Amber Butterfly Ch. 06

Big Tits

Ch 6 – The Party

“Johnson hasn’t touched me in over two weeks!” Amber moaned to her friend Diana on her cell phone.

Amber had just gotten off the bus heading to work as she spoke to Diana on her cell phone, walking to work.

“Amber, what’s going on?”

“First he was sick for a few days–right after the hydroplane races. Then he had to leave town for a couple of days with Eric. Then there was a tennis tournament–said he had heard it helped his edge if he abstained from sex before playing. He told me Italians claimed it worked and helped make them more energetic and aggressive. Now he says he’s busy with his new job. He’s been on his computer nonstop.”

“That’s kind of strange, usually men are too horny to refrain from sex for so long,” Diana observed.

“Diana, I’m going crazy. I didn’t realize how much I’ve gotten used to having sex almost every single day–sometimes more. I want to fuck so bad I can’t think of anything else! Every day at work, I’m so horny I find myself flirting outrageously with some of the customers, and I fantasize about having sex with them,” she moaned to Diana.

“Girl, why don’t you just get into your garter belts and seduce him when he comes to bed? Come on, use your natural gifts!”

“It’s not working Diana, I have to go to work at night, and he’s asleep when I come back, and too sleepy to do anything. In the morning, he’s working at his computer. He’s so intent, he tells me to leave him alone–that he has to concentrate on getting this film edited. And then we have our classes.”

Diana thought hard. She felt sure Johnson was fooling around with someone else. She couldn’t believe Johnson would shun sex for two weeks. She decided to play it soft for now until more evidence emerged.

“He’s never let any of those things stop him before, right?” Diana asked.

Amber shook her head.

“He must be playing some kind of game,” Diana concluded.

“What do you mean?” Amber asked.

“There’s some ulterior reason he has that he’s keeping secret from you. From what you’ve told me about Johnson, I just don’t believe he’s not having sex with you for the reasons he claims.”

“Diana, I’ve got to go now, I’ll call you back later,” Amber said. She was walking through the red light district and wanted to pay attention. After they said goodbye she snapped the cell phone shut and slipped it back into her purse.

“Hey, are you looking for a date?”

She looked to her side. Some guy. Definitely sleazy looking.

“Um, no, I’m just on my way to my job. Besides, I have a boyfriend,” she replied.

“Hey, it won’t take long, and your boyfriend doesn’t have to know about it. I’ve got money–we can just go down this alley.”

“Go away!” she yelled, suddenly realizing that he thought she was a hooker, and wanted to pay her for sex.

She was angry with herself more than with the sleazy john. Why did the realization that he wanted to pay her to have sex with him in the alley turn her on? Damn Johnson! It was his fault! If he were fucking her like he should be she wouldn’t be feeling this way! And why couldn’t he drive her to work in his new Escalade? He always had an excuse, or was gone out with his friends when she needed to go to work.

She walked past hookers and porno shops. She found herself glancing at the posters of DVDs in the window. She found curiosity tugging at her.

At the top of the street level, there was a neon sign with: “XXX DVD XXX PEEP SHOW.” There was also a poster next to the door, which was wide open, that said “SUPER SUMMER SALE” and below that was a poster of the cover of a recent DVD release. On the cover, there was a woman, the star she guessed, and the DVD’s title. The woman was wearing a negligee. In the windows further to the right, there were various sexual products and DVDs. She almost entered out of sheer curiosity, but the press of time pushed her forward. She had to get to her job in less than ten minutes.

“Kitty Kitty Kitty” Johnson’s text message read as Kathleen flipped up her cell phone in response to the beep.

Soon she was up in Johnson’s apartment, with her legs wrapped around Johnson’s waist as he fucked her. Kathleen moaned with pleasure and dug her nails into Johnson’s back as he thrust hard into her.

Later that night, after Amber returned home, she felt so horny she could barely control herself. She pulled off her clothes and slid under the covers to snuggle up to Johnson. She wanted to be fucked, and fucked long and hard in every orifice.

“Come on baby,” she moaned, as she writhed on top of Johnson.

Johnson pushed her away. “Amber, I’m trying to sleep.”

“I’ll make you happy. Come one hon, please fuck me!” Amber moaned, reaching for his dick.

“Not now babe, my head is killing me,” Johnson replied, pushing her hand away. “Do you realize how hard I’ve been working? And going to school full-time at the same fucking time?”

