Complex Family Ch. 06

Close Up

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Thanks to his promotion and the cheerleader surprise, it turned out to be his most memorable birthday yet. The girls were glad to learn of the promotion once he finally told them the next day. He also found out where the cheerleader idea had come from although he already had worked that out. Katy had gotten the idea when he had mentioned Mia being a cheerleader. As she told him Brandon remembered the devious look Katy had gotten when learning that tidbit.

Once his birthday was over everything went back to normal for a few weeks for the four friends. Soon it was early April, and even though Jeff had proved to be more of a pain than Brandon had anticipated, his project was progressing nicely. Ashley was still dealing well with the stress of her first school year, her night class, and her wedding all approaching crunch time. Most pressing for her was a final paper due at the beginning of May. The wedding was causing Katy some issues, but all things considered it too was going rather smoothly. However, it was Mel who had great news.

Her bosses finally decided that she was too valuable to be jetting everywhere all the time so, as anticipated, they moved her to a far less travel intensive position. This of course meant that the last significant barrier between her and getting pregnant had been removed.

“And just in time too,” Mel said standing in front of the other three who were sitting together on the couch, “Next week is my peak time.”

“But, don’t you need to go off the pill first?” Brandon asked confused. “I heard after that you should wait a cycle or something.” The three women looked at him surprised and he said, “What? I read stuff too ladies, this is my kid too after all. Whether directly raised by me or not, it is mine, and I want to make sure we do everything to make it healthy child.”

Then Mel smiled and sat on his lap before she kissed him and said, “Well your concern is noted, and I for one am glad that you are taking this seriously. I too want a healthy baby, especially since it will be the only one I have. As for the pill I actually stopped over a month ago, and I had my last period on that business trip before your birthday. Which means that next week is my optimum time to conceive.”

Brandon was confused again and asked, “So wait you went off the pill before they promoted you, a bit risky don’t you think?”

“Not really I knew it was only a matter off time, and there is no guarantee I will get pregnant the first time. I decided to go off in March so if I didn’t conceive in April we had May for a backup, because if we waited until May and it didn’t work your honeymoon would disrupt the schedule. Which would’ve meant a two month gap.” Mel said.

“Uh-huh, and what would happen if an accident occurred last month?” Brandon asked.

Katy giggled and said, “Well then Brandon the baby would be a bit earlier than expected, it might have caused a bit of explaining at the wedding, but the results would be the same.”

Then Brandon nodded saying, “Because I would be the only one who could cause the ‘accident’ as any other guy would have been castrated before he got a chance.”

“Exactly, you know me too well Brandon.” Mel said with a smile before getting serious and asking, “So what do you say, you ready to make me a mom next week?”

Brandon nodded and said, “Yeah as long as we work out a way that I get to be in the kid’s life.”

“Brandon…” Katy broke in nervously, but he would not be denied.

“No Katy, I mean it.” He said interrupting, “Just because this child will have two amazing parents, which in my opinion it will,” both ladies smiled at this and he continued. “Does not mean it does not deserve a father, or rather father figure, in its life as well. In my opinion not giving it up with out at least fighting for that chance is the same as abandoning it.

“That said, I have seen enough kids of divorced families spoiled by using the absent parent against the other to agree with your stance on house discipline. Bottom line though guys, I will not abandon my children,” and looking at Katy he said, “And keep in mind Katy this involves our future baby as well as Mel’s.” To his surprise his rant was met by a dual hug from Katy and Mel. When they finished Mel looked at him, and he was surprised to see her tearing up.

“And that is exactly why we wanted you in the first place,” She said. “I think I have a solution in mind. Not far from here is a new subdivision that is reasonably priced. I ran the numbers and we can both afford to live there. I figure we purchase two lots next to each other and have homes built. Plus, it’s closer to Ashley’s school without being any farther for us to travel. I checked it out and what’s built is nice, and the schools are great.

“The best part xslot is if we live next door to each other you’ll be near the kids everyday and see them so often you’ll be their dad in everything but the title, at least until they’re older.”

