Cougar House Ch. 09: SPRING LOADED


“So this is where you’re hiding.”

Looking up from Darryl Needy’s office desk Margo Needy notes the unexpected arrival of her third new tenant Eric Crowe. Before her were bills spread out on the desk top, bills that were overdue if not by only weeks. She had the money to pay them but she had been lazy with her son Elliot’s departure weighing on her thoughts. Between missing her son and greeting his friends, now roommates, with a tad more than a welcome mat Margo was wore out. Two of the four had already been seduced. Two more to go. Target number three had just ducked his head in.

“Right here Eric…no hiding.”

“Brought you my rent check. Figured I should put this directly into your hand before moving any of my things in. It just felt like the right thing to do.”

“That’s very noble of you Eric. I’m going to love having you boys…” She takes a drink of wine before finishing her sentence, her eyes looking his body over from head to toe. Eric melted at her brilliant gaze, “…living here with me.”

Sitting back in her swivel chair she displays her bulging breasts through a silky tan spaghetti halter top. Her nipples stabbing at him with a threatening display of Russian Roulette.

“Are those Darryl’s?” He points at her, but his focus was what was behind her.

Pinching her top out to offer a hint more of swollen cleavage she shyly smiles, “They were…” Before adding further to her story of her husband’s gift of silicone, she watches Eric move around her in favor of something less attractive. Remaining away from his discovery she hoped that he was stepping behind her to attempt some form of seduction. To her shock he had zero intentions on that fantasy. Instead Eric had found the trophy case behind her. Blushing at her misperception while turning her seat to face him, she smiles with pride. “Darryl’s early trophies, when he actually played ball. Those were long before I came into his life.”

“I used to hear stories about Darryl Needy back in his prime. My Dad went to Penn State when Darryl played for them. Dad admitted that Darryl was his idol.”

“That’s so sweet. You should invite your Father out to see these trophies.”

“He might find his trophy wife more appealing.” Eric chuckles.

“Mmmm! The invite still stands.” She bats her eyes at him. While he looked down at her, she scoots her seat back and lifts her amazing long legs up to prop her heels on the desk. Wearing loose white shorts allowed her muscular, well tanned legs to taunt Eric should his marveling over shiny metal trophy’s wane. It definitely worked.

“I wish I could…” He swallows dryly as she offers a doe like gaze of unblinking eyes. “…wish I could have seen him play.”

“With?” She winks playfully.

“Play ball. I wasn’t…” A blush leads him to turn away laughing, “Gutter ball’s are in bowling not basketball.” He knew she was insinuating that he wanted to see sex videos between she and Darryl. He was up for those videos too.

Coyly, Margo changes the atmosphere of teasing with, “There are videos of every game he played in. You’re welcome to watch them anytime as long as they never leave this house.”

“Awesome. Thanks.” He observes her rubbing one bare foot over the other almost sensually as she sipped her wine.

“You…painted your toenails.”

“I did. They were looking so plain I felt it was time to brighten up my day. I’ve been so depressed since Elliot went away.”

“You look really tense.”

“Paying bills does that. While I have plenty of money for the short term, every penny I pay out gets me one step closer to heartbreak.” She sighs lifting her wine glass, “Thus I drink to drown my sorrows.” Pouting for sympathy she swirls her near empty glass. Seeing this Eric notes the bottle to her right and stretches over her legs to obtain it. In doing this his tented crotch caresses her leg below the knee. He made certain to roll every inch across those stunning limbs. Eyes flaring as he pulls back holding the bottle he offers a refill. Glass extended she accepts his offer. “Mmmm! I like the service in this restaurant.”

After the refill he retraces his steps placing the bottle exactly where he plucked it up from, again caressing her leg with a slide rule of hidden girth. She shivered as he lingered a bit to look down over her hips, between her legs before standing away. Her shorts loose enough to reveal red lace panties beneath them. As nerves kick in Eric chooses to avert his gaze and scratch the back of his neck.

“Only half full?” She pouts with a puffy lower lip.

“What? Oh, sorry.” Again he stretches over her legs for a repeat performance claiming the bottle. This time Eric’s hands trembled as he tilted the bottle for a cap off. Fingers sweaty he nearly drops the bottle as it poured.

“Let’s not spill the wine. One, it’s quite expensive. This is one luxury I’d hate to live without. For two my shorts are white. Staining them would be bad.”

“Sorry. Are you trying to get drunk?”

“You will know when I get drunk. I can’t keep my clothes on.” She sticks her tongue out at him.

“In that case…drink görükle escort up.” He chuckles.

