Game Night Pt. 05

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Once again, I would like to offer my apologies for the pause between installments. I am happy to let you know that part 6, my intended end of this story is already underway. If that part becomes too long then I will continue to part 7, but the end is nigh.

Happy Holidays and Have a safe and Happy New Year.


Game Night Pt. 5

“Hey!” A new voice called. “You better share!”

Sarah’s stomach clenched like a child caught stealing a cookie from the jar. She turned slowly and let herself be pulled into a kiss. Though her eyes had adjusted it was still too dark to make out who had joined them. Sarah didn’t care, the kiss was sweet and left her trembling.

“Or what?” Sarah teased.

“Or I’ll move you to the sideline and tell you to not even touch yourself.” Rachel returned.

“Fine.” Sarah stood and indicated Owen’s lap. “He’s all fluffed for you.”

Rachel giggled. “Thank you.” She climbed on top of Owen, his cock pressing into her side as she snuggled up to him. “Are you okay with this?” She asked, looking into his eyes even though the dark concealed them.

“Yes.” Owen replied softly even as his hips jerked lightly against her.

“Feels like someone needs more attention.” Rachel trailed her fingers lightly against his stomach before grasping the wet flesh. Owen’s reaction was exactly what she wanted. “I want you inside me.” Rachel whimpered. “I want to feel you against me, entering me. I want to taste your name on my lips before I scream it out loud.”

Her voice shook as she drew a shuddering breath. “I need to feel that ache as you tear through that barrier, claiming me.” She flexed her hand around his erection.

“Are you sure?” Owen asked through a hiss.

Rachel nodded enthusiastically. “I’m sure.” Rachel kissed his cheek. “But there is a problem.”

“What’s that?” Owen asked, his tone all about fixing whatever “the problem” might be.

“Sarah’s dripping wet and in need of some serious attention. I just couldn’t live with myself if I got to cum and she was left needing it.” Rachel pumped him faster. “At the same time, I don’t want to share my first time with you.” Rachel flicked his ear with her tongue, her hot breath sending shivers down his side. “What should we do with her?”

“I don’t k-” Owen’s words were stolen as Rachel moved her body up higher on him, her velvety lips surrounding the blunt head pinning it between their bodies.

“Should we make her watch without playing? Let her tease herself until she begs?” Rachel rolled her hips gently with each word. “Maybe we should let her finger herself until she just can’t cum anymore.”

“Oh, shit.” Sarah whispered.

“What do you think, Owen?” Rachel asked sweetly.

“T-tease herself until she b-begs.” Owen replied through hitching breath.

Rachel giggled, her smile clear in the tone of her voice as she spoke. “Mmmmm, I love it!”

“If I beg, will you take care of me?” Sarah asked with a tremble.

“Of course.” Rachel replied quickly. “But you have to really beg.” She turned back to Owen. “Now, here I am on top of you.” She swept her hair out of her face. “What are you going to do with me?” She paused for a moment. “Keep in mind, there are no limits. I will, literally, do anything you want.”

Owen’s mouth dried out, but even if it hadn’t it would have made no difference. In that moment, he had forgotten the entirety of the English language. It was like there was a early 90’s Rolodex in his mind just flipping its shit, 9 x 5 index cards with words and definitions just spitting out on rapid-fire. He had no words. None.

“I think you broke him.” Sarah giggled.

Rachel rubbed her hand against his cock.

“Fuck.” Owen moaned.

“Nope, not broken.” Rachel concluded. “Just needed rebooting.”

“I wonder how you press ‘control,’ ‘alt,’ ‘delete’ on him?” Sarah asked.

“I think that button’s on the prostate.” Rachel replied.

Owen grabbed Rachel’s hand as she made like she was going in search.

“Apparently you just needed to startle him a bit.”

Rachel pulled Owen’s lower lip between her teeth. “That’s enough about Sarah. What am I going to do with you?” She purred as she looked into his eyes.

Owen closed his eyes briefly as he pressed his hips more firmly against the scorchingly hot girl straddling him. “I want you.” He breathed on an exhale. “I want to be in you.”

Rachel licked her lips. “That,” She rolled her hips against his erection, “I can do.” As she raised her hips she gripped the length of him and moaned, a delicious low growl as she moved the blunt tip of his aching cock between her dripping, dew covered lips.

The sound of her moaning kicked Owen mentally back in time and in an instant he found himself reliving a memory he’d thought forgotten.