Brandon thought for a few seconds then said, “So, do you have the information on this subdivision?”

“Yeah let me get it.” Mel said with a nod.

When she came back all four looked over the information. That weekend they went to the subdivision to check it out and shop for lots. By the end they agreed that it would be a great place to live and even found a pair of lots on a cul-de-sac that they particularly liked. They spent the rest of the afternoon filing out paperwork, but left happy to have chosen the sites of their future homes.

Since the next day started Mel’s optimum time they all got home and started preparations for the next day. Foremost of which was not allowing Brandon to have sex that night. Of course Brandon had been held from having sex since Mel had found out about her promotion in order to raise his sperm count as high as possible for the coming week. Katy for one thought it an unnecessary step noting that Brandon had been cumming two to three and sometimes four times a night for months now. Regardless Brandon had agreed to abstain to help the process.

By the next night all was ready and after dinner Katy and Mel headed off to the bedroom together. The plan was to have Katy get Mel started and Brandon would join in later. After a while he and Ashley went in to find a naked Mel thrashing on the bed as Katy’s talented tongue worked over the redhead’s pussy. He and Ashley watched as Mel came. As Brandon watched Mel cry out in pleasure and thrash around, Ashley moved behind him.

“That’s your cue darling,” she whispered in his ear. “Time to become a daddy.” She then gave his ass a gentle tap and Brandon moved toward the pair on the bed removing his clothing as he approached.

When he reached Mel he first kissed her deeply on the mouth. How long they held that kiss he did not know, but it was by far the most powerful he had ever shared with Mel. In many ways it was similar to how he felt when he kissed Ashley like this, but yet not nearly as powerful. As he kissed her he was vaguely aware of the mouth on his cock. Somehow he knew it to be Katy’s, as that had been the plan. However that part of his brain was secondary right now all that existed was the moment.

After he broke the kiss with Mel his light green eyes found her dark green ones and he heard himself say, “Are you ready for this Mel?”

“Yes, I am and tonight it’s Melissa. After all I become a mom tonight, if I’m not feminine tonight then when am I?”

Brandon nodded as he felt Katy’s hand line up his cock with Mel’s wet pussy as he repeated, “Alright then Melissa are you ready then?”

“Just put it in,” was Mel’s reply.

Brandon slowly pushed all the way into Mel’s tight wet hole. As he was about to begin thrusting Katy kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “Okay baby get my wife pregnant. Make me a step-son or step-daughter.”

Then he felt her leave the bed and as she did he, at the last second, caught her arm getting an idea. Katy did not understand as he pulled her toward him then lifted her between him and Mel.

Mel too looked confused as he leaned forward and whispered in Katy’s ear, “I want to try something, I’m going to hold tight to you so that when you move forward or back so do I. You two are the baby’s primary parents and this first time at least should be between you two, I’m just the means by which it will happen. So go ahead Katy, fuck your wife and get her pregnant.”

Katy kissed him and nodded then Brandon grabbed the blonde tightly and after a bit he moved in unison with the blonde as they fucked Mel. Soon Mel was even thrusting back. As he and Mel were clearly nearing their climaxes Brandon moved one of his hands to Katy’s boobs and after a few second the added stimulation caught her up and soon she too was nearing release.

As Brandon neared his release he tapped Katy on the shoulder as he sped up.

Katy immediately understood and shouted out, “Here it comes!”


The last word was drawn out because Katy had chosen that moment to pinch Mel’s nipples and caused her to cum. The feel of Mel’s pussy, the knowledge she was fertile, and her begging to be impregnated was too much for Brandon and it cause him to explode into her pussy. The abstainment certainly had had its effect as he came harder and longer than ever dumping a large amount of his seed into her fertile womb.

When he had finished cumming he noticed that Katy too had cum, her xslot Giriş juices mixing with his and Mel’s. It was fitting in a way, if a child was conceived by this coupling than it had been conceived by all three of them. The three of them cuddled for a while before Katy got up to go play with Ashley. Brandon went to follow, but Mel stopped him.

