Boys Town


Joe was finally about to live out his greatest fantasy. He arrived in one of the Texas border towns early afternoon, got a motel and waited until about dark before getting a taxi to take him over the bridge to the Mexican side. Although he appeared outwardly calm, inside was a churning mixture anticipation, lust, a bit of mild apprehension and a few other feelings he could not at the moment identify. He knew that for enough cash, he have anything he wanted – – pussy, any kind of pussy, any color, shaved, trimmed, bushy; blond, brunette, redhead – – bald, if he wanted it, or perhaps even be able to trim or shave a pussy himself. He could fuck it or suck it; be sucked himself or even watch any kind of private sex show he wanted to.

Actually, Joe had three great sexual desires, some might call them fetishes, and he could indulge them all here in real life. First and foremost, he loved eating pussy and licking clits; pushing his tongue inside a woman and tasting her sticky wetness, tongue-fucking her and licking and sucking her clit. He fantasized about Black and Hispanic pussy in particular. He was Caucasian and had never experienced either Black or Hispanic pussy physically, but had pumped many-a-load into cum-rags imagining entering a cunt that was darker on the outside.

He also loved tits; he was a petite tit guy; he loved small tits on mature women, just enough for a handful or mouthful. He especially loved watching naked women on their hands and knees with their tits hang from their chests, feel them rubbing against his chest or over his mouth with nipples that begged to licked and sucked. He loved going to topless bars, and felt no need for nude bars as he could see tits in either one. To Joe, all tits were lovely, sexy.

His third great sexual desire was to watch two women having sex with each other, particularly in the sixty-nine position. This he had never actually done, but hopped he might fulfill this fantasy here in this Mexican border town.

Joe was in his early 60’s. His wife had never really liked sex; she had only done it to please him – – for thirty sex years. He had had a number of one-night stands, usually with women he had known for a while or had met online, and they helped to satisfy his libido. When his wife died, he found that he could fuck older widows who wanted male company and were willing to fuck to get it, but none of his encounters touched on his third fantasy, or perhaps it was that he was afraid to ask them.

As he rode across the bridge, Joe asked the driver for a whorehouse where He might be able to watch two beautiful women having sex with each other. The driver knew just the place, and before long, Joe was dropped in front of a building; a place where he looked forward to having anything he wanted for the right price.

Joe’s Personal Story

The woman at the desk inside the building’s door had big tits, and a blouse that showed ample cleavage, thin enough that her nipples poked out. She stood briefly and I noted a miniskirt, or something less than a miniskirt. She was a heavy-set, actually fat, and when she sat again, I could see the crotch of her white panties.

“What Uzun porno would you like?” She asked. “Would you like me? I fuck you all night.”

I knew she could, but she wasn’t what I fantasized about. Perhaps on my next trip I would get a motel room and invite her for the night. That shouldn’t cost as much as what I wanted tonight.

I smiled. “Perhaps next time, senora; perhaps next time I fuck you and eat your pussy.”

She smiled back, her red lipstick making her lips look like a sexual sucking machine; her eyes piercing, weighing me. “Next time?.” She replied. “What do you want tonight?”

Her English was perfect, leading me to think that she had actually grown up in Loredo, rather than in Mexico.

For a moment, I hesitated. I knew that this woman could fuck my brains out; fuck me, make me cum once, twice, perhaps even three times as I used to be able to do routinely when younger. I was hard and saw her smile, looking at the bulge in the front of my jeans.

But I was here to fulfill a fantasy, and so I told her that I wanted to watch two Hispanic women doing sixty-nine, licking each other’s pussy while a black woman sat on my cock and I fucked her.

She smiled at me again — giving me a look that made me shiver with anticipation and I almost, almost asked for a room with her, but I didn’t. She gave me a price; I paid in cash. She gave me a room number and motioned me toward the stairs. I glanced back at her at I moved toward the stairs, knowing that I would have to come back to her.

Up the stairs, I entered a room with two chairs and a bed illuminated by eyeball floodlights in the ceiling. The room was clean, as were the fitted sheet on the bed. There were felt paintings one the walls, some of naked women and others of men and women or women and women in various sexual acts. I could feel myself getting harder as I looked around the room at the paintings.

“Please sit.” I heard a voice and turned, seeing two women enter the room from a side door. Both were dressed in babydoll nightgowns and it was obvious that they wore neither panties nor bras. One was a brunette, a picture of a lovely Mexican woman with an obvious mixture of Spanish and native Indian and the other a Spanish blond with blue eyes and olive skin. I sat in a chair at they both smiled at me and moved to the bed. Facing me, they both grasped the hems of their gowns and pulled them up and over their heads. Neither one was wearing anything under their gowns. Their bodies were perfect; round, firm breasts with brown nipples and wide hips. The blond had small areolas while the brunette has large ones; I could see the bumps around the edges. Both had trimmed pussy hairs, one blond and the other a blackish-brown color.

I looked at the two women with anticipation. The brunette has a pronounced clit that looked almost like a small dick and I imagined sucking it; raising another of my fantasies about sucking a real cock. They smiled and moved to the bed, kissing each other, their hands moving over each other’s bodies. Soon, they settled into a sixty-nine position and I would clearly see them licking each other’s Öğrenci porno pussies.

