Two Girls in Tokyo Ch. 03


Retired AV idol Yuki Kusanagi, a.k.a “Snow Princess,” continues the story of her rather late sexual awakening. Her and Nobuko’s cherry-popping plan is set, but it takes a week to fulfill. In the meantime, Yuki goes public (sort of). Then, when the time arrives, Nobuko follows through, but Yuki backs out. But not before they have a whole lot of fun with Mika.

The next week was pure hell. When we first went over to Mika’s we weren’t sure that we’d be able to get what we were after. Finding that Mika would help us was a great relief, but then, to get so close to our goal we could feel it, and then to have to wait . . . Let’s just say I’ve had better weeks. Nobu and I were so desperate that we couldn’t keep our hands or mouths off of each other, and we almost got caught a couple of times. After classes we’d go either to Nobu’s house or to my apartment, depending on whose mom was out, which usually meant Nobu’s. Still that wasn’t very good because there was no way to tell when her mom would get home. My mom worked at night, and you’d think that that would be great, but she usually left for work late, later than Nobu could stay without worrying her parents. Sometimes we’d get lucky though, whenever my mom went in early, but we had no such luck that week, so we had to improvise.

Near my apartment building there was an old tenement housing block, places built just after the war, now abandoned and awaiting demolition. We went there on Friday after classes, just to check it out. Of course it was more or less a public place, so we had to worry about someone walking in on us, or worse yet, some damn pervert seeing us go in and following us. Shit, getting raped by some old drooler, or a couple of high school gang assholes, would really blow our fantasy of taking each other’s cherries. That would really suck, especially since we were now potentially only one day away from fulfilling our dream. I had really wanted for my first time to be with a guy, but after deciding to go along with what Nobu wanted, I became quite attached to the idea. There would be plenty of time for guys later. It was scary, the chance we were taking by coming here, and my chest was tight, but the fear was also making me wet between my legs. Once I felt that now familiar tingling, I knew there was no turning back.

Most of the apartments were completely empty, but we did find a couple where a lot of household junk had been left, and in one of these we found a relatively clean mattress, which I covered with an old sheet that I had brought from home. All the windows were busted out, and there was broken glass everywhere. It was musty and the walls were dingy, a real shit hole, completely decadent. I loved it. It was perfect for what we had in mind. I wanted to get completely naked, but that was impossible because of the glass, so I stripped off everything except my shoes and socks. When we were in high school, I wore coin-loafers and over-sized knee socks with extra material that gathered at the ankle. Like most of the girls who were trouble. I don’t know why we considered this fashionable, and I couldn’t tell you now. This style was, however, against regulations, and some teachers seemed to consider these socks a threat to public order. Also, in those days, girls like us usually dyed their hair light brown, so I was always getting hassled about the color of my hair, my socks, and the shortness of my skirt. Like I really cared. Out of habit I mostly still dressed like that, except my skirt was not long the uniform type and I’d traded in my coin-loafers for my favorite black combat boots.

I’m mentioning all this here because, even though I was a little skinny, and practically flat, I was tall for my age, and I liked my body (except that I would have like to have had bigger tits). Actually, I thought I was pretty hot, but dancing around that dirty run-down room in nothing but my boots made me drip. I found a broken piece of mirror in the room, and I leaned it against the wall so I could look at myself, ready to go for a repeat of my first orgasm.

“Excuse me,” Nobu said. “Do I need to be here for this?”

I’d kind of forgotten she was there. I was really into myself in those days, not nearly as modest and humble as I am now. She’s taken off her shoes and was lying on the mattress.

“Aren’t you going to get undressed?” I asked.

She pulled up her skirt to show me that she had removed her panties.

“I wanna be ready in case someone comes.”

“Sure, okay,” I said, “but this is great.”

“What’s great?”

“Being naked outside.”

“We’re not outside,” she reminded me.

“Well, yeah, but it’s close enough,” I said, dropping next to her on the mattress. “you really should try it.”