“Oh no stud, we’re trying to make a baby over here, remember? So you belong to me tonight. Katy can keep Ashley occupied tonight. Trust me your fiancée is in good hands.” She said shifting slightly on the pillow that was elevating her hips. She then turned her head and kissed him and said, “Just us two required here big boy. Although I do appreciate what you did with Katy. It meant a lot to both of us.”

A few minutes later Brandon felt Mel’s hand on his cock and asked, “Ready for round two already Melissa?”

Mel smiled and said, “You bet big boy.”

They would fuck three more times in various positions before the night was over. And three to four times each night all that week. By weeks end Brandon had deposited so much cum in Mel it would be a miracle if she was not pregnant. Still they knew it would be a few weeks before they found out for sure.

During the week there was a major breakthrough on Brandon’s personal side project. He had spent the better part of the time since the accident trying to track something, or rather someone, down. Now it appeared they had been found in the Ozarks of southern Missouri.

A few weeks later in mid-May under the guise of a conference he trekked out to a small town that was believed to be the home of the man he sought. It was a small house that was mostly well taken care of, but it was clear that recently it had fallen on hard times. Brandon rang the bell of the house and after a bit a man answered. He was tall and although Brandon knew the man to be in his early fifties, by he looked older. His hard life had prematurely aged him.

“Yes?” the man asked.

Brandon answered with his own question, “Are you Robert Lee Wesson?”

The man kept a straight face and asked, “Yes, who’s asking?”

Brandon ignored the question, he had to make sure this was him the Robert Lee Wesson he had spent months searching for, make sure he really was Ashley’s father.

“Are you the Robert Lee Wesson that was engaged to an Annabelle Carthington. During which you had a daughter named Ashley?”

Robert’s face got stern and he said, “Son, I don’t know who you are but if this has anything to do with the Carthington’s you can forget it,” before he slammed the door in Brandon’s face.

Brandon smiled as he knocked on the door again- this was Ashley’s dad alright. Only having to personally deal with Sam Carthington could have caused that level of disgust for the whole family, as Brandon had found out first hand in Miami.

Robert opened the door in a huff and before he could speak Brandon said, “I apologize sir, I should introduce myself, my name is Brandon Metcalf. I did not mean to work you up like that, I just needed to make sure I had the right Robert Wesson is all, Robert being a common name and all. Believe me sir, I have nothing to do with nor do I want anything to do with Sam Carthington, I regard him as a future-extremely-unfortunate-distant-relative.” Robert looked puzzled for a second before Brandon said, “If you’re wondering why I’m on your doorstep the short answer is this.” Brandon then produced an invitation and handed it to the bewildered Robert.

“What’s this?” Robert asked looking at the envelope.

“An invitation to a wedding Mr. Wesson,” Brandon said, “your daughter’s wedding to be more specific.”

“Ashley’s getting married?” Robert said and looking up from the invitation he added, “To whom?”

Brandon took a deep breath and said, “To me sir, I’m your daughter’s fiancé.”

Robert took a quick appraisal of him then realizing something said, “So you’re the one those buggers from Carthington have been in a snit about.”

Brandon felt his cheeks burn a bit in embarrassment and said, “Yes, well, I imagine they would be after I rather lost my cool in my one and only meeting with Sam Carthington. He tried to bribe me with two million dollars, and I told him to go to hell and take his precious money with him.”

Robert was taken aback a this and said, “Really?! Well that would do it, but serves the bastard right! I wish I had been there for that!” Then after a beat of reflection he said, “I’m sorry where are my manners, come in please, the place is a mess so watch your step.”

Robert showed Brandon in and directed him to and open couch before offering him a beer which Brandon accepted.

When they were both settled Brandon got to business, “Mr. Wesson…”

“Please call me Bob, or dad if you want, looks like you’ll xslot Güncel Giriş be my son-in-law in about a month.”

“Okay Bob, so I take it you have no objections to the wedding?”

Bob looked at him and said, “As if I have any right to deny Ashley something that makes her happy.”

“You still are her father Bob.”