The Sun was shining, beating down on the exposed skin of the group of friends. Owen felt the heat in his sore muscles, felt the tightening of his skin as a precursor to the burn he would later have, and the grit travesti porno of the cement beneath his knees reminded him that if he shifted around too much he would pay with flesh.

“Make sure you don’t miss any spots.” Rachel reminded him. She had called him over to rub tanning oil on her back with the excuse that she couldn’t reach it and none of the other girls wanted to miss a minute of their sun time. Owen had grumbled about the task but had made his way over and knelt beside her towel.

A few squirts of the oil rubbed vigorously between his hands but before he could make contact, Rachel spoke again.

“I don’t know how you’re going to get everywhere if this is tied.” And just like that the top of her bikini was undone. She was lying on her stomach so he didn’t see anything, but the knowledge that she had untied her clothing in front of him left him feeling parched and short of breath.

He put his hands on her skin and fought to keep the satisfied groan to himself, except the sound came out anyway. His cheeks burned before he realized that it had been her, not him, that had made the noise.

“God! Your hands feel fantastic. Why haven’t I had you give me a massage before?”

“Quit perving on my brother!” Katerina shouted without looking up from her book.

“So you can have him all to yourself?” Rachel called back.

Katerina didn’t say anything to that and Owen had been so caught up in touching Rachel that he didn’t notice the way Kat bit her lower lip.

“So,” Jessica, lying beside Rachel, started, “I was reading this article-”

“Of course you were.” Rachel griped.

“And in this article,” Jessica continued, “there were all these suggestions about how you should be having sex.”

“I didn’t know there was an entity out there that wanted me to have sex.” Rachel quipped.

I do, Owen thought to himself.

“No, like, what positions, speed, where to touch, how to be touched.”

“There’s only one way.” Rachel interrupted again. “Fast, hard, and rough.”

“That’s three.” Katerina pointed out.

“Not the way I do it.” Rachel smiled.

“It went into some detail and said that while guys typically like the fast and hard sex, women rate the slow and passionate stuff better.”

“I wouldn’t know.” Rachel replied. “I just beg until they give it to me fast.”

“Why?” Jessica asked.

Rachel seemed stunned by the question and quickly changed the subject. “I’m thinking of going dancing tonight.”

“I don’t want to go dancing.” Katerina fussed.

“It’s either that or I’m going to crawl into your brother’s bed after everyone goes to sleep.”

Owen’s eyes widened in surprise and he stopped applying the oil.

“Fine! We can go dancing.” Katerina’s mouth was firmly twisted with aggravation but she returned to reading her book.

“Too bad, Stud.” Rachel didn’t even turn to look at him as she spoke. “I could use some fast, hard, and rough attention tonight.”

“So, you’ve never had it any other way?” Katerina marked her spot with her finger.

Rachel finally turned to look at someone. “I already said ‘no’ just let it drop.” There was a bit more fire to her tone than she’d meant but no one bothered her further. Lying her head back down, cheek against the chair, she wiggled her back and hips. “Man-slave, continue your work.”

Owen shook his head with a barely suppressed chuckle and returned to rubbing her back; delicious moans bursting from her throat as he worked.

Owen looked at Rachel, forgetting about the blunt head thrusting out from his hips to drink her in instead. He’d spent much of his life around this young woman. Had watched her grow from a child into adolescence, hell, he’d even heard her fart on more than one occasion but of the veritable lifetime of memories he had of her, her face on that distance summer day kept coming back. There was something in the way her eyes seemed to dull as she begged off the question that dogged his overworked mind.

Rachel, not noticing the lost-in-thought expression on her soon-to-be lover’s face, worked the burning, throbbing helmet between her insistently tingling lips feeling the delicious bite as his momentarily dry cock kissed her dripping slit. Her teeth clicked together viciously as she arched her back, feeling the sharp tear of her hymen and the slip-and-grip of his cock sliding into her.

Owen’s fingers, a hair’s-breadth from Rachel’s head gripped the pillows between his fingers and for some strange reason the sight of his white-knuckled grip sent tremors of lust flashing through the muscles of her core. The pain had faded and she felt herself grow wetter, her pussy hungrily pulsing around the thick invasion of his dick. With each flex of her muscles she could feel that bar of his wiggling against her g-spot, forcing her toward orgasm with little more than the vibration of his blood through his veins.