“Now Mister Crowe…” She lifts her left foot and nudges his abs just above his pubic area. “I also get the giggles. Too much makes me want to belly dance.”

“Ohhh I remember those hips Shakira.” He laughs.

“Do you? Even when my dancing uniform slipped to my thighs?”

“Not even gonna deny that. Trying to behave here Mom. You should do the same. More wine?” He feigns reaching for the bottle, she had not even taken a drink from her refill. Giggling she shakes her head.

“Someone has high hopes of seeing me do silly things.”

“Just flirting. Don’t read much into it.”

“But, I love a good book.” He observes her toes trailing up her opposite leg sensually as she imbibes. Mesmerized by her foot massaging her shin, he lost track of time. She merely studied his eyes and expression. She wondered just how long he could stare without a word between them. Intimate thoughts guide her gameplay, “That’s it sweet Eric, fantasize about me.” That he did. “Eric?” She softly speaks, her left hand fiddling with her shorts near her inner thighs. It takes another try to break his trance, “Earth to Eric.”

“Huh?” He jumps a bit. Realization sets in as she sips her wine looking over her glass with the most amazing brown eyes. “Sorry. Just thinking.”

“About what may I ask?”

“Fucking the holy hell out of you.” He offers a mental reply then vocalizes with, “Just how lucky Darryl was. You’re beautiful, hope you don’t mind the compliment.”

“You’re welcome to compliment me every second of the day.”

“Some of those I might keep to myself.” He smirks.


“Okay! You’ve got the hottest legs I’ve ever seen.”

She rolls a palm over her upper thighs examining his impression of them. “I just shaved them. Silky soft now. Feel.” She prompts him to test her own beliefs.

“You sure?”

“Eric! You’ve massaged these legs when we took Elliot to the airport. Being shy now seems moot don’t you think?”

“True.” Deep breath taken he rolls his right palm over her shin up to her knee. As she sips her wine she lifts her leg higher for further examination. Challenged Eric moved above the knee and caresses her clear up to the hem over the left leg of her white shorts. “Very nice. Not even a Knick.”

“I’m talented that way.”

“Okay! Before I get myself in trouble I better get started carrying my things in.”

“No trouble. Do you need any help?”

He immediately tells his thoughts, “Sure. You can start by stroking my cock.” Of course those thoughts switched to a spoken. “If you feel generous.”

“I’m always generous. Let me finish paying my last bill here and I’ll be down.”

“Sounds good. Don’t lick a stamp without me watching.” He bulges his eyes at his outburst. Her own eyes flaring at his boldness

“Do they still make those type of stamps? I pay my bills online Eric. You’re so cute.” She giggles lowering her legs to the floor and scooting her chair back up to the desk.


“Don’t be. I used to be very good at licking stamps. Wait! Just for you Eric.” She digs through a desk drawer and locates a very old book of stamps. Lifting them up between two fingers she snickers, “I just remembered I still had these antiques.” He found it amusing as she adds, “Snoopy even.” winking before taking a stamp from the mostly used booklet and posing it up to her tongue. Seductively she licks the stamp and plants it on an envelope that she was going to toss in the garbage anyway. Offering a bitter expression she quickly takes a sip of wine. The gross look on her face multiplied. “Glue and red wine do not mix.”

“Funny as hell. See you downstairs.” He walked out gripping his tented beast snarling at how hard he was. “Down boy! Down.” Between this interaction and hearing of Margo’s morning bedroom masturbation dream from both Cabot and Brian he was hoping for his own bit of erotic behavior. Of course, Margo didn’t know the boys had watched her. Untrue of course, that she wasn’t aware of the boys in her room spying she was just a darn good actress. Her game was just that perfected. Look out Eric Crowe.

“Fuck that was hot.” He trudged downstairs his mind racing. “I love those legs. Wonder if she shaved her pussy too?” He had no clue of Darryl forbidding her of ever having pubic hair. Only Cabot and Brian knew that revelation, and neither of them had admitted that much information. All they did was offer news of her breakfast in bed and catching her masturbate while in dreamland. Just enough to stimulate their friends and assist Margo in her seductions. Chess pieces were moving. Mates were being checked.

While Eric starts outdoors, Margo back in the office downs her glass of wine in a single gulp. Snatching up her bottle she caps it then stretches, her breasts vibrantly lifting. Eric should have been there. She would just stretch later for him. Fixated on the image of Eric still there, she giggles and sheepishly roleplays, holding her wine bottle between her tits she crushed them around bursa escort bayan it as if titty fucking herself. “My bottle Mister Crowe. Mine!” She had to laugh at herself. Image fading she sighs. “I need to brush my teeth now. Stupid stamps.” Into the trash can Snoopy went.

