Love Bruises Ch. 02


Author’s Notes:

1. This can be read as a stand-alone story.

2. Though there are a lot of bodies bouncing around, most of the sex in this part involves only two people at a time.

– aliaspeterj

P.S. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on Part 1


Georgia didn’t say she was waiting for marriage and Jon didn’t get the sense she was a virgin. It wasn’t like she got upset if he said “fuck” or if they watched an R-rated flick. But when Jon let his hands wander or tried adding his tongue to a kiss, Georgia’s expression became intense, her eyes widened and then she stepped away and kept him at arm’s length for the rest of the night.

Not that sex on demand worked out any better. Jon hooked up a few times in the first two weeks of classes. It had gone from disaster, to okay, to a different kind of disaster. The first hook-up was fast and sloppy, really more of a misfire than a sexual encounter. The second time he was pretty hammered. He remembered the sex wasn’t bad, but it got uncomfortable afterward, wanting her to leave, and trying to make small talk even though he’d forgot her name. After that his endurance for partying waned. He got to the point where he did his time, getting a little drunk, bored and horny before taking off. He didn’t think it could get worse than being bored and blue balled.

The last night of his hook-up phase he was in over his head. The apartment building’s parking lot had nothing but Jaguars and Porsches and the partiers were the kind of people that filled them. Wearing sweat pants and a loose, turquoise button-down with a t-shirt underneath, Jon reeked of being poor. He couldn’t even make it up by looks. Though his face was handsome, because Jon was 6’2″ and weighed 124 lbs. he looked like a stick figure with hair. Actually he was amazed that he had even got into the party. Aside from seeing how the other half lived, he stuck around for the bottles of microbrew they had at the bar.

A flashy, thin blonde with beautiful fake breasts was toying with him for a few minutes while making eyes at a couple of prospects. She was a rich bitch, a cheerleader or sorority-girl-type slumming and prick teasing the poor, gawky guy. It wasn’t like he was fooling himself that he had a chance, but he was really horny so she had an effect. The blonde smirked as she eyed his cock bulge, amusing herself, trying to get him so excited he’d cum in his pants. He had a three-pack of condoms burning a hole in his pocket, but no matter how horny he got he’d rather turn them into balloon animals than use them on the smirking blonde.

“Mmmm… this beer is really good.” The blonde licked the bottle lip and then plunged her tongue down the neck. She licked a finger and streaked it between her cleavage. She took a sip of beer and thrust her wet breasts at him. “Would you like a taste?”

It would be so easy for Jon to stick his head into her chest and slurp away. But even as the blonde offered him her tits, she was already set to lean back. This wasn’t a come-on; it was a sexual mirage. Quelling his horniness, he swung his gaze around the room lingering on a couple of curvy brunettes.

The blonde stepped closer and brushed her big tits against Jon’s arm. Her breasts were so close he could chart constellations in the freckles around her cleavage. “I don’t blame you, not wanting to drink this stuff. It’s kind of off.” She moved her bottle back and forth letting the cold bottle brush against her chest and bring her nipples to hardness. “I hate it when a beer goes bad. I mean once you take a drink, what are you going to do? It’s all right for guys to be gross, but girls can’t.”

Jon looked around the room, knowing where this was going. He gestured at the corner where a few couples were moving to the music. “You want to dance?”

“What does a girl do with bad beer?” The blonde flipped her hair back in a practiced move and leaned down sighting him in the crosshairs of those cold hard nipples, this while still eyeing a guy by the sofa who, for some reason, was naked except for a diaper. Thank God he wasn’t too much of a tit man. Staring at that girl’s rack, he would have been helpless.

Just because Diaper Man was wearing a Rolex, the girl was interested in him. It didn’t matter that the guy was drunk off his ass and had a beer gut or that he seemed to be acting like he needed to be changed as long as he wasn’t poor.

It was enough.

He looked the blonde up and down. “So do you prefer being on top or doggy?”

“Answer my question first,” the girl said.

“For me, it depends on what she looks like. You want a beautiful girl on top so you can look at her face and you want an ugly girl from behind so you look at her ass. If both are bad, you can go either way; you just have to keep your eyes closed.”

“Just answer the question,” the girl said with mounting frustration. “What do you think a girl should do with a bad mouthful of beer?”

Jon drained his beer. It was time to leave, but he wasn’t finished with the girl. “Okay, I don’t know.”