“Well in that case, I appreciate the courtesy son, but I trust my daughter. She’s a smart girl, if she’s okay with it then so am I.” then after a pause he said, “Besides anyone who cares enough about my little girl to tell off Carthington the way you did is okay in my book. You love her?” Brandon nodded and Bob said, “Just one request, though son, promise me you’ll take care of her and you’ll never hurt her?”

Brandon nodded and said, “Of course.”

“Then the matter is settled. Now that wasn’t the only reason you came all this way Brandon, what’s on your mind?”

“Well I came here to give you that invitation you’re holding and this.” Brandon said producing an open ticket to O’Hare. “Sir, I want you to be there and I’m sure Ashley does as well.”

“What makes you think she wants to see me again? I left her behind remember?”

“A number of things, first look at the invite, she still goes by your name. Second, when she went to school she came out this way, I think hoping to find you. Most of all though, she talks about wanting to see you again.”

“Really? Does she know you’re here?”

“No, but would I have taken the time to find you and come you here myself if it wasn’t something she wants?”

“Okay, I see your point, but how can she forgive me for what I did, how can I forgive myself? I left my little angel in the hands of those people…”

“You did what you had to, was it right? Maybe not but you were facing wealth and power, and you did what you thought was best.”

“You sound like someone who knows the feeling.”

Brandon nodded and said, “While Ashley and I were on the island with our friends Katy and Mel, I killed someone. I’m not proud of it, but it had to be done.”

“Still, you had the courage to stand up to Carthington, I didn’t.”

“The situations are different. I was separating an abandoned girl from her overbearing grandparents. You were trying to take your child and the woman you loved away from her parents. There’s no way it would have worked, and taking Ashley away from her mom was not an option either. Besides I had serious backup for my move or it wouldn’t have worked.”

“Ah, that must be this Mel and Andy I heard Carthington’s people groaning about.” Bob said with a smile, “Those guys have got to be good or at least their lawyer’s were. Carthington’s people were furious last year.”

“Yeah well Mel and Andy fight pretty rough especially for a woman’s rights and they’re she’s not he’s.”

Bob looked confused a bit and Brandon quickly explained about Katy and Mel as how Mel knew Andy.

When Brandon was finished Bob asked for news about Ashley and Brandon told him about her finishing college and becoming a teacher. He showed pictures of her graduation and even one of her new classroom. Bob smiled on with pride as Brandon told him about the wonderful woman his daughter had become.

When they were finished talking and it was time for Brandon to leave, Bob quickly filled out the invitation and handed it back to Brandon.

“Do me a favor, give this to Katy.” Bob said.

Brandon looked at the card and saw that he had accepted and said, “Since you accepted, I have to ask or Katy will kill me.” Bob looked at him odd having seen Katy in the pictures and Brandon said, “Hey, she’s small, but feisty.”

“I’ll take your word for it, what did you need?”

“Since you’re coming will you consider it walking Ashley down the aisle? Providing she is okay with it, which I am sure she will be?”

Bob paused and said, “If Ashley wishes it, absolutely, but that’s up to her.”

Brandon then rose and shaking hands with him said, “Well then my business here is done. I best be heading back. Thanks for filling out the card too, Katy will be glad to have this and will be even more pleased with the answer. Just so you know you get a plus one if you want it.”

“No need son, my heart belonged to one woman, and one woman only. There can be no substitute.”

Brandon nodded understanding and walked to the door.

Before he stepped out he said, “By the way Bob that ticket is open and you’re welcome to come early, in fact I’d prefer it and so would Ashley. Just let us know when you’re coming. Regardless though, you should be sure to be there the night before for the rehearsal dinner.”

Brandon then exited the house and headed home. As he guessed Katy and Mel were excited to hear that the trip was a success, excited that not only had Brandon found Ashley’s dad but convince him to come to the wedding.

As he and Katy were talking Mel said from the other room, “Speaking of daddy’s Brandon…” Then she entered the room holding a positive home pregnancy test and said, “It looks like you’ll soon be one.”

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