Amber rolled over and moaned in frustration. She had become used to sex of some sort almost every single day. Even when she was on her period, Johnson Bycasino would at least have her blow him or fuck her in the ass, and he had earned his red wings a number of times as well.

Amber writhed on the bed silently running her hands over her body. It’s all she could do to keep from masturbating right in front of Johnson.

The next morning Amber woke to realize Johnson was in the shower. She got up quickly and went in to join him. Soon the were kissing and writhing together. After washing each other’s backs and hair, Johnson knelt to clean her legs he soaped them up and down. She had one leg up, braced on the soap holder, as Johnson’s face moved up and started licking her pussy.

The water sprayed all over both of them, and Amber moaned and moved her hips back and forth as Johnson ate her pussy. She tried to watch him as soap and shampoo ran down her face.

However, Johnson’s intention was not to satisfy her, and he knew her well enough to back off when she started getting close to an orgasm.

“Ohhh, stop teasing me,” Amber complained and grabbed his head.

“Let’s finish rinsing off and finish in the room,” he suggested.

After they dried off they went into the room, naked, Amber turned around, and they kissed long and hard. Johnson slid his hands up and down Amber’s backside, and moved his mouth down the side of her head and neck.

Amber sighed and pulled him down to the bed with her. Finally!! She spread her legs wide as she stroked Johnson’s hard cock, in anticipation of his penetration. She wanted to be fucked good and hard, over and over. She drew her legs up as he moved closer, his hard cock poking at the entrance to her dripping pussy.

Suddenly Johnson stopped and looked up at the alarm clock.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed and pushed away.

“What?” Amber asked, sitting up in alarm.

“I just remembered, I was going to meet Mike from Sunshine Communications in a half hour!”

“Oh shit! Come on baby, we can still do it. We can hurry!” Amber moaned.

“Sorry babe–I don’t have time. I’ve got to run–no time,” he replied as he leapt to his feet and pulled his boxers and slacks on, shoving his stiff prick inside.

After he dressed, he came up behind Amber and reached around cupping her breasts. Amber moaned and leaned back against him as he kissed and nibbled her neck while massaging her breasts and gently pinching her nipples.

“We better stop now, I really have to run!” he said, and with that he was out the door. Amber fell forward on the bed and pounded her pillow with her fists, screaming with frustration.

When Amber left for work in the evening, Johnson still had not returned, and later when she got home from work, he was bent over his laptop working away furiously. She went to her room to change, and when she approached him, she was clad only in her pumps, stockings, garters, and teddy.

He looked.

“Babe, I’ve got to finish this. It’s due by tomorrow, and if I don’t, I’ll be in violation of my contract. I’ve got $10,000 riding on this.”

Amber was on the verge of crying.

“Johnson, I am so fucking horny I’m about to go CRAZY!” she yelled.

“Look babe, I promise tomorrow after the party, I’ll fuck you till your eyes cross and you beg for me to stop, but I really, really have to finish this!”

Amber stalked off to her room to strip off her lingerie and take a cold shower. She tried to clean herself, but her skin seemed hypersensitive. The drum of the shower spray against her breasts was arousing her further, and her nipples were hard. Her clitoris was engorged and as she cleaned herself she nearly came as her washcloth brushed up against her pussy. She managed to stop from masturbating. Johnson would take care of her tomorrow. If he didn’t…

Amber, Johnson and Kathleen walked up the long curved driveway of the house. There were too many cars, so they had to park out on the street.

“Dress sexy,” Johnson had told her. “This is supposed to be a hot party.”

Accordingly, Amber had dressed in a black, low-cut, one-piece party dress that Johnson had bought her. The top was cut low in front, leaving her shoulders and much of her ample bosom bare, and the skirt part was a mini, just barely covering her ass with only a few inches to spare. If she pulled it up to cover more of her breast, then the skirt barely covered her ass. If she pulled her skirt down, the top pulled down to where it barely covered her nipples. It was going to be a challenge dancing in this dress.

A part of Amber was embarrassed to wear it. She had never had the opportunity or the nerve to wear the one-piece in public before this, even though it was something Johnson had bought for her, but he had insisted. She knew Johnson liked to show her off, and she had to admit the cocktail dress made her feel horny, but that didn’t take much, considering how long it had been since Johnson last fucked her.

The main party was in the huge basement. In one corner, a make-shift stage was set up, with a rock band blasting away. In the Bycasino giriş opposite corner sat several kegs of beer. It was hot and crowded. Someone thrust a plastic cup of cold beer into Amber’s hand and she started drinking.

Soon Johnson found his business partners with Sunshine Communications who had set up the party.