The blonde deneme bonusu veren siteler took a pretend sip of beer and made a sour face before speaking. “Do you prefer girls who spit or girls who swallow?”

Jon toyed with his zipper. “Actually, I prefer girls who hold still when I shoot a load on their faces. Slutty brunettes are great, but it’s the dumb, prick teasing blondes who really turn me on.” He unzipped his pants, casually reached in and grabbed his cock.

“What the fuck?” the blonde said more because of his cock than his words.

“I start shooting on one side of their face and arc across to the other side, letting the cum stream down giving them a little white beard.” Jon stroked his prick casually while aiming the cockhead at the girl’s face. “I love the blondes because I tell them it’s smart juice and if they let it soak in long enough the wind won’t whistle through their ears so loudly. Sometimes I’ll give them the glazed donut. That’s when I swirl it …”

“You couldn’t get a woman to look at your prick if she was cross-eyed…” The blonde tried to talk over him, but failed because of his loud resonant voice. A voice that — even with all the party’s noise — would start attracting attention if it got any louder.

Jon stroked his cock harder and began wagging it to keep the blonde’s attention there. “If the blonde is dumb and ugly, I’ll give her two or three coats. It’s like painting over really ugly wallpaper.”

“You can’t say that to me,” the blonde said, looking both embarrassed and upset.

“Three coats are for those really hopeless blondes, the ones guys will only fuck if they’re drunk and the light’s bad; the ones they only call if it’s 3 AM and their hands are too tired to do it for themselves…” Jon grunted and jerked his cock harder. “Girl, you might want to kneel down right now or you’re going to miss a coat.”

The blonde tried to say something, but Jon talked louder and began flexing his prick as he jerked off. When he tensed and closed his eyes, the girl jumped back.

Jon’s eyes snapped open and he had a smirk on his face. “Whoops, false alarm.”

The blonde quickly headed for the door.

“Honey, don’t go. I’ve got some paint samples I want you to look at…” Jon said. He quickly tucked his cock back in his pants. He’d never been close to cumming. In fact he’d been so disgusted by the girl by then, just to stay hard he had to picture a naked centerfold behind the blond.

People were staring at him now. Talk about irony. If he wasn’t wrong, Diaper Man was undressing him with his eyes. Jon was trying to avoid Diaper Man’s gaze when a dark-eyed girl with striking blue-black hair came up to him. As beautiful as her hair was, it was her slutty smile and her creamy skin that attracted him. Skin tight jeans showed off her fine legs and a silken, filmy black blouse hinted at her lovely small breasts and nipples. God, why did so many of the women here have to be beautiful? Why couldn’t they just be stuck-up and slutty and ugly?

“Did you mean that?” the girl asked.


The girl smiled and looked him straight in the eye. “Did you mean that about painting a girl’s face?”

Jon laughed and would have kept laughing except for the power of that naughty smile. “Maybe, I am; Maybe, I’m not. But why take my word for it? You can waste fifteen minutes rubbing against me and wondering or you can put on your safety glasses and join me in the laboratory to find out for yourself.”

Jon looked at the exit. The beer was great, but it wasn’t worth having to put up with the Abercrombie assholes and Gucci bitches. It wasn’t like anything was happening here, and if he stayed any later, he wasn’t going to be in shape for his morning run.

The brunette pulled a pair of sunglasses out of a thin strappy black purse dangling from her shoulder. She nestled the glasses in the rich black expanse of her hair. “I’ve got my safety equipment. Now let’s find a room and do a little experimenting.”

Jon smiled wearily. “Very good, but I’m not doing this experiment with Miss Muffet. Once we get going, I don’t want daddy’s little princess to take out her handkerchief …”

The brunette stepped very close until the top of her head tickled his shirt collar. Small cold hands moved around his waist then shot down to cup his ass cheeks. “How many princesses have silver pins through their clits?” she said standing on her tiptoes.

“I’m not in the mood for a prick tease…” The girl’s warm breath tickled his neck a second before she got on her tiptoes and licked his Adam’s Apple.

He was still grasping for words when the brunette squeezed his ass and winked at him. “Are you starting to get the feeling that I’m interested?”

Jon leaned over to kiss her and the brunette brought her hands around and grabbed his cock.

“I need you to fuck me, baby,” she whispered, pulling his cock out, grasping the shaft hand over hand, jerking him with a slow, ten-fingered stroke.

“Ohhhh…” Jon groaned.

