The Fountain of Life


Peter peeled a branch back, confirming what he’d seen. There she was! Standing in the middle of the clearing was a green-skinned woman! Her purple hair, which looked like the splayed out petals of a rose, was impossible to miss among the browns and dull greens of the forest. She was naked, reclining on a rock as if sunning herself. With plump breasts and wide hips, she’d be the envy of any human woman in the town whence he had come. Peter had heard rumours of plant women who lived in the Morning Wood, but he’d always written them off as flights of fancy. But…they were real!

Not wanting to scare her, he left his cover and approached as loudly as possible to prevent his approach from being intimidating. The girl looked up at the first footfall of dried leaves, sitting bolt upright and letting her naked feet touch the wild grass of the clearing.

“Oh! A human!” she said, a hand coming up to her chest.

“Sorry, I was just exploring. I didn’t mean to startle you!” Peter said, giving a light bow of his head. His downcast eyes fell upon the small, dirt-covered toes of the green woman. They were such soft things, even though they had no protection from the elements. An oft ignored part of his mind churned, making his pants feel tight and constrictive. He tried to adjust his stance to avoid alerting the girl to his erection, but it was difficult not to notice the bulge pressing out the fabric.

“How long have you been travelling, dear?” the plantgirl asked, looking up and down his body. “You look so sweaty…so tired!”

Peter caught a fragrance coming off the woman. It made him feel…warm. Terribly warm, even more than the exertion and the relatively balmy spring day would account for. He tugged at the collar of his shirt. “It’s been a long week of travelling. I’m looking for the Fountain of Life. It’s said to reside here in this forest. Have you seen it?”

She smiled, but shook her head. “I’m afraid not. It appears you may have travelled in vain. Perhaps, though, you’d like to relax for a moment before you head back?”

There was something strangely compelling about her words. He shook his head. His brain felt so foggy all of a sudden…”I…I’m not sure. I should keep going. There could be signs of it somewhere.”

She pressed against his chest, urging him down onto the soft grass. “I insist, sweetie. Please, rest with me. We plants have special ways to help humans relax, you know. But you’ll need to get naked.”

Peter allowed himself to slide down to his knees, then back onto his butt. “Naked? I…but…” His words tumbled haphazardly. His desire to reject the offer faded as the scent of flowers increased, filling his nose and clouding his mind. He undid the first button of his shirt. “Sure…massage sounds good right around now…”

The last scrap of clothing fell to the ground around him. His erection was obvious. He half-heartedly covered it with his hands until she leaned closer and forced another dose of floral scent into his nostrils. His hands fell to his sides, and he lay on the ground, naked as the day he was born, showing off an impressive cock.

“There’s a good boy,” the plantgirl said. “I’m Violet, by the way.”

“Peter,” he managed. He kept enough control not to stammer, barely. He stared up at the gorgeous plant gaziantep escort woman. Her radiant purple hair, her supple curves, all the way down to her pretty little toes. She pressed those against his bare stomach, and he felt just a hint of moisture linger afterward. It felt…good~

“You like that?” she asked, padding her foot along his abdomen, applying gentle but insistent pressure. “Our massages are famous in some parts of the world. They’re said to help make all your troubles disappear.” The moisture, most likely sweat he reasoned, trailed down along the path of her foot’s journey. Rather than chill his skin, it made him feel tingly. Like when his hand fell asleep after laying on it for too long. A pleasant, languid sensation that spread out from the points of contact and soon permeated his entire chest. It travelled down, too, working towards his waist as her toes slid down to gently wrap around the base of his cock.

He twitched, and a glob of pre slid down his shaft just from her sweaty foot contacting his member.

“Oh~ You really are tense! We might need some help to get you fully relaxed!” she said cheerfully. The sounds of rustling leaves made Peter look around. There was more of them! At least six more plantgirls, maybe more, emerged from the woods. Had they been there the whole time? They all looked similar to Violet, though their hair colours were wildly distinct. From a bright cyan to a dark crimson, each wore the look of an almost primal hunger as they eyed up the human. Peter swallowed.

“I…I hope I haven’t offended you,” he said in a meek appeal.

Violet giggled. “Oh no, you silly boy. We aren’t going to harm you! In fact, we’re going to make you feel better than you ever have before~”

The plantgirls went to work, all taking up position around him and pressing down with their feet onto his body. He moaned as the pressure and sweat of their feet accelerated the tingling sensation. Violet herself stood next to his head, pressing her’s around his mouth.

“Suck~” she commanded, and Peter obeyed. He let her toes slip into his mouth one by one, bathing them in oral affections and tasting the tang of her sweat for the first time. It was his new favourite flavour! The scent was too much for him to bear, as it filled his lungs and permeated his entire body with a desire to obey. He wanted so badly to give himself to these green women. But especially Violet, who he did his best to please by lavishing his love onto the soles of her foot.

At some point during the massage, he had gotten close to orgasming. He’d been so lost in the scent and taste of toes that he hadn’t noticed the building pressure in his prick. It wasn’t his imagination that the size of his member had increased, nor was it an illusion when he finally reached a climax from tasting Violet’s other foot that he’d came significantly more than he ever had before. Thick jets of seed sprayed up and outward, coating two of the plantgirls. They tried to catch it with their hands, slurping up what they managed to receive and laughing the whole time.

“You’re doing so well!” Violet praised, kneeling down to pet his head.