“I don’t wanna try anything.” she said, “I wanna do.” I was having so much fun that I’d forgotten we were there to have fun. I climbed on top of her, wedged my thigh between her legs, put my weight on my left hand while I kneaded her breast with my right, and attached my mouth Betturkey to hers. Nobu had by this time planted her hands on my ass and was pushing my leg harder against her crotch. The rhythm of her humping increased so I decided I wanted some of that action, so I straddled her leg in the same way; between her pussy and mine, she skirt was going to get pretty stained, especially if we both came. I stopped kissing her and began licking her neck while I unbuttoned her blouse. For her part, Nobu moved one of her hands to my already dripping slit. She massaged my pussy with her middle finger while chewed on her neck.

I think she then meant to put her hand back on my ass when I felt her finger brush against the ridges on my anus. She hesitated for a moment then slipped the tip of her finger into my ass. I was surprised to find it an interesting sensation, so I pushed against her finger and she pushed it into my ass up to the next knuckle. I rotated my ass against her finger and she responded in kind. What an amazing sensation! I had a vague (mostly negative) notion of anal sex, but I really had no idea it could feel like this (my first experience with real anal sex was with a gaijin in Hawaii—now there’s a story I’ll have to tell sometime!).

“Roll over on you back,” Nobu said. “I want to try something” I complied without letting her finger slip out of me. Once I was on my back, she moved to her knees and put her weight on her elbows. She then slipped her thumb into my pussy and pushed it against the tip the finger that was still in my ass. Of course that wasn’t enough for her because she was soon working on my clit with her tongue. That was all it took; I was soon heading off into sexual unconsciousness. Plus, being in the more-or-less open air and the potential danger of the place certainly heightened the experience.

Before I went completely out of my mind, we somehow ended up doing sixty-nine with Nobu on top, but she wouldn’t take the rest of her clothes off, so her skirt was covering my head. I couldn’t see what I was doing, but of course, I really didn’t need to.

Nobu was going face down on my snatch and I was really looking forward to kissing and licking my juices from her face but that would have to wait. Whenever we used this position, given Nobu’s skill and the fact that I could climax so easily, I always came first. When the orgasm arrived, I would always have to stop working on Nobu, but then I’d go back to it with that much more fervor.

Of course I was working on her very sweet snatch with the same vigor (my hands on her ass to keep her from suffocating me. This time, also, I managed to stay with her through my own orgasm. This only fed my enthusiasm, and I could feel that she wasn’t fair behind me. She sat up, pushing her snatch hard against my mouth, shrieked at the top of her lungs when she came, and collapsed on top of me.

I rolled her off of me and turned around so we could kiss, missing her juices with my own. We kissed for awhile, then just laid there in each other’s arms. I wanted to go to sleep, but then the world started to come back into focus, and I realized that someone may have heard her, so I got up and put on my skirt and blouse, stuffing our underwear in my bag.

“C’mon,” I said, “we’d better get going. Someone might have heard you.”

“Oh, shit, that’s right,” she said, jumping up. She gathered up the sheet and put it in her bag. “Hey, where are my panties?”

“I have them,” I said. “Let’s hurry up.” I was already heading for the door.

“Yuki,” she practically screamed.

“Okay, here,” I said, handing them to her. “But you really should see how it feels. Besides, it’s only to my place.”

She put them in her bag, giving me a what-are-you-getting-me-into-now glare as she passed me going out the door. When we got outside I came up behind her and lifted her skirt in the back exposing her bare ass.

“Hey, look at this,” I said, then took off running down the street with Nobu chasing me.

“Damn you, Yuki,” she yelled. I sprinted all the way to my apartment, and she caught up to me when I had to stop for the elevator. We were laughing like fools and trying to catch our breath.

“Hey, girls. What’s up?” It was Mika, coming home from somewhere. “Back to playing like kids again, huh?”

“Not really,” I said, as we stepped on to the elevator. When the door closed I lifted my skirt. Mika just smiled and shook her head, then she gave us the good news.

“Can you come over tomorrow?” she asked, just as casually as if she were inviting us over for tea. Nobu was smiling broadly, and I was grinning so hard my mouth practically hurt.

“I’ll take it that you can,” she said, smiling. “When do you get off work?” Nobu and I looked at each other, momentarily confused. I’d completely forgotten that we worked on Saturdays, and apparently so had Nobuko.

“About three,” I finally said.

