Brown Sugar Ravaging Ch. 01


As much as I love going to bed with black guys, I also liked a few women, both white and black. One of them, Sherri, and I met when she was eighteen and I was dating her mother. She and I hit it off immediately, as she tested her flirting technique on me. I had told her mother about it, and assured her that I wouldn’t let it get out of hand.

Shortly after we had met, Sherri’s mom was hit by a drunk truck driver and killed. Sherri and I had gotten much closer after her mom’s death, but we still kept it platonic, but yet conversed in sexy ways with each other. Sherri brought her “daddy” questions to me, and we found that we could talk about intimate things quite easily. With Sherri living in Nashville, and me in North Florida, our togetherness was limited to phone calls and e-mails. I loved hearing her voice, and she claimed to enjoy talking with me. We had agreed that we would like to get into bed with each other, but had not done so yet, and she knew that I had become a real black cock lover. She knew that I wasn’t actually “gay”, but just wanted to experience all the sex that I could.

One of the black guys that I was being fucked by had told me that he wanted to be the one to help her explore her curiosities, that she could try the black experience without the risk of the street thugs, wannabe pimps and other trash. Marcus was strong, assertive, but one hell of a straight up guy.

Sherri called me to let me know that she had her final dates set for when she would be on vacation, and that she could spend a week with me, beginning on the 16th of next month. I was elated, telling her that I wanted her here as soon as possible, that I had so much to talk to her about, and so wanted to hold her close again.

She said: “Eddie, I have missed your arms around me. I wish that we had been going together long ago. You won’t believe how many fantasies I have lived with you. I am so going to pull you into bed with me when I get to your place.”

I replied: “Sherri, baby, I want you too. We have talked, described our feelings, teased each other terribly, and now I is time to see it all come true.”

We said our goodbyes, and then I called Marcus to tell him that Sherri would be in town in a couple of weeks. He said that he would make a lot of time available for her.

Sherri and I talked several times but finally, she was in my driveway, grabbing her bags and headed for my door. It had been a few years since I had seen her, but by staying in contact, our relationship was fresh. Our desires, while not acted on yet, were known to each other, and we had prepared an informal list of just what we wanted to try while we were together, knowing that it would help shape our lives in the future.

Once in the house, we gave kisses to each other, part passion, part genuine missing the other. She said that after the day of driving, she really needed to take a shower. I offered to shower with her, or to let her have her privacy if she wanted that. She opted to try to shower with me, hoping that we could save the best of our moves for bed time.

As I got into the hot shower with her, I said: “Baby, I have dreamed of a scene like this. The vision of it has given me more than one night of pleasure. You are as beautiful as I have imagined you to be.”

She poked me in the belly and replied: “Eddie, I have wondered how your tone would be, being older than me. You are in good shape, not all flabby like I had thought old guys would be. And, look at you, that thing is getting hard.

As I got us rinsed off, I told Sherri that as horny as I was, I wanted to wait until later, when we could go to bed and be more comfortable. She agreed, and handed me a towel as I got out of the stall. It was taking all my will power to keep from tossing her on the bed and just fucking to get the first one out of the way. Instead we went to the living room and sat on the sofa, and taking a toke of weed.

Asking her about the trip, she answered: “It was pretty good actually, I came through both Birmingham and Montgomery, nice, not being in their rush hour traffic. There was one black guy in an Escalade with big rims, that was trying to hit on me. He was a little thuggish acting, like he wanted to tell me what to do. I knew that I was heading for better.”

I smiled and said: “For sure. Tell me Sherri, what is it that you like most about just plain fucking? Some say the like it because it can make someone love them, or make them more popular, some only want sex that is pure love making. Myself, I like it all, but most enjoy a good clinical fuck, with no heart emotions attached. Some say that is cold, but I see it as just enjoying the physical side of life as well as the emotional.”

She replied: “I love the closeness, even that I am under, sort of pinned down, but mostly, I love being able to feel someone getting off and then the feeling of cumming when I can’t help myself, knowing that my lover did this to me, for me. Which do you like most, Eddie? Women or men?”

I said: “Honestly? I can’t compare ankara escort women to men, just as I can’t really compare one woman to another or one guy to another. Each are good in their own way. But I have to say that the orgasms that I feel with a man are much more intense than those with a woman. And I have had some great orgasms with women.”