“Listening fransız ruleti to you talk to that blonde got me so horny. I want what you promised her, baby. You need to take me upstairs and punish me with this cock. I want you to shoot all your cum on my face and smear it in. And when you’re done you’re going to do it again. You said you’d give that girl three loads and that’s what you’re going to give me.”

“How could I do that to such a beautiful face?” He kissed her, trying for soft, but ending up with hard and breathless. She pushed his sweat pants further down leaving his crotch and ass open to the air.

“Mmmm … you need a little moisturizer,” the brunette said, lowering her face and spitting on his cock head.

The noise around them got louder as people yelled “Fuck her” and “Rape her ass,” but Jon had tunnel vision.

He cradled her head with both hands. “If that’s what you want, I’m going to give it to you. I’m going to hose you down with cum. I’m gonna give you a fucking cum pink-eye. You’re going to get a fucking shower of cum.”

The brunette was hanging on his every word; Jon felt her excitement as she jerked faster and harder every time he said cum.

“You’ve got to have it, don’t you?” Jon said. “You’ve been bad and you need my cock to fuck you. I need to fuck you here.”

God, this was so sexy; he needed to fuck this siren senseless. Damn it, he deserved it, but the conservative part of Jon just couldn’t do an anonymous hook-up. Maybe if he was blitzed, it would be different, but on a mild buzz he needed more.

Jon heard a guy screaming like an idiot and felt champagne spatter against him. Jon kissed her and groped her little tits. “I’ll fuck you upside down on the uneven bars, but, we’ve got to know what names to scream when it gets time for the dismount. I’m…”

She pushed her lips against his and pushed her tongue down his throat. “It’s sexier without names, baby.” She leaned down and gave his cock a quick lick. Fingers softly fondled his balls while her other hand played in and out games with his cockhead. “You need to give me this cock. You need to do it soon or I’m going to explode. Baby, I want to fuck you. I want to wrap myself around your body like a snake and climb your pole like a monkey and … I want to fuck you, but my body is so horny, my pussy is burning and my throat is so empty. It’s got to have someone.”

The brunette bobbed her head and took another lick; coming back up she kissed his neck and began boring in with steady suction.

Screw being conservative, Jon thought. If he walked away from this girl, he would be kicking himself for the rest of his life.

“I’m going to give your pussy and your throat all they need, baby.” Jon said rubbing her nipples with one hand while his other massaged her ass. “But you’ve got more needs, don’t you? God, your face is so thirsty. It needs my cock, doesn’t it? It needs someone to shoot all over it and then be cock slapped all over.” Jon tried to bury his hand down the back of her jeans, but they were just too tight. He rushed in for a hard kiss.

Jon kissed her neck while his hand pinched her hard nipples through her blouse. “Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to give you a cum moustache around your pussy lips?”

“After you shoot off all over my face, you can do anything you want as long as you do it hard.” Jon pulled his sweat pants up and followed her lead. She backed up toward the door pushing through the crowd, never letting her hands off his prick. “You’ve got to pound me. You need to ram your cock up my pussy. Will you do that for me, baby? Will you pound your little slut? Will you ram me and then christen my face with your cum?”

The music was so loud, they didn’t hear what the people were yelling around them as they made it out onto the landing. Once they were out the door the door, the yelling faded.

“God, I’ve got to see you naked,” Jon said, as the brunette ripped his button-down shirt off and tossed it over the stair railing.

Jon pulled his t-shirt over his head, crazy with need, ready to fuck this girl in the stairwell. Trying to get it off, his arms and head got tangled in the shirt. Blinded momentarily, he heard an evil giggle. His sweats and boxers were jerked to his knees and then he felt those soft hands seize his balls. Jon yelled as nails dug into his sac, but that cry was nothing compared to his scream when his balls were yanked forward and sideways, like someone trying to twist the stem off an apple.

The pain was a lightning bolt hitting so hard that he bit down hard in reaction, sinking his teeth into his tongue. “YOUUUU FUCKINGGGG BITCH!”

He twisted his body away and hunched over trying to protect his poor balls. He screamed and tried to claw his way out of the shirt and the girl kept giggling. As his t-shirt tore around the collar, the girl leaned close. “If you want to fuck me, you’re going to have to catch me,” she whispered and fled up the stairs.

Jon ripped loose of the shirt just in time to mobil rulet see a black-sandaled foot disappear around the bend of the stair. His mouth tasted of blood.