Moving from the office she shuffled to her bedroom, then her bath to tinkle. Sitting there shorts and panties to her ankles she recalls her seduction of Cabot and Brian. “The boys are dying to ravish my body. I really don’t even need to try hard. My God! If Eric doesn’t give me some I’m going to have to break out my toys later. Two more boys Margo. Don’t let Eric say no. With Heath moving in tomorrow I need to have Eric today.” She takes a deep breath then flushes her toilet, “Do not fail Margo.” No chance of that Mrs. Needy.

After washing her hands, and quickly brushing her teeth she felt ready to pursue her next target. “Much better.” She grits her pearly whites checking them out before giggling. “Let’s gargle with cum Bitch.” Wondering if she should change clothing before helping Eric she shrugged, “Be natural Margo. If you change clothing now it looks obvious that you’re trying to turn him on. Let’s play this close to the chest.” Squeezing her braless beauties for effect and stimulation Margo was on her way downstairs, wine bottle in hand. A swift trip to the kitchen she sits the wine in the fridge.

“Let’s go Margo Cargo.” Front door reached she opens it just as Eric climbs the front steps of the porch carrying a large overflowing box. On top of the pile rested a Catcher’s mitt, baseball tucked in it. Stumbling a bit the box tilted and out flew the baseball rolling across the lengthy deck and under a bench for sitting.

“I’ll grab the balls…ball.” She flares her eyes at him for her goofy remark. Wiggling away he winced at her shifting butt cheeks behind those really high riding shorts. Dropping to her hands and knees in order to reach beneath the bench her ass posed as if expecting doggy style. Even with his box heavy, Eric had his cell in hand. Awkwardly he turns on his camera and snaps a photo of her ass ready for some spanking, her kneeled position hiking those shorts even higher over her cheeks.

“Fuck yeah!” He sighs watching her claim the ball and sit up on her knees. Leering over her shoulder smiling she shows him the ball.

“Just call me a Philly Filly.”

“Thanks. Don’t you just hate those fly balls to left field?”

“You played baseball in high school?”

“Yep. Catcher if you couldn’t tell.” He nods at the mitt still in the box.

Standing she stalks toward him tossing the ball up and down in her hand. On the third toss upward she fumbles and loses the ball. Eric had to laugh as it rolled toward his feet until he steps on it to stop it’s roll. Giggling she shuffles closer and winks, “Foul ball.” He then observed her kneel to pick it up, her body in position as if ready to unfasten his pants and blow him. Looking up at him she offers innocent eyes, “All we need now is a Louisville Slugger.” A glance at his erection she had found it.

“This box is getting heavy Mom.” He wasn’t lying, he just didn’t want to drop it on her. Standing quickly Margo planted the baseball back into the box and stepped out of the way.

“Take that on upstairs. I’ll go grab another.” She let him pass and started down the steps when she changed her mind about going barefoot. Stepping back inside to the front closet she found her most used flip flops and scurried back out. Reaching Eric’s car, a 2006 Toyota Camry she found his trunk open. Examining the boxes within it she snoops a bit. A clothing box had something interesting. “Eric owns a speedo? Oh my!” Holding it up in front of her she giggles, “I’ve seen his hidden erection and sat on his lap. How is this slingshot going to contain that thing.” Before being caught, back into the box it went.

Noticing more in the next box she digs in producing a bottle of flavored lube and a box of ribbed condoms. “Allergic to latex, back you go.” Opening the lube bottle she sticks her tongue out and samples the rim of the bottle, “Mmmm! Cinnamon.” Capped and back in place she stops snooping and carries the clothing box to the porch. Sitting it down just as he returns Eric captured a magical shot of her massive cleavage just as her loose halter hangs low. “NIPPLES!” He grinned to himself, “Damn those look nice.”

“I’ll unload you carry up.”

“That’s my job to unload…on your big ole’ titties.” He nods thinking lustfully. She merely smiles even as her left strap abandons her shoulder, Margo didn’t even try to pull it back up, One strap was sufficient.

Hoisting the box he headed back inside. Margo returning to the car discovered old Hustler magazines in a small wooden crate in the backseat. “Oooo! She looks like me.” She admires the cover model. Leaving it, she grabs that second box from the trunk. The bottom flaps merely folded together made the box come open under the weight of the contents. Luckily it was in the trunk instead of all over the driveway. Grimacing at the accident she refolds the box and bursa escort begins to pick up what had fell through. “Handcuffs? Well now! Hmmm! Two pairs. Are we arresting each other Eric? Too bad they’re not fuzzy.”

