Breeding the Maid’s Daughter

Big Tits

Sometimes life can bring on some extra ordinary experiences, which leave you so perplexed, that you are wary of the repercussions, yet you have a satisfied feeling of making people gratefully happy.

To introduce myself, I am Vinod, a Senior Executive, aged 32 yrs and married. My job requires a lot of shuttling between my work place and the Head Office, which is situated in Mumbai. The distance being over 700 kms, it is necessary to accommodate myself in any upper class hotel there, which is my entitlement. The travel is more convenient by luxury air-conditioned coaches, traveling at night and reaching the next day morning. It was on one of these trips that my long term dream became a reality, – and that too with no plans or intentions.

It all happened when I was due to travel on such a trip, that the coach stopped at an interim terminus to pick up on-going reserved passengers. Since the bus had to stop for some time, I along with some passengers got down to loosen our legs and prepare for the long journey ahead. The passengers boarding the coach were busy checking with the bus conductor regarding their seats.

Since the seat next to me was empty, I was trying to forecast which person would be my companion for the journey. Suddenly I saw a familiar face of an elderly lady in that crowd. At the same time, I realized that she too had recognized me.

“Do you recognize me?” the elderly lady asked.

“What a surprise! How can I forget you, Aka?” I replied, “It’s almost 8 years since I last saw you. How are you? And where are you going? Are you traveling in this coach?”

The lady, Aka, that I had met was working as our in-house maid, since the time that I can remember. She had left our place about 10 years back since her husband had expired and she had to look after her two young daughters Sunita, aged 14 and Lata aged 8 yrs.

“You remember this girl?” she asked pulling a pretty young lass, in her early twenties, towards us. She was wearing a light blue sari, the Indian drape style and I was awestruck at her natural beauty and a charming smile. She was very slim and about 5’9″ tall, a couple of inches shorter than me.

“Is this Sunita?” I queried, unsure whether it was she. I could make out that it was Sunita, because she replied with a coy smile.

“Yes, she is. In fact it is she who is traveling to Mumbai, in this coach,” Aka said. “In fact it is her first time to Mumbai and I was worried about her. Now I am happy that she will be traveling with you. Please take care of her.”

“Where are you going in Mumbai, Sunita?” I asked Sunita.

” I am going to Marine Lines,” She replied. “Oh, than its done. My office is at Colaba, which is very close to Marine Lines. I can drop her to her destination,” I volunteered. “Aka, you don’t have to worry. How long is she going to be there?”

“Well, she may have to be there for 4-5 days, depending . . .” she did not end the sentence which I felt was a little odd.

“Where will she be staying?” I queried further.

“She may have to stay in some Hotel there, near by to Cooper Hospital” Aka replied dejectedly. I could feel that all was not well.

Debating whether to ask or not, my inquisitiveness got the better of me.

“Cooper Hospital? And why is that? Is everything alright? Can I be of some help?” I offered my assistance not knowing what the trouble was.

Sunita’s face had become ashen, and she moved to ask about her seat. Aka then confided in me that Sunita was married about three years ago, to the only son of a wealthy village businessman. But things had not worked out well. The parents of the boy had wanted a grand-child, – and luckily they would be happy with a boy or a girl.

But due to some twist of luck, Sunita could not conceive, and things had come to an extent that the in-laws had threatened to seek divorce if she did not bear them a grand-child. Luckily she was still staying with her husband.

Aka informed me that they had consulted a lot of gynaecologists, who after some tests had asked her to visit Cooper Hospital in Mumbai, where they had specialised doctors who could guide her and carry out further tests.

Though this would incur a lot of expenses, they had mustered all their resources and decided to send their daughter for these tests.

I felt sorry for Aka, as she was the kindest of souls in the present world. I looked at Sunita, who stood further apart knowing fully well that her mother had told me about her problem.

“Aka, now you don’t have to worry about her. I am staying close by there and I will have a lot of free time. I will take care of Sunita. And regarding accommodation, she can always stay with me, in the same hotel,” I said, “Aka, that is if you or Sunita does not mind.”