“Babe, meet Rich and Mike–I work with them,” Johnson said, introducing them.

Someone thrust another drink in Amber’s hand and she stood looking around and drinking. It was hard for her to hear over the music, so she wasn’t paying too much attention to the conversation. After several beers, she was getting antsy and eager to move, so Rich took her arm and led her out to the dance floor.

Amber was on fire! Although with the pumps on her feet, she couldn’t dance very easily, she writhed and moved her body to the song. She was trying to be careful not to let her tits spring free of the dress, but it wasn’t easy. She liked the song though–“Love Shack”. The dance floor was crowded, so she constantly felt the brush of other bodies up against hers as they all writhed and moved to the music. As she danced, she felt the skirt end of her dress riding up her hips. She tugged it back down, but this pulled her top down exposing more of her tits, almost to the point of exposing her nipples, but as she kept dancing, her skirt would ride up anyway.

While Rich and Amber were dancing, Mike pulled Johnson aside.

“Okay, here’s the plan, we’re going to slip a mickey in Amber’s drink a little later when the party’s thinned out some. Then we’ll get the footage we need for the next video. Did you get her worked up and horny?”

“Oh yeah, I’ve been teasing her for over weeks. I think she’d bend over for any hard cock right now,” Johnson said grinning.

Kathleen giggled at that.

“Perfect. Why don’t you and Kathleen slip on out of here. It could complicate things if you stay.”

After a while, Amber was ready for a break and another drink. When they went back to the table where the others had been sitting. To her surprise, only her Mike and Rich were at the table.

“Where did Johnson and Kathleen go?” she asked.

“He got a call on his cell phone and left. He said not to worry, he’ll be back,” Mike said.

Amber snatched her cell phone out of her purse and tried to call Johnson, but her call went directly to voicemail. She left a message and hung up.

“He said it was important, but not to worry–I told him I’d give you a ride home after the party if he didn’t make it back by then.”

Amber stewed about this as Rich handed her a cocktail. She drank it down as she sat down.

As she looked back toward the dance floor, she was relieved to see that she was not the only woman who had dressed so provocatively. She was shocked to see one young woman on the dance floor dressed in a bikini every bit as skimpy as what she herself had worn to the beach, although the style was a little different. This one was black, but it was accompanied by garter belts, fishnet stockings. On her head she wore a pair of Playboy bunny ears, and on her bikini bottom, which was little more than a g-string, there was a white bunny tail attached to a triangular panel above the crack of her ass. The bra had white Playboy bunnies as the print, and a single Playboy bunny head was centered on the front panel of the g-string.

She sat, finding herself writhing to the music, and finished her drink. If Johnson couldn’t be there, she decided she was going to have fun without him. She enjoyed the attentions of Mike and Rich. As she downed the last of her drink, one of them waved to a woman, who was bringing drinks around from the bar.

Amber looked back at the dance floor. She wanted to go back out. She was intrigued by the redhead on the dance floor in the Playboy outfit. Looking at the woman as her back came into view, she gasped in shock. The woman had a peacock tattoo on her back shoulder blade, and a rose tattoo on her ass. Cinnabar!

She sat there in shock, mouth agape, and suddenly Cinnabar spun around as she danced and caught her eye. Amber watched as Cinnabar said something to the young man she was dancing with, and then walked over to where Amber, Rich and Mike were sitting.

“Amber!” she cried in joy. She caught Amber’s hand and pulled her to her feet. Amber rose and Cinnabar pulled her close in a passionate embrace, and kissed her full on the lips. Amber’s eyes flew open in shock as she felt Cinnabar slip her tongue into her mouth. Cinnabar’s tongue started roving around her mouth and danced with her own tongue while her lips moved softly against hers.

Amber felt her nipples tighten and heat build in her crotch. She wasn’t a lesbian! Yet this all felt so good that she wanted more! Finally Cinnabar broke away and pulled Amber down next to her as she sat down. Amber felt Cinnabar’s smooth thigh push against her own trembling thigh.

“Um, Rich, Mike, I’d like you to meet my friend…”

“That’s okay, Rich interjected. “We know Cinnabar.”

“Oh, okay.”

At Bycasino deneme bonusu that point, the group was joined by another man, who handed Cinnabar a drink. It was Cinnabar’s dance partner.

“Ron, I’d like you to meet my friend Amber,” Cinnabar introduced.

Ron was a man in his 30s, with thick dark curly hair and a thick moustache and goatee. Amber liked the look of him. He looked strong and solid. He gripped her handshake with a warm smile and sat down on her left side.

