends for brunch. I looked at the clock and noticed I’d slept in. That hadn’t happened in ages. My wife didn’t seem to think much of it and left. I thought back to the previous evening. Was I gay now? What came seks hikayeleri over me? Well, I guess years of no sex may have played a part. I heard the front door close but then Joey’s door open. I felt the anxiety wash over me. What have I done? I put on my robe and walked towards his room.

I peeked inside thinking he was awake, but he was on his bed, face down and completely naked. Again, his juicy ass mesmerized me. I walked in and slowly undressed. I spotted a small bottle of lube by him so I picked it up and used some. I layed on top of him and felt his skin against mine. My hard slick cock nestled right between his cheeks. He raised his ass a little and I felt his opening with the top of my cock. I pushed forward and felt a warmth swallow my cock inch by inch until I was completely flush with him.

“Please fuck me again Daddy Stanford.” Joey pleaded. I pulled out and shoved it back in. I did it again and again. “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” was heard under me. My hands slipped under him to his chest once again. I held on as I humped and fucked him.

“Oh please! Yes! Please! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Me!” Joey yelled. I held him tight as I drilled my dick into him. I had cum real big last night so I knew, he was going to get a good fucking right now.

“Ooooooooh! Daddy! Daddy! More! More Daddy!” Joey begged. I propped myself up and held onto his shoulders. I rode his as hard. The bed knocked simultaneously every time his ass slapped against me.

“Yeah! Take that dick! Take Daddy’s dick! That’s a good slut! You’re going to get this cock a lot you whore! You fucking slutty whore!” I yelled. At this point I didn’t care if anyone heard. I didn’t care if Mel walked in on us. I wanted to dominate this piece of ass and I wanted to make it mine. I drove my cock in him over and over until I left that I was about to cum. With a couple last thrust into Joey, I shot my load as deep in him as I could. I collapsed on top of him, spent. I rolled off of him and grabbed his ass.

“This is mine now. Until you leave, I’m probably going to fuck you everyday if I can.” I said. I sat up and groped at his ass. I watched as my cum started to seep from his spent asshole. I dipped a finger in him and he let out a small moan. I took the slick finger and brought it to his mouth. He sucked it clean.

“Maybe tonight when Mel goes to sleep, you can show my how talented that mouth is.” I said. Joey smiled as I got up to go get cleaned off.

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