The House Warming Gift


When my wife, Anna, and I bought our first house together, we were ecstatic. It was nothing much really: three bedrooms, two baths, and an incredible view of the Rocky Mountains. Although we weren’t officially moving in until the weekend, we couldn’t wait for our furniture to arrive, so we decided to camp out on the living room floor the night before.

We planned it all out. We arranged sleeping bags, blankets, and what seemed like 100s of pillows on the floor. Then we scattered scented candles throughout the house. We bought a few bottles of expensive red wine and I prepared my famous gourmet pizza. But as it turns out, the most important thing we brought over that night was Anna’s close friend, Amanda. The two had been close friends since high school, and since Amanda was the Realtor who found the house for us, we thought it appropriate that she share our first dinner at our new home.

Anna and I arrived ahead of Amanda to make sure the scene was set. When we opened the front door, I kissed my wife’s luscious lips, lifted her into my arms, and crossed the threshold. A couple years at the gym and a very trim wife made the move smooth, gentle, and easy enough for me to slide a hand under her short skirt to caress her soft inner thigh.

She giggled and slapped my chest, chastising me. “Watch it. You’re going to drop me or I’m going to drop the wine.” Despite her words, her smile and the twinkle in her eyes told me she appreciated the romantic gesture.

Once inside, Anna busied herself lighting the candles while I chilled the wine and put the pizzas together before putting them in the oven. My task done, I leaned against the wall and watched my wife finish up her work. Since we had decided to dress up for the occasion, she was wearing a revealing black skirt and a silk blouse, unbuttoned just enough to give a hint of the curves beneath. And despite being 5’5″, she had plenty of curves. Tight, tan legs, a wonderful ass, and more than a handful in the breast department. Throw that together with silky, straight brown hair and crystal blue eyes, and you’ll understand part of the reason I married her.

I walked to her and placed a hand on the small of her back. She turned and we kissed. I allowed my tongue to linger in her mouth, enjoying the subtle taste of watermelon gloss on her lips. My hands wandered down to the curve of her shapely ass. She gasped.

“James, stop that. Amanda will be here in a few minutes,” she said, trying to pull away but not really putting much effort into it.

“That gives us just enough time,” I teased.

She acted offended for a moment, then let her moving palms come to rest on my crotch. “You naughty boy,” she whispered, her fingers teasing my hardness. We kissed deeply again as fingers unzipped my pants. She reached in and began to massage my cock. “If you like that, honey, wait until you feel my tongue,” she teased.

I pulled her closer, kissing her neck and allowing my cock to press against her center. That’s when the doorbell rang. “We’ll continue this later,” I sighed, slightly upset as I moved to the door.

But any bad feelings I had about the interruption were put to rest when I opened the door and saw Amanda standing on our porch. She wore nothing more than a tank top and running shorts. Her ample breasts were not hidden at all under the flimsy erzincan escort top, and her shapely legs ended in adorable bare feet.

“Sorry, I didn’t have time to change at the gym,” she said, nodding to her bag, “I’ll change inside if that’s okay.”

Anna and I welcomed her into our house. But instead of letting her change right away, our excitement got the better of us. We poured some wine and showed her around the house, pointing out what we planned to do with each room. All the while, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Amanda’s shapely, athletic body.

The tour ended in the kitchen, just in time to remove the pizza and pour another round of wine. “I’m so happy for you two,” Amanda said. “The house is perfect. But it looks like dinner is ready, so if you don’t mind, I’ll take a shower really quick and change.”

As Amanda showered, Anna and I made our way into the living room and knelt down on the pillows, snuggling together. After a few kisses, I was ready to take up where we had left off. Anna slid off my shirt, and I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, placing tiny feather kisses all over her breasts and stomach. I slowly lowered her to the makeshift bed.

“Stop, James. What about Amanda?” she insisted half-heartedly.