She wanted more. She wanted to be owned by him. Take me, use me, tell me what güzel porno I need to do to make you fuck me like an animal, her mind growled. Her mouth watered as he opened his eyes a slow exhale rattling bass through the expanse of his lungs and chest. Those caramel eyes (had they lightened) fixed on hers and she knew, this was going to be something she would never forget.

In the time it takes lightning to strike she imagined vividly the exquisite soreness she would feel between her thighs come morning. She rolled her hips against him, exaggerating the move, before squeezing her muscles down tight on his cock. That’s right, she thought, feel that slick heat and strong grip, fuck me, I dare you. Fuck me until I can’t grip you anymore.

Sarah watched in awe, trying not to make a sound as the scene blossomed in front of her eyes. She’d seen Owen in action tonight, had felt the power of his body as he moved. She knew he could grip Rachel in his arms and dominate her until she bent before him. Yet, he was poised over her, straining to control the desire when, by all accounts, Rachel was giving him the green light, all-systems-go.

She had lied back in an armchair and had thrown her legs over the armrests spreading herself wide for any to see. The heat within her scorched her skin and left small beads of sweat dotting her body. Her fingers, previously a flashing movement between her delicate lips, had slowed to a light rolling as she prolonged her release, trying to keep pace with the show.

Sarah pulled at lightly at her nipples as her fingers continued moving against and around her clit, dropping low to her pulsing, slightly aching, opening before returning to her clit once more. She teased herself as she watched Owen’s muscles shift beneath his skin.

Rachel purred such that she would give Katerina a run for her money as Owen’s hips began to move. It was a slow, calculated rhythm and his eyes held hers as he pulled back until the thick head of his cock stretched her wide. He wouldn’t pull all the way out, but he would hold her stretched around his throbbing member for a moment before sliding back into her slow and smooth.

She could feel every nuance of his movement. She could feel the metal piercing pressing into her, the hard ridge of his head forcing its way past her clenching muscles, until the blunt head pressed against her cervix with a gentle bump. As he pulled back again, she moaned his name, her hot breath carrying the word before kissing his skin. She locked her legs behind his butt, trying to keep him pressed tight against her but he was undeniable in his movements.

Owen claimed Rachel’s mouth with his own. It was a powerful movement, a demand in the form of a kiss. His tongue danced with hers as he continued his slow assault on her body. Though he had just begun, and though he’d already cum more than he could remember, the feeling of her and the plan he had left him on the verge of giving into his release. He bit his cheek, hard, and refused to focus on himself. This was about her.

Alarm bells began to ring in Rachel’s mind as her body was over-run with the feeling of his cock pressing into her, the feel of his skin lightly scraping against her clit as their hips came together, the way her nipples ached as the slid against his chest. She locked her fingers into his buttocks, her nails biting as she tried to pull him harder into her. She wanted him to fuck her, take her hard, make it sting as he pounded into her. She groaned into his mouth as he pulled back once more, driving her wild.

This wasn’t what she had wanted. She wanted to be fucked, hard, fast, deep. Instead, he was scooping her into his arms, holding her with reverence as he moved with her. Her pulse raced out of control, an orgasm threatening to fracture her and leave her in pieces scattered around threatened as he kissed her collarbone.

She tried to say ‘no’ but it came out as a wheeze. She wanted to scream for him to pound away at her but the taste of his kiss still on her tongue stole her words. As his fingers wound into her hair she tried to push him away but instead pulled him closer. He pulled the thick tangle of her black hair and she went with the movement, revealing her neck to him. He licked the hollow of her throat as their hips came together again.

Rachel shook like a leaf in a gale as Owen stopped his movements. A gentle respite as he nibbled on her sensitive skin. She was about to call out to him as the sound of him sniffing her caused her frantic pussy to grip him in a stuttering hold. She felt him move his hands before the familiar pressure of his palms against her body returned. Still he did not move.

Rachel was confused until a new warmth blanketed her, a body holding her from behind. Two arms wrapped around her from behind and the thick points of Sarah’s nipples rubbed against her back. She was now supported all around, held between two people treating her as if she were priceless and to be adored.

His teeth scraped against anal porno the side of her neck as he began to roll his hips. No longer withdrawing he moved within her, trapping her clit between their bodies and working it with his skin. All the while, Sarah’s hands caressed Rachel’s breasts, pulling at her nipples before rolling them beneath her fingers. Sarah’s tongue danced on Rachel’s neck opposite where Owen now nibbled.