The elevator stopped at her floor and she stepped off. “See you then,” Betturkey Giriş she said. In my excitement, I’d forgotten to push the button for my floor.

When we got up to my apartment we found that it was later that we thought, and Nobu just had to turn around and go home. I watched TV for awhile, then went to bed, but I couldn’t fall asleep. In fact, I was so agitated thinking about what was going to happen tomorrow that I couldn’t keep my hands off of myself. Later that night when I should have been sleeping, Mika called to make sure that we were still on for tomorrow. What did she think, that we’d change our minds? She sounded a little drunk, and was calling from some place noisy, like a club, but I didn’t think to ask her. Her call made matters worse, however, getting me much too excited to sleep.

I stripped off the t-shirt I slept in (I no longer wore panties to bed), and lay down. I’d already came twice that day, so now simply masturbating wasn’t enough; I needed to be naked. Then I remembered what it was like in that abandoned room. I opened my windows to see if I could get the same effect, but I quickly saw that that wouldn’t work. The building next door was too close, so I was sure I’d be seen. Besides, it just didn’t feel the same; coming home without my panties on sure felt pretty good so I decided to go outside. Japan then was still a pretty safe country, and I lived at the outer edge of Tokyo, which was more suburb than city, so being out at night, even though it was after midnight, would be safe if I were careful. I put on a light cotton red summer dress that buttoned down the front and my white canvas deck shoes (sans panties, of course), and went out.

It felt good being out with no underwear on, especially when I’d catch a little wind up my dress. I knew it was quiet where we lived, but I was a little surprised to see how deserted the streets were. This emboldened me to unbutton my dress. I could always hold it closed if I saw someone. What a rush, my dress open, the breeze blowing against my naked body. I remember it being more beautifully erotic than horny, but that didn’t stop me from looking for some isolated place to masturbate. I thought about the room that Nobu and I had used earlier, but I was walking in the wrong direction, and besides, I wanted to be in the open. The open, that’s the answer.

I buttoned up my dress and ran to this soccer field I knew of. It was a little far, but I got there in about ten minutes. First, I walked around it to make sure that was alone, and to find a way through the fence. I found a gate locked with a chain, but I could get it open far enough to slip in. There were no lights, and I found the darkness exhilarating. I unbuttoned my dress again and ran around in large circles, my dress flying behind me. Somewhere in the middle of the field I pulled my arms out of the dress, dropping it to the ground, and kept running. I had never felt such absolute freedom, and even today, I frequently go out without underwear, wearing nothing but a similar style dress and shoes. And not just at night, but also during the day, like when I go grocery shopping and run errands.

I went back to where I had left my dress, and sat down on the grass. The cool air against my skin was exciting, but the touch of all those tiny blades of grass against my bare ass and exposed pussy really sent me. Nothing like how it feels on your legs when you go picnicking at the park or something like that. I touched my vagina, and of course it was wet. I lay back on the grass, and it felt like a thousand tiny sharp tongues poking at me. I had one hand on my swollen labia, working it slowly, and the other on my rock hard nipple. I was breathing hard, withering on the grass, and thinking about making love to a girl built as I was. It would be like making love to myself! This was my latest fantasy and it always allowed me to come quite easily. But that night, every time I felt close to coming I’d move my hand off my clit to gently caress my moist interior. I did this a couple of times, trying to prolong the experience, but on the third pass I didn’t back off soon enough, and I let out a loud moan as the spasm exploded through me.

As I lie there catching my breath, mindlessly toying with the soft inner folds of my pussy, I noticed the stars. It wasn’t like being out in the country or anything like that, but there were thousands more than one usually sees in the city. Lying there naked, the grass tickling me across my entirely naked back-side, a slight breeze licking at my nipples, the stars filling my eyes, was a dazzlingly beautiful experience. So beautiful and erotic in fact that I forgot where I was, or how long I’d been there. An ambulance siren off in the distance brought me back to reality. I threw on my dress and ran all the way home.


I’d gotten very little sleep, but the next day at work I was hardly tired at all. After last night’s experience, and thinking about going to Mika’s place that afternoon, I was simply too charged up. Nobu too was pretty excited when we first met, but after we calmed down a bit, I told her about the previous night and at first she wasn’t sure she believed me. Then she admitted that she’d gone all the way home without putting her panties back on, and was so worked up by the time she got there that she had to masturbate twice just to get to sleep.