Once repacked she carries the box more carefully back to the porch where Eric stood waiting to claim it. “Tired already?” He calls to her from a distance. While constrained to not losing the bottom, another bottom begins to fall. Her loose fitting comfy shorts were sagging from her waist. Probably the oldest piece of clothing she owned, yet unwilling to part with them, the waistband was worn out. With each step the shorts were falling ever so gradually, butt crack shining and defining, her G-string strap looking like crimson spaghetti. By the time she reached Eric it had drifted down to mid crack.

“Hardly tired. I’m used to strenuous workouts. I might need your help though. These ratty old shorts of mine are seeing better days. Pull them up for me.” She turns her back to him and he instantly bites his knuckle at half of her ass hanging out.

“Trying not to look Mom.”

“No different than my wearing a bikini Eric. Stare away. Besides you would not be the first man to look, I used to be a lingerie model remember?” She giggled feeling his hands tugging her shorts up high, the crotch snugging up a bit too high inside her thighs for a round of flaring big brown eyes. “Any higher and I start squealing.”


“I am so going to break you boys of all these apologies. That, and this Mom business.”

“Can’t help it Mrs. Needy. You feel like Mom to us.” He smirks adding, “Don’t take this the wrong way but, Elliot used to show us pictures of you on his cell. From your modelling days. Bra and pantie shots. You were hot back in those days. Less…up there though.”

“Are you saying I’m not hot now?” She winces.

“NO WAY! You’re hot as fu-. Especially after…” He reluctantly points at her chest.

“Finish your sentences Eric. That’s a pet peeve of mine.”

Laughing he finishes, just not how she expected, “You’re hot as spicy Funyuns.”

“Don’t make me roll my eyes. Tell me what you meant to say.”

“You’re hot as fuck. You knew what I meant. I was trying to be polite.”

“No need to be polite. Of course I did. I just needed the ego boost.” Another tongue razz followed. “I’m presuming you were pointing out my boob job? They do add something don’t they?” She primps at her halter top knowing her nipples were reeling his eyes in.

“Can’t help not noticing Mom.”

Wagging her index finger with a scowl she groans, “Mom again. Oh, I’m going to change that Mom thing don’t you worry Handsome Eric. From now on you finish every sentence as it was intended. Am I clear Mister Crowe?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Yes Hottie.” She batts her lashes playfully.

“Really?” He laughs taking the box from her. In doing so, again everything within collapses to the ground. “Awwww maaan!”

“I picked that stuff up once. All yours.”

“You did? Uh oh! I guess you found…”

“Hand cuffs? Are you trying out for the police department?”

“No.” He chuckles, “You know what they’re for.” He winks.

“I have a fairly good idea.” She feigns a blush. Margo breaks down, kneeling to yet again assist in picking up the contents, this time discovering something she had missed before. Something feathery caught her attention lifting it up by a handle, “Feather duster? Are you planning to clean my home in your speedo?” She freezes gritting her teeth, “Yes I spotted that too. You should hide things better.”

“I thought honesty was the best policy. Should I hide things from our landlady?”

“Not at all. I’d prefer total honesty, no matter what it involves. I also saw your men’s magazines. The girl on the cover looks suspiciously like me.”

“I hadn’t thought of that. I think I know the magazine you’re talking about. Yeah!” He grins devilishly, “I might have to put her pinups on the wall.”

“It’s your room. Decorate it as you like.”

“You won’t object to your twin all spread eagle on my wall?”

“Of course not. You’re grown men all of you. I would worry if you didn’t.” She sticks her tongue out at him. “I’m going back for more. Try not to lose the contents on the stairs going up.” Margo stood turning to pull her shorts back up, extra high just to taunt him with her lower cheeks swelling out.

“Niiiice! You just keep teasing like that Mrs. Needy.” He smirked to himself. A glance back at him Margo knew he was drooling. Sure enough he lost things on the stairwell, she heard him yell, “Son of a bitch.” It made her shake her head. Before Eric returned she had set boxes on the porch, including his magazines, more clothing, and hygiene box of colognes, soap, toothpaste, etc.

In the front seat she found a photograph and trophy box. Baseball trophies from two years in a row accompanied by a team photo. Finding Eric in the roster she snickered, “He looks so much younger in this than he does now. My handsome lad has certainly matured.” It brought back thoughts of Elliot growing up, casting a shadow over her hormones suddenly. It got worse discovering Eric’s most recent family portrait consisting of Mom and Dad, and presumably a sister with strawberry blond hair and a few freckles. She was very cute. Tucking it away she left well enough alone and carried the box to the porch.

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