He heard the last part through the receding fog of arousal. “W-what is happening?” he asked, but konya escort shivered as the plantgirl with hair so green it almost glowed rubbed the bottom of her foot against his balls. He writhed, feeling the sweat permeate his sensitive flesh. His balls churned, altering their very design to slowly become impossibly productive cum factories. He knew this, somehow. He could feel it. But Peter had no desire for the process to stop~

The second orgasm came even easier, with his arousal not even fading into the background this time. Contrary to how his body normally functioned, this load was even bigger! A dozen large, creamy shots splashed against the skin, hands, faces, and feet of the assembled women. He watched in rapt fascination as their bodies absorbed the semen like sponges. Each woman who received an appreciable amount of his cum let out little moans as the fluid slipped into their skin. It was as if their entire body was an erogenous zone!

His cock had gained at least six inches and doubled in width. It would be difficult for the average human woman to take almost a foot of dick, but Peter knew that the plantgirls were up to the task if they so choose. However, they continued to rub their feet against his body. That proved to be enough stimulation to get him to orgasm, as his stamina had decreased in an inverse proportion to the gain in cock size. At his third orgasm, the skin colour around his engorged penis changed. Turning from his normal olive complexion to a dull…green?

He looked up at Violet, who at this point was just watching the process of his transformation. She saw his confusion and filled him in.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. You’ll enjoy being one of us! Well, you’ll be different. With your amazing cock, you’ll be the most celebrated Floran of all time! Girls from forests around the world will come to visit you. Won’t that be nice?”

For the first time, Peter thought about resistance. He struggled to stand, but his increased dick size had left sitting up a challenge. The feet of the plantgirls around him pressed down, pinning him and pressing more of their aphrodisiac sweat into his skin. Violet herself held his shoulders. Peter’s mind went to his old life, to his quest to find the Fountain of Life! His eyes stared into hers pleadingly, but she pressed a kiss to his mouth that sealed his fate. The desire to flee melted into her lips and tongue, and the changes continued unhindered.

His skin turned a similar green to the rest of the women around him, growing glossy from its own aphrodisiac sweat. His body reformed into a form more pleasing to the eye, growing out curves while shrinking down his shoulders and height. His hair blossomed, replaced by the same leafy protrusions that Violet had, only an ethereal white instead. The rest of the hair below his eyebrows vanished, leaving him smooth as well as supple. Two perky mounds pressed out from his chest, taking the form if not the function of a fertile female’s breasts. Conciding with these changes, every half a minute his cock would geyser out almost a litre of thick, gooey semen. It looked as if he was orgasming away his masculinity as well as his old life.

When Violet pulled back from the kiss, Peter was…no longer human. She was no longer kayseri escort a man at all, in fact. Her mind fragmented into a thousand pieces, and she passed out of consciousness.


An indeterminate amount of time later, Posey’s eyes opened to see the sun. But far from shy away from looking at it, she could help herself immediately feel that there was energy pouring through his skin that he’d never experienced. A tingling glow that suffused every part of his skin that the light touched. It made her giggle.

“She’s awake!” Posey heard Violet say, her giddy excitement transferred over easily. She smiled down at her new sister, stepping to the side to avoid casting a shadow. “You look so pretty now!”

She did! She looked around at her body. The perfect example of her race. The only thing separating her from the rest of the plantgirls was the colossal cock that hung between her legs. Posey’s thighs seemed to be caked in released cum, as was the ground around her. Violet helped her in a seated position on what looked like a reclining chair, but was in fact a purpose-grown flower seat that just so happened to get her cock in prime position to gush onto a receiver, rather than shoot up like a pure vent of deviant pleasure.

“I’ve told them all about you. I hope you don’t mind, but they couldn’t wait to wake you to test your productive powers!” Violet explained, holding out her hand. Posey followed the limb to see what had to be a hundred plantgirls or more standing in a large glade nestled next to a gorgeous waterfall. Some of them had tummies and tits bloated out, others had little bumps in their bellies. All looked like they were in various stages of pregnancy.

Violet explained. “We Florans can’t produce the seed of life on our own. We need humans to give it to us. And you’ve given us so much! These sisters have been beneficiaries of your bountiful releases~”

Her cum! She remembered seeing it seep into the bodies of the crowd of plantgirls. Had she been that productive while unconscious? Posey swelled with pride. She’d been such a good girl! Just the sight of all these attractive women made her cock drip again, and the crowd cheered.

Violet pointed to the former human beside her. “This is Posey. She is our newest sister, and she will save us from needing any man ever again. Observe!”

Violet lifted her leg up. The moment her foot came close enough to smell, Posey exploded. Her new prick flexed, sending rope after rope of thick cum into the air in an arc and sending it splashing onto the body of one of the plantgirls. Posey shuddered, humping at the air and sending gallons of cream in a chaotic path that absolutely drenched her target. Cum settled and seeped into the other plantgirl’s flesh, expanding her already voluptuous body out and giving her tits even more weight. More Florans approached, all eager to get their fill.

Violet slid her foot around Posey’s mouth, forcing more cum to shoot out. Her body is but a factory for producing seed. All around the pair, the assembled plantgirls try to catch the semen, growing more busty and gravid with each caught droplet. More feet joined Violet’s, running up Posey’s flesh. Pressing down her breasts, squeezing her large ass, and even masturbating her properly to ensure more transformative spunk gushed from her seemingly endless reserves. Her mind crushed under the sheer weight of endorphin release, it becomes very difficult for Posey to think of anything more than her endless orgasm.

In one of her last coherent thoughts, Posey realized that she Had found the Fountain of Life.

It was her all along!

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