She said: “I want to watch you get it from this Marcus guy. I want to see how he fucks, but also want to see how you take it. I have been so curious, and now it can all happen. Thank you for sharing with me. I want to see that tattoo that you were telling me about. That Mandingo mark that you said they put on you. Show it to me.”

I got off the sofa, removed my bath towel an showed her the mark on my ass cheek, next to my hole.

Fascinated by it, she touched it and said: “What if a white guy with a big cock wanted to give it to you, would you stop him?”

I smiled and told her: “Baby, I am not gay, not at all, and even though I like big cocks, I want them to be on a black man. No white man could fuck me like I want to be fucked, He just couldn’t do it right. When I take a lady to bed, I want her to be feminine, sweet, but when I get in bed with a man, it is my turn to be feminine, and I want him to be all man, to take charge, to know that he knows how to give me what he knows that I need and want. I love to be pounded deep into the mattress, and for a long time.”

She said: “I noticed that while watching porn, that black guys fuck a lot longer than white guys. I would like something that would last longer than a minute or two. And you said that your first black guy fucked you for hours, cumming several times? Was he able to get hard again quickly, or did he stay hard?”

I laughed: “Baby, he stayed hard. The first time he cum, he pushed deep and let it spurt into me, but then went back to giving me hard, deep strokes. I have watched white guys that were fucking women during some swinger parties, and none of them could keep fucking after he got his nut. Yet, every black guy that I have been with could do that. I absolutely love it when I am being fucked and I know that he is not in danger of cumming soon. I can concentrate on putting his cock all over inside me, to make him, and me, feel better. When you and I fuck tonight, I will be trying my best to not cum, too quick. And when we do go to bed, the lovemaking will start when we start necking. The fucking and cumming will be the end of it, so get your best before we begin to stroke.”

She surprised me when she said: “I have been thinking. I haven’t been fucked in over 6 months, and have been avoiding it, wanting to feel the black cock pleasures that you have been getting. Maybe I won’t let you fuck my pussy. Maybe I will save it for Marcus, and only give you my ass.”

I answered: “Are you sure? I would love to do that. Have you thought about having me fuck you there?”

She said: “You are getting pleasure from having big cocks in your ass. In time I want to do that too, but I want you to show me how to do it right. I had a dick in me once, but it hurt because I didn’t want it. Will you show me now to take it, and then maybe later, Marcus would do that with me, to show me what it is like.”

I said: “Sherri, I want to show you how I do, and then you can see what needs to be done. First, you need to clean yourself out. I use Summer’s Eve douche to do mine. I squirt one bottle in me, and then refill it several times as rinses. Until the toilet water is clean. After that, it is like any sex, but you must use lubricant back there. Come on into my bathroom and I will show you my supply.”

Once in my bathroom, I showed her where I keep the Douche bottles, the hand towels, and the additional tubes of lube. I told her to clean herself out and to call me when she was done and we could go to bed.

I filled the bowl with weed, shut things down and got ready to go to bed. Sherri called out that she was ready to go to bed and when we met in the hallway, she was naked and beautiful. She had brushed out her long black hair, and it matched the full carpet above and around her pussy. I love to see lots of hair on a pussy. Seeing my cock rigid, protruding in front of me, she smiled.

She asked: “Do you have a ruler at your desk? I want to measure something.”

I did, and went to my desk, returning with a 12 inch ruler.

Sherri took it from me and put it on top of my cock, measuring from my pelvis to the tip, and showing me that I was seven and a half inches long.

She said: “That is longer than anything I have ever had, and you say that Marcus is eleven inches long? And your butt can take all of him? How are you going to put this in my butt? How will I be able to stand it?”

I smiled, saying: “Sherri, Marcus puts his meat to you nice. He will give you what you can take, and then as you let him, he will push more into you. When I fuck you the first time, I won’t put it in. I will put it next to your hole and you ankara escort bayan will push yourself onto it. That way, you can see what you can take, and that you have the control. Once I am in and we are well lubed, then I will get what I want from your ass. Kiss me you pretty thing.”

We began making out, and I reached for and pulled the lube closer to us. Knowing that she was on the pill, I didn’t have to worry about using a condom, and it was my plan to cum in her ass.