“Don’t worry. She’s in the shower. We’ll know when she gets out,” I said, not really concerned with anything other than my wife’s soft skin.

“Okay,” she moaned, “But we quit the second we hear the water stop.”

As I moved over her body, her hands found my back. She knew I loved when she clawed at my back while we fooled around, especially when I was busy pleasing her. I was totally getting into our kisses, not to mention the licking and touching of my wife. I was oblivious to everything else, when I heard her whisper through her moans.

“You think she’s beautiful, don’t you?” she asked.

“What?” I asked, barely missing a beat, now focusing my attention on her very supple left breast.

“Amanda. I saw the way you looked at her when she showed up.” Anna was gasping with pleasure as she spoke.

I didn’t know what to say. I was caught. Busted. The idea of fucking her best friend had run through my mind many times, and I couldn’t deny it. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, lie to my wife and ruin the moment, so I didn’t say anything. Instead, I flicked a tongue over her nipple, making it stand at attention before I gently sucked it into my mouth.

“She is hot, isn’t she? I know she is. All the guys like her. Don’t worry, I think she’s very beautiful, too, but I just need to know if you want her,” she said with quickened breath, clearly nervous about my thoughts for her friend, yet overcome with the sensations caused by my touch.

I leaned back on my knees, halting the use of my mouth but continuing to massage her stomach and hips with my hands. “Anna, I think she’s attractive. And yes, I’ll admit, I’ve fantasized about her. She’d probably be fun. But honey, I want you, not her, and that’s all that matters.” Our eyes met and she smiled. With that, I undid her skirt, leaned forward, and ran my tongue lightly over her skin as my hands caressed her thighs. A devilish smile crossed my face when I found she wasn’t wearing underwear. I slid my hands between her legs and grabbed her thighs at the crotch, then slowly spread erzurum escort her legs.

Her hands found my head, and she pressed me closer to her. My tongue found her newly shaved pussy. I lapped at her wet lips, almost becoming light headed from the intoxicating aroma and slightly tangy taste of her sex.

“Oh, god, James,” Anna said between gasps. “Please. Tell me what you fantasize. Tell me what you imagine when you dream about Amanda.”

I disregarded what she said, chalking it up to some kind of weird sex talk, but as I lightly pulled her lips into my mouth, she asked again. “Tell me your fantasy, James. Do you imagine fucking her? Or maybe she’s sucking your cock.”

Hearing my wife talk about her friend totally grabbed my attention. I attacked her pussy, lapping up her juices frantically. “Does the idea turn you on, James? Do you want me to watch you fuck her? Or maybe…oh God…oh…maybe I’m with her and you watch.”

I was so hard, I felt like I was going to explode right there. Instead, with her words dying on her lips, my tongue brought Anna to an amazing climax. Her back arched, her hips thrust forward, and she gasped for air.

As Anna’s breathing calmed, I heard a sigh come from behind us, and I suddenly realized the shower was no longer running. Anna and I both turned to see Amanda, wearing only a towel around her torso, staring at us with wide eyes. We fumbled around, trying to cover ourselves.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to walk in on you guys, but, wow, you two are so hot together,” she said. At first I thought she was blushing, but I soon realized her cheeks were red with excitement. “I just needed a hair dryer, but that was much better.”

I reached for my shirt, trying to reclaim some composure, when my wife lay her hand on my arm and said, “Hold on, James. Now’s your chance.” Anna gestured to Amanda and smiled. To her she said, “James tells me he’s attracted to you, and he was just about to tell me his favorite fantasy about you.”

She moved closer and let her fingernails trace lines over my chest. “So what will it be, James,” she whispered. “Are you going to fuck her, or am I?”

Unfortunately, words escaped me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. My cock had never been harder.

“Oh, cat got your tongue?” My wife asked, teasing me. “Well, why don’t we start things off until you make up your mind.”