Cinnabar went to get more drinks, and Amber relaxed as she felt Ron’s arm over her shoulders. She tensed at first. What would Johnson think? But she felt herself relax. Johnson wasn’t here to see or complain–and even if he were, Johnson’s arm wasn’t on her, where it should be. So she was willing to welcome someone else’s arm. Besides, where else was Ron supposed to put his arm anyway? They were pretty squished. Besides, she liked how his arm felt draped over her bare shoulders.

Cinnabar came back and handed her another drink. Cinnabar handed Amber her drink and continued standing for a minute in front of them all. Cinnabar’s outfit no longer shocked her, in fact she admired how Cinnabar looked, and envied her. It didn’t escape Amber’s notice the way everyone–men and women at the party, looked at Cinnabar. She kind of wished she were dressed the same way.

Amber watched her own hand drift over and run up and down Cinnabar’s thigh as if it were controlled by someone else. Cinnabar smiled down at her and sat down next to her.

“Don’t stop, Cinnabar said. I enjoyed that.”

Amber felt good and felt like hugging and kissing her again. Cinnabar’s lips felt so soft against her own.

Amber was fascinated by Cinnabar’s sexy outfit, and found herself tracing the line of the bikini bottom with her finger. The music, the warmth of people sitting close to her–she felt relaxed. She was having fun, and felt like having more. She was quickly forgetting about Johnson.

“You want to know a secret?” Cinnabar whispered in her ear.

Amber nodded.

“I’m so fucking horny I’m about ready to fuck the entire room!”

“Me too!” Amber giggled back.

“Come on, let’s dance again” Cinnabar said, taking Amber’s hand and pulling her to her feet.

Amber felt like she could dance forever, but she felt so good, relaxed and happy. As they danced, Amber became aware of a man filming them with a camcorder. She didn’t worry about it, in fact, she felt rather flattered, that some stranger wanted her on his home video.

After they had been dancing for a while, Amber leaned in close to speak into Cinnabar’s ear so that she could hear over the music.

“I love that outfit.”

Cinnabar gave her one of her sly smiles and then asked If Amber would like to try it on.

Amber eagerly agreed, and Cinnabar took her hand and led her to the stairs.

They barely noticed as the camera man followed them around.

As Amber followed Cinnabar up the stairs, she was at eye-level with Cinnabar’s tattooed ass, and the bunny tail on the whale-tail of the g-string practically hypnotized her as it wiggled back and forth as Cinnabar climbed up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, Cinnabar led Amber down the hall and pulled her into a room. Cinnabar closed the door and pushed Amber up against the wall and started kissing her. Amber was so aroused that she didn’t even think about resisting. The two girls continued kissing. Amber closed her eyes and moaned as Cinnabar’s mouth covered her own, and their tongues swirled around each other.

As the two women kissed, Cinnabar paused to slowly, sensuously, trace the outline of Amber’s plush lips with her tongue. Neither of them noticed that the camera man had quietly come into the room behind them. They were too drunk and horny.

Cinnabar pulled Amber’s dress down, and her heavy full breasts sprung free as she tugged the dress down past Amber’s erect nipples. Amber bent backward as much as she could to tilt her nipple upwards toward Cinnabar’s open mouth. Cinnabar took first one nipple, then the other in her lips and sucked each gently, causing a soft cry to escape Amber’s lips. Cinnabar slipped her hand under the top of Amber’s dress and pulled it down to her hips. It caught where Amber’s hips were widest–barely clinging, revealing the top of her pubic mound and about half of her ass.

Cinnabar swung her around, and the dress gave up the ghost and slipped the rest of the way down her legs, and Amber stumbled and fell backward on the bed. Cinnabar fell forward on top of her, pinning her arms above her head, and the two kissed again, hard and long, until they both were gasping for breath. Cinnabar stood up, and pulled her g-string down and stepped out of it, and then pulled off her skimpy bra, then she bent back over Amber and the two nude women kissed again.

Amber moaned as Cinnabar worked her way back down, kissing and sucking Amber’s neck, where Amber would later find hickeys, and then Cinnabar started teasing and sucking Amber’s nipples again.

Amber arched her back as Cinnabar slowly kissed and licked her way down the blonde’s taut torso. She moaned and tried to push Cinnabar’s head down, but Cinnabar swatted her hands away, so Amber grabbed the blankets on the headboard to the bed above her head to give her hands something to grab and hold.

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