Aka was almost in tears, after she heard me. “Baba, I know you and your family. You have always been kind to me. Now you have come like a blessing to us. I have had to borrow a lot of money and even sold some of my jewelry to pay for these tests and the travel. I want everything malatya escort to be fine for my child. I pray and hope that after these tests, she will be able to conceive. I will inform Sunita about this.”

She then hurried to tell Sunita about this news. Though I could not hear what they spoke, I could make out that Sunita what berating her mother for having told me. However, I also noted that it was a half-hearted scolding and in between she furtively glanced towards where I stood.

The mother then spoke to the driver of the bus and shifted the original passenger in my neighbouring seat and got it allotted to her daughter – Sunita. I was please that I had the fortune of getting a lithe young lady as my companion for the journey, as compared to all the oldies in the bus.

After about 10 minutes, the bus left. I had given Aka the confidence that her daughter was in good hands and that she could go home with peace. I also mentioned to not to say anything about my offer to anyone, as tongues could wag. She agreed whole-heartedly and promised not to say a word to anyone. In fact she further confided that she had told all her neighbours and relatives that Sunita was going to attend a family wedding in Mumbai.

Since the bus had two rows of two seats each with an aisle in between, Sunita had taken the window seat. She had a shawl wrapped around her shoulders, which gave her a very sexy appeal. She was staring out of the coach at all the trees zipping past. The light outside was fading as it was about 6PM. The seats to our left were vacant, and the passengers too were less.

“Sunita, are you comfortable?” I asked.

“Thank you. How about you?” she replied.

“Me? How can I be anything other than comfortable with such a pretty lady seating next to me?” I paid her a compliment.

She blushed and went back into her shell. For a long time the smile remained on her. She did make any conversation after that and carried on looking outside at the passing scenery, in the fading light.

As it grew dark outside, the Video TV in the coach came to life. Sunita shifted in her seat to watch the movie. In the process of her shifting, our feet got entangled, and the feel of her soft skin on my skin was electrifying for both of us. We immediately pulled back our legs and carried on watching the movie. At some point in time, I realized that the pressure on my right shoulder had increased, and I turned to find that Sunita was dozing and had rested her head on my shoulder. I did not disturb her sleep. I could feel her taut small breast against my arm and my joystick was raising itself to attention.

At about 9PM the bus stopped for the passengers to have their dinner. I slowly shook Sunita by her shoulder to wake her. Her shoulder felt very slim and curvy. She woke up and stiffened after she realized her situation. She apologized. “Sunita, I am happy that my shoulder was there for you. Do you remember your visits to our house, when you were young” I asked her, trying to start a conversation.

“I loved visiting our mother there,” she said “your family never treated us any different from your own. We enjoyed the ice-creams and sweets. And the movies….”

We then got down and headed for the restaurant. It was not the posh type but served hot food and beverages. We went in and sat on a table, – a little away from the crowd. This was the first time that I saw her beauty in the bright light of the restaurant. She had light brown eyes, shoulder length hair, a set of the finest pink lips from which shone a row of sparkling white teeth, every time she smiled.

Besides her slim shape, I could not see much of her upper body as she had her shawl wrapped around her shoulder due to the cold weather outside. We ordered food and I could make out that she was taking furtive glances towards me. The reaction was that my joy-stick below started to stir. As our eyes made contact, she smiled and then carried on eating. As we were about to finish our meal, an elderly co-passenger lady passed us and whispered to her husband near her as to ‘what a lovely couple the two of us made’. She said that we were a pair made for each other.

Her words, though whispered were heard clearly by Sunita and me, who looked towards me and broke out into the most wonderful blush. Her smile seemed to have lit a hundred bulbs. She immediately got up and went to have a wash. I too followed suit and headed for the toilet. After answering the call of nature, I found that my 8 inch penis – my joy stick had taken a stiff stance at just the thought of Sunita and her breast pressing against my arm; so I decided to put him facing upwards, instead of his regular position between his good friends – the balls.

I then returned outside near the coach. Just then Sunita returned. She had a coy blush playing on her face. I kept looking at her.

“What……?” she asked.

“Oh…no, nothing. I thought a Super-model was heading my way.” I passed her a compliment.