She stood, allowing her blouse and unbuttoned skirt to fall to the floor. Amazingly, Amanda met her half way. They hugged and began kissing. It was the most erotic scene I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Their lips parted and their tongues seemed to dance. Amanda’s hands roamed over Anna’s bare back, while Anna’s slowly removed her friend’s towel.

Their naked hips pressed against each other. Amanda’s hand found Anna’s ass, and she pulled her even closer. I leaned back, bulging out of my pants. I couldn’t help but unzip my fly and start stroking my hard cock.

My wife took her friend’s hand and led her to me. “Oh dear, let us help you with that,” she said, seeing me rub my cock. They both knelt beside me. Anna gestured to my cock, and Amanda reached for it. For the first time in four years, another woman began stroking my dick. Within seconds, I was close to climax, and my wife knew it. “Please, eskişehir escort suck him for me,” she said. Amanda didn’t hesitate.

I lay back and let the sensations take over. Anna caressed her friend while Amanda’s lips moved over my cock. She teased the tip with her tongue, then took me in her mouth again, sucking gently and bobbing up and down from the base to the tip. She was an expert. Any thoughts of lasting all night vanished when her fingertips found my balls and her mouth sucked eagerly on my shaft.

Amanda accepted my cum, taking it all in her mouth and swallowing with a smile. She licked the tip, cleaning me of my last drop of cum. “Thank you for that,” she said to Anna.

Anna leaned forward and they kissed again, sharing me. Without breaking their embrace, the two lay on the bed of pillows. Anna moved over her friend’s body, placing kisses gently on her breasts, nipples, ribs, and stomach, working down to her pussy. Amanda raised her knees and spread her legs. My wife’s tongue started working on her friend’s wet lips, bringing moans and gasps out of Amanda. I watched, already hard again, as Anna’s hands continued to rub Amanda’s thighs while her mouth worked what could only be called magic. Amanda’s hips were gyrating, and the moans grew louder.

I knew she was going to reach orgasm soon. All because of my wife’s mouth and tongue. Her first time licking pussy, and it appeared she was already an expert. But before she brought her friend over the edge, she looked up and licked her lips. “James, I want you to finish her off. I want to watch you fuck her.”

“Hurry James,” Amanda sighed. “I need it now. Please.”

Amanda rolled over and got on all fours, giving me an amazing view of her upturned ass. I reached for her hips and pulled her to me, sliding my cock inside her very wet, very warm pussy. I started out slow, setting a rhythm. As I began to thrust deeper inside, I moved faster. Anna and Amanda both began telling me to go faster, deeper.

I didn’t deny them. I pounded harder and deeper into Amanda’s sweet pussy, and she rocked back and forth, accepting me with all her might. Anna slipped her hand underneath us. I could feel her fingernails caress my cock as I slid in and out of her friend.

I was getting close to cumming for a second time when Anna whispered, “I want you both to cum. Cum for me.” With one final, deep thrust, I came, exploding just as intensely as the first time only moments before. But I wasn’t alone. Amanda screamed out as she reached an explosive orgasm. When her legs and hips began to quiver, I slowly pulled out, my cock covered with her and me.

Anna leaned forward and licked my cock, then moved to lick her friend one last time, tasting us both together. Amanda rolled over onto her back and looked into Anna’s eyes. She opened her arms wide and Anna slid into them. They kissed deeply again, and smiled, then turned to me, inviting me into their arms.

“Soon, it’ll be your turn,” I said to Anna, holding her close.

“Not tonight, honey,” she said. “You made me cum earlier, and that’s good enough for me. You’re all I want, but maybe I’ll want you again after Amanda leaves.”

We all laughed and held each other close. We stayed in each other’s arms for sometime, but eventually we dressed and made our way into the kitchen for more wine and some food. I was already thinking back on the events of the night, savoring them, putting them in my memory so I could call them up later. But I also knew once was not enough. I had to have this again. But maybe next time, I’d find a way to surprise my wife, and see if I’m indeed enough for her.

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