Deal Ch. 03


Over the past few weeks about a dozen men had come in regularly to fuck The Blonde at their leisure, and even though most of them had visited her two or three times per week no one had cum in her pussy for the past several days. Some of them stroked themselves while she danced for them and then came in her mouth, others sucked her nipples and pounded her pussy while she lay there and let them have their way with her. Every few days two or three would do her at the same time, or someone would hold her down while they forced themselves into her. She would struggle and beg them not to rape her, partly because she wanted them to make soft love to her and partly because they both liked it better when they ravaged her.

She hadn’t had two men at the same time in about a week and she was lying in the middle of the bed, lazily fingering herself to try to massage a pussyache that she knew only several big hard cocks could relieve. The door opened and she sat up, coyly presenting herself to whomever entered. It was the first man from before, and when he sat on the bed she leaned into him and laid her head on his shoulder. She had always liked him best, maybe because he was her first, and ever since he had stopped raping her ass she had really taken a liking to him. He had a great body and a soft touch, and whenever she fingered herself she always found she was thinking of his cock in particular.

“I have a surprise for you,” he said and took a key from a chain around his neck. She laid her head in his lap, pressing her cheek against his clothed member as he gently released the manacles on her wrists and ankles. When she was free he stood up and with a smile said, “Follow me.” He led her by the wrist out the door and down the broad hallway to a an ornate room decorated in pink and white. The carpet was only visible in the center of the room because of the mounds of pillows that dominated the layout. Along one wall was the largest bed she had ever seen; it looked like three king-sized beds pushed together in the corner, but it was semi-circular and took up a quarter of the room.

He said, “Make yourself at home,” then left, closing the door behind him. She didn’t bother to see if it was locked, but instead started walking through the sea of pillows to the middle of the room. They were covered in a soft silky material that made her want to never stop touching them and they were solid enough to support vigorous activity. The bed appeared to be bare except for two pillows in the corner, and its thick wooden beams supported a beautiful gossamer canopy that hung gracefully in the air and trailed down the supports.

She was standing in a daze in the middle of he room like a statue when he returned. He was naked, and when she turned toward the door she saw his dick start getting hard as he looked at her and she blushed to see his pleasure. A second man followed him into the room, then a couple holding hands, then a third man behind them. They were all naked as well, except for the woman who wore a green choker with a silver pendant that hung in her clavicle, and they sat around her on the cushions as the first man explained there were two more who were still undressing and would come in a few minutes.

The couple she had never seen before, and they immediately reclined in each others arms on a pile of pillows and started touching each other as they surveyed the room and its inhabitants. The second man was unknown to her as well and sat on the edge of the bed as he looked between both women present and stroked himself hard. The third man had raped her during the party and had come back to make use of her services several times since then, though he only raped her one other time, and that was part of a threesome. He sat near the edge of the carpeted circle and spread his legs toward her invitingly.

She felt the first man’s naked body come up behind her and with a hand in the small of her back led her over to the third man. Laying down between his legs with his cock on her stomach, she rested her head on his chest and reached out to place her hand on the first man’s chiseled abs as he reclined beside them. The two men gently caressed her face, arms, and back while her hands gently played across their skin. The third man’s legs slid sensuously along hers and she started to relax. When the door opened again she turned to see a second young couple enter and walk over to them.

They were naked as well except for a pair of pink ankle socks with white lace around the top the woman was wearing. The woman from the second couple crawled onto the pillows near the first man and her husband sat behind her stroking her hips. The Blonde wrapped her leg up around the third man’s thigh and he hooked one hand around her knee, gently holding her head to his chest and her body sprawled along his. His skin felt nice and as she wondered if she could fall asleep there in his arms she slid her hand down to the first man’s shaft. After a few strokes of his silky manhood her hand bumped something and she looked over to see the woman with the pink socks cupping and tickling the first man’s balls. The other woman didn’t seem to mind at all so they continued slowly jacking him off together while she watched the pink woman’s husband kissing her shoulder and sliding his cock into his wife’s pussy.