“Simply malatya escort bayan don’t pass compliments. You too don’t look anything less then a handsome model.” She replied.

“Wow. Now that’s settled. We are both models for each other, if not for others. You heard what the lady said.” I said pushing my luck further.

She blushed again, but this time she brushed my arm in mock fisting.

We entered the bus and took our seats. The movie came on again and this time Sunita rested her head on the side glass as she watched the movie.

“Sunita, in case you want, you can use my shoulder, please feel free,” I volounteered.

“Thank you, I will remember” she replied with a smile.

I could feel that a lot of ice had melted between us and that she smiled a lot. She looked very pretty.

The in-house video movie was a bore with the same stereo type story. I turned my attention to Sunita.

“What is this test that you are going to do at Mumbai?” I asked.

Sunita hesitated at first, but then after a little bit of coaxing, she said that the local Doctors had advised her to go in for artificial insemination. She was traveling away from the village because she wanted to maintain secrecy. I could see that tears were welling up in her eyes, and as a reflex action, I moved my arm across her shoulders to comfort. She immediately came towards me seeking to be consoled. I gathered a little bit of courage and held her tight to my chest.

As my hand snaked around her shoulders, it landed straight on her right breast, which was rock solid and the size of a medium sized apple. She stiffened, but I did not remove my hand feigning that it was an unknown gesture. After some time, she moved herself a little more and this time her breast was positioned in the cup of my hand. I kept on holding without any further action.

After some more time I could feel her relaxing as her weight on my chest increased. Simultaneously I cupped her breast in my right hand as though trying to hold her securely. She moaned slowly.

“You said something” I asked her.

“Mmmmm…… no, nothing” she purred.

I was now sure that she would not mind a little fondling and I squeezed hard and felt for her nipple. She was wearing a cotton blouse and what seemed like a thin cotton bra. Her nipple was quite prominent and felt like an overgrown almond.

She sighed, and pulled her shawl over her chest covering my hand. I was now confident that she was game for action. I moved my hand over her breast which was now stiff and firm. I increased my pressure and I could feel her breath becoming fast.

I slipped my left hand too under the shawl and gripped her left breast. Now I had both her apples in my hand and her approval to fondle them. I pressed and I squeezed. The elderly passengers to my side were fast asleep and the lights had been put off, since the movie had ended.

I cautiously tried to slip my hand through her cleavage, and she jerked as my hand made contact on her sensitive flesh. This was the first time that a foreign hand was invading an area only privy to her husband. I pulled back my hand. She looked up at me but said nothing. I them pushed my hand below her blouse and under her bra. Her boob was warm and her chest was heaving in anticipation.

The fright of getting caught of fondling in public was heightening her excitement. She shuddered. I realized that she may have had her orgasm.

I slowly opened her blouse buttons and freed the two delicious boobs still within her bra and under her shawl. The bra hook was no problem and came off in a trice.

She pulled her shawl closer and slipped down from my shoulder to rest her head on my groin. My prick was in full form and she must have felt it like a rod through my pocket. She rested her head directly on my prick and relaxed. The position had given me direct access to both her boobies and I realized that she was endowed with almost an inch long nipples. I squeezed and pulled, mashed and ground and she was writhing with pleasure.

After some time I realized that she had put her palm as though to rest her head but in fact was exactly above the hardened prick and she was slowly moving it up and down. I moved my hand slowly down her chest to her navel and then to the folds of her saree below her navel.

She moved her hand and stopped me from going further. I looked down at her and she mouthed a ‘NO’ to me. I stopped and returned back to my fair pair dare.

I was ruminating on what Sunita had said about artificial insemination, and a thought occurred to me. I had to speak to her before she went for her tests. I tried to start a conversation, but I realized that the travel had made her drowsy and she was fast asleep.

We slept like that and got up when the early morning sunlight lit the horizon. We reached Mumbai at around 7AM.

After we alighted from the coach, Sunita asked me if I could help her out with the hotel accommodation. I asked Sunita escort malatya if she would mind sharing the room with me in the hotel. I told her that the hotel was unknown to me and there should be no problem. She hesitated and asked what would be the cost.