“O-” she tried to speak but her voice caught in her throat. She moved spasmodically in his hold but he never let her drop. “O-O-Owe-” Her words were caught in the choppy sea of her breathing as everything began to vibrate apart at the seams. “N- Oh, f-f-f” Her hands clenched and released, clenched and released as she struggled to gain control of herself.

Rachel’s stomach flipped and her arms and legs jumped and wiggled of their own accord but there was no coordinating the efforts. Her mind screamed empty noise as she fought not to be overwhelmed by the sensations. She could smell herself on the air as Owen and Sarah carried her gently toward her end.

“Cum with me.” Owen’s voice was husky, deep, and achingly raw as he shuddered with her.

And Rachel did. She released herself to his gentle, loving, insistence and felt herself explode with lights dancing in front of her eyes. She screamed but she wasn’t certain it even made a noise. She scraped her nails against Owen’s skin but didn’t know what direction she was moving. Her orgasm obliterated all reality and left her with nothing but pure sensation singing in her nerves.

Sarah’s eyes never moved from their entertainment as Rachel came undone. She could feel the relentless full-auto flexing as Rachel’s body was racked with pleasure in a symphony too complex to coordinate. She heard the splashing spray colliding with Owen’s chiseled form and the musky scent screamed ‘woman’ in a way that left her own slit dripping.

Sarah barely felt Rachel as the raven-haired goddess went boneless against her because her senses were focused only on Owen at that point. His eyes were slammed shut, his jaw clenched, and his powerful arms were vibrating against her stomach as he continued to hold Rachel in his arms. Sarah’s brain took only a moment to make the connection before her body responded viscerally. She began to cum, unprovoked, untouched, as she connected the dots of Owen’s strained muscles to the fountain-esque spray of his orgasm into the deliriously ecstatic girl in front of him.

Sarah’s body recalled the scorching heat of his cum as it had filled her and her core throbbed with jealousy as she watched Owen’s shoulders tremble through the release.

Owen felt his body bowing under the force of his orgasm and he had no further strength to hold himself up. He lowered himself as gently as he could and wrapped curled his arms against Rachel. He looked up at her face ready to gaze into her eyes and see her smiling at him. Instead he found her cheeks wet with tears and finally registered the shaking of her chest.

“Rach?” He whispered. “Did I hurt you?”

It took her a while to respond but when she could finally form words she let them fall without opening her eyes. Allowing herself this golden afterglow to deny the existence of reality.

“Hard, fast, and deep.” She whispered. “That’s all I wanted. That was everything to me.”

Owen felt his stomach plummet. He’d thought she would enjoy the change in pace.

“Instead, you give me this slow passion.” She tightened her fists. “You hold me like I’m the only thing that matters.”

A sour taste filled his mouth leaving an arid wasteland in its wake.

“And at the end of it all, I know, I know that hard, fast, and deep… will never be my only stipulation again.” She raised her hand and ran her fingers through his hair. “I know that nothing else, but you and my friends, will ever be enough for me.” She nudged his chin willing him to look up at her. “Thank you.”

Sarah held her friends and knew that things were never going to be the same again. It just couldn’t ever go back to the way it was. Each of them, on all accounts, were all-in.

After some time, Rachel turned her gaze toward Sarah. “You know something?”

“What?” Sarah smiled and smoothed the coppery strands of her hair.

“You never begged.” Rachel smiled devilishly.

“What?” Sarah’s smile showed slight confusion.

“We said that you had to finger fuck yourself until you begged or you couldn’t have him.”

“Ugh!” Sarah feigned outrage. “I was too busy holding you.”

“Rules are rules.” Rachel stuck out her tongue. “But, I think we can find a way to work around that.”

Sarah’s smile broadened. “Yeah?”

“You’ll still have to beg.” Rachel admonished, shaking a finger.

“I don’t know if I can.” Sarah replied.

“I do.” Rachel answered easily. “I’ll teach you how.” She pulled her friend in close for a kiss. “But first, I think we’re going to have to get Owen back in the mood.”


“Yes. And I know just the thing.” Rachel pulled herself from beneath Owen and moved to the love seat previously occupied by Sarah. She held her knees together and her legs were poised on the tips of her scrumptious looking toes. She curled her finger toward Sarah, beckoning the redhead closer.

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