Her tits were heavenly, firm, nice “B” cup size, with nice aureoles and pretty nipples. I sucked, kissed, nipped, her nipples as I ran my fingers through that beautiful hair at her pussy. As we made out, she was pushing at my shoulders, wanting me to go down on her.

As I moved into place, I said softly: “Sherri, I have wanted to do this since the first time I saw you. I will give you my best.”

I ate, and I ate, and I ate, and I licked, and I sucked, and I chewed, and I slid my tongue into every place it could reach. She began to cum as soon as I hooked my tongue up in her pussy. She held my head, pressing me into her crotch, and rolled her pelvis on my face. As I ate her, I lifted her ass with my hands and started touching her rosebud with my thumbs. I could feel her press her ass back, against my thumbs, helping them to relax her, reminding her, (and me), of what was to come tonight.

The more I ate, the hornier she got. She was having very gratifying orgasms, but she really wanted insertion, to take it all the way.

She moaned: “Eddie, baby, I have pictured you doing this so many times. You are making me cum so hard. Please, I want you in me. I want you to show me what feels so good to you. Fuck me, baby.”

As I moved up her body, I picked up the Astrolube and put some on my cock, and as I moved it around, I wiped my hands on her asshole, making it slippery too. I pushed her knees to her chest, turning her ass up to me. Moving around, I brought the head to her hole, and began pressing against her.

I said: “This is it, Sherri. This is what you want inside you. Just relax, and press yourself onto it. Let it open you up, spread your hole wide, and I will just slide on in. Yes, push onto me.”

As my cock spread her sphincter, she tensed, but then relaxed and I was inside. She gasped and said: “Oh my god, this is different. Don’t hurt me, but fuck me. Fuck me Eddie, I need this. I feel so full.”

I kept pushing into her, not pulling back, getting deeper and feeling that her sphincter was relaxing, and taking what was put past it. Feeling my pelvis pressing against her pussy lips, as my cock bottomed out in her ass. I held there, and looked into her eyes.

She held my arms, arched her ass up even more and said: “That is your hole, baby, you took my cherry and I want you to get the pleasure that you want from me. Fuck me, Eddie.”

I started stroking in and out of her, and once into a rhythm, I let her legs move out to the side liked I wanted when I was being fucked. She planted her feet on the mattress and began to roll her ass under me as I fucked her.

I felt her put her hand on her pussy, moving it as I was getting all I could from her ass. I put my hands on her breasts, and found her nipples, pinching them and rolling them between my thumb and forefinger. She was cumming non-stop, and pulling my ass with one hand, while slapping her pussy with the other.

Looking at me, she asked: “Baby, will Marcus fuck me this hard? Will he be stroking into my pussy like you are doing my ass?”

I replied: “Baby, he will fuck you harder. When he see just how much you can take, he will fuck you silly. You won’t confuse his fucking with how me or any other white guy fucks you. I want to see him take you. I think that you will love it.”

She said: “I am loving this, Eddie. I didn’t know it would feel this good. I am so full of you. Fuck me good, baby.”

I pulled out and told her to turn over. Laying on her stomach, she spread her legs for me. I pressed to her, and put my cock back into her ass.

Giving her long, full, strokes, I was slamming into her ass, slapping my pelvis against her ass cheeks, and my balls were hitting her pussy lips. She was taking me well, adjusted to me being in her ass, she was enjoying the pounding that I was giving her.

I said: “Take it baby. This is how Marcus will give it to you. He won’t be making love, Sherri, he will be in you to fuck you. And he won’t stop until he feels that you are fully fucked and don’t need any more. I am going to cum in a minute, give it up to me, baby. Take my cock and drain it into your hole.”

Laying on her back as we rode out our orgasms, I asked her if she was ready for Marcus. Saying that she was, I told her that when she let him get on her, that she would be changed forever, always thinking about having the best, whether in bed with a black or a white lover.

I added: “Baby, Marcus doesn’t do a lot of casual fucking. If he likes your escort ankara moves, he might want to have you be available to him while you are here.”

She replied: “If he is good, I will fuck him more, but I want to do it here, at your place. I don’t want to leave here without you along. And, after he gets in me, I will want to have you fuck me some. I want to spend one night with you, just making love, feeling each other the way we have wanted to for so long.”