I laughed and told her she could consider having already repaid me last night. She turned pink in her face and smiled. She agreed to share the room with me. We took a taxi and headed for a hotel near Bombay Hospital.

It was 3 star hotel accommodation and within my entitlement. I informed the counter that I was on a business trip and that I was eligible for re-imbursement from my company and that they should charge me separately for my wife (?). I would be paying separately for her. So it was settled and Sunita was my temporary wife, for the world to know.

Our room was on the top floor and faced a beautiful part of the metropolitan city. Sunita was absolutely enchanted. She was transfixed near the window watching the hustle bustle of the city. I put on the AC and started removing my travel clothes to have a bath. I asked her if she wanted to shower first and she said she would. She started unpacking her bag and moved into the bathroom. The bathroom had a tub which for her was a novelty. She wanted to know how to use it.

By then I had changed into a towel wrapped round my waist. I walked into the bathroom to find that Sunita was minus her saree and her small tits bulged from her blouse. They were clearly visible now in the bright light. I stared at them. She saw me looking and told me not to stare like that and that she was feeling embarrassed. I moved towards her and held her tight to me. She must have definitely felt my lone soldier poking her, near her belly, and she responded by hugging me.

I lifted her face towards me and kissed her sweet lips. My hand went straight to her breasts and I fondled furiously at them. I tore away her blouse and before me came the barrier of a cheap cotton bra with no fancy works. In a twinkle of an eye, I had divested her of this barrier and gulped her tit. All she could do was moan with her eyes closed. As I headed down to her belly, towards Ground Zero she suddenly grabbed me by the hair and said in a hoarse voice ‘NO’.

I was confused since she had done that twice by now. I returned back to my golden apples and her lips. After some time we ended up bathing separately and got ready to go for our errands.

Since she had a reference of the doctor, I called him up and he fixed an appointment for her in the late morning. My meeting was scheduled at 10AM and since the time was nearing 9AM, I had to leave.

We ordered breakfast in the room and I gave her the directions as to how to get to the doctor. She would have no problem as it was a walking distance from our hotel. I also told her to call up home from the room and inform her mother about her reaching safely.

As I came down the lift, a thought struck me. There was a good garment shop in the near vicinity and I headed for it. I told the counter person that I wanted to surprise my wife and that I would like to gift her some lingerie.

He guided me to a Sales Girl, who was eager to show me the works. Finally I selected a black, pink and white lacy bra and matching panties, and also a pair of half slips, with a deep cleavage. That too very lacy and very sexy.

The shop gift packed it and I headed back for the Hotel. The Reception Staff obliged me by sending the gift to my room. I would have loved to see Sunita’s expression, but I had to leave.

When I returned in the evening, Sunita was nowhere to be seen in the room. I wondered if it had anything to do with her firm “NO” for the love game in the morning. Was she hurt? Did she really not want to go ahead with this opportunity to make love. Did she want to be loyal to her husband? As these thoughts made their rounds in my mind, there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to find Sunita standing there wearing the Salwar Kameez (the Indian two piece blouse & slacks).

“When did you arrive?” she queried.

“Just a few minutes ago. Where had you been?” I asked.

“Why? Were you concerned about me?” she inquired.

“Sure I was. I thought you got lost or something like that.”

“Thanks….. for everything” she said with a blush.

“For everything…?” I was perplexed.

“You know for what. Your gifts were wonderful” she answered.

“So you knew? And is this the only thanks I get” I joked.

“Well, I was thinking how to express my thanks; but I could not think of anything to give you. Do you know that you lifted a big weight of my chest” she said.

“You mean – I lifted your weighty chest” I said trying to entice her into the right mood.

“Can you think of anything other then my breast?” she said in mock anger.

“Sure I can, but till now it is only in my thoughts. Till now I have only come up with breasts.” I replied.

“No. I wanted to thank you because I did not have time to buy the proper under garments before I left for here. I was tense because I would have to go for the check up in my old under clothes. The gift you sent me was a blessing in disguise. Thanks again. In fact I stopped you from going any further yesterday and today morning because I did not want you to see me in those old clothes.” That solved my puzzle about her behaviour.

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