“Good thing I didn’t encounter some old gropper,” she said, and we both cracked up.

That was the high point of our morning. We could think of nothing but what was going to happen that afternoon, so we were both pretty useless and spent the whole day wiping tables and mopping the floor. Waiting an entire week had been bad, but these last few hours of waiting were murder. I kept imagining everything that could possibly go wrong, then multiplying that by ten. I’d be exaggerating to say it was the worst day of my life, but it certainly felt like it.

In fact, that day felt like the longest day in history. For me, time simply stopped, and now whenever a hear someone speak about ‘an eternity in hell’ I remember the timeless vacuum of that day and laugh. Of course, at the time, I saw nothing to smile about, but, like all good things, all bad things must also come to an end, and when our shift ended, we could have set a new speed record. We ran all the way to the station, could hardly stand still on the train, and once off the train, ran all the way to Mika’s place. I don’t even remember changing out of our dorky work uniforms, but we must have.

We rang her bell, and were leaning against the wall, trying to catch our breath when Mika opened the door.

“You girls in a hurry about something?” she said, smiling and holding the door for us.

“Very funny,” I said. She invited us in, and we sat down as before, as if it was a perfectly normal visit.

“I have something for you,” Mika said, putting two oblong boxes on the table. Wasn’t too hard to guess what was in them. I opened mine, and sure enough, it was a dildo. It was smaller than the other one that she had shown us, and didn’t have an animal or batteries. Plus, it was fashioned to look just like a penis, with veins and everything.

“Wow,” Nobuko said, looking at hers.

“This is so cool,” I said. And in my mind I added, too bad there’s not a guy attached to it.

“So,” Mika asked, “who’s going first?”

“Huh,” I said. I was fondling the dildo and kind of zoning out.

“Who’s first?” Mika said. Nobuko and I looked at each other. We hadn’t thought of that. One of us had to go first.

“I know,” Nobuko said. “Let’s jan ken to see” (jan ken po = scissors paper rock).

“Okay,” I said. So we did that and I lost, but Nobuko is so sweet that she asked to make sure I didn’t mind letting her go first and said I could if I really wanted to. I told her it was fine. Actually, I was glad. I was having second thoughts about not having a guy for the first time.

“If you’re ready, let’s go,” Mika said. We followed her to her room, and Nobuko was on me even before Mika closed the door. Not that I minded. We hadn’t kissed or fondled each other since, when, yesterday afternoon, a grueling twenty-two hours earlier? We were kissing like it had been a week, our tongues madly exploring each other’s mouths. She was holding me by the waist, with one hand under my blouse, the other moving to get up my skirt. My hands were occupied as well. One was on her neck, while the other was squeezing one of her breasts. I soon got tired of fondling her through her clothes, so I started working to undo her blouse without detaching my mouth. My skirt was already lying around my ankles, and Nobu had moved one of her hands to my ass. I was going to have stop kissing her to get her blouse off anyway, so I broke contact and got serious with her buttons. Nobuko pulled her blouse off, and there they were, the objects of my affections, encased her lacy white bra.

I backed her up to the bed and pushed her onto it, both of us laughing. I pulled off my own blouse and panties, and climbed on to the bed, straddling her hips. I pushed her bra up over her tits, and fell on one of them hungrily. Her nipples were already erect, and I licked and chewed at one, then the other to her obvious pleasure. Also, I had one knee between her legs, my thigh rubbing hard against her, and I could feel her wet panties against my leg. I moved down to between her legs and pulled off her panties, then stuck my head under her skirt. I guess you probably know what I was doing down there, so I hope you’ll forgive me for not once again describing how my tongue was exploring every square centimeter of her sweet vagina, how I wrapped my lips around her erect little clitoris, and how, when I finally came up for air, my face was smeared with her sex. You don’t really need all those details again, do you?

Besides, something else was happening. As I was catching my breath, I realized that we’d completely forgotten about Mika, who was sitting off to the side, holding a video camera. A video camera?!! I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat there frozen, like some animal staring into the headlights of an oncoming truck.

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