The two women licked and watched me as I unbuckled my pants and pushed then down, stepping out of them and walking around the bed, watching. I knew that their arousal was likely faked as they writhed and moaned, both clutching the other’s hips with both arms, pulling the other’s pussy to their mouths and tongues, but I could also see their pussies glistening with arousal juices, love honey as they licked and ate each other. My cock was hard, standing up straight, my hand grasping it as I slowly stroked and watched.

The side door opened again and a beautiful black woman entered. I was aware of the two women eating each other, but my eyes were captivated by the lovely ebony princess walking toward me. I was dimly aware that she wore nothing more than panties, but not because I was looking at her body; my eyes were captivated by hers. I watched as she approached me, stopping as she reached my chair. Turning, she bent in front of me, pushing her ass into my face.

I licked her sweet pussy, sliding my tongue between her love lips, tasting her wetness, inhaling her sex aroma. My hands were around her hips, pulling her to me as I slid my tongue inside her pussy as far as it would reach. It was wonderful, and I would have gladly pushed my head into her pussy and licked her sugar walls if I could have. I was so turned on.

“Lick my asshole,” she said softly, not even looking back at me.

I did; licking her black puckered opening. I knew she had wiped the last time she shit, but I could still taste her, not an unpleasant taste, though. For some reason, l I felt honored that I was allowed to lick her asshole. Putting the tip of my tongue on her opening, I pushed in, bringing a gasp from her as my tongue entered.

My tongue slid in and out. I savored her pungent taste as my tongue reached in its full length. It was in intense feeling, my tongue in the black woman’s asshole; I was paying, supposed to be in control, but knowing I would do anything – – absolutely anything she told me to do. Although she wasn’t pushing, I could feel her solid matter on the tip of my tongue and I knew at that moment I was lost.

“Suck my asshole,” I heard her say, and my lips formed around her forbidden opening and I sucked.

I heard the side door open again and could see out of the corner of my eye a Hispanic male enter the room. I could see his hard cock as he approached me. My tongue touched was buried in the black woman’s asshole as the Hispanic male grasped my legs, pushing them forward. I felt the head of his cock against my asshole and felt him push.

“Open up, Gringo.” I heard him say as he pushed harder. I felt a stabbing pain as I realized that I was licking a black woman’s asshole while a Hispanic male was fucking my asshole. I felt him thrust again and again as he pushed my legs up, and heard him as he built to a climax. Although I had fantasized about being fucking in my ass by a woman with a strapon, I had never imagined that I would have an actual dick in my asshole. To my surprise, I found myself pushing into him, pushing my asshole onto his hard cock. I almost came when I felt his sperm shoot into my ass.

I knew that part of my arousal was from my tongue in the black woman’s asshole, but also knew that there was more to it than that. I could hear the man grunt and groan as he came in my ass and at the same time, the black woman came with my tongue touching the shit in her asshole. Would I have continued to tongue fuck her if she had pushed harder? If she pushed out some of her shit? I’ll never know.

When the Hispanic man finished cuming, he pulled his cock out of my ass. I was actually both afraid and anticipating that he would move his cock to my head and make me suck it, but he didn’t and left the room.

The Black woman moved from my face as other men entered the room. They grasped my arms and moved me forcefully to the bed, now vacated by the two Hispanic women. I struggled, but to no avail as my hands and then my feet were fastened to posts on the bed corners. I was spread eagle on the bed and helpless.

Hearing a door open, I turned my head and saw the heavy set Hispanic woman I had talked with at the front desk. She smiled as she approached me.

“You eat me tonight?” She asked as she moved onto the bed and straddled my face.

I’m sure my face had a shocked expression. This was not what I had expected when I paid my money at the door of his whorehouse.

When I didn’t respond with either words or my tongue, the woman lowered herself onto my face, moving her hips up a bit so her asshole touched my mouth. Her ample ass cheeks covered my face, cutting off my breath. She raised up slightly and I heard her say:

“You don’t want to eat me, then you lick my ass clean.”

I could smell her shit and knew she had not wiped at all her last time. I could even taste her shit on my lips. I began to gag and she lowered her ass again onto my mouth, cutting off my breath. As she raised herself again, allowing me to catch much needed air, she commanded again:

“You lick me clean, then I will allow you to eat my pussy.”

This time I obeyed, licking her as though my tongue were toilet paper, cleaning her. Her soft shit didn’t taste as bad as I imagined it would.

As I obeyed her, she said: “Now you eat my pussy!”

I felt a warm, wet pussy on my mouth and began to lick. I felt a clit on my lips and I sucked. She moved her pussy again over my mouth and I felt her push out warm, wet, tangy, acidic drops of pee and I swallowed them. I swallowed them again and again until she finished. I was enslaved. I felt her asshole on my mouth again, and I began to tongue fuck it. I had to make her cum several times before she was satisfied.

I was kept tied to the bed all night while the whores working in the establishment came in and sat on my face to be eaten so they could cum as the men they fucked had no interested in whore’s satisfaction. I tasted not only their pussy honey, which I dearly loved, but also men’s cum from their pussies and pleasured them as required until morning and the last of their customers had left.

The experience would have been horrific for many men. But I can’t wait until I get to Boys Town again — – to lick the pussy or asshole of the woman at the desk, and the asshole or pussy anyone she wants me to. I would pay anything asked to be able to do so.

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