“FUCK YOU, BITCH! The only time you’re going to feel this cock is when I slam it up your asshole!” Too angry and horny to think straight, he pulled up his pants and moved forward at the same time, nearly falling over as he staggered, hopped and finally flew up the stairs.

There was a jangle of keys. “Your pussy’s getting away,” the girl sang from somewhere above him and to the right. He took the stairs three at a time and reaching the landing sprinted left hoping he had guessed correctly.

He heard the voice coming from around a bend. “So close, but slipping away. The key’s turning. The door’s opening …”

“NO!” Jon screamed.

Taking the corner at full speed, he bounced off the railing, stumbled, lost his balance and kept blundering forward. The girl faced away from him, slightly bent over with the paradise of her tight butt staring at him.

The girl turned and reached for the door. “And now the poor, horny, little, cock …”

Hurtling out of control, Jon bounced off the door jam, knocked into the girl, skidded face-first on the carpet and tumbled onto his back. He groaned and closed his eyes trying to shut out the pain throbbing through his back and balls.

The door banged closed and locks snicked into place.

A sharp weight pushed on his chest. Opening his eyes, Jon saw a black sandal pressing hard against his nipple. He stared up along the barrel of a smooth leg, up, up, to the amused look on the brunette’s face. The foot moved from his chest to rest just beside his ear. Gracefully, the girl, moved to the side wiggled out of her tight jeans leaving her with just her sheer black blouse and a pair of white French cut panties pulled up so high and tight they were practically embedded in her ass. The girl stepped back and slowly squatted down straddling his face. Those beautiful white panties crept closer.

“Ready for your prize?” she asked, her fingers pulling the panties to the side, displaying a small pink pussy framed beautifully by a racing stripe of pubic hair.

Jon wondered about the silver pin that was supposed to be in the girl’s clit, but that thought fled as the brunette lowered her butt. Just as her pussy all but touched his face, he grabbed the girl’s ass cheeks in both hands and yanked her off balance.

“Screw the prize. I’m gonna get payback!”

She fell to the floor and he was on top of her, biting her neck and ramming two fingers up her pussy as hard as he could. Shifting quickly his kiss smothered most of the brunette’s screams. Seeing the girl’s tiny scared pupils staring up at him, Jon put his anger aside.

“You’re going to have so many orgasms you’re going to go insane. You’ll beg me to stop, but I’m just going to go faster. That’s going to be my payback.”

Despite his words, his finger fucking slowed and when he moved his head to her breasts he merely sucked on the girl’s tits through her blouse. The sensation in his cock went from pain to numbness and his cock sagged; he doubted he could do much more than tea bag the girl.

He gave a last deep thrust into her pussy and then he just had to get closer to those tits. He tore through the blouse then bit down on her small tits and tiny, very erect nipples.

“Shit!” she yelled, jolting every time he bit her nipples.

Jon rolled them onto their sides, his free hand tweaking the nipple he wasn’t biting. Her hands wrapped around his neck and pulled him deeper into her breasts.

“Harder! Do it harder!” she whispered.

He let his fingers wander down to her butt and just as he bit down he pushed a cum-slick finger up her ass.

“Fuck, yeah. That’s it. My tits and my ass!” she yelled, as she wrapped her legs around his midsection

He took his teeth from her bruised nipple. As sexy as this was, trying to fuck her now would be like playing pool with a cue stick made of Nerf foam. “Baby…”

She launched her mouth at his, kissing hard and pulling back and panting and kissing hard again using his ears as a steering wheel. She jammed her tongue down his throat and then sucked his tongue into her mouth and let him do the same. His finger pushed into her ass faster as she humped her pussy against his belly button

The numbness in his cock switched to a deep dull pain, but at the same time his erection firmed.

The girl pushed his head back to her breasts and gasped into his ear. “Do what you want to me! Shove your cock up my ass! Stick your fist up my pussy. Ram your cock down my throat!”

He pulled his finger out of her ass and pushed it into her mouth. She spit it out and looked ready to spit, but instead kissed him, sharing a kiss that tasted like shit, but that somehow made the sex hotter.

He heard hammering on the door, but the sound was a world away. They were beyond words now. They were just humping and grunting. He grabbed the hard nub of her clit in one hand and a nipple in the other and twisted hard, kissing her hard and shoving his tongue against hers. He sucked her neck. She pulled his hand from her swollen nipple and stuck three of his fingers in her mouth. He pulled back and dragged his sweat pants and boxers off. Just as quickly she pulled off her panties.

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