I agreed with her, and told her that I wanted to call Marcus and talk to him.

She asked: “Baby, are you in love with Marcus?”

I smiled and said: “Honey, I have given that a lot of thought. No, I am not “In Love” with Marcus. He fucks me like no one else ever has, and I love him for that, and love the fucking that we do. But I also love what we have in our openness, and now I really know that I love fucking you. I want to take you to bed, from helping you out of your clothes, to brushing out your hair, to laying there side by side, just doing what we feel the need to do. No, I don’t love Marcus in any “forever sort of way”. He fucked me silly, and claimed my ass as his, and showed his “brothers” how well he had done. I am his, and his brothers.”

I called Marcus and told him that I was deep in Sherri’s ass and that she had saved her pussy just for him. I asked if he wanted to come over and join us now that he was home from work.

Marcus replied: “Yes I can come over. Are you cleaned out? I might want some of you too.”

I told him that both Sherri and I were cleaned out, but that she only had her pussy for him, adding, quietly, “tonight”. He replied that he got that, and would be over after a quick shower.

Getting off the bed, I walked out into the kitchen, still talking to Marcus, and said: “Baby, why don’t you come over her and shower, and invite Sherri to shower with you. Make out with her a little, and make her want you to put her in the bed.”

He said that he understood that, and headed our way.

I told Sherri that she would be meeting Marcus soon, and she asked me: “Are you sure that you don’t mind if he fucks me? I hope that I can enjoy him, and that my sounds don’t upset you. I am a little nervous.”

I smiled and told her: “Babe, you should be a little nervous. You are about to try something that you have been curious about, and you know this will be a big step. When Marcus gets here, he will put you at ease. He will also put you on cloud nine when he pushes that big cock of his into you and starts moving on you.”

When Marcus arrived, he came in the house, and pulled Sherri into a hug, asking if he could kiss her. She fluttered her eye lashes, looked at me, and told him to take a kiss. He was wearing a black tank top and black shorts, and his tight clothing showed the outline of his cock quite well. As they kissed, he had a hand on the small of her back, pulling her belly to his cock.

Marcus broke the kiss saying: “I need a shower. Are you going to wash my back, pretty lady, or do I have to do it myself?”

Looking at me again, Sherri caught my cue for her to go with him. When they were in the guest bath, I went into my bedroom to straighten things up. I tightened the sheets, then made sure that there was lube on both night stands. Hearing the shower stop, I went into the living room and filled the bowl with some nice weed.

Coming into the room, they were both smiling, nearly laughing aloud. Marcus said: “I loved it when you said that you could see what Eddie likes about me. But baby, that is only the meat. You haven’t seen the motion. I hope that I am the one that gets to show you some answers to your questions. Sit down here, with me, and we can work on this.”

He n Sherri sat on the love seat, each wrapped in a towel. Each was feeling the thigh of the other, and when he bent his face to hers, she pressed her lips to his and with her free hand pulled his face tightly to hers.

She moaned: “Baby, I want you to do this. I want you all the way. I like you, and I want you to be the one that shows me what I have been wanting. Please, will you take me to bed?”

Marcus looked toward me as he got up to help her to her feet. I nodded and gestured toward my bedroom and the bigger bed.

Coming along, Sherri kissed my nose, winked at me and said: “Baby I am going to get fucked by your man. I want to feel what he can do that makes you so fucked up over him. I hope that I can take that big thing inside me. Lay with me while he fucks me, please?”

I was shedding clothes as I got to the bed, but Sherri and Marcus kept their towels on as they lay down. They had their hands hard at work, while hugging, kissing and fucking the other’s mouth with their tongues.

Marcus said: “Baby, I want to undress you. You feel so good, and I want to see it.” He released the towel and slid it aside, showing her sweet 36 B tits and those big aureolas, surrounding two nice nipples.

As he leaned back, his towel opened and fell to his sides. Being propped up Sherri was able to see his nearly stiff, big cock. She reached for it, and took it in her hand. I could see that her wrist was smaller than his cock. She pulled her legs up high, just as she did when I fucked her ass. Marcus moved between her legs, dripped some lube on his cock and took her hand, making her spread it around his cock.

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