The man sitting on the bed came up behind her and knelt between her legs as she lay on the third man, placing his shaft along her ass and stroking her hips. She felt him drop the head of his cock down to her pussy lips and enter her gently, sliding along her pleasure passage like a gentleman. He was hard for her and being wanted in such a smooth, loving way felt good, something she hadn’t felt often. The people who came to her went hard or soft, fast or slow based on their fetishes, but she loved this new feeling of being loved and adored, and she surprised herself to discover she wanted to feel him cum inside her. She looked up at the first man and smiled. Holding his throbbing manhood in her hand while the third man made tender love to her from behind made her heart race, and she felt a blush steal across her face when the first man brushed aside her hair and caressed her cheek. He looked deeply into her eyes for a few moments until she smiled and sheepishly turned away, burying her face in the third man’s chest.

The green couple sitting beside her was facing her. The man’s legs were spread and the woman was sitting on his cock, legs stretched along his, pressing her back against his chest so he could fondle her tits. They rocked back and forth, slowly making love as they watched her and the woman from the pink couple getting fucked where they lay. Her hand had stopped stroking the first man’s member and rested absent-mindedly around the base of his shaft and his balls. The woman’s pussy slowly rose and fell on her husband’s cock in a tight embrace only a few feet away taking up most of her vision, and she took in the couple’s serene expressions as they watched the spectacle before them.

She felt lips touch her fingers, and she looked back to see the woman from the pink couple giving the first man a blowjob while her husband smoothly buried his shaft in her pussy. She removed her hand to let the other woman eat his cock and moan her pleasure. The woman rolled into a prostrate kneeling position so her husband could kneel between her legs to fuck her while she sucked the first man’s shaft and balls. Her husband was gliding gracefully in and out of her pussy as she in turn slowly, playfully bobbed her head on first man’s fully erect manhood. This experience was completely unknown to The Blonde, not just because there were other women present but because everyone was taking it slow and prolonging the pleasure as much as possible.

The man inside her pulled out of her without cumming, and she turned to see if she had done something wrong. He was smiling kindly at her and laid down, pressing her warmly between himself and the third man. She reached a hand back to hold his still-throbbing cock, the first and third mens’ hands dancing lightly across her skin as the second man stroked her hips. She reached her other hand to grab the third man’s dick and slid down to let her tits surround his swollen shaft, using minimal movement to undulate her breasts around his member. She could feel him swelling against her chest, his steady hands holding her shoulders, and she knew she was doing it right.

His shaft felt warm and silky between her tits, and her nipples sent a thrill through her body as they rubbed beside the base of his cock. She let her hand cup his head and hold him against her chest, and after several more strokes she leaned down to kiss and lick his swollen, purple head. As she started to slowly jack him off, the green couple got up and moved to the open floor in the center of the room. The woman from the pink couple stopped sucking the first man’s dick and her husband sat behind her so she could lay against his cock while they watched. Everyone else seemed to turn to watch the green couple, so she rolled on her side between the first and third man, watching the first couple’s exhibition as she slowly stroked the third man’s budding cock.

At first they stood in the middle of the room and embraced, kissing passionately as their naked bodies started to grind against each other. Then the woman broke away from his kiss and stared deeply into her husband’s eyes as she slowly knelt in front of him. She never broke her gaze from his, and held him close so her nipples skimmed his skin from his chest to his thighs. Making sure to guide his penis through her tits, she held his balls when she was finally kneeling before him and took the length of his shaft into her mouth. Her lips closed around the base of his cock as she deepthroated him, and everyone watching started fingering themselves or someone else.

The woman bobbed her head several times before pulling off of him and kissing him squarely on the head of his dick. The man reached for a pillow and placed it behind his wife’s ass, laying her back with her pussy and shoulders hanging off the edges of the cushion so he could mount her from the front. She wrapped her arms around his neck and the room watched as his hard porno cock entered her womanhood and began bottoming out inside her at a slow, steady pace. Her legs wrapped around his body as her tits bounced under him and she pulled his lips to hers in a long, passionate kiss.

The room watched as the woman laid back, arching her back so her husband could play with her breasts as he lovingly slow-fucked her pussy. She stretched her arms out along the floor above her head as he ran his hands over her breasts, legs and ass several times before pulling out. He took her by the hand and they stood up again, smiling arousedly at their onlookers as they walked back to their former place and sat down. They were both sweating a little, and lounged expectantly in each others’ arms as they started fondling each other once again.

The third man stood up, taking the Blonde by the hand and leading her out into the middle where he laid down with his ass on the pillow and his cock standing straight up in the air. He tucked his hands behind his head and nodded to her, and she knew what he wanted her to do. Swaying her hips, she stepped across his body and lowered herself onto his groin. Her pussy lips moved smoothly along the side of his shaft, lubricated by her own arousal. She leaned forward and braced her arms off of his chest as she started to grind her pussy against his dick, her tits swinging above his head as the room looked on in enjoyment.

Leaning forward she lowered her breasts onto his face she let him lick and suck her nipples as she released his cock from her grinding hips. She felt it position naturally behind her ready for penetration, and she bucked lightly several times to make her tits caress his face and to tease his cock as she pecked its head with her pussy lips. The third man placed his hands on her thighs and she leaned back, sinking his shaft deep inside her. She arched her back and ran her hands through her hair, throwing her head back and putting her tits on display for the room to see.

A coy glance toward her audience told her they were thoroughly enjoying her exhibitionism. The woman from green couple was fingering herself as she watched and her husband was sitting behind her lovingly fondling her breasts. The second man was masturbating and the woman from the pink couple was lounging between her husband and the first man, holding both of their cocks and slowly stroking them as they all gazed on the titillating performance before them.

The second man locked eyes with the Blonde and got up, walking in to join them. She closed her eyes and turned back to the third man, rocking back and forth on the hard cock she was fucking and moving her hands down to fondle her own tits. A hard cock slid along her cheek and she felt the second man press his legs against her back. She turned her head to lick his shaft and slid her tongue from his tight ballsack to his swollen purple head as she rode the man between her legs.

There was a knock at the door, and the first man rose to answer it. The door opened and a third couple entered, followed by two more men. They were all completely naked, except for a gold dangly belt the woman was wearing. She thought she remembered the man from the couple fucking her at some point, probably with several other men, but she wasn’t sure. Other than that didn’t recognize any of them. The first man was saying, “Anything with a willing partner is allowed. If you don’t have your own woman we have provided one here for your pleasure,” motioning to her. “She will attend to your every desire.” The two strangers looked her up and down with a grin before taking in the rest of their surroundings.

She went back to licking the cock on her cheek and fucking the cock in her pussy as the newcomers circled her to lounge with the group. She leaned forward to rub her tits in the third man’s face again, and slipped his dick out of her so she could slide her pussy lips along his shaft. The second man kneeled behind her as she straddled the third man’s cock, and held her hips as he slipped his dick into her dripping wet slit. She gasped at the feel of a long, hard shaft inside her while she ground her hips against another swollen manhood and felt her pussyache transform into a rolling orgasm.

Both men held her tight as wave after wave of pleasure echoed through her body, and her lips let out a soft scream as she spasmed around the cock buried deep inside her pussy. Her hips bucked several times, letting the shaft and balls under her clit brush against her as she rode out the waves of her orgasm. The onlookers applauded knowingly as she collapsed onto the third man’s chest, and she blushed when the first man said, “May this be the first of many tonight.”

She watched the third and second man return to their places, smiling as she lay in a euphoric stupor and finally turned to follow them. The pink woman stood and sauntered into the center ring, leading her husband by the dick and enticing the two new strangers with a sultry look and a beckoning finger. As they eagerly rose to follow her, the woman stood in the center of the room, bent at the reklamsız porno waist, and started kissing the underside of her husband’s cock, making sure to keep her ass high in the air and her pink socks far apart so her pussy just begged to be fucked.

The woman’s hands held and stroked her husband’s shaft and when one of the men started fondling her ass she let out a long, sensual moaning sigh. The other stranger approached her face and she cupped his balls, drawing the head of his cock into her mouth as her other hand stroked her husband’s shaft. Every eye was on them as the stranger stroked her pussy and lined up his dick for penetration. Sliding his hands down her bare legs he slid himself into her waiting, begging pussy, bottoming out inside her and pushing her lips over the shaft in her mouth until she was deepthroating the other stranger.

Watching the spectacle, the Blonde couldn’t help enjoying seeing these men fucking the woman, whose moans of pleasure made every dick in the room hard. Laying down along the first man, she cuddled his body and stroked his member as they all watched the horny foursome. The woman had let go of her husband and was sliding her lips from the base of the stranger’s shaft to his head with every stroke of the cock in her pussy. Their rhythm was slow and steady, and their enjoyment was palpable.

The husband from the pink couple, undeterred by his exclusion, crawled under his wife and started kissing and licking her pussy as it was repeatedly filled by another man’s cock. He ran his hands along her back and down her legs, letting her breasts hang free before returning to fondle them. He stroked her tits and pinched her nipples, eating her out as the room watched his penis twitch and jump on the cushion where he sat.

The woman from the gold couple stood and led her husband into the ring, adjusting her dangly belt as she circled the foursome and knelt down on the far side, keeping her knees together as she sat on her feet. Her husband knelt behind her, knees spread wide so his cock rested against her ass and lower back, preparing to indulge himself on her womanhood when she presented it to him. Then, leaning forward, she kissed the swollen purple cock that stood up forlornly in the center of the cushion, and as she was penetrated by her husband’s cock from behind she gingerly guided the head into her mouth with her fingertips. Her mouth closed around his head and she lightly ran her fingers down his shaft to his balls with her lips following close behind. Her hands grasped the base of his cock and tickled his balls while her tongue tentatively caressed his swollen manhood.

The husband from the gold couple drove his dick home a few times, making his wife’s belt jangle from the impact, then sank himself into her pussy as he ran his hands passionately up and down her naked back. The husband from the pink couple stopped eating out his wife and laid his head back, feeling up his wife’s legs as he enjoyed the blowjob he was receiving. As she stood above him, his wife’s moans changed to breathy pants of pleasure, and her toes curled in their pink ankle socks as she pulled her mouth off of the stranger’s dick she was sucking and pressed her face against his chiseled abs. Her husband reached up to finger her clit, straddling his fingers around the shaft that buried itself in his wife’s pussy and was quickly bringing her to the edge of a climax.

From where the Blonde lay along the first man watching the orgy with contentment, she slid down his body so she could kiss and lick his head and shaft. His cock swelled as she took the head into her mouth and she let out a sigh of satisfaction to taste him again. The second man came up behind her and ran his hands along her spine. He cupped her ass and thigh, and slid his leg along hers as she lay embracing the first man’s member with her tongue. She was not surprised when the second man’s dick pushed its way into her pussy and the way he started thrusting told her he intended to slowly build until he satisfied himself in her.

She still had a good view of the climaxing woman in the middle of the orgy, and out of the corner of her eye she could see the green couple a few feet away. The woman’s neck strained against her green choker as she arched her back, thrusting her tits out and sitting back on her feet with her husband’s cock balls-deep inside her. Her husband’s hands were cupping her tits, and they were watching the spectacular display in the center of the room.

The woman from the pink couple started deepthroating the stranger’s dick again while just below her tits her husband’s swollen purple head was being sucked on like a lollipop by the gold woman’s tender, loving lips. Her climax was imminent, and she held the stranger’s cock in her mouth to muffle her scream as the large pair of balls tapping her clit drove her stuffed pussy to orgasm. Hearing and feeling his wife climax above his face made the man from the pink couple shoot his load into the patiently waiting mouth of the woman from the gold couple, who wrapped her tongue around the head the dick dick in her mouth and relished its throbbing vitality as her belt jangled from her husband’s jolting thrusts. The Blonde felt the second man’s cock erupt inside her as he watched the others cum, and she smiled at his soft touch on her ass and thighs as strongly yet gently relinquished inside her the apex of his desire.

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