The Office Pet Ch. 01


Kiersten pressed the doorbell and heard a muffled chime as the ringing report echoed into the office she was stood in front of. She nervously straightened her clothing and gave her shoulder length brown hair a bit of attention as she waited for response.

“Good morning, do you have an appointment?” a feminine voice called from the intercom installed into the entry frame.

“Yes, I’m here to meet Jerry,” Kiersten replied as she looked over her charcoal grey sheath dress. The cut was very flattering and complimented her curves and toned legs. The neckline was cut low and the bottom hem rested high on her thighs, purposely revealed more skin than she was generally comfortable showing for a meeting. “He should be expecting me,” she added.

“Okay,” the voice sighed, “I’ll check with him, please hold.”

Kiersten wondered why the woman on the other end of the intercom spoke as if she was taking a phone call but shrugged it off simply enough. She took a mental inventory of herself, glanced down at her black heels and assured there were no surprise scuffs or mess to deal with before she entered. She placed a hand on the front of her neck to assure the subtle necklace was properly situated, the green gem rested in the center of her bosom.

“Okay,” the voice on the intercom returned suddenly. “He’s expecting you so I’m buzzing you in.” A humming noise emanated from the door, which was Kiersten’s cue to open and enter. As she stepped in, she saw a clean office entry with some images of the city placed intermittently on the wall, as well as some occasional foliage to attempt to break up the monotony.

As Kiersten walked across the tiled floor her heels clicked as she approached the reception area. Seated there was a rather odd-looking woman. Her glasses nearly obscured her round face, and her hair was pulled back into a messy blonde bun. She looked disinterested in Kiersten but watched as she crossed the room anyway.

“He’ll be with you shortly,” the receptionist said with the same voice Kiersten recognized from the intercom. “Please have a seat,” she pointed towards a small row of chairs, then returned to her computer to do whatever mundane daily tasks she had placed before her.

Kiersten stepped back across the room and situated her rather large purse more securely on her shoulder as she walked. Carefully she tucked her dress beneath her as she took her seat and crossed her legs at the ankles to protect any semblance of modesty she tried to maintain. She studied the reception area, intrigued by the different little nuances that exist in all waiting rooms: outdated magazines, business materials, and informative pamphlets. On one of the tables she saw a stack of business cards displayed in a wooden stand with different members of the senior staff and her eyes halted on the name “Jerry Hill” She picked up one of the cards and studied it before she placed it in her purse.

As she finished closing her purse, she heard a deep voice croon, “I hope you haven’t been waiting too long.”

Kiersten quickly looked up to see a tall man in a well-tailored blue suit, his broad shoulders and long torso accentuated by the lines the jacket created. “It’s good to see you again, Kiersten,” he spoke as he extended a hand to her. She hopped up quickly and took his hand, the strength and warmth of it caused a wave of calm to wash over her. She reflexively smiled and continued to take him in, his deep brown eyes locked on hers.

“Thanks for inviting me Jerry,” she replied finally as she realized the length of silence between them was bordering on awkward. She reluctantly released his hand and tilted her head to the side as she added, “I didn’t realize you were the Creative Vice President now, congratulations!”

Jerry smiled softly and nodded, “A recent development, thank you.” He half turned; his hand pointed down a hallway behind the receptionist. Kiersten noted the strong lines of his physique before she looked down the hallway as he stated, “If you’ll follow me?”

“Of course!” she replied sweetly. She followed quietly as he led her past several offices. She was ashamed to admit she didn’t absorb their names, positions, or distinguishing features as her focus was completely on Jerry.

Once they reached his office, Jerry pulled out a key and unlocked the door as he glanced back at her, “Security rules, have to keep the office locked if I step away from my desk.” He turned the knob, opened the door, and motioned for Kiersten to enter. She nodded quietly and stepped past him into his office. Her arm gently brushed against him as she passed which caused another wave of calm to wash over her. She wasn’t sure how he had this effect on her, but his very presence soothed her nerves and gave her confidence she didn’t know she had. She took a seat across from his desk and placed her purse on the floor beside the chair.

Jerry crossed the room, leaving the door open halfway as he took his seat across from Kiersten. He folded his hands on his lap and urfa escort leaned back slightly before he stated, “I appreciate you coming in, Kiersten. Have you prepared things as we discussed?”

Kiersten nodded and pointed to her purse, “I put everything in there, as you requested.” She smiled softly as she recalled how exacting their discussion had been in addition to the amount of time and effort involved in the requirements he had. She looked curiously at him, “Would you like me to get it now?”

Jerry shook his head dismissively, “In due time, I just wanted to take a few minutes to make sure you understand the role you’d have and the scope of the position you’re taking on. How does that sound?”

Kiersten smiled and nodded, “Sure, sounds good!” She idly ran her hands across the hem of her dress smooth the fabric as she waited patiently.

“Very good,” he replied. She noticed how his eyes followed her hands and ran down the length of her, and it caused a new sensation deep within her; his eyes awakened her internal instincts. She remained silent as he spoke, his voice washed over her like a summer breeze. “You agreed to take on certain… Responsibilities at the office which would require long hours, humility, and unquestioning service to our staff. As you recall, we discussed this was an unconventional position, but one that was entirely voluntary.”

He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a sheet of paper and slid it across the desk. “Have a look at this and make sure there isn’t anything beyond your scope, if you will.”

Kiersten reviewed each sentence of the contract for meaning and clarity. She paused at one point and asked, “As far as hours, is this a set time or ROWE?”

“Ah, Results-Only Work Environment, good question,” Jerry responded. He steepled his hands over his mouth as he contemplated, before he stated, “I’d say it’s a bit of both ROWE and set hours, if I’m honest. You’d be asked to be available for specific hours, but if you finish your work early and we don’t have additional duties for the day you’d be free to take the rest of the day off. It’s situational ROWE, I suppose.”

Kiersten nodded and thought a moment, “Would that affect performance reviews and job satisfaction from your end?”

“Not at all,” Jerry stated with a smile. “If you’ve done good work, satisfied the team, and exceeded expectations we will all be very positive on reviews.”

“Great!” Kiersten smiled and finished reading the job description contract. “Looks like everything is good here, what else should I be aware of?”

“That sheet sums it up pretty well,” Jerry stated. He reached over to a pen and slid it over to Kiersten, “If you agree to the terms, please sign and date at the bottom.” He casually turned his head to the doorway and called out, “Sienna, could you witness and notarize this please?”

A slim woman with rich tawny colored skin entered the room and smiled, “Sure thing Jerry!” She wore khaki slacks and a close-fitting pink blouse which accentuated her ample bosom and trim physique. Kiersten looked at her and managed a smile as she was inundated with the scent of roses and vanilla.

Kiersten leaned over the paper, signed and dated the bottom section, and handed it over to Sienna.

Sienna glanced at the document, looked up at Jerry with a raised eyebrow, and applied her notary stamp and information. She handed it to him with a smile and cooed, “I’m glad we finally found the right candidate for that position. Welcome to the team!” She extended a hand to Kiersten, who took it and shook it professionally.

Kiersten smiled inwardly and turned her attention back to Jerry as the ebony office assistant exited his office. She made a mental note to spend some time getting to know Sienna soon as she seemed a very nice woman. “So here we are! When should I start?”

Jerry filed the signed contract away in his desk before he turned his gaze back to Kiersten. His eyes glinted with something she couldn’t place as he smirked, “Please close the door, we can get started immediately.”

Kiersten quickly stood and moved to close the door. She noticed Sienna smiled at her as she pulled the door shut, a soft blush crossed her face as she took in the smile and the meaning behind it. She slowly turned and faced Jerry again and bit her lower lip gently as she noticed the way he looked at her. She stood there for a few moments, unmoving.

“You may get your materials from your purse and prepare,” Jerry directed. He entwined his fingers together in front of him as he awaited her movement.

She blushed a shade deeper and moved to her large purse to remove her prepared materials. Bent at the waist, she could feel Jerry’s eyes upon her revealed cleavage from the cut of her dress. She felt a rush of excitement run through her as she removed pieces out from her purse and placed them deliberately on the desk between them. Once everything was laid out, she rose and stood in balıkesir escort front of his desk, her face a rosy shade of blush. She looked down at the materials and took inventory.

“As you can see, I’ve brought the restraints we discussed. Black dyed leather, fur lined, and D-rings every three inches.” She waved her hand over the wrist and ankle cuffs she had been given by Jerry two months prior, when they began their discussion of her role at his company.

She moved her hand to the next item and stated “Next, you can see the collar, same specifics as the restraints.” Another gift from Jerry, just a couple weeks prior to her arrival this morning.

“Next is the lingerie I was directed to wear,” she stated as she tried to remain calm and collected. “I should note I purchased several sets to assure I would always be properly in uniform.” She hovered her hand over the lacy black undergarments next to the collar.

“Finally, is the lead,” she concluded. “Purchased from the local pet store, I chose this because of the strong chain and the black leather ends. Also, I added an additional hook so both ends could be fastened as needed.” She was particularly proud of her foresight and smiled visibly.

Jerry smiled in return, “This all looks very satisfactory. You may change into your presented work uniform.”

Kiersten’s smile wavered slightly; the gravity of her situation weighed on her. She knew this was exactly what she wanted, and her quivering sex already felt saturated with her arousal simply by presenting the materials she had carried all morning in her purse. She nodded obediently and simply responded with, “Yes sir.”

Bent at the waist again, Kiersten removed her heels, set them neatly next to the chair and her purse. She licked her lips as she looked silently towards Jerry once before she lifted her dress over her head slowly and deliberately. She enjoyed the coolness of the office once she removed the dress; her skin felt heated and flushed through the process of discussion and the signing of her contract. She was wore a set of crimson bra and panties; the shade complemented her full figure and cream-colored skin.

Her skin began to heat up again once she saw the look in Jerry’s eyes. A heat shone from them that equaled the heat that covered her whole body. He remained completely silent and utterly motionless, he simply watched the production. The look in his eyes gave her strength, and she set the dress on the back of her chair.

“Actually, put your clothing in the wardrobe to your left,” Jerry directed simply. She obediently opened the doors of the deep cherry colored wardrobe and placed the dress on a hanger and placed her shoes just below the deep grey dress.

With renewed fervor, she unclasped the crimson bra and removed it smoothly. Her perky nipples hardened at the cool air almost instantaneously which caused a shiver to erupt down her body. She turned around and bent slightly at the waist, which stuck her rear end towards Jerry as she unhurriedly pulled down her panties to reveal her rump and already wet pussy. She glanced back at him as she revealed herself and she could see some redness rose into his face as his arousal became noticeable. She turned and stood nude before him, her body shivered softly from nerves and the cool air of his office.

“Dress,” he ordered.

“Yes sir,” she replied. She grabbed the lingerie she set out, reluctantly replaced her removed undergarments with the lacy black material. She felt the lacy thong press against her already engorged labia she felt a tingle from deep within as the fabric further aroused her. She was excited, not simply because of the feel of the fabric, but because she knew this was her new role. She was to wear this same material every day until ordered otherwise and she loved it. She placed the nearly transparent bra over her hard nipples which caused them to protest with a sensitivity she reveled in.

Once in her lingerie, Jerry arose from his chair and said simply, “Stay.” She froze in place and lowered her gaze slightly in obedience. He stepped around the desk and to the displayed leather cuffs and collar. He picked up a wrist cuff and secured it around her wrist and tightened it enough to remain secure but avoid too much circulation loss. He repeated this for her other hand and ankles, leaving only the collar on his desk. He picked it up and held it in front of her.

“You see this?” he inquired. She raised her head to look and nodded slightly. “I am going to describe what this represents. You understand?” She nodded again in obedient silence.

“This collar represents your submission.” He recited, the words reminded her of the moment he presented the collar to her just a couple weeks ago. “When this collar is around your neck you are not Kiersten, you are simply Pet. You are an obedient pet that obeys my direction without hesitation or discussion. You live only to serve and will serve whenever and trabzon escort whomever I say. You will not speak unless ordered to. If you do not understand an order, you will make nonverbal sounds until I direct you to speak. Do you understand?”

Kiersten nodded slowly, her eyes fixated on the collar and remained silent. Her mind had already crossed into the headspace asked of her, and she was Pet. With her nod of affirmation, Jerry placed the collar on her neck and secured it as she held her hair up and out of the way for his convenience.

“Very good, Pet,” Jerry praised. He studied his handiwork, assured she was properly prepared, and nodded in approval. He reached behind him and grabbed the lead and hooked it to the front ring of her collar. “On all fours, Pet.”

Pet instantly fell to her hands and knees submissively before Jerry’s feet. She kept her head down, which caused her brown hair to slightly cover her face as she kneeled before him. Jerry leaned down slightly and brushed the hair back to look at her admiringly. She smiled softly as she felt the calm wash over her once again at his touch.

“Come, Pet,” he ordered, and walked around the desk where his seat was located. Pet followed obediently on all fours and scurried quickly under his desk and looked up from beneath it to him expectantly. He smirked at her behavior, then took his seat in front of her and attached her lead to a waiting hook beneath his desk.

Once he had anchored her lead to his desk, Pet shuffled up to his legs and rubbed her head against his inner thigh with a soft whine, her eyes stared up at his face. Jerry continued to sit calmly at his desk, his eyes focused on her nonverbal communication with amusement. He stroked her head idly for a moment and unlocked his computer to return to his work.

They stayed like this for what seemed to be an eternity to Pet. She whimpered and rubbed her head against his thigh and groin while he worked. Finally, he glanced down at her and said, “Do you want it, Pet?”

Pet smiled brightly and rubbed her face against his groin some more before she nodded happily. She could tell that his pants had grown tighter as something had grown engorged within. She rubbed her lips along the outline of the throbbing bulge and moaned suggestively.

“Very well,” he sighed, his body shivered slightly at the attention his cock received from Pet. “Suck it for me, Pet.”

Pet smiled the biggest smile of her life, and she reached up and unzipped his slacks with haste. She reached in, found purchase on his hard tool, and pulled it free from its confines. As it emerged from his slacks, it slipped from her hands and struck her across the face, the thick organ leaving a drop of precum across her forehead. He smirked and continued his work, a nearly indiscernible shudder travelled down his spine.

With a hunger she was embarrassed to admit, she ran her tongue up the length of the hardened flesh as a lusty moan escaped her mouth. She continued to lick up and down the fully erect penis, which drew multiple soft moans from Jerry’s mouth as her tongue grazed the underside of his glans. She could feel his legs had already begun to tense from pleasure, a fact she absorbed with glee.

After a few passes with her tongue, she wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and swirled her tongue in small circles across the sensitive flesh. This produced a gasp from Jerry, which encouraged Pet greatly. She quickly took his hard shaft into her mouth which caused them both to shiver in ecstasy. She paused for a moment to look up into Jerry’s eyes, her mouth fully encompassed around his throbbing cock. He looked down at her and smiled, “Very good Pet. Keep going.”

She immediately followed direction and began moving her mouth up and down his shaft, her tongue flitted across the tip just before she took it back into her mouth all the way to the base of his pelvis. She closed her eyes as her body filled with a hunger and need to satisfy her master.

Jerry eventually lost all concentration on his work and simply placed a hand atop her head and encouraged her to increase the pace nonverbally. Pet happily took the hint and began bobbing her head up and down ever more quickly. Each motion produced fresh suckling sounds as she used her mouth to pull him closer to orgasm.

The breath in his chest quickened, his eyes rolled back into his head as he felt her mouth drew him closer to climax with each movement. He gripped her hair in his hand as she continued her efforts, the subtle sting of his grip aroused her even more. She moaned against his dick as she escalated her pace to near frantic speed.

Jerry’s breath caught as he barely gasped out, “I’m nearly there, Pet…” She looked up into his eyes and kept her pace steady, her eyes begged him to erupt then and there into her mouth. She moaned softly with each downward thrust; the vibration of her moans caused Jerry’s hips to buck ever so slightly as she drew him to the edge.

With a deep, guttural groan, Jerry’s head fell backwards as his member released the first thick load of cum into her mouth. They both pressed into one another as his hot seed pumped over and over into her awaiting mouth. With each thrust, another shot of the ejaculate splashed against the back of her throat, coating